Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Surprise Date #2: "This place sucks"

All right, so Friday night, Jimmy and I went on surprise date #2...he planned it. If you can't remember the rules the surprise date, check out the first date where I list them out. Obviously, since he planned it, I had no idea where we were off to. However, I had mentioned several times how much I did want to go to a Japanese Steakhouse, so I was hoping that he caught on :)

We were off right after work on Friday and headed out around 6PM. I had no idea where we were going and I was pretty excited, if you can't tell in the picture. Jimmy was excited too.

Jimmy started driving down to the plaza and when he passed the plaza, I had an idea of where we were going. And when we parked, well it was very clear and I was very very excited because it was the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. It's a staple in Kansas City and crazy to think he or I had never been inside to walk around and see the art, since we have both lived in KC our whole lives! In particular, Hallmark is a large donor to this museum and the Hall family takes a lot of pride in their work and donations there, so I wanted to check it out....AND Carter Glass (Jimmy's dad's company) was the company that installed the glass on the famous Bloch building that is new to the museum and a new Kansas City marvel. It was chosen as Time Magazine's #1 Best New Up and Coming Architectural Marvel of 2007, so what an honor and this was something I wanted to see!!! So off we went, exploring the art, acting like real adults.

The beautiful grounds---despite the rain!

And the outside. So regal and beautiful!

Ready to explore the museum!!

The coolest part- is that the place is free! They just asked for a donation, which of course we gave, but you were free to roam around wherever you like. I know there were a few exhibits that were there that you had to pay money for, but we skipped them because there were plenty of great works of art to look at and explore all over!! It was great and I didn't realize that you could take pictures (minus the flash) until after we left. Bummer.

After exploring 1/2 the place, we headed over to the Bloch building and shot some great pictures!!


Hey Jim. I made him pose.

And me, posing.

Great view of the lawn, minus the rain.

And then of course, I took a picture of the interesting fellows that were "fighting" each other on the steps of the museum as we were leaving. Always run into interesting people :)

Then we were off to dinner. We were right by my favorite Japanese Steakhouse, GoJo's, so I thought for sure that's where we were going. But we went back to the plaza- so I knew that wasn't the case. But instead, we were off to Hibachi, which is another Japanese Steakhouse. YUM. I was excited.

Oh and we parked right by Halls. So of course, I had to snap a picture. :)

YUM. I love steak.

Our chef and part of the family we ate with.

However, I, of course, ruined the date about 10 minutes into our dinner, before we ordered, Jimmy commented how this place was kind of expensive. Then I proclaimed "Yeah, that's because this place SUCKS." So, so mature of me. And so, so rude....because if you recall that Jimmy took lots of time and effort planning, including taking note that I wanted to eat this type of food. He is not the biggest fan of GoJo's, so this was his compromise, and it was just as good, just not exactly what I wanted. So that's great. I'm rude and mean to my nice husband that planned this date. Hence, the title of this post, as I would like to make everyone aware of how mean I was/am. It didn't suck and I'm an adult and needed to be happy. So I did and was the rest of the night- even finishing off my whole plate!! However, Jimmy didn't let me forget that I said it. EVER. I guess, that's what I deserved.

We sat at the table with a family visiting KC from Nebraska and they had nothing but great things to say about KC. They were going to Schlitterbahn water park in KCK. The little kid made me feel like a total moron because I told the parents that there was a swim up bar for adults, and the kid said his parents don't like bars because it's not the Christian thing to do. Oops. Sorry kid, just wanted to let your parents know he could have a little fun. Anyways, he was a funny kid and they were a good family. The dad took pictures of us at the table and gave Jimmy his card so we could email him and get them. Eh, probably not, but nice.

Then after we stuffed our faces, I got to jump into bed to these little cutie pies :) Overall, a wonderful and great date- minus my idiot statement. But I think he forgave me. Now, it's my turn to plan it again. And I think I have a great idea! Yeah for surprise dates!!

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