Thursday, November 24, 2016


Happy Thanksgiving!!!
We have had a fun few days so far, with celebrations on both sides of our family where we left with tired kids and FULL stomachs!!  But even more so, thankful hearts.  We are counting our blessings for our amazing family and thankful for the time that we get to spend together and that we are all in KC!  Just thought I would do some reflecting on some things I am thankful for today...using the letters of the word thankful.  Cheesy, but a nice reflection time for me!

T - The roof over our heads and the means to provide for our family and help others.  While Jimmy can sometimes call me a Grinch (I'm really not!), we are so thankful to be able to give back through adopting family's and kid's in our areas to provide them with toys, clothes and presents that everyone deserves this holiday season.  We had fun with the kids last weekend shopping at the Target 30% off toys sale and picking up toys for the kiddos that we adopted from their school.  While it was not easy saying "nope, this is not for you" 40 times to each Maddie and Charlie, it's important to us to teach them giving to others is so important.  I am thankful that our financial situation gives us the ability to do these things for others and give back.

H - Having family and friends close by!  While we do have some family that lives out of state, we are so thankful for having our immediate family's in Kansas City and that we are blessed to spend time with them on this holiday and regularly during the year!  I do love a good road trip, but they are far less fun with three kids 4 and under! (and missing my sister on the actual Thanksgiving day celebrations - but thankful she and her husband will be in town for Christmas!)

A - All the BABIES.  Yes, I'm so thankful for Mikey, but also all the babies that we have welcomed into the world this year through family and friends.  We have a new nephew, Jay, my cousin had her little girl, Brooklyn, and we have had many dear friends welcome babies this year as well (a few had twins!).  We are thankful for these adorable babies that are coming into this world and pray for their continued health!!!

N - Nice weather.  Oh my goodness.  We have been completely spoiled this fall.  To say that we are at the end of November and have yet to break out the legit heavy coats is amazing!  I'm sure we will be paying for it in January/February - but for now, I'm soaking in that nicer days this fall meant for more time outside as a family and {maybe} less sickness!!

K - Kids.  I'm thankful for me kids so much.  DUH, right?  But the most thing I'm thankful for about them, besides their good health, is just the love that they have for each other.  After having Maddie and seeing how she and Charlie interacted and grew to love each other, I was more than excited to welcome Mikey into our crew and see how he fit in.  Needless to say, he fits in just perfectly and they LOVE him.  I really don't think there is anything in the world that makes me more happy than seeing the moments when they are thoughtful and sweet to each other.  I mean do they fight - YES.  It's ridiculous.  But those sweet moments make up for all of it - watching these sibling relationships develop is something I will always treasure as a mom.

F - Fun.  Is this weird?  Well - can I tell you that I feel like a different mom/person since I had Mikey.  I can't quite pinpoint the reason, but I'm more relaxed and easy going (I mean I'm still pretty uptight, let's be real - but not as much!).  I've let things go - like my house being clean all the time, the laundry being folded, kids being dressed cute - and I'm having so much more fun.  Having fun when you're supposed to have fun, but also at times I least expect.  Times when I need it the most and when my family needs it the most.  Random dance parties, sitting to play with my kids, snuggling with them in bed...I'm trying to be more present and more aware.  Time flies so fast.  But I'm having more fun and I love it.  And maybe, just maybe, Jimmy will revoke my nickname he has for me as "fun hater" :)

U - Us - meaning Jimmy and I.  I'm thankful for this guy.  For how our relationship has grown and continues to change and evolve.  Three kids, four and under is NOT easy.  But there is absolutely no one in the world I would rather do this with.  Are there times when we hate each other?  Absolutely (like how he somehow sleeps through ALL three kids waking up at night sometimes!)!!  But at the end of the day, he's my partner in crime and I'm so thankful that eleven years ago we fell in love and talked about one day getting married and having some kids.  I'm darn thankful that God helped make that dream come true.

L - Life and the freedom we have in the United States.  This November (and leading up to it) has just been crazy with the election and the results.  I know there are so many that are so unhappy and I'm just not quite sure what to think.  But no matter the results, what I am thankful for is the life I live here in the US and the freedom I have.  That I don't live in a city that is full of war on a daily basis.  That I don't have to be worried about my kids getting shot when they are outside playing.  That I'm not worried of going somewhere and could get bombed.  I know that sounds extreme, but the reality is that there are mom's somewhere across the globe that are worrying about that everyday and the lives of their kids and family's.  We will see what happens from a political standpoint here in good old America, but I'm thankful that I'm a citizen of the United States.

There you have it friends - getting all deep for you on Thanksgiving.  It's nice to sit down and really think about what I truly am thankful for - things big and small.  Hoping you are able to take time to spend with your family today and this weekend.  Get some good Black Friday deals, but remember all the truly important things in your lives!

Here are my turkey's and I on Thanksgiving at my parent's house :)


  1. What a great post! Loved it. Also, I totally LOL'd on Jimmy's nickname for you. Mine is the "Fun Police". I tell Danny that organized fun is the best kind of fun. Happy Thanksgiving, Carter fam!

  2. I love all of this!! It is good to sit down and really think about everything to be thankful for

  3. Love this!! I may steal the idea next year. ;)