Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy almost Friday

As it's my today and I'm dying for this 4 day weekend to get here for some time off work and fun with family and friends, and yes, getting my pictures (not of the house, Lyndsay) loaded on the blog and maybe to facebook (don't want to aim too high....), wanted to show you a funny picture I snapped in the morning.

This my friends, is the reason I get up in the morning (Milly is somewhere under the covers and Toby is off wreaking havoc with our crazy backyard squirrels...).  Love my little family, dogs and all.  Hope everyone kicks the 4th of July weekend off right!

P.S. if you look closely at their hair color, Jimmy and Willy could be twins.  

Friday, June 24, 2011

Something old, something new

As I am getting very very excited to co-host Katie's bridal shower this weekend at our house, I was getting out my punch bowl from the basement storage.  But I must tell you about this punch bowl.  It's special.  Instead of registering for a punch bowl like I was going to do, my dad had told me that my grandparents had lots of stuff that they were wanting to pass down to their grandkids at their house.  So when we made this trip to Iowa after our wedding, I picked up a gorgeous punch bowl set.  It was in the original box and everything.  How neat and special that I get to use it for the first time to host a shower for my good friend.  I love things like this that are passed down because I will keep this forever and every time I use it, think about my wonderful grandparents - and how lucky I am to have them still in my life :)

See that....the order slip was still on the box even!  How amazing!!  And check out what it looks like below.  I didn't get the hooks and cups out yet, but wanted to set it up and see how it looks.  So pretty!

Here is a close up of my grandma's order form....from MARCH 12, 1961.  Oh my gosh.  My dad was only 8 years old when they ordered this.  How crazy and neat that they passed something special like this down and kept it in such great condition.  Isn't it sad to think that we'll not have anything like this to pass down to our grandkids...unless we fork over to them our email addresses with the order confirmation :)

So that's the something old.  And I love it.  And the something new?  Well - I finished the valance last night.  Remember the valance that I hated because it wasn't long enough, but really I was just ready to be done with it.  I swallowed my pride and added the remaining fabric I had left to the end - and it turned out so much better I think!!!

Oh and did you catch the pillow that I made in the picture above?  Well there it is...the bad is the red chenille fabric.  I like it.  So that was my final thing to check off.  I still have another one to make, which I'll finish up, but I think that deserves a "complete".

(1) Recover the bench that was in the family room (and just white) and put it in the hallway
(2) Make some pillows
(3) Make a valance to go in the family room and keep the red panels underneath with the main print
(4) With my other creation, the console table, use it with the baskets I put in there

Wahoo!  To do list, crossed off.  Ready for some fun in the family room :)  Now we just need some new carpet....haha.  One thing at a time, Brittany.

Finally, check out a close up of that gathering ....just what I was hoping for.  And you can't even tell where I added the fabric.

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Views of the valance

I felt like trying to get clever with the title.  I don't think it worked.  Well here you have it folks.

Here is a shot from this post, of our "naked" windows (naked is defined as no valance in this case)


And here is a collage of the valance.  

I think I'm going to take off the little hook things on the side.  I don't like the panels pulled over.  Do you??

Also.  They don't match the curtain rods.  I know, but I'm running out of time and money on this project - and I caved and bought the double curtain rod.  And that was all Target had at 8:30 on a Monday.

However, bad news.  I hate the valance.  Yep, it's true.  It's not long enough and there is not enough gathering.  See the protege that I am judging it off of.   Take a look at this and then back at my valance.  Nope, this valance wins just because of the gathering.

 So now what happens??  Um - I hurry my little butt up and figure out how much fabric I need for these accent pillows and make sure I have some extra fabric left.  But I think I'm in trouble.  I don't think it's long enough.  Not sure.  But if so, I will cry.  And I don't cry.  So pray there is enough fabric.  In the mean time, I think I can cross it off my list.  Because it's "done" even if I need to change it - I might run out of time before Saturday!!  I got things to do people!

