Monday, May 31, 2010

It is Toby's birthday!

Toby turned 7 years old today :) Instead of a doggie cupcake- he got a grilled hot dog...with a candle. Willy was not happy, but he did end up getting 1/4 of one (Milly got the other 1/4).

I got back in town in time today to celebrate with Toby and the rest of the family---and Danny of course. Toby has been a great dog and been with Jimmy through it all. He adopted him his sophomore year of college from a PetsMart in Kansas City. Went through a break up, meeting me, starting our relationship, then ending that relationship for awhile, then back together with his now mom...and then our wedding. Now he's a full time resident with me as well, and I really do love having a big dog! I love taking him on long runs, how he protects the house when Jimmy is not around, and lots of other things. He loves the backyard and his new brother and here's to 7 + more years Tobias! Hope the hot dog made your day Toby!!!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Now this isn't just any anniversary- today marks the day that my parents were married THIRTY years ago. Amazing if you ask me. May 30, 1980 in Baldwin City, KS, my parents had their wedding- complete with cake, mints and punch and a party in the church basement. It was really fun planning our wedding when my mom would throw in comments about her own---because obviously I wasn't there to see it for myself, but it's crazy to me how weddings have changed from 30 years ago and all the extras that are almost "expected" now. It's nice to think back to when my parents got married (maybe around the same time as yours?) and how they just had a simple ceremony celebrating their marriage and look at where they are now!

To me, the story of how they met is really neat, so I figured, why not share it with the world? (sorry mom, you don't have a problem with a little invasion of privacy, right?) They met at Baker University in Baldwin, KS I think in 1978 or 1979. My mom was an admissions counselor at the college and my dad was the assistant basketball coach and a student there(he was one of those with a 6+ year college plan :) love him!). I cannot remember exactly how they ended up officially meeting, but I do know they have both told me they saw each other prior to their formal introduction and the other one caught they eye. But a long story short, they met, dated, fell in love, families met, love deepened and then my dad drove my mom up to Storm Lake, IA (his home town) and took her to the bank. There he got an engagement ring that he had (yes, from a previous proposal) in a safety deposit box, drove my mom to the side of the lake and while in the car, asked her to marry him. From what my mom and dad have both told us over they years, I feel like the conversation/proposal went a little like this....all speculation of course, since I wasn't even a thought in anyone's mind at the time.

They look like kids here :) So funny!

Dad: So I'm going to work at a camp in North Carolina this summer, which you know. And I'd love if you married me and came with me!
Mom: I would love to marry you! The camp thing doesn't sound super fun, but I'll go along for the ride.
Dad: Great! Love you! I'm so lucky.
Mom: Ok, lets get married in 6 weeks, so we can get this show on the road.

On their wedding day: May 30, 1980- yellow hat and all!

And, they did. My mom even moved houses the morning of her wedding (talk about stressful), but they wedding was a success, woman's hats and all! Then they road tripped to North Carolina that summer together, stopping at Tan-Tar-A on the way for a short honeymoon. Half way through the summer, my dad got mad at the owner because she was making him drive a bus full of kids that had faulty brakes, so they left and went back to Kansas. They lived in the boys dorm together as their first place, where there were apparently several nights when the basketball boys came home a little too toasty and were a little too loud that my dad got up in the middle of the night to yell at them and he forgot he wasn't wearing any clothes. Oops! Bet that shut them up really fast. Another kid threatened my dad saying that he was going to tell the dean on him because he knows he has a lady staying there with him because she comes in every Friday with her suitcase and then leaves again on Monday with a suitcase (which would have been my mom, traveling as an admissions rep, living in the dorm parent apartment, with her husband. the dean attended their wedding). Oh the stories could go on and on :)

So sometime in their first 1-2 years of marriage, my dad graduated from college and got offered a job with the YMCA in Victoria, Texas. While he was taking my mom down to see the town where they'd be living if he accepted the job, he tells my mom --- while riding in a small propeller plane --- that he actually DID already accept the job and they would be moving. Needless to say, I think there was a small argument that followed, considering such a big decision was made without her input, but she still moved, quit her job, found a new one, and started a new life in Texas with him. The next few years they spent in Texas, I'm not quite sure exactly the timeline of events, but I know they moved some, but eventually ended up in Houston. My mom got her masters there and worked at the University of Houston and maybe the University of Texas, as Houston, too (sorry if I'm WAY off). My dad also started teaching and worked downtown Houston- in which he did not know how to correctly pronounce any of his Hispanic students named spelled J-E-S-U-S. Now, that's a funny story. Of course in the mean time, family drama on my mom's side took place- which made for some funny stories, they got 2 wiener dogs (duh), Hondo and Sammy, bought a house and after 5 years of marriage and at the age of 29, my mom got pregnant. Yep that is right, with me! We tend to do things 30 years apart. Born 30 years apart (she was 30 when I was born) and get married 30 years apart :)

SOO CUTE! I love this picture!

