Monday, September 28, 2009

Just act like you're 15- why not!?!?

This past weekend could no better be summed up in one word/number: 15. Why do you ask? Here's a pre-cursor to the explanation.

Individuals involved: Emily McClelland, Erica Snyder, Heather Lichtenauer, Ashley Payson, Rachel Knight, Taryn Phillips, Lauren Hensley, and myself

Location: Dallas, TX

Well here goes the explanation:
  1. Friday night = baller seats at the TSwift concert, courtesy of Heather, because she pretty much runs the show at AA arena :) Average age at the concert: 15 years old. Maybe even lower. But we sat next to 15 year old boys.
  2. Late Friday night = we went out, sat down to get a beer, had one beer, then boys arrived. Minutes after boys arrived, we all left. While we did not leave because of the boys in real life, that is what 15 year old girls would do. Because they have secret crushes on boys and get all silly and smiley when they come around. So they leave because they are nervous.
  3. Later Friday night = get home and pop in High School Musical 2. Most of us fall asleep watching, but it's so good.
  4. Saturday morning = sleep in (a bit, not sure Heather would agree with this one...but getting up 4 hours later than I do during the week makes me happy!), head to brunch with $1 mimosas. Only 2 of us (out of 4) order them, we eat and leave, not even thinking twice that we could have had a nice buzz to start out the day.
  5. Saturday afternoon = go to Yogalicious. Eat yogurt/ice cream with 17 toppings each. Sit around and talk about how good it is and we can't wait to come back tomorrow.
  6. Saturday mid-day = go to a bar. ***Ok so yeah, 15 year olds can't do that, but I mean you will understand later. Just go with it*** We sit at a dark booth by ourselves, only talk to each other and the funny bartender. Boys that we know come over and talk, we chat but show no real interest and they leave, just leaving us girls again. Then we convince the bar to make us a special appetizer (not on the menu) of fried pickles. Because they are delicious and we are 15- so our metabolisms are rocking and it doesn't even matter.
  7. Saturday later day = go home and take a nap. Not because we maybe had one too many beers......just because we are tired and need rest. Like all 15 year old that exert far too much energy. To try to put us to sleep, we watch the remainder of High School Musical 2. I never nap because I'm so intrigued as how they are going to solve the dilemma in the movie of Troy not remaining true to himself. *Gasp!*
  8. Saturday night = get ready and meet friends for dinner. Three people at the table order grilled cheese. those 15 year old taste buds!
  9. Saturday later night = attempt to go "dancing" at a bar in a "rough" part of town. Instead we just stand there with our drinks and look awkward as biker boys stare. We call our moms crying and walk out.
  10. Saturday later later night = back to our mid-day bar spot. Walk in through the crowd, take a booth, order diet cokes and water. 20 min later, the rest of the group arrives and we all agree that we want to go home and watch High School Musical 3. Yes, this is why I love my friends. I'm secretly dying to watch it. They know it.
  11. Saturday slumber party = fall asleep to High School Musical 3 and dream happy dreams of a 15 year old with worries of a 15 year old. No job stress, wedding planning, owning a home...just "why is this zit popping up? OMG"
  12. Sunday morning = Cinnamon pancakes, eggs, and soda for breakfast. Just what the doctor ordered.
  13. Sunday afternoon = Ice cream stop #2 of the weekend. Like I said, we're 15, we got some kicking metabolisms.
  14. Sunday afternoon (as well) = Ikea- while this is not the destination a 15 year old might pick. I absolutely felt like a kid in a candy store- a BIG candy store- here. WOW is all I have to say. WOW. But I did pick up the Spanish version of their 2010 catalog.
  15. Sunday evening = off to the airport, McDonald's for dinner, and Sudoku on the plane.

While these 15 examples of how our weekend consisted of acting like 15 year olds wasn't enough, Taylor Swift's song lyrics to her hit song "15" was enough for me to realize how much life changes each year. As a 15 year old, your activities, priorities, thoughts were SO different then as a 24/25 year old.

However, everything in your life at that time was just as important to you as everything is now- regardless as how the world sees it. So whatever is truly important to you, whatever dream you have of accomplishing or wherever you think you see yourself going- don't let the world stop you. Yes, responsibilities are much greater when you get older and there are more things to consider---but that shouldn't stop pursuing a dream of yours. At 15, I truly thought I could conquer the world, no matter what I chose to do. Sometimes now I find myself having a dream or vision, but stopping those optimistic thoughts short because it's not the "right" thing to do. It's not what I "should" do. But you know what? If as we grow, we all keep a little bit of that 15 year old spirit we once had with us....I think the world would be a much happier place....full of ice cream, HSM movies, laughter, friends, and a whole lot of dreams to come true.

Thanks friends in Dallas for a WONDERFUL weekend. Emily and I couldn't have had a better time or asked for better friends!! And thanks T-Swift for your ever inspiring words, even for this 24 year old. You rock :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Only a dream

Ok so as our summer house projects are wrapping up (thank goodness!), there is one project I'm dying to dive into: the man cave aka family room. However, my other half seems to think that the current wood paneling is fabulous and the aura it gives off is the best thing that came out of the 1970s. I beg to differ. While most of our arguments over house stuff are light-hearted, this seems to be very sincere. Neither of us are budging. So I am now publicizing this argument to the blog world and hoping for everyone reading to hear my story, my reasons, and of course- side with me :)

To start off, if you haven't even taken a look at the Young House Love blog, you should. It's fabulous. It's written by a couple in Virgina that purchased their first house and DIY-ed lots and lots of projects in their old house, and even got married in their backyard!! I love this blog and check usually twice a day. They have some giveaways too, which I always enter and have yet to win....but someday!

