Friday, August 6, 2010

Thirsty Girls

Are you a Thirsty Girl? Haha. Apparently being an actual "Thirsty Girl" does exist, as some of my friends and I actually went to an event last night at the American Restaurant in Kansas City (right next to our work- so very convenient!). I really had no idea what to expect or what it was going to be, but we like wine so we signed up and paid $20 for 2 hours of unlimited wine tasting and appetizers.

It turned out to be a sold out event and after the founder of Thirsty Girls got up and talked, we had more insight (kind of) as to what it exactly is (pretty much just a group of women that like to eat, drink and travel) that just started and Kansas City was their second stop across the country for their company launch. There were lots of women there, and some guys, tasting wine and appetizers. The one problem was...there needed to be more appetizers because women are HUNGRY, especially with a few drinks in and after work. But other than that, we made the best of it, tried lots of yummy wines and had a great time!

We shut down the place, by staying an hour after the event ended and taking the last remaining bottle of wine and finishing it off. And based on the picture below, you might think that Katie finished it off--but really that was staged and we all joined in on the fun. Apparently because we got a free extra hour of wine, we didn't get the free door prize on our way out. Katie was really really bummed....Vanessa, she is just like you and LOVES anything free :)...but the extra wine helped her get over it.

Overall, a wonderful time with wonderful friends and we now have an official "Thirsty girl" club at work....complete with lunches and all. Check out the website to see if any of the events are coming to a city near you!!

Thirsty girls....Katie S, me, Katie H, Jen
This was due to the fact that no free gift was given to us. (don't worry, I won't post on FB!)
The fancy American restaurant. And a view of some of downtown KC
Hoping and praying that my future children turn out with beautiful hair like Katie's :)


  1. Okay, I'm dying to know…what was the door prize?? :)

  2. Hi there, if you send me your contact details, I'll get you the TG swag you missed out on. Thanks for playing and being KC Thirsty Girls.
    Gail Spangler, Partner, Thirsty Girl