Does this picture look familiar?? With one dog more? :)

Many funny pictures later, I was born and spent 2 years as a Texas girl. Running around with all the boys in the neighborhood while they convinced me that dog poop was really a tootsie roll, and you can guess what happened next (aka every mom's nightmare). Then my mom interview for a job as a high school counselor at Park Hill high school, in North Kansas City, and in 1987, our family relocated there (sans dogs---who apparently were taken to the "wiener dog farm" which I'm still in denial about, but apparently Hondo was misbehaved. But Sammy passed away). I obviously do not remember this. But then we moved to Shawnee, my mom got pregnant again with my little sis, Lyndsay, and my dad was teaching at Desoto (still does) and taking masters classes at KU.

Lyndsay was about a month old!!

After 2 kids, their traveling around, moving from place to place (and probably overall social life) slowed we stayed in Shawnee until I was in 2nd grade and then we moved to where my parents live now, in a neighboring suburb. Just because their moving locations slowed down, it seemed that life picked up as we were growing up and getting involved in activities, had friends, etc that they were constantly carting us around, coaching us, feeding us, and being just overall wonderful parents. Hopefully I didn't butcher their "love story", as I like to call it, but that's the best my memory serves me.

Now, as someone who is recently married, when you think back to your life as a young kid, I now have SO much respect for my parents and all they did for my sister and I....and really am just amazed they did it all and did it so well in my mind. Right now Jimmy and I are trying to figure out how to run our household together, figure out our budget, get the grass mowed, house cleaned, work out regularly, work full time....AND find time to spend with our family and friends. I'm sure things get "easier" with time, but we even have fights now about stupid stuff and he makes me want to scream on a regular basis- add in 2 young kids, one person getting their masters and coaching, 2 full time jobs...and I can't imagine the arguments, scuffles, and frustration. But you know what, as sure as I am that those went on between them, we never saw it. Yeah, I'm sure we could tell when they were mad at each other, but we never saw them fight in front of us as kids. And doesn't that make you just have more respect for your parents when you are older and can realize how life can get the best of you sometimes and sometimes words just come out, emotions just get the best of you...and you might say things to someone that you don't mean...but they kept it between each other. And worked it out with each other. Because they loved each other enough then to know they could work it out and that it was worth it. A love like that, I strive for in my marriage in the years to come. That no matter how frustrated you get, no matter what the situation presents itself and no matter how mad you might be at that person, you still love them and you take the time and effort to work it out with each other. For you. For your family. For each other. Pretty powerful. But that's what true love is, it's so powerful that I truly believe it can overcome anything.

Then came all the years of us growing up as kids and hating them, hating each other (Lyndsay and I), being teenagers and getting our hearts broken by friends and boyfriends. They stuck with us through it all as parents, and continued to love each other along the way. My dad would buy my mom lavish gifts and she would get mad because he spent too much money (hm, maybe that's where I get it from? haha), but she liked them I know deep down (I know I do!). The little hugs, the support, the sarcasm, the arguments, the eye rolling....I could see it all now as an older kid. It showed me that marriage could be playful and fun, and there will be times you think that person is annoying, but deep down you love them. And then there are the times of sorrow...someone gets sick and has to go into the hospital. The support they give each other, those late nights and many trips to the hospital they make for each other. Medication reminders, reminders to "slow down!!" because you're going to make yourself sick again. Then you have the loss of friends and family, the way they reach out to each other that my sister and I can't see, but we know it's there. Those are just the little things that happened over the course of their long marriage and still occur today.

Since I cannot be with them today and help them celebrate, I want to just honor them and their love for each other these past 30 years, and thank them for such a wonderful example of marriage - the ups and downs - that they have given to me, in which I can draw from during my own marriage. In our wedding, the priest listed off the fabulous examples of long lasting marriages we have in our legacy, which include all our grandparents at 50+ years, his parents at 30+ years and my parents at 30 now...and he is so right, what an amazing legacy. So to my mom and dad on their 30th anniversary, thank you for the example you have given Lyndsay and I, the love and support you have shown us over the years, and mostly, the love and support you have given to each other, your marriage, and our family through rich and poor times, in sickness and in health, for better or worse....all the days of your life.

