Thursday, October 11, 2018

Welcome to the family: Thomas James

Here we go. Thanks to Tommy's arrival - I'm BACK. Mainly because while we are in the thick of CRAZY right now, I do know that time flies and I don't want to forget anything about this sweet little boy's arrival and his first year. And just document our crazy life in general. I'm not sure if anyone will read this, but that's the last reason I write these. I keep them for my family. So here we go --- historian mom, back in action. 

First up - since I missed documenting anything about my entire fourth pregnancy - we will just start with his arrival. Which luckily, was slightly less eventful than the pregnancy. So that's good news! But little incredibly ready were we to meet you! Let's start with how it was all supposed to happen. Since I had strep B again, my doctor and I decided induction would be a good course to pursue again. Maddie came FAST in the middle of the night. Mikey came faster even during induction, so we came up with a new plan and order to make sure we got the full four hours of antibiotics in. Induction was set the morning of September 7, when I was 39 weeks and 2 days. Per usual, the hospital was hopping (because we apparently only have babies when everyone else in KC is too!), so I was warned that my induction might get pushed back (like it did with Mikey). I mentally prepared for that. So when no one called me the Thursday night to confirm that we should come in, I called the charge nurse to confirm. She said someone would call me between 5-6AM to confirm for sure. Of course, I don't sleep at all because emotions are high and it's like - will I have a baby tomorrow? Will I not? So in anticipation of that....I got Freddy's the night before. Because french fries seem to fix everything! And I posted the image below on IG because patience is not my thing.

The hours of 5 and 6AM...passed and no one called. She had said to call them at 8AM if we hadn't heard. So I'm a rule follower and followed the rules. We got up and got the kids ready and had breakfast together - turns out it was the last one as a family of 5!

It was nice to not have to have our parents come over and get the kids ready and to school, so Jimmy took them off to school and I went upstairs to call the nurse a little before 8AM. Hmmmm - turns out she was a little confused as to why we weren't there yet because they had me scheduled for an induction at 7AM - they were wondering where we were. WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I held my composure and explained that I never received confirmation or a call but quickly finished packing my bag and waited for Jimmy to get home to tell him that we were in fact: HAVING A BABY TODAY!

I snapped my LAST bump picture (EVER!). And we headed to the hospital!

Luckily, we got an awesome nurse. I mentioned the confusion and she said they figured we were late because we already had three kids. HA. I'm like, lady - we can run late, but I do NOT run late to things like HAVING A FREAKING BABY.

We had already discussed changing the order of things. Which instead of breaking my water first thing (which is what we did with Mikey and things went fast!), we were going to start the IV and antibiotics and then wait a bit. So we got those things going and then she decided to check me. HELLO - I was already dilated to 5cm. WHAT? Yes, I have no idea because I didn't really feel much. Whereas when I came in with Maddie in the middle of the night, I was dilated to 6cm and was in so much pain. Odd, but I did skip my 39 week appointment that Wednesday maybe I had progressed? Who knows. Anyways, we were really happy we hadn't broken my water yet or started pitocin first thing!

Then we wait. And wait. Four long hours. Luckily, you can have coffee with sweetener, so Jimbo got me some of that and we waited some more. I kept naturally progressing, so I decided to call the miracle worker - aka the epidural person. They came in, gave it to me and it was bad, but nothing I hadn't experienced before. Then my doctor came in around lunch time to break my water because the first round of antibiotics were done and we started another one.

This time is always so weird to me! Because I'm in labor, but have drugs. Like I feel stuff, but not it's just like hanging out. Needless to say, Jimmy spent most of his time writing in the baby play book and ordering my hospital meals for me - because legit that is one of his favorite things about having babies. Ha. He's weird.

Around 3PM, my parents came up to see me and the nurse kept saying - I think this is going to progress fast because we started the pitocin and boy was she right! Around 3:15, she checked me and it was GO TIME. My doctor was called right away because I historically have these babies pretty fast. Prior to her arrival, I randomly asked the nurse how they knew that the baby's face was down and not up. I have no idea why I asked this - but it was for sure foreshadowing! HA. She told me they can tell by feeling their head when they check me. Welllll....