(1) Recover the bench that was in the family room (and just white) and put it in the hallway

(2) Make some pillows
(3) Make a valance to go in the family room and keep the red panels underneath with the main print
(4) With my other creation, the console table, use it with the baskets I put in there

Only one to go.....but there was something to cheer about Monday night!  THIS console beauty is completed.  All ready to be fully used.  Want to know what this started out like?  Oh, you can just go to your local lumber store and pick up some 6X8's (or something like that).  Yep people, this was lumber at one point....and now it's my console table made especially for my family room with the perfect measurements.  And then instead of buying baskets and in an attempt to use some of the wood that was left over...the blue "baskets" made of wood were born.  Yep, those were lumber too at one point.  Now they are blue "baskets"...but wood baskets.  Ana White.  I love your website.  I'm officially obsessed.

Here is a link to my next Ana White project - check it out.  A nice little outdoor sofa...chairs...and a table.  Ahhh...summertime on these is calling my name.  Maybe this lounger too....

PS This is what my console table looked like pre-console table.  
Crazy, I know.  I learned how to use a saw, bought an electric sander, used oil based primer, used polyurethane in my house and gave myself a huge headache (bad idea...) and now here it is.  And thanks dad for the recommendation to put furniture pads underneath them so they don't scratch.  They work great!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Trip up "north"

Ok - so last weekend, I headed up "north" (in Erica's language) to visit the Wassinger's in Omaha.  They moved up there in March and we have been trying to plan a weekend to go up there forever.  However, it is apparently harder than we thought because the second weekend of June was all we could find.  And then Jimmy had Jay's bachelor party - so I went solo.  Which was so fun and a much needed girls weekend :)

When I arrived, we got ready and in the midst of that...Erica's crazy/funny neighbor comes pounding on her front door telling us to come next door to partake in the neighborhood progressive dinner.  So we finish getting ready and head over there to mingle with her neighbors, which we wonderful.  They all spent lots and lots of time reassuring me that they would "take care of her" and had lots of stories to tell about the neighborhood.  It reminded me so much of Brookside in Kansas City with older houses that were SOOO cute and had so much character and the friendliness of the neighborhood also!  I know they will be very happy in their neighborhood and house!  

So after that fun fiasco, we headed to the Holiday Lounge for some good old fashioned Omaha fun.  Erica's friend Brian was the bartender, so it made for a cheap date and some great conversation.  Here's the only picture I got of us that night.

But don't worry - there was some interesting entertainment in the form of an old couple that came into the bar, proceeded to instantly start making out (and a little bit more...yuck) at a table...which is very hard to see in the picture on the left below.  At that point, they pretty much had the whole bar's attention.  Then the picture on the right was all I could snap of them (without being super super creepy) driving off.  Yeah, that's really safe.

We got to see Andrew that night when we got home and chatted a bit and then went to bed.  It was up around 9 and Andrew went to the store to get us some delicious breakfast food.  Then it was girls time that was shopping.  In particular, Erica was nice enough to go on a shopping escapade with me to look for these curly hair products that I had gotten recommended the week before.  So after we shopped and spent some money on new products, we met her hubby at none other than VALENTINO'S.  Oh my gosh.  These in Nebraska don't even compare to the one in Manhattan.  I had to go.  And I will go back every time I'm in Lincoln or Omaha.  Yum.  If you don't know what it is a glimpse.

The menu and us waiting for Andrew, posing in front of the menu!

Oh and Erica made me take these pictures.  She thought Andrew and I were nuts because we pretty much got the most food you can possibly imagine...from all different cuisines.  And then after only ONE plate, she was ready for dessert - Andrew and I looked at her like she was completely nutso.  No way, we were going back for more...which is what you see on the right.  Mix of dessert and pasta.  I will tell you that when I do buffets, I do it right.  

Then we went to see Super 8, which Andrew perfectly described as the E.T. of 2011.  It was at this super swanky all digital theater that they have the hook up for free tickets to because they are friends with the owner.  Um, so awesome.

Then we hurried home and got ready to meet some girls out for dinner.  I was excited to finally get to meet Erica's high school friend Elizabeth and a girl that Erica worked with in Dallas and was cousins with Erica's now-neighbor in Omaha...Kate...did I lose you?  Anyway, we met at a restaurant in Mid-town, Loft 610, and had the best dinner.  It surprised me because the only person that all of us had in common was Erica, but everyone hit it off great and it was wonderful conversation.