Anyways, they had this "den" in their house. It was straight out of the 1970s and was super dark/dingy feeling with the brick all around, as well as one side of the wall with wood paneling. Well, they transformed it with some paint and hard work into a brand new, fabulous looking room! Which is exactly what I'm hoping/praying/wishing that Jimmy will "allow" us to do.

If you forgot, here is what our man cave/family room looks like. This was taken before we moved in, so the furniture has changed, but that's about it. Still has the wood paneling, outdated mirror, and not-so-cute brick fireplace with no mantel (where are we supposed to hang out stockings!???!?!?!).

Here is the Young House Love authors den before their transformation. See the similarities!? It looks so small too.

And HERE is their after. I know that obviously the cool furniture and accessories make it look even better, but how amazing is this?? With only some hard work and paint and time, they literally transformed this space and fast forwarded it about 4 decades to the present. I absolutely love it and have been diligently reading up on how they did it, what supplies they used, etc. I'm ready to go. The only thing I need is Jimmy to give up on the fact that the wood paneling in our basement is the best feature about our house! Come on Jim :)

Any sane person will read this blog and think "WOW, Jimmy and Brittany would be crazy not to do this." I know- I agree.

Upcoming weekend: In pictures

This morning, I received our weekend schedule from our gracious host Erica for our trip to Dallas which officially begins Friday at 3PM. Here is a preview in pictures of what is to come. I CAN'T WAIT.








Thanks for letting us invade your house and city. Can't wait for the fun to begin!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Weekend Accomplishment: Learn to landscape

All right- nothing like starting landscaping with a blank slate. Except for the fact I have never planted, landscaped or even had thoughts about it before in my life. That posed a bit of a problem. But with the due date of our Prairie Village "front of house" grant quickly approaching, I needed to hop on the front landscaping so I could turn the receipts in. That was what last weekend composed of. Entirely. Except a pub crawl was fit in. And a baptism. Other than that, only landscaping. And believe it or not---I couldn't have had a better weekend. I found my inner green thumb and now all I can think about is next weekend when I get to do the back yard :) It's sick, I know. But so true.
On Saturday, Jimmy went off to Warrensburg with his brother Mike to have fun on Pine Street and watch the Mules take on Pitt State. So that left me to the task at hand!! My first stop was Suburban Lawn and Garden. And let me tell you- those people know their stuff. I told them what I was looking for, the amount of sun/shade they would get, and out of their mouth comes at least 17 suggestions on what I could use. After much discussion and internal debating, I decided I like Azaleas that are the fuchsia color for the west side of the front. I was trying to be thrifty and get ideas there and then go to Home Depot to buy them. However, during my trip to Home Depot there is a reason places like Suburban Lawn and Garden- HD's flower/bushes are not so great this time of the year, so I went back to SLG to buy 6. However....I did pick up a great deal of mulch, peat moss (just learned what that is), and garden soil while I was there. I would like to note- I did load this all by myself into the car. Yes, I am that strong. I know, it's unbelievable!

However, when I arrived back to my house with my dad's car very close to the ground (something I didn't even notice or even think about when loading the millions of bags in), he was not too happy. Something about springs on the car?? Regardless, I was ready to roll.

Here is a shot of the empty slate I was up against. Lots of empty space and lots of imagination and sweat before me! Barb came over to give me Planting 101 of course, which was much appreciated. I now am educated on the importance of spreading roots as best as you can and when planting Azaleas you need to have a 2 in trench around them so water can soak in.

My supplies- ready to go. I had no idea what I was getting myself into at this point!

And all 6 are successfully in the ground. New soil, mixed with peat moss (a 50/50 mix, which was dirty, but fun!). Looking good. Barb had to leave to go take care of my sick sister after this :( So I was to mulch myself!

My action plan. I was equipped with a blade (you know the ones in tool kits) ready to slice the top of every bag, dump 3 in each, and spread. What can I say, I'm just a planning person!?

Next thing I know- I'm done. :) It was off to the shower to get ready for the Waldo Crawldo. I was anxiously awaiting Jimmy's return to see his reaction to my handy work as well.

This was what he saw when he pulled up. Pure beauty right? He was thoroughly impressed. Needless to say, he had no idea what Sunday had in store for him because I was on a landscaping HIGH. My creative juices were flowing.

Sunday morning: 7:30AM- even after a late night out, I couldn't sleep because I was dying with anticipation to design the east side. We had Katy Carter's baptism to go to around I was set on getting all the supplies before then so when we got home we could get right to work. After tilling the hard soil and prepping it for the planting later, I was off to SLG again. I picked up one more Azalea, and 5 boxwoods (that were on sale!). Then off to Home Depot to get some more mulch and soil. While I was there, browsing through the garden section- some red edgers caught my eye. Next thing I knew, I had 5 in hand as "samples" and my flowerbed design in my mind. I hurried home, did a trial run and couldn't WAIT to get started.
On a side note, the baptism was lovely! Trish (Katy's mom) got her hair cut and it looks awesome! Hillary and Bobby are Katy's godparents and they will be such great role models for her!! So year for Carter family fun.
With our 3:00 departure time set, we were off to the Home Depot in Shawnee to pick up the rest of the edgers (since the other one didn't have them in stock). I estimated how many we would need.....and off we were. Also, Jimmy was so kind enough to allow me to get a fountain that was on sale because I loved it and it will be wonderful out front!

