Thursday, July 1, 2010

Surprise Date #1

This past Sunday, Jimmy and I kicked off a new tradition in our household/marriage. Surprise dates. Yes, you heard right. It was a brilliant idea from a co-worker of mine. I suggested it to Jimmy and he immediately thought it was a great idea too. This way, we are guaranteed at least one date a month, just the 2 of us, and some quality time together.

Rules of the surprise date:
  • Pick a date and time in advance
  • One person plans, other person is clueless
  • Must include 1 activity and 1 meal
  • Not SUPER expensive
  • Preferrably something that the other person likes
  • Somewhere interesting and new, usually

I followed all the rules, as our date was set for June 27 with an 11AM departure time for months now. I planned. Jimmy was clueless. I had a lunch and activity planned. Didn't break the bank. Picked a theme that Jimmy loved and took him to a cool muesum he'd never been to. So...what was the date?? Check out the pictures I documented from it.

I went and pick him up at the shop that monrning after he finished cleaning. We went to Johnny's for a beer and a bloody mary first- since we were running early- and I ate an entire order of spinach and artichoke dip, which was not even part of the original plan and didn't turn out very well for me the remainder of the day. (see here for more info on that, if necessary). After that, we hopped back in the car and I presented him with a bag of goodies to reveal the surprise!

Excited to open the bag. to the Royals game! His favorite summer time activity :)

Sunscreen- of course. Then I told him that our first stop on this "baseball" themed day was the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum at 18th and Vine just down the street! He was pumped because he had never been there before!!

And of course a change of clothes. I was just going to bring his Royal's t-shirt, but the minute I saw him the leave the house with red shorts on....I knew he'd be angry having to go the game with we were playing the STL Cardinals! So I'm a good wife and brought different shorts too!

Ready for the date!!

Inside the museum. Old bleachers. Very neat. They had great facts and stories about the league and it's fans and what it did for communities back then. Awesome to read about!

Lockers with famous Negro League players, including the famous Buck O'Neill.

Signed baseballs- lots of them!

Uniforms galore- including the KC Monarchs!

Jimmy next to the pitcher on the field. Of course he had to stand in "his" position that he plays.

Next stop: Kaufman Stadium. Not the best seats, but it was a good game and they ended up pounding the team from the other side of I-70 and the state!

Happy I brought sun screen. Sun was hot!

First try....

Second try.

Overall, a successful date and nice to spend some quality time together!! We ended up leaving the game a little early to meet Tim, Shellie and the kids at the Blue Moose before they went over to Jimmy's parents house. Love them and so glad we got to end our date hanging out with some of our neices and nephews.

Now, can't wait to see what Jimmy has planned....


  1. I love that idea :) I might just have to start that at our house!

  2. I'm so glad you were able to find that sunscreen for Jimmy! I know he was pretty distraught about having to leave the >3oz. bottle in Dallas :) PS: We're stealing this idea too. First surprise date for Chris: pick up free gift at 69th Terr & Paseo.