Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Stocking Stuffer link up reveal

One super fun thing about blogging that I have found to love over these last few years is the community!  While most of the people that probably read my blog know me in real life (because, let's be honest - my blog is not that interesting!), I have gotten to know a few ladies through this crazy thing called the Internet and it's pretty fun!  I also love these little exchanges and link ups because you really get to know some new people!!

So when Jess, Whitney and Amy announced this exchange - I jumped at the chance to join in.  Because who doesn't have time to pick up a little something and send it across the country to make someone else's Christmas season a little more cheery!?  

Even better was when I found out that I was paired with Liz from Chasin Mason Blog!!!  She so great and I love following her and her adorable family through her blog.  My favorite thing is her Instagram posts taking her son to the post office - he LOVES that place and you can see in his pictures every time they go.  Anyways - Liz and I traded some ideas...but it seems that we both had the SAME idea.  Coffee and chocolate :)  Some of the best things in life right there!  I love the little "B" stocking too!  It was so fun to open a present for me from the mail - since after online shopping, I was so used to opening presents I bought for other people!!

I opened this up and then the next day couldn't find the adorable stocking!  I knew there was some extra chocolate in it and was on the hunt.  After I got home from work, the older kids were playing outside and they told me they found something - of COURSE.  Toby (our German Shepard/Chow mix) had snagged up the mini stocking and attempted to get the chocolate out.  Well, he failed miserably and apparently if you're 13 years old as a dog and you don't succeed, you just give up!  Because the stocking was rescued in one piece with the chocolate still in tact!

Thank you, Liz!  I always love a nice {solo} Starbucks run - so you know I'll put it to good use!!

One more fact about Liz: I also learned that she is allergic to blue cheese.  While I was not going to send her blue cheese, it did make me sad because she was talking to blue cheese's number one fan right here!  But see, I just love the things you learn about people through these!  Even more insight into these awesome ladies of the blog world!

Can't wait to fill my family's stockings now with some fun gifts!


  1. How fun!! I must have missed this announcement because I would have totally been on board! Thank goodness your dog didn't eat the stocking and the chocolate :)

  2. Chocolate & Starbucks that's a pretty perfect combination! Thanks for joining in!

  3. It doesn't get much better than coffee and chocolate! Love the little stocking too. I feel bad for your dog, he deserves a treat for all that effort he went to ;)

  4. I love that stocking. It is beautiful and those chocolates are the best.

  5. Yay for Starbucks and chocolate!! Two of my favorites. So glad you joined us. Thank goodness your dog didnt' get the chocolate. That would have been a bummer for each of you. :)

  6. I just love Liz!! And I didnt know she was allergic to blue cheese, guess it never came up lol but Im a any-kind-of-cheese fan ;) So glad you joined us, Brittany!

  7. I'm so glad you liked it!!! And I'm so glad your dog didn't end up getting the chocolate. That would have been bad for the dog and super sad for you that you missed out on the last one!
    I'm sorry I miserably failed on blogging this week and haven't shared what you got me but I LOVE it (did I even email you to tell you it arrived?? I'm losing my mind!). I'm sharing tomorrow though and am so excite to share the goodies you sent me! Thank you thank you!