Next thing he knew, I had put him to work with the edging design and we were working away. He's such a good landscaper. However, I did get called a slave driver because I questioned his many "breaks" he claimed he had to take, but whatever....I have a good work ethic.

And almost-finished product!! On the far left of the picture where the circle is, that is where the fountain will go. We need to figure out how that works.

And the mulching is complete, I am SUPER dirty, but SO SO happy. I love it!

Hello finished product. What a great addition to the front of our home you make!

AHH-- what a lovely house. Nice new front porch, new walkway, new flower beds/retaining wall. I'm in love. I'm in love with our house. I never knew this would happen. But I love it.

This is just a reminder of the before. Seriously, what were we thinking when we bought this house!!?? So ugly!

Gross! But no need to dwell on that because the Bruns/Carter home is now brand spanking new. And I found a new passion of landscaping. WAHOO.
Is it weird that every morning when I walk out the front door to get the paper, I just SMILE staring at the work. Like I said. I'm in love.
On a side note, the master bathroom renovation is complete and we have a brand new, fully functioning bathroom. It's amazing!! I will post pics next week of it. Also, the back yard concrete is done so now we have steps, a walkway, and retaining walls. And all of our $8K from the government is gone. But that's ok- it was put to GOOD use! No house projects for me this weekend, off to D-town.

4 years, 3 things

So 4 years ago today, Jimmy and I became "official". For those of you wondering what "official" means, I'm pretty sure it was 1) He met my dad, they went to WalMart to buy underwear together, and Jimmy showered in his hotel room on dad's weekend and 2) We changed our relationship status on facebook--that's a big deal. Jimmy, as kind as he is, already detailed many of the crazies stories of our relationship over the last 4 years on his blog. So if you would like to read, I'm sure you will laugh...because as most of his posts, it goes into detail about how ridiculous I am :) Check it out HERE.

I however, would like to pay homage to this momentous day by thanking him for 3 things, and 3 things only. While there are much more than 3 to thank him for, I can probably just tell him those things in person. So here we go (I'm going to "count" this as my list for the week....if you want to list a reason why you are thankful for you bf/fiance/husband/future boyfriend....feel free to add your comment because I'm sure they are good)!
1. THANK YOU JIMMY.....for tagging the first picture of me on facebook EVER. Of the 1232 photos posted of me on there...I have him to thank for like probably 616 (which is half for those non-math ppl). Here is the first picture of me ever tagged on facebook. It was at a party at our summer house on Laramie St in Manhattan the summer of 2005. That was his first time to Manhattan....I'm thinking that he never even dreamed of how many trips he would make there after that day.

This is the day he went to WalMart with my dad. Day after we became "official"

2. THANK YOU JIMMY.....always making me laugh. No matter what mood I'm in, no matter where we are, no matter what the subject---Jimmy can always put a smile on my face. Today I got a text message from him that said: "Bring M & W (which is our code for Milly and Willy) with you tonight to dinner. I'll fake like I'm blind and they are my seeing eye dogs." I mean maybe it's just my sense of humor, but I laughed-out-loud at my desk. Probably because of the randomness too....but I mean gotta hand it to the guy.

3. THANK YOU JIMMY.....for being a wonderful person. I know, I know, kind of general and broad. But he is. With a limit of only 3 things to list, the first one being about facebook, I had to pull a general one in somewhere. But really, he is the most loving, kind-hearted person I have ever met in my life who is always thinking about other people first and himself last. He always can find a positive thing to say when I'm being a negative Nancy (which tends to be often) and open up my eyes to a world of optimisim I never knew before. He is so supportive and the best friend I could ask for---never judgemental, great listener, and tells it to me straight. Love it, love him.

Here is one of my favorite pictures of us on our cruise in spring 2006. Let's hope we catch a few of these poses on our honeymoon which the location is still TBD :) Isn't it fun to proclaim your love for someone via blog. Ok like I said, more interesting posts to come!

P.S. I could have a #4 (which I know I said only 3)...I would say "THANK YOU JIMMY.....for putting up with my overall ridiculousness at times. Come on girls/women/girl children....every one of us has our own ridiculous quality/fault. It does take quite a man to put up with us at times. So if I could have 4, that would be my 4.

Motivation needed please

I'm not sure how the change from summer to fall has been affecting everyone else, but with the change of seasons....along with the shorter days and chillier weather, my motivation has seemed to drop off. Not in anything specific, but really just in general. As it gets darker earlier- I find myself getting tired earlier and wanting to crawl into bed and fall like 8:45. I mean WHAT? That's stupid- I'm sure like 80 year olds don't want to go to sleep that early, so why do I? But this was a hilarious illustration of what Jimmy claims that happens at our house. Expect add 2 more dogs :)

I also have put a halt on Bridal Bootcamp....which is sad, but good, kind of. It was SO awesome as a jump start in getting into shape and being disciplined enough to attend every Monday and Wednesday night (because otherwise $ is going down the drain). But as a birthday present, my mom and Jimmy got me a 2 year membership to 24 hour fitness by our house. I was hardly using it because I was doing bootcamp 2 times a week and then running outside, so the gym was never being graced with my presence. And what a waste of a fantastic present? I decided that after 8 or so weeks of Bridal Bootcamp I had realized how gratifying working out is for the many benefits it provides- not only losing some lbs, but also more energy, confidence, etc- and I would happily do it on my own every day. Eh, then I got sick, then the week passed...and I still hadn't gone one time. That had to stop. I needed some additional motivation! This lady helps me visual my goal. She's so cute!