We were going to meet our friend Van and her bf Cortney in Old Town..but everyone was pretty beat at that point, so we stayed in the area around where they live and then went back to Erica's house to hear some pretty hilarious/mortifying stories about Elizabeth's pregnancy---well just pregnancy and giving birth in general.

Sunday morning - after a fun weekend....I left Erica and Andrew's house to this beautiful picture.

Their two adorable dogs, Della and Dieter (the puppy) wishing me off in my drive back to KC!  Here's a close up.  But seriously, how cute is their house??

AND - how cute is their neighborhood!?  I cannot wait to come and visit again and drag old Jimmy along next time to join in the fun :)  But overall, a fabulous girls weekend in Omaha.  Glad they are closer to KC now!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day: 2011

On this Father's Day - what is more fitting than to call out what makes my dad so special?  He is definitely one of a kind and the most amazing person, teacher and dad I could ever ask for.  Literally.  He is always so helpful...with pretty much anything.  Whether it is house projects (to no end), carrying things or really just anything you ask him to do...

And he's a pretty amazing dad to my sister and I.  Pretty freaking amazing.  What a wonderful example of a man to have in our life.  I would say that I followed the mold of marrying someone like my dad (Jimmy and him are a TON a like!)...because pretty much, I couldn't imagine a better man.

He really likes to hang out and watch games or just with the boys...

And is one of the few people I know that goes to a restaurant, orders a virgin strawberry daiquiri with whipped cream on top and eats it with a fork : )  And loves every minute of it!

So to my dad, I hope he had the best Father's Day ever and his foot is feeling better :)  We got him this cordless drill that he has been wanting for a long time and I think he really liked it :)

But I cannot forget the other wonderful dad's that I'm so blessed to have in my life.  Including my father -in-law, seen below at our wedding with his wonderful grandchildren!!  Will was in his mom's stomach in this picture :) And my 3 older brother in laws that are wonderful dad's....glad they are a great example of what a father looks like for Jimmy!!

And then you have my grandpa's that I am blessed both are still alive and I have been able to have in my life for so long.  First off, my dad's dad...Orin.  He is a farmer from Iowa and is one of the best guys I have ever known.  Always has great life lessons and words of wisdom.  He is just a phone call away and is always so excited when we call him :)  This was when we went to visit them after our wedding!!

And finally, my mom's dad, who is just as wonderful!  He is a Methodist minister in Kansas City and is a wonderful example of a man that has lived a Christian life cycle and raised a family of 4 with lots of grandkids and great-grandkids.  We are lucky they are close and get to see them regularly!

So a shout out to all you dad's out there - it's a hard job (especially dealing with the mom-side of things....because I can only imagine how much Jimmy will have to put up with me even more when we are parents someday)!!!  

And a final shout out to the Wassinger's :)  It was one year ago today that they tied the knot after a long engagement and now they are in Omaha, where I actually visited them last weekend (promise, that blog post is next...) and had a great time!!  Wishing them a VERY happy anniversary!!! PS How cute is this picture of them a year ago??!


Friday, June 17, 2011

Hallway is complete!

Before I show you what fun I had during my trip to Omaha last weekend - let me show you what my dad was working on last week!!  The hallway!!  And it looks sooooo good, well I think so :)

Without further ado....

Wayyyy before...

In progress ( floor yet)

And the after...see the floor?  Oh AND the homemade console table and homemade bins.  I have become quite the wood worker :)

Pic #1, Garage floor...Pic # 2 beautiful tile floor + trim!

Garage floor...and tile.  The carpet on the stairs still needs to be fixed, but you get the point!

Here's a close up of my dad's handy work with the tile and trim.  Looks so good!

And here's the bench.  Oh the bench with the fabric that I love :)  Oh and Willy - he snuck into the "after" picture.

So there you have it.  A completed hallway.  Now it feels right at home.  I might get a runner in there as well, who konws.

And in exciting to-do list news...I crossed off another on my list in terms of finishing the baskets...........that I decided to build with scrap wood instead of buy them.  So the console table is done!  Now I just have to get to sewing...want to have this done before Katie's wedding shower next Saturday!!  Better get on that!

(1) Recover the bench that was in the family room (and just white) and put it in the hallway
(2) Make some pillows
(3) Make a valance to go in the family room and keep the red panels underneath with the main print

(4) With my other creation, the console table, use it with the baskets I put in there