Parents and girls with the dogs :)

The growing family...

It's official- it's Jimmy Bruns. Haha. Just kidding.

Cheers to my mom and dad, here's to another 30 years full of love, happiness, and a growing family!!! :)

At our wedding in the photo booth- 30 years after their own!

We love you!
Love~ Brittany, Jimmy and Lyndsay

Saturday, May 29, 2010

New we come :)

As we speak (or you read), I am landing in New Orleans for the bachelorette party weekend for Ms Erica Snyder. VERY excited for all the fun festivities to come this weekend, which include:

  • Lingerie shower
  • Hopefully some pool/sun time if the rain holds off
  • Dinner and drinks with good friends
  • Some fun games
  • Loving the bachlorette
  • Out on Bourbon street!
Hopefully there will be some of this...

And this is just a cute picture.

Here we out NOLA

Friday, May 28, 2010

Pillow Talk

Now in most circumstances, I would say pillow talk stays where it belongs- right next the pillow.

However, last night's was too funny---I cannot help but share.

*Lights are out, time for bed*

Jimmy breathes on Brittany.
Brittany starts laughing. Jimmy asks what is so funny.
Brittany: "Your breath. It smells musty"
Jimmy: "What does that mean? TText Colorhat's stupid"
Brittany: "Like when I smell your breath and my eyes are closed, I think to myself: "Am I in an old library of an old mansion with musty books?""

Brittany starts hysterically laughing to herself---UNCONTROLLABLY---and cannot stop thinking about being in a library in the Jumanij house with those kids for some reason. An old musty library. She tells Jimmy about her thoughts.

Jimmy: "What is that? What do you mean Jumanji? Is that another stupid kids book or movie I don't know about, like is it a book?? Like Jungle Book??"
(Emily Mc- you might be the only person that will think this is hilarious. But at work, they were apparently talking about the kid's movie the Jungle Book and Jimmy had never heard of it and kept asking what "book" they were talking about)

Brittany: "No, it's a movie with a weird game and random animals"
Jimmy pouting silently (I imagine he had a pouty lip- but it was dark, so I cannot confirm)
Jimmy: "Well you know what your breath smells like??? Jalapenos and rotten nacho cheese..."

Guess if you cannot be honest with your spouse and tell them what you really think, who can you be that brutal with? :)

Best wife ever

5:15AM: Found this (thanks to Toby) in our backyard

5:20AM: Dragged Toby inside so he wouldn't do anything with it. Still wasn't sure what it was, but knew it was a dead animal

6:15AM: Breakfast eaten, ready for work, mention to sleeping husband that we have something dead on the ground in our backyard, but for him not to worry because I have it all taken care of. (haha) Only because I know how much he hates rodents and especially ones with tails....long this one.

6:30AM: I am a woman on a mission. I have rubber gloves in hand and 3 plastic grocery bags

6:32AM: I realize I don't want to actually have to touch the thing @ all. So I get a small shovel

6:33AM: I immediately nix the small shovel idea and go into the garage for a very large shovel

6:34AM: Incessant gagging, vomit noises, deep breaths, closed eyes, peering at the bedroom window seeing if these noises are loud enough to wake Jimmy up and make him feel bad (no luck on that), and moving the shovel around so I can get the large rat on it

6:35AM: Rat is in plastic bag, I carry outside of the fence. Trash day isn't until next Thursday, so not sure what to do with it until then.

6:36AM: Willy figures out what is going on and comes to check it out- too late luckily, but he can still smell it. I will need to hose that all down.

6:38AM: Pack my lunch, make my coffee and off for the day.

7:01AM: Arrive at work, send Jimmy the picture of the rodent via text. He makes gagging sounds (via text). I tell him, he's not allowed to do that since I took care of it. And that I deserve the best wife ever award. He agrees, as he should.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Signs that SUMMER is here!

Jimmy told me that my last post about career management was a little too serious and "deep" for him (apparently he doesn't think I'm capable of being serious). So, I decided my post today would be happy and exciting, full of color and smiles and water and flowers....summer in a nutshell, right?