My doctor comes in, she reminds me of how to push and we start. I pushed SO hard. My epidural was GREAT - in that I could feel just enough to know when I needed to push but not too much to be in pain. Love those doctors!! But I kept pushing. And to put this in perspective, my other kids came out FAST. Even my first one. Like I'm talking I didn't push any longer than 20 minutes with any of them. So we all assumed this kid would just "fall out" because #fourthkid.

WELLLLL (again)...turns out he WAS in fact face up. So yes, in between pushing, I asked 11,000 questions about (A) why was I pushing so hard and nothing seemed to be happening - apparently it's because it takes them longer to come out face up (aka sunny side up aka occiput posterior) and (B) it also means their shoulder have to come out a totally different way and they could have to have a broken collar bone. And overall, it usually takes a bit longer and could potentially mean intervention through forceps or vacuum. Luckily I had done ZERO research on this - so I just kept pushing as hard as I could. And I mean HARD. My nurse was like "it this baby was face down, it would be three rooms over...!!!" and believe me, I felt like it afterwords because my arms and legs were SORE for days!! But luckily, 30 minutes later at 4:04PM...our sweet baby boy arrived!

And he was HUGE. Like I'm talking almost 10lbs huge. 9 lb and 13 oz of LOVE.

I cannot even tell you how excited I was to see this guy. I started to get worried mid-pushing that something was going to happen to him or when he came out all in one piece and was healthy, mama relief sets in. Then the LOVE begins. And the name game. We never decide what our kiddos names are - mainly because we cannot agree. So we ended up coming to an agreement on this:

Thomas James Carter
(aka Tommy) 

Oh my word. This little chub of love. 

And then one of the best parts post delivery - getting to EAT. And hold baby. And try to feed him. And EAT some more. And snuggle some more.

By late dinner, we were moved into our recovery room and his grunting began! I was so nervous because that is why Mikey went to the NICU for potential respiratory issues. Our amazing L&D nurse ended up staying 4 hours after her shift was over to finish delivery with us and make sure we got settled into our room - and told me SKIN TO SKIN! So I didn't take that kid off of me. And luckily, his constant grunting did decrease and we avoided that NICU stay!

The next morning, our whole crew came up before swim lessons to meet their new brother!!! We had talked to them the night before via Facetime and to say they were excited to meet him was an understatement!!! He was getting circumcised when they came in, so of course they were anxiously awaiting his arrival...and it was pure sweetness of sibling love when he came back!

And we got our first picture as a family of SIX. So fitting this picture!!! 

I mean LOOK at that love. They are obsessed.

Was happy to see these kids - and they were happy to get the weird gifts they requested from their newest brother. Maddie got a squishy pie (?).

Let's just say that getting a picture of our crew - was not easy...nor will it ever be!

Overall, I completely forgot what it's like to not sleep. And forgot what those damn drugs do to me. But it was a good and quiet weekend with our littlest man. Jimmy watched a LOT of football and Tommy and I did a lot of snuggling. And we did finally get decent at calling him baby Tommy - it's hard with so many boys!!! 

While he was our BIGGEST babe...he still seemed so little!

The last night, I had to get up and walk around. So we went for a stroll! 

Then Sunday morning came and luckily our pediatrician and OB came in to see us EARLY! And were ready to bust out by lunch time. 

And on our way out...we got to stop by and see my friend and coworker, Amy, and her new baby boy Jax who was born just the day after Tommy was!!!! It was fun to be pregnant with her and it's going to be even more fun to have these babes together!

When we got home....all I wanted was STEAK. So that's what we had. 

And then the next morning was Monday --- and the fun began (and all the coffee) with this little booger. How adorable are sleeping babies?

Overall, so so thankful for a good labor and that we are both happy and healthy. And REALLY happy my induction didn't get pushed because pretty sure he would have been over 10 lbs. And goodness sake, he was big enough for me. I'm writing this and he's just over a month old and those first few days/weeks were a BLUR! While he slept a ton, in a house with three other kiddos - there is always something to do! But feeling so much love with this sweet boy in our house. Lucky he is ours and his brothers and sister are OVER the moon with him!!!

Am I sad it's my last baby? A little - but not enough to want to do it again. Four is the perfect number for us, I can already tell, and I'm embracing every "last" and "first" that comes with our final addition with this sweet little man!