House projects are also slowing wrapping up....with the installation of the shower door and the completion of the front landscaping (don't worry- I will post pics of that hopefully today or tomorrow! It looks freaking awesome!), there weren't 17 people running in and out of our house every week night and that opened up more time to sit in front of the TV of course. While the timing was perfect with all the new fall shows starting...but still---there are little projects remaining and I must continue to keep up with my "house to-do list". Plant, plant, plant because winter will be here before we know it!!! AH!

With now under 200 days until the wedding....and everything "big" done, I have come to a standstill with wedding planning as well. While the Knot of course still have my list of 50 things to do that I haven't yet completed, none of them seem urgent to me, so I just kind of push them to next week. NOT ACCEPTABLE. And even though every night I think to myself "Bruns, you need to get going on getting addresses for your save the dates, you need to find bridesmaid dresses, you need call the florist"....none of these things are done. I guess I'm a person that likes to operation under pressure?? Who knows. But it's not ok either- I mean the wedding will be here before I know it and slacking is not an option.
SOOOO with all that said. What to do now? I have now let the blog world know the following:
- I long to go to bed the same time as an 8 year old every night
- I don't work out as much
- I'm slacking on the house projects
- Apparently I like to see my wedding to do list build up before I take action
Here is my action plan on the above 4 things to get motivated again:
- I have no plan on this one. I still like to go to bed early- but that means I need to be more efficient during the time I am awake. So instead of sitting in front of the TV on weeknights, getting on my to-do lists and marking off tasks. Then watching TV shows when I have true "free" time. That is what DVR is for, right?
- Classes @ 24 hour!! I have tried 3 different ones so far and Lauren and I are going to another one on Monday that I think will be great. Also, going to the gym (or meeting him there) with Jimmy is something that we started doing and I really like it. It's nice to have someone to hold you accountable!
- Finish up the grant paperwork and turn into the City of Prairie Village first thing next week. That'll be a BIG to-do off the list and then give us some more cash. Then put a time to paint the hallway on the calendar, get the carpets all cleaned (thank goodness this is in the near future), and set aside Sunday, October 4 for backyard landscaping
- Talk to my engaged friends about all the stuff they are doing and make myself realize that I need to get on it ASAP. Go try on bridesmaid dresses, reach out to my wedding planners for recommendations, and start looking @ wedding blogs again (because everyone knows that gets you even more excited!)
While I could have just written all this to myself....I figured that maybe others were experiencing the same desire to be lazy and take it easy with the change over of seasons and that my action plan to correct this before everything goes crazy would inspire you to as well. If not and you just feel like you wasted 5 min of your time reading about my pointless life....I apologize. But I promise my next post will be FUN and full of before/afters that will make you drool.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The good people in this world

As I was going through my morning routine of eating my bowl of cereal, drinking my cup of coffee, and reading the newspaper this morning...I was reading the article on the front page of the KC Star and started crying before it was over because it made me so happy. Call me emotional or just happy that people like this with these big hearts still exist in this world, but no matter's a great story and something we can all learn from in the world of sports today that is so full of angry competition and rivalries! This little boy experienced what will probably be one of the highlights of his life and I loved reading every minute of.

Check it out here to read about it.

Things like that make me SMILE on Fridays and everyday of the week :)

Reason to smile: it's FRIDAY!

I don't know about you, but for me this week has been LONG and just DRAGGED on. I think it's because last week was a 4 day work week with Labor Day on Monday so it flew by, but wow.....if I knew how much having that day off would make this week drag along, I'm not sure I would have chose to take it off. With that said though, here is the list for the week...with a more positive spin....because guess what?! It's Friday and the weekend is here...why not make a list of reasons to be happy it's Friday?

  • No work tomorrow or Sunday- duh that's a given.
  • I get to see our reception venue (good old St. Thomas Aquinas Commons) set up for a wedding tomorrow!! That will be fun and make me get excited I think
  • The beautiful weather in KC that is supposed to happen this weekend. So happy I get to work on landscaping outside all Saturday!
  • Jeans day!!
  • All finance lunch/get together Friday afternoon- means the free pass to leave work at 3:00
  • That rocks!
  • Relaxing weekend ahead
  • Checking off things on the to-do list
  • Cool fall nights paired with beautiful days will make anyone smile
  • Football! First KC Chiefs game is this weekend at home- even though they suck, I love how excited KC gets! Driving into work today on Red Friday there were people all around Hallmark selling papers and supporting the team. GO CHIEFS!
  • Football 2: College football: KSU vs. UCLA in LA. Hopefully the Cats will not be embarrassed, but even if they are...I hope Lauren has a fun weekend in LA and at the game
  • Laughing at yourself (everyone has that moment, but on Friday's it's even more funny!): I got to work and felt weird just randomly, then looked down and realized that my tank top that is underneath my cardigan is on backwards. Guess that's what I get for getting dressed in the dark!
  • Last but no least- if nothing else makes you smile...that freaking adorable wiener dog will!!!

I hope everyone has great weekend plans or no plans and gets to relax and recover from the week! What makes you smile this Red Friday thinking about your weekend ahead?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"My Perfect Man"

Honestly, this post needs nothing but the gchat conversation to accompany it. But seriously, It's things like this that make me happy I'm stuck with Jimmy forever- he can always make my day with a good laugh :) And always thinking of great blog material!