It's HERE! As we approach the glorious start of summer with Memorial Day weekend, the signs are everywhere that it truly has arrived and I think this summer is going to be a great one! Here are some signs that I have seen recently...

- Morning sunshine!!! I go to work early in the morning, so most of the year it's dark when I drive to work before 7. But not during the summer! I'm much more energized because the sun is up, the grass is green, the birds are chirping and life is good as I head off to work. This is a great picture I found that demonstrates that great feeling :)


- Quik Trip 49 cent fountain drinks. yes, you read right. ONLY 49 CENTS. What a deal for a 32 oz drink. Lauren and I love this and when we lived together last summer, this was a regular thing. I saw a sign yesterday that they were back.....a true sign of summer time.


- Wedding season is in full force! If the weekend plans don't actually entail the actual wedding, there is an event leading up to it that we have on our calendar each weekend. Can't wait to see all our wonderful friends tie the knot and be a part of their special day!

Summer wedding line up looks like....
- Erica's bachelorette party in New Orleans...
- Christin and Matt's wedding and Molly's bachelorette party in KC
- Erica and Andrew's wedding in Dallas....and Kristin and Nick's wedding in KC, don't worry we haven't figured out how to be in the same place at the same time...we'll be in Dallas celebrating with the happy couple, but wish Kristin and Nick the absolute best on their wedding day!!!
- Lyssa and Kevin's wedding
- Molly and Taylor's wedding!!!!
- And this continues into the fall with Bobby and Hillary's wedding!! YEAH!

- Pools are opening! I can't wait to hit up the pool with friends and maybe even a few lake trips!

- Family reunions and family trips are right around the corner! True family reunion and annual Carter trip are also summer plans :)

Picture from the last family vacation trip to Branson!

- Interns are everywhere!! You know it's summertime when you walk into the cafeteria at work and going through the salad bar and paying takes 10 minutes longer than normal because you have "fresh meat" that aren't used to the cafeteria routine! However, at the same time, I realize how bad I want a summer vacations and I become very envious of my family and friends that work in education or my sister that still has a year of college left!!!

- Planting and maintaining flowers /landscaping is a weekly activity! I planted some of these babies last weekend and can't wait to see them bloom!


- Summer house projects are about to begin now that our full time contractor (my dad) is off work for the you might be seeing some house posts soon!

Hoping to not have any of these surprises this summer....coming home to this last summer was a bit scary!

- It's HOT....well maybe just for us because again, our AC doesn't work---STILL. Happened last year also, check out a similar blog post in 2009

- Softball. Yep, the annual softball league the Jimmy and his brothers play in is about ready to kick off. That means Thursday nights at the Knights park..playing with kids and more pictures like this!

- Smiles are everywhere :)
What do you think of when you think "summer"? Has to put a smile on your face....

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Managing your career and your life

As I'm guessing many of my readers are in their mid-20s to early 30s, I thought this post might interest some people seeing that most of us are probably at the stage in our jobs/careers that it's important to understand one simple truth: YOU MUST MANAGE YOUR OWN CAREER....because no one else will.

Now, that statement resonated strongly with me, when I made a big career change in 2008 from consulting to corporate finance. I had heard it many times, but I never "got it", but until I made that leap, I didn't realize that literally it was up to me in so many ways to decide what I wanted to do, where I wanted to be in the future and what I wanted to be doing and finally, have a proposed path on how to get there. What I knew when I switched jobs: where I was going seemed like a place that I would be happy working at and for a long time and the work I was going to be doing sounded challenging and needed to remain challenging to keep me interested and wanting to learn. Now that I have been in my current job for almost 2 years, my curiosity is now: how do you go about managing a career when you are in a place where you are happy??? I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to sit in a session with a leader at my company to hear what she had to say about it and it was wonderful. She provided some great tips and really gave some good suggestions as to how you make sure you get what/where you want.

1. VALUE. Every company desires an employee that bring true value to the company with the work they do, the customer service they provide, the ideas they generate, etc. So how do you add value in your job? What do you do that makes the company better and furthers your learning and experience? Do you add value by thinking of new, outside of the box ideas? Do you bring value in your creativity, work ethic, customer service, teaching/training skills (for all you teachers out there!)?

After listening to her talk about this, it astonished me that I couldn't name 4-5 concrete things off the top of my head that I do to TRULY add value to my job/department/company. So I immediately sat down and figured that out. If I think I'm valuable, I need to know what/how/why I am and remind myself of that regularly!

