Monday, August 21, 2017

FIVE - Charles Francis


The beauty of having three July babies is taking time out of a gorgeous August morning to write each of your blog posts for your birthday's.  But you almost weren't a July baby - you were actually due on August 1 and I remember how angry I would get when people would ask me "when are you due" when I was pregnant and the look on their face when I would say "August" - because I would always say "well, the beginning of August.  The FIRST of August". But we decided that you'd come on July 31 instead and unknown to us at that time, you would start the tradition of July birthday's in our family.  But really, you started so many traditions because you're the oldest and that's what oldest kids do, right?

This past year, you have grown up a ton - from that little almost 4-year-old boy that was walking into Mikey's hospital room beaming from ear to ear to be a big brother again, you are not walking so much taller as a 5-year-old.  While, yes, you still have your moments where you whine and cry and throw fits (I've heard that doesn't stop anytime soon I'm not holding my breath), it's amazing to think about things you do now that you didn't do last year.  And it makes you seem so grown up!!
You get dressed by yourself in the morning.  It's crazy.  I'm not sure when it happened, but all of a sudden, you started waking up and immediately getting dressed before you left your room.  Game changer right there. You can fill up your own water bottle from the fridge (YES!) and you even take your dishes to the sink when you're done eating (most of the time...). You go to the bathroom when you need to and rarely ask for assistance. You play independently (Isn't this what every parent is waiting for?? ha!) - and use your imagination!  I love watching you play with your legos, cars, wrestlers, name it.  There is always something exciting going on with your toys and it's so fun to watch you play.  You also FINALLY learned how to pump your legs swinging (I think this was due to hanging out with your older friend, Tyson).  And while sometimes you claim that your "pumping legs are broken", when they are working correctly and you swing all by yourself makes you seem like such a big kid.

You are the BEST dancer.  Ha, ok, not really.  But dang boy, you can sure bust a move.  You have your dad's love for music and some of your favorite songs are by the Eagles.  Oh, and Bruno Mars!  Whenever music is going, you are dancing and I love your free and fun spirit so much.  You are always up for a good time!!!  You have also grown a lot in your confidence in yourself.  To think that last fall when we tried indoor soccer you were literally crying every time we went to this last spring, you were rocking the t-ball games and then in the summer were a rock star soccer player (it was so fun to see you being aggressive and you got really mad when the other team was better than you- HA!). I'm so excited for what is come with your activities this next year!

You're also starting to communicate your emotions a lot more. It's crazy to hear you talk about your friends at school and talk about how someone made you feel (whether it's good, embarrassed, funny, etc.).  It's easier for us to talk about when you're feeling sad or excited and I hope you always want to talk about your emotions because while most guys don't, I think it's a great trait to have.  You are aware of other people's feelings so much more too. Now this is good and bad. Bad because you now know EXACTLY what it takes to push Maddie's buttons and you take full advantage of that most days.  I swear there are times when all you want to do is just annoy her for no reason at all - and while that is a "job" of a big brother, you are also teaching Maddie a good life lesson of holding her own.  Ha.  You two crack me up and drive me crazy all at once.

Speaking of big brother take that role very seriously. Watching you love on Mikey makes me so excited to see the friendship that is to come with you two.  You are always wanting to give him a hug or kiss or help me get his lunch ready, etc.  I never had a brother, but seeing the relationship that your dad has with his four brothers, it makes me so excited to watch your relationship with Mikey grow and develop.  And as for you and Maddie, I'm not quite sure what you are going to do without each other once you are in kindergarten next year and not at the same school.  While she will likely be close behind you, I am sure you are going to miss each other immensely!

Oh kindergarten. Yes, the July 31 birthday curse. I'll tell you right now, it was not an easy decision for us on whether to send you or hold you back.  But in the end, I think we made the best decision for you that we could and you spent two years in preschool and are going to rock pre-K this year before going off to kindergarten in August 2018. One more year to grow up, won't hurt you at all sweet boy, and I have a feeling that extra year will give you the maturity that you need in school for years to come!!  Pre-K started off with a bang (and UNIFORMS!) and you seem to be just loving school at Primrose and all that you are learning.  It's so fun when you come home and tell us everything you learn - you were talking about trapezoids and parallelograms the other day and we were like WHAT?  I also got you a puzzle globe for your birthday and you love taking it out, putting the continents where they belong and naming them.  Watching your little brain grow and learn is such a blessing.  One that I do not take for granted.

One other thing you LOVE?  Wrestling and playing with your dad!  It's no surprise, under his influence, you have found a love for Star Wars and WWE wrestling this past year.  You were dying to turn 4 and get to watch Star Wars and ever since then, it's been a love affair.  The number of Star Wars legos you have now is amazing, but you love to have your own battles with them as well.  You are starting to learn about giving more, as we have had several rounds of "what toys can we donate to kids who don't have any?" have come about, in addition to learning about money and the concept of earning it and saving it.  I.e. you want the lego death star that is $500 (AH) so you talk about saving your money daily.... haha. 

As for you and me.  Your dad says I still treat you like a baby sometimes.  And while I try not to, the fact of the matter is.  You will ALWAYS be my baby.  The one that made me a mom.  Changed me forever and made me realize how beautiful this life is. I cherish so much the times that you still let me hold you, hug you, take your hand, lay with you, snuggle you, tuck you in, sing with you, pray with you, talk to you...because someday, when I least expect it...I know it will be the last time for a few of those.  Others of those, I pray that I will always get to do with you, sweet boy.  No matter how old you get, I hope you always can talk and pray with your mom.

Your FIVE year old stats:

weight: 42 lbs (59%)
height: 44 in (73%)

Thank you for being you, Charlie Carter.  Thank you being a leader in our family and the best big brother.  Thank you for bringing so much joy to our family daily - through your dancing, jokes, laughter and hugs and kisses.  I'm so proud of the little man you are becoming and can't wait for more fun adventures in the upcoming year!