Here is the conversation:

Jimmy: Ill always come over and hang out with you after work babe
Ill be by again tonight to hang with you!
me: no it's fine i'm busy too
kind of- going to jamie’s house
Jimmy: You can smother me with love and hugs and kisses
me: ha
Jimmy: You would love that
me: sure
i just want to sleep
Jimmy: You are you constantly, you have mono. And even when I am around you talk to the dogs more than me
I hope you don’t have mono!
me: oh stop it
and I have already had mono so I can't get it again
Jimmy: Oh. What If I had Willy’s body and my head?
I bet you would like that!?!
me: haha I do love Willy but I like Willy as one and you as a human
Jimmy: haha I’m going to photo shop a picture of that
and send it to you
me: please do
Jimmy: Hahahahaa ok i will
and on your blog you can put...."My perfect man"
me: done
Jimmy: haha
ok hold on I’ll do it now
me: ok

Yeah it's not the best photo shopping, but cracks me up. I will never look @ Willy the same. Just a day in the life of Jimmy and Brittany i guess.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A drive down memory lane

There seems to be two places in the world that the minute I drive into town...the memories flood. #1 would be Lawrence, KS because Jimmy and I spent a large amount of time during our "courtship" there and it's so beautiful (besides the fact that KU is there---but it really is a pretty city!) and #2 would be Manhattan, KS---however, Manhattan takes the win by far over Lawrence. I swear, every time I start veering right off of I-70 onto good old Bill Snyder Highway aka starts. This feeling that is almost unexplainable to anyone who did not go to college there.
Then once you drive that 8-9 miles through the beautiful Flint Hills and see the first true sign of Manhattan on the left hand side: DARA's!!!, the memories just start flowing through my head. Now this usually happens the best when I'm alone in the car, which happens about once a month when I make the trek to Manhattan for the monthly AAC/Exec Pi Phi meeting. While most of the time I'm like "Man- I can't believe I have to drive here once a month for a 3 hour meeting", every time I get into the city and make my way towards 1819 Todd, I just get so excited. Driving through downtown, by our apartment senior year on 8th and Moro, thinking of the fun times with the girls on 15th Street and those at the house on Vattier, Aggieville-which brings back good times I remember and some times I don't. Then you get to the gorgeous campus with the limestone buildings and beautiful landscaping. Drive by Old Stadium and the Union and of course- good old Calvin Hall :)
Next comes the specific comment there, too many to tell. But LOTS of fun with parties, homecoming, and meeting some great guys. Then driving by the dorms (oh freshman year!!!), one more Dara's and Pizza Shuttle, until you take that left onto Todd Rd. I mean at this point, really my head is so full with wonderful memories I'm surprised I'm still able to operate a vehicle :) From running to that lawn on bid day freshman year until senior dinner---the memories along the course of 4 years with the amazing women in that old brick house are so so so so wonderful and will last a lifetime. From late night Dara's and Pizza Shuttle runs, to full days and nights spent in the smoker, Sunday morning brunch, Wildcat football Saturday's, parties across the street, Van hiding in the drawers, the sleeping dorms, drunk people hopping into a bed in a room- but not their own, getting ready for date parties, class skits, recruitment, birthdays, talking on Skype to the girls abroad, curling up on the couch in the basement watching TV, late plates, and going on dates! And that is not even close to covering all the good times and bad.
It's funny because as the advisor of the women in the house now, we meet with them to discuss the happenings of the chapter on a regular basis- and sometimes in the middle of a meeting I just look around and wonder if they know how lucky they are. To be in college and have that house, their friends, and the wonderful organization of Pi Phi that brought them all together. I only hope they do and that each woman that walks in that black door experiences the same great times that we all got to live when we were there. And also develops the friendships that we did that will last a lifetime :)
Kansas Beta Pi Phi for life!!! haha I knew you all would love that! Can't wait to go back for the 2nd annual PBPPS03 reunion on October 24--counting down the days to being together again!

Monday, September 14, 2009

What frustrates YOU?!

I missed my "list" for last week. Told you I wouldn't be good @ blog deadlines. So I'll catch up!

Today's list topic is "Things that are frustrating". Let the fun begin!!

  • Working with 40+ old people who have a hard time grasping that (2+2)/4= 1. Did you sleep through 5th grade? Yes, I like math but I think that equation can be deemed "common knowledge"....or I hope so!
  • People that are selfish and refuse to see the situation as a whole, only to focus on the impact decisions have on them.
  • Remodeling a bathroom DIY style; it's cheaper, but the frustration.....still not sure it's worth it :)
  • Rude drivers that think they don't have to wait in the traffic lines and can just cut in (this one is for you Vanessa!)
  • People that cheat. On tests, in life, on others. It frustrates me because I just want to ask them the logical thoughts that went through their mind to decide that is OK. All in all- they are really cheating themselves.
  • Late for work and you spill something/dog gets mud on you/splatter something on your outfit and you have to go and change. I can't imagine this one with kids!
  • Kanye West. What is his deal? I mean I know I'm biased towards TSwift---but please get a life.
  • Having your work turn the thermostat to like 60 so you freeze all you buy a space heater, but the first day you use blows a fuse and all the people around you get pissed.
  • People that lack passion in anything that they do. I love working with or talking to people that have passion in the work they do and the life they live. You have to like something in life, right? Life isn't that boring!!!

Ok.....that's all I got for now. But that is just me thinking for like 5 min...I feel like there are so many more!!! What frustrates you so much day in and day out? Let it out-- it feels so good :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Black-haired girl

Last night I got my hair done for the first time since April. I was nervous because we have our engagement pictures in less than a month. I was getting the usual cut and color from my usual gal- who I love! But for some reason, every time we dye my hair even if I say I want it a lighter turns out black. And I wanted to look like myself with my normal hair color in the pictures, so I was freaking out about going too dark. So Sarah and I went through the colors, I picked the one that looked almost identical to the current color of my hair and we were off.