2. OPPORTUNITY. Everyone wants that chance, that opportunity, that trust instilled in them by their superiors to be successful. It's the American dream, right? In some way shape or form. Your company/employer gave you the opportunity. Make sure you use it to the best of your ability to ensure they want to give you many more opportunities to come!

3. CLARITY. What defines YOU, what are your values, and what is truly important to you? In a leadership conference I attended recently, the word clarity was used as one of the leadership traits of leaders...and it was interesting to me that one of the speakers connected clarity with VISION. I often feel like "visions" are developed in companies, organizations, schools, etc. that aren't 100% clear on what their ultimate goal is and defines clearly how to get there. Ensuring you have clarity in your own vision and even your companies vision will make you more aware of where you are going eventually and give you an idea of the steps on how to get there.

4. SOONER OR LATER, YOUR VALUES MUST ALIGN WITH THE ORGANIZATION'S VALUES. A very powerful and true statement that she said in the presentation. I completely agree with this and realized the importance of it very very early on in my career. This was one of the huge reasons that I switched companies so soon! Where do you stand with this statement? I feel like it's important to some now and to others it is not; but that's why I like the "later" in the statement. Because you don't have to always align with the companies values completely, as many jobs now are ones that give you the experience that you will use later, but I truly do believe this is a must eventually.

5. HAVE A SENTENCE. What is the one sentence that defines you and that you want people to think about your life, career, accomplishments? If you are clear on what you want to accomplish and what you want to portray to those around you, you provide yourself with clarity and others as well. This one was really hard for me. We did this in a conference I attended and putting all I want to accomplish and have people remember me by is HARD. But I think this is important, kind of similar to a life goal.

As those were the 5 big highlights of her presentation, she also gave us this equation to think about. And she made several references to calculus as she is an engineer by trade- which cracked me up because I haven't thought about those calculus equations since high school where they go to infinity. Haha. But anyways, this is what she showed us.

I had never seen a simple equation like this laid out to describe a career. But I love equations, so it made me really excited. It also made me realize how true that is. The two biggest components you have to deliver on to be a leader in your career, or even in your home/personal life, is results and influence. Do you provide good results and good work? How do you interact with people and "manage" them? Both are equally important....and lead you to more responsibility in life, as a manager, and as a person in general. Obviously, this is easy to correlate to life in the work place, but I really think it draws a great parallel to life as well. In your life, do you produce results that lead to better relationships, a great home life, a healthy lifestyle and a sense of accomplishment? And how do you interact with your family members and/or friends? Do they respect you? Do they listen and the things that need to get done are accomplished together and successfully? How do you share responsibilities with others in your home or even planning a trip or shower with other friends? If you can regularly provide great results and have a good rapport with people, that leads to more responsibility? Same thing in the work place!! Crazy, isn't it?

On of the last suggestions she left us with was to keep an updated resume and a list with your accomplishments/personal results you have accomplished over the years. So when you are networking with people, you have on the top of your mind a few things about each of them. She suggested organizing the list like this:

This is difference than a resume, as most often a resume just lists out things you have done/jobs you have had. This ensures that you remember what you both learned and accomplished.....not letting you forget those important mistakes you might have made that taught you how NOT to do things or the things that you learned that proved successful for you! By maintaining this regularly, you keep on the forefront of your mind all these things.

A few final thoughts:
- Network with people, get to know them for unselfish reasons and listen to what they have to say
- Find a mentor to ask questions along the way and that you trust
- Talk to peers, often times they are facing the same challenges you are
- Take opportunities when they present themselves, even if they are not what you "thought or planned" to happen- they could prove to be the best thing!
- Smile along the way :)

Hope that sparks some thinking and gives you at least one good thing to take away. I know I was VERY happy I attended this discussion because I walked away with some great things to think about, which will help me along the way in life and my career.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The inevitable...

We closed on our house a year ago on Saturday (happy year anniversary as homeowners to us!). On Saturday I told my dad how our home warranty expires that we got with the house and we hadn't gotten around to renewing because we were looking to use another company. That never happened. Either of them. So I told my dad, I bet you that the minute our home warranty expires...something will go wrong.

What do you know? We tried to turn on the AC on Saturday when we got back from dinner because the temperature had shot up and it was really hot/humid. Yep, it doesn't work. Just like it didn't 3 times last year, conveniently on the hottest days of the summer. Just like Saturday- the hottest day of 2010 so far in KC and we have no air. And no home warranty to cover our defunct AC.