Well, this was the result. So yes, I'm a black haired girl again. I know it will eventually fade away back to brown and Sarah felt HORRIBLE me just leaving like that - but it was also almost 10PM last night (way past my bed time)- so I was just ready to be done.

I attached a color swatch for those that keep telling me it's not black!!
On the upside- Emily McClelland came with me and got her hair dyed and cut and it looks FANTASTIC. She's rocking a sweet all-brunette head now and I love it!! She was so brave- this was the first time she's dyed her hair since she was 14. Way to go Em-dog. You look smoking ;) All the guys will be after you now!
So how many times do you think I have to wash my hair until it gets back to "normal", whatever that is? I actually don't mind the color- but I just want it back to normal for my pictures!! Ok...I need to stop being whiney bride-to-be, but just give me this one post to cry about it. Then it's done.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jimmy's blog

This is so funny.

On our long road trip this weekend, Jimmy made the comment to me that he was going to start a blog. The subject of his posts?? His answer, "It'll be the same posts/stories that are on your (Brittany's) blog, but from my perspective....because you always exaggerate things". I just laughed, because that actually might be funny, but would probably get really old.

Discussion over.

Last night, Vanessa, Emily and I are eating some Goodcents at our house catching up when Vanessa mentions how funny Jimmy's first blog post, but she is waiting for him to post another one. HOLD ON WHAT???! JIMMY HAS A BLOG?!

She was very surprised I did not know it existed and then wondered how she even found it, but we quickly ran upstairs to get on the computer and check it out. Sure enough, it exists and it was his (his first post mentioned he is getting married April 10 and has 5 brothers---that's him).

We let him know that we were checking it out and he apparently forgot it existed. He just made it one day when he was at his old job, but thought he hit "cancel" so it never saved. Well, leave it to Vanessa to find it!!! I'm so glad she did.

So, now Jimmy has his very own blog. Started in June, but up and running officially as of his first "real" post. Love it. He calls it Glory Days Cafe....check it out. I'm sure it will be filled with random things, stories, and of course- SPORTS.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Trip to Nebraska!

Ok so not only have I not blogged in a while, but holy crap---this week has FLOWN by!! It's amazing to me how when you go out of town combined with a long weekend/shorter work week can go so fast and start confusing the heck out of me what day of the week it is. Guess that's life. But last weekend = being sick + Nebraska trip + fun times with friends.
Last Friday Jimmy and I set out around 5:45PM to our first destination, Omaha, NE to pick up Erica and Andrew. We were all crossing our fingers that Erica would miraculously get on the standby flight that got her out of Dallas at 6:40PM and into Omaha around 8:45PM and we were lucky and she made it on. We did have to make a stop at the infamous Old Mattress Factory in downtown Omaha to grab some dinner. Jimmy is obsessed with the place because that is where he hung out when he was watching KU play in Omaha the year they won the final 4. Go figure- what in his life doesn't revolve around KU...except me :) But I mean that's why I love him. The food was decent, the atmosphere was fun, but the girls in the bathroom that were there for a bachelorette party that got "points" for wearing their bra outside of their shirt (which they decided to make that switch outside of the bathroom stall, which meant a nice boob shot that I didn't want to see) was probably the most entertaining part. On top of the excitement of reuniting with Erica and Andrew and meeting Andrew's wonderful parents, which of course was the highlight!!

Because when guys get together with other guys, the first thing they want to do is "be guys" and drink and when girls get together with other girls they just want to talk non-stop, our seating arrangements for the drive from Omaha to Long Pine were-
Driver's seat: Brittany
Passenger's seat: Erica
Back seat: Jimmy, Andrew, some beer and a movie on Jimmy's built in DVD player that we have never used (but glad it finally got some use!)
Backstory: My allergies were acting up and I wasn't feeling well at all after I mowed the lawn Thursday night (duh!), so I left work around noon on Friday and went home to sleep during the afternoon and try to get some rest. I still wasn't feeling too hot- but I was pushing through. However, but around 2:30AM and I was still driving to Long Pine and we had stopped like 3 times to go to the bathroom, Erica had to take over the wheel because I was getting cranky!
BUT---we FINALLY arrived around 3:30AM to Hidden Paradise, NE....I little community nestled outside of Long Pine where Erica and Andrew (and her parents) would be our hosts for the weekend. The Griffins had already arrived earlier with the shorter drive from Denver...and their pup Tyson. SO cute. I was so tired when we got there, but of course my energy spiked when I saw that adorable puppy! This sign was greeting us in the dark as we pulled up!

The first day was filled with trips to the grocery and liquor stores, one to Pamida because being such a genius I brought NO extra that was a must, and then lunch and tubing down the river. Then that night we headed over to Erica's parents house where they treated us to a delicious dinner and the boys watched Nebraska football, I think maybe KU, and checked in on the K-State scores in the basement while the girls sat upstairs and chatted. We also got to see THE dress that Erica will be sporting at her June wedding which was just as gorgeous as when we saw her try on the sample in Dallas!!
Sunday was another busy day, filled with Andrew teaching us to play baseball the drinking game. While I still wasn't feeling too well, I stepped up and helped the girls team out....and stole LOTS of bases versus Jimmy. That was the best part. Even though the boys won- we still all had that glory of stealing bases vs. our significant others. And Erica's mom caught a great picture that looks like Adam is yelling @ Emily and we are all watching in shock. But that's not really happening at all. Just simple baseball talk- it's just a funny picture though. In the meantime, Tyson was quite a good puppy just roaming around the yard barking at random people floating down the crick. SO cute. He did like to dig a lot- which meant Adam and Emily had to discipline him....which was funny to watch. But I LOVE that dog. He's so cute and I can't wait until he's in KC and get's to meet our 3 pups!!!
I put some other pictures on here that Carol Snyder took- like I say almost every post, I need to start using my own camera, but it does this weird thing and zooms in too close automatically and that's annoying. So in the meantime, that is what facebook is for. I will also mention that the one picture of me in the tube was the only time I was in the tube. I wasn't the biggest fan of the freezing cold water and the sticks/rocks everywhere. What can I say, I'm just not made for floating a crick!?? :) It was fun though- that one and only time!

Picture of all of us as we floated by.

Jimmy sporting his neon Phi Slam tank. Love it.

Andrew being sneaky. I just laugh at this picture and try to figure out what/where he was off to!!

We did make it to the Brown County Fair on Saturday night. Mrs. Griffin did a great job of summarizing that event in her own blog, with our fake "cowboy" names and everything...I was NOT feeling well that night at all, but did partake in some dancing with Jim. Hopefully next time I can be up for some down home country dancing....but then Monday rolled around and we were all headed home. After cleaning up the cabin, saying by to Erica's folks, we were headed back to the Omaha airport to drop the future Wassinger's off for their airport "date" before Erica headed back to Dallas. On our trip to the airport, Jimmy did introduce Erica and Andrew to his favorite radio show: The Covino and Rich show on Sirius and then we got to drive by a real fair in Omaha and see the Qwest Center---which is super fancy!! I don't think I've ever really been in Omaha to realize what a great place it was!
We eventually made it back to KC around dinner time and ate a fabulous meal cooked by Barb Bruns and were so excited to see Milly and Willy! Toby was still at the Carters- and I miss him!! Still being sick (I know, WTF) I headed to bed early to start the short week of work. Here's to more fabulous trips with friends and good times. Thanks for the hospitality Erica and Andrew!!! And it was, as always, entertaining and so great to see the Griffins. You guys crack me up.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

On this Thursday....

So because the "On this Wednesday...." post was well received with the random thoughts, I have decided to do one every week, but different/random new theme each week. No set day (I'm not sure if I could handle a "deadline" on a blog), but I promise there will be one each week.

Today's theme is...

Things that make for AWKWARD situations...
**Feel free to add yours as a comment because I know as you read this you will have like 7 pop in your head. And I want to hear about them, just as much as you want to tell about them!!
Public restrooms: REALLY think about the concept of them. You go into one, sometimes make eye contact with a person also on their way in, walk into an area surrounded by not-so-sturdy walls, pull your pants down and do your business while listening to other people do theirs. For guys- I feel like it's even more awkward. There is the potential for someone else to see your THANG. Weird. Public restrooms have to exist (obviously) and I use them all the time- but still.
Walking past the same person in the hallway at work/your apt building/on the street/anywhere at least once a week, making eye contact, but no head nod, friendly smile, HI. Just a stare back and forth. never knowing their name, what they do, or what their teeth look like, but you are both ok with it- really weird.
Walking past someone in the hallway at work/your apt building/on the street/anywhere that you know, smiling as you approach them---to either A) Realize that you don't and you look like an idiot smiling at them or B) Realize that they have no clue who you are and give you a "stop smiling at me" rude look as they pass
Trying on wedding dresses. Anything that involves stripping down to your undies in front of a random wedding dress "consultant" is awkward. Not to mention that no matter what their response is "OMG- you look awesome", even if it's 8 sizes too big, with huge ruffles, and beads everywhere. For that they receive my awkward smile and slight hand wave in return.
Opening presents in front of the gift giver(s). While this might not be on your list, it's totally on mine. My facial expressions are absolutely transparent. Like I cannot even pretend. And when I open presents that I actually do love and swoon and smile- for some reason I still feel like the gift giver is looking at me saying "come on- give me more excitement, that's my $$ I spent". It's a personality flaw. However, with our upcoming nuptials I'm going to have to find a way to overcome this- because I promise you....I do like the gift you just gave me!!! I just really suck at making that apparent at the time. Jimmy can confirm this for you. The first 3 out of 4 pieces of jewelry that he bought me- awful experience for both of us.
Door to door salesmen. "Knock knock---Hi I'm a complete stranger that is going to try and sell you something that you obviously don't need, but I want to come inside to your house and try to convince you anyways. Which at that point if I do attempt to murder you- you are the idiot that let a complete stranger into your house because you feel bad because it's 100 degrees outside and you felt as if you had no other choice but to let me in your house and let me waste 15 minutes (at least) of your time trying to sell you something". But what are you supposed to do? Let them die of heat exhaustion- guess so. You could slam the door also and completely avoid it to. Hmmm.....
Looking down and realizing- mid conversation- that your fly is unzipped. What do you do? Can't just stop and zip it up in front of the person- but when you glanced down and glanced up with a look of panic, that person followed your eyes and now is also fully aware that its down----but yet to avoid a somewhat ever more awkward scenario you continue on talking acting like nothing happened.
Your dog is pooping in someone else's yard right as they come outside. Even though you have the little plastic bag to pick up the poop in their yard- waving to the owner as they pull out of their driveway and scoff at your dog- who still has their back arched 100% doing the deed- totally awkward.