Not Jimmy's fault, not my fault but our fault. However, because I'm hot, sweating and cranky 24/7 now...I'm betting Jimmy wished he would have just renewed it :)

We shall see how the rest of this story plays out........

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Carter filled weekend Part 2: Birthday party & dinner!

Ok- warning. This is a picture heavy post! Only because these kids are so adorable!

Saturday morning, we woke up after a fun night at the concert and headed out to Deanna Rose Farm for Kenlie's 3rd birthday party! I was really excited because I hadn't been there since I was a kid (it's a petting zoo/really fun stuff place) and Jimmy had never been there in his life- where was he during childhood?! So we headed in the birthday party entrance, with an incredibly large barbie gift bag in hand (Direct quote from Jimmy: "If you would have told me 10 years ago, I would be walking into a petting zoo with a huge barbie bag in my hand, I'd have called you crazy") for the princess themed birthday party!!!!

Each party was in their own stable and there were lots of other parties around too! It was fun to see all of the kids parties :) So after everyone arrived, princess Kenlie put on her party attire :)

How cute is she?

I had to get one with her adorable matching shoes! However, it was a little bit muddy, so the dress didn't last long :)

Our neighbor had a large itch that he couldn't seem to reach...

Dress off, presents opened, cake eaten...happiness for the birthday girl!

It was quite the princess themed spread! Shellie made a cake around snow white and it was SOO good! Then she had the cutest red velvet cupcakes with red icing and a stick pretzel in the top and icing leaf to symbolize the apple in Snow White!

Carter family at the party!

Kenlie was in the charge for the she got to go where she wanted to! Took this picture while we were wandering around!

Then older sister Libbie joined in :)

Next up was the petting zoo---Maren did not like the goats! I have to admit they were a little scary because it seemed like they wanted to eat your hand!

Norah apparently did not mind them!

Me with the siblings of the birthday girl! The sun was a little too bright for Ben when uncle Jimmy snapped this one!

Next up: Pony rides!! Maren on the horse!! She rode it a couple times!

Ben looked very handsome on his! Jimmy said he had the "best form"

Norah was stuck in her stroller with us while her sister and parents were riding the pony. Needless to say, she was not happy about it and wanted to join in the fun.

Libbie leading the way on her pony

Finally, Norah was back in her element with the goats and she got to feed them this time- with her dad's help!

Uncle Jimmy manning the wagon. Waving bye to the goats!

And the birthday girl :) Very happy with her cheesy chips and satisfied with the day, I'm sure!

Final picture when we were walking out---a bank for Ben!!

What a fun/exhausting morning! But it was so great to hang out with all the kids....everyone had a blast, including the adults!

Later that day, Jimmy and I did yard work (he mowed---I replanted all the flowers in the front flower beds) and then we were off to dinner with all the Carter boys and their wives to Cafe Trio right off the plaza for our quarterly dinner/night out. It was delicious and then we headed to the Levee to listed to some music and hang out. Overall, a fun weekend with the Carter family!

A Carter filled weekend Part 1: Concert!

We kicked off this weekend in style by heading downtown KC for a night out on the town with some of the Carter gang! Jimmy's parents bought AWESOME tickets to the James Taylor/Carole King reunion concert that was at the Sprint center and we were so happy they asked us to join in the fun with them :) Mike and Lindsay and Bobby and Hillary came too! First we hit up the Cigar box for a delicious meal and then walked over to the Sprint Center where we got in VIP style because Bobby got some great tickets into the Founders Club that his work owns. With it's own bar and entrance, it made for easy and fast entry!

The show kicked off right at 8, with no opening acts. And it was WONDERFUL. Just a great concert that proved you don't really NEED all the thrills and frills that artists do these days and that people will come if you have talent and they want to hear you sing. It was a full crowd (sold out) and all they did was stand on the stage and sing with the band. No dancers, no anything. And it was awesome. Can I say that one more time?? Even more astounding is how neither of them (James or Carole) are by definition "young" anymore, but they did amazing and their voice and talent have withstood many years!

The circle stage set up at the Sprint Center. Had never seen it like this before but it was a rotating stage and it was awesome!

James just hanging out. He was hilarious when he talked to the crowd!

James and Carole during their last song (2nd encore) which they sang together. So good!

Jimmy and I at our seats!

The whole Carter clan that joined in the fun!!