Now of course most of these are from personal experiences and fit into my definition of "awkward" and it kind of made me cringe typing this and rehashing them. But oh so fun. Enjoy!! Getting excited for a LONG weekend!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's Tuesday. Only the 2nd day of the week. But each morning so far- something bad has happened. I hope this is not an indication of the upcoming 3 mornings left in the work week.

Monday- I am almost ready for work, giving Milly, Willy, Toby, and Jimmy kisses before I head out for the day. Lift up the sheets where Milly and Willy are buried under. Stick my head down to kiss Milly, she bites my lip, it starts bleeding everywhere, I start crying and run into the bathroom. My lip is still puffy, red, and looks horrible. Thanks M- sorry you don't like Mondays either, but doesn't mean you are allowed to snip at your mom you little bia. (FYI- I attempted to take a picture of it, but trust me, you don't want to see it.)
Tuesday- I walk out the door and get into my car, ready to go to work and run daily sales first thing since Jackie is out the rest of the week. Turn the keys in my car. It doesn't start. Sweet. Run upstairs, ask Lauren for her keys to jump my car. Realize neither of us have any clue exactly how to use the red and black jumper cables. Call my dad. He walks me through it- warning me to not touch the two cables as it will spark. Get them all hooked up, after using the 2nd, longer of the 2 pair of cables, and get my car started. In the process of taking them off- touch the 2 causing sparks. Lauren gets scared because she doesn't like this stuff. Neither do I. I am 15 minutes late to work- I could hear the East Coast Hallmarkers secretly cursing me because their daily sales went out later than normal..........
Wednesday- TBD (lets hope this post stays blank!)

Birthday weekend fun!!!

Last weekend was apparently deemed "birthday weekend" to help celebrate me turning the big 2-4. It was great!!!

Friday night we had some people over to our house to celebrate with LOTS of food and a keg. Thanks so much to everyone who came over to help celebrate and see our house. Also- Jimmy attempted @ organizing a pitch tournament for everyone to play, but the structure kind of fizzled as the night went on---but hopefully everyone learned to play the game because I think I heard Jimmy talk about upcoming "pitch nights". Not sure though.

Anyways, Lauren was roommate of the year in helping to get everything ready for the party. She cleaned, she cooked, and she bought decorations!! So nice of her!! However, she did mention to me on Thursday that she was getting a cake- but I apparently decided to block that out of my head because when she arrived home Friday afternoon with a HUGE cake from Sam's with "Happy 24th Birthday Brittany" written on it and everything, I was baking cupcakes. Hmm- I need to listen better. Regardless, we had PLENTY of baked goods to go around and she even got candles, had everyone sing to me, and I blew them out. I also tried to be nice and have Willy try and "assist" me in blowing them out. However, he was much more interested in the cake itself then blowing out the candles so I only blew about 1/2 of them out before I had to pull him away after several attempts to eat the icing flowers. Pretty sure he would be really sick if he got a hold of those. However, I apparently really stink at taking pictures of people and during the actual party!!! Because I got none. I know Lauren did take some, so I'll wait for her to post them on facebook, steal them, and post them on the blog!!! Here are a few though of the "aftermath".

Delicious cake!!! Obviously it was good- almost gone.

And of course we had balloons. Willy however is deathly afraid of them.

Beautiful birthday flowers!!! Jimmy sent me my favorite to work (the lilies and irises) and then the Strathman's brought me the pink daisies!! They smell SO good.

This was one of my favorite birthday presents too! Lauren got me it from Pottery Barn because I had mentioned I really wanted an organizer for the mail, etc to put in our entry hall. It's perfect!!! I can't wait to start using it. I also got a 2 year membership to 24 hour fitness from my parents and Jimmy- GREAT present and a Netflix membership from Jimmy for our weekly Sunday night movie nights. However, I will begin managing the queue of movies now. The movie "Willow" that we watched last Sunday---yeah, not the best movie. Sorry Jim!!
Thanks to everyone for the warm birthday wishes, phone calls, coming to the party, Hallmark cards :), presents, and everything else!!! I have the best friends and family and had such a great time celebrating another wonderful year of life!!

Electrician in training

Having a dad that has some great handy man skills, throughout these DIY home renovation projects-- it's imperative that Jimmy starts picking up some of these skills---as having an in-home handy man is key :) So far, a few of the skills he has picked up from my dad- unless otherwise noted (FYI- I am now assuming he can do all these things):
  • Tiling (from Dave)
  • Demolition of a bathroom
  • Building a shadow fence
  • Building a retaining wall
  • Building a brick walkway
  • How to build a front porch (however, I wouldn't expect him to do this buy himself as he wasn't with my dad the whole time!)
  • Hanging up new dry wall/concrete board
  • And now...installing light fixtures

While my dad did the dirty work on installing the new chandelier in the dining room- thankfully replacing the horrific previous one that was not only gold but had fake dangling crystals (gag!), after my dad left, I had Jimmy use his newly learned skills right away to replace the 2 hall light fixtures. He did a great job and he is a such a fast learner!!! So I'm thinking he can add "electrician" to his home repair resume, right?

Here he is very happy to be installing this- this was on the second one I had him do....when I originally told him only the one. But I mean why not just finish it while everything is out, right??

Hard at work- look at those skills!!

Hmmm- love the new light fixtures!!

And ta-da! The new dining room light. Does wonders to the feel of the room!

Thanks to my dad and Jimmy- the house is now slowly emerging from the 1970s.....