Thanks to Jimmy's parents for inviting us, it was so much fun! I did not think I knew any Carole King songs, but I did and Jimmy's dad was funny and pointed it out to me that I "should know" this one or that one. And she was the one that wrote the song that played in the hair color commercials---you make me feel like a natural woman........ :)

Baby Lani

Here is a cute video of little Lani Jo Brushka (hahaha my sister's last name and her boyfriend's last name mixed). She is so cute and quite the little puppy with her potty training and constant biting, but so dang cute!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Breakfast in Bed kind of Friday

This morning I went down to eat breakfast.

In the fridge there were:
- no eggs (I usually eat those)
- minimal milk (had to make the decision, do I want it in my coffee or cereal....UH coffee)

So I had to get creative. Pancakes...because I cannot go without breakfast. Trust me, you don't want to experience that. Since I made enough batter for 2 people, I figured....doesn't my wonderful husband deserve some pancakes this morning? So I made some for him and left them downstairs, intending on him to eat them before he left for work. But then I realized they would be cold. That just couldn't happen. Then I remembered the new nightstand in our new furniture set came with this tray for breakfast in bed/working in bed. SOLD. So Jimmy got a full tray of breakfast delivered to him...a little earlier than he probably wanted, but he didn't complain :) It was fun to do something nice for him...sometimes I don't think I tell him enough how much I appreciate him and everything he does.

The spread he got.

After he consumed it.

He insisted no pictures of him eating it. I obliged :) So happy Friday and hope your last day of the work week is your version of a "breakfast in bed" kind of day!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dr. Dan

This past Saturday was graduation weekend for many people, whether it be from High School, college, or beyond....congratulations to all!!! What a feeling of graduating :) The feeling of accomplishment, joy and also that bittersweet sliver of leaving the comfortable and going one to something new.

Anyways, we had 2 graduates in our family/friends this weekend and of course the ceremonies were at the same time! My cousin Wil graduated from Park Hill high school (yeah Wil!!!) and one of Jimmy's best friend's (hence, my friend too), Dan graduated from pharmacy a doctor. PhD. How does that make you feel?? Makes me feel not as cool because I don't have 3 letters (or 2...MD, JD) after my name!! But to help him celebrate, Jimmy, Danny (Dr. Dan's cousin and Jimmy's other best friend), and I made the trip up to Lawrence on Sunday early afternoon to see him walk down the hill with his class in the famous KU tradition and have a few drinks with him at the Wheel to kick off his life as a PhD in style!

First off, we had to leave a little early to arrive at our favorite eatery in Lawrence that brought back good, old memories of Jimmy and I going there every Sunday when I was getting ready to head back to Manhattan for their 35 cent wings and fried pickles. So of course, we got our "usual". Danny K joined us as well, as he is a big wing fan. And I finally figured out why I LOVE their wings so much (after being deprived from them for so long and trying to find a place in KC that compares). It's because they have so much meat on them! YUM!

Danny K and Jim at the table. Besties.

Then we were headed off to the Wheel for a beer or two and ran into a few other friends that had just recently graduated from Law school! WOW...things I kept thinking about all day- 1) We have smart friends and 2) Are we really old enough to have friends that are doctors/lawyers/pharmacists, etc.? Holy cow! After they had a beer and I had my usual DC and dominated the nudie photo hunt machine (yes in the middle of the day I was playing it- don't judge, I only got the 2nd highest score and I was bummed), it was off to the hill to watch the graduates!

Now I have been aware and informed of this tradition KU has of walking down the hill, as Jimmy did it 2 years ago, but I had never actually witnessed it because I was in charge of preparing for the graduation party during Jimmy's graduation. But it was really neat! Everyone from every college in the university- including med school that is in KC- walks down the hill to the stadium. Luckily, Pharmacy students were first to walk down, so we met up with Dr. Dan's family, watched him walk down, cheered him on and took a few pictures and then it was back to the Wheel to save spots for everyone coming there after!!

Some stupid picture Jimmy snapped of Danny K and I on the hill when I gave him the camera because I was too short to get any pictures of Dr. Dan!

Pharmacy students!!!

Introducing...Dr. Dan!!

At the table at the Wheel just hanging out!

Then we headed back to KC with a full car and dropped Dr. Dan off at his house...and were graciously invited in to eat some food his parents made in honor of him. And it was delicious!

Thanks Dr. Dan for letting us share in your day and all your accomplishments :) We are so proud of you!!!!!