Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Back to reality

Ok, so gifts are unwrapped, Lauren's old room is empty (SO SAD), laundry from the honeymoon is done, furniture from our current bedroom is being moved tonight into Lauren's old room to get ready for our new furniture to be delivered tomorrow (YEAH, check it out here)....SO that means I will hopefully start having REAL blog posts and not these little things that I am doing. If you're frustrated with me at the lack of content, don't worry...I am frustrated with myself as well.

But...I'm very excited to go to Dallas on Friday for the wonderful Ms Erica Snyder for a great weekend with friends and a GREAT wedding shower to kick off her wedding festivities with style :)

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, that's all. Again, sorry for being so boring. I promise I won't let my marriage get in the way of posting ;)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Jimmy's Wedding Intro Video

Ok, here is the link to Jimmy's fabulous wedding party intro video that he made that played before the wedding party was introduced!!! I have to say, I was a bit skeptical that it was going to happen because he got a late start on it...but it was so great and I'm very proud of his work :)

I am mainly posting this because no one in the wedding party got to see it because we were all waiting to be introduced!!

Overall though, great addition to the reception Jim! I think I have a great DIY-er husband!


We're married: realization #1 & 2

Ok, so we are married (survived the day and loved every minute of it), we survived Mexico (despite the downpour on the small boat during our jungle tour) and made it back to KC in one piece...with Jimmy one year older :) (His birthday was Saturday).

While I have LOTS to post and talk about, just a few things for now:

1) Last night Jimmy "moved" over (aka brought his clothes) and I gave him 1/3 of the the closet. This morning I was getting dressed for work and staring aimlessly into my clothes....then I turned right and saw boys clothes. I said to myself "oh my gosh, I live with a boy. I'm married now" WOW!!

2) Photographers posted pictures on their BLOG!! YEAH!! Thanks Molly to helping me notice it :) So excited to see more!!!

Here are a few of my favorites!! Courtesy of Henderson Photography of course!

That's all for now :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wedding Teaser Post

Ok, so now that I'm officially off work until April 19...the real focus can begin. Tonight was filled with wrapping up last minute projects...tomorrow lots of errands on the agenda and then Friday the fun officially begins with a trip to the salon with the wonderful bridesmaids :)

But, since I'm officially allowed to now completely focus on the wedding (with no work priorities), I am getting REALLY excited. I can't believe all these projects that I have had written down as "to-dos" are actually now done and ready to go. It's crazy. I remember MONTHS ago I wrote down all these things I wanted to accomplish before the big day and I literally thought it was impossible. But with planning, lots of trips to Michaels/JoAnns/Target/etc and some help from friends and family...they are done!! Now, I leave you with what I like to call wedding those of you that will be attendance....can see what you have to look forward to and those of you that cannot can get a preview of the posts to come!!

You might find this DIY candle at the ceremony...

If you are a kid (or have kids) you should be excited for this fun little distraction....

You will find one of these at your table....

You will probably see a few of these pictures. Maybe even with these hats. And other really cool things that will allow you to bring out your inner weird :)

You might find them at the reception. I'm just saying. No promises....but you never know...

..along with some other fun life size objects that give you insight into our relationship

You might find a very small dog in a very cute outfit. Complete with a veil of course.

If you are from out of town and staying at the hotel we blocked might be drinking out of one of these (I really like these)

And some of THIS to give you things to snack on in your hotel room :)

This last year has been a whole new world to me, since I had never really ever thought of what the wedding of my dreams looked like. But I have to say, with all this fun stuff coming together...this might just be a dream come true!!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

12 gallons of puppy chow...why not?

There are very few words needed for this post. This is what I did all day Saturday. And a little on Sunday. However, these are going to be amazing favors---from Milly, Willy & Toby themselves. LOTS of ingredients (chocolate, peanut butter, crispix, powdered sugar) and one upset stomach from eating too much of it!! YUM

Monday, April 5, 2010

TSwift: Round 3

Last Friday sister and I went to the Taylor Swift concert at the Sprint Center in KC!!! The tickets went on sale in November, right around the time of her 21st birthday....what the perfect present :) However, when I got the tickets, the actual concert felt like FOREVER away especially it was just over a week before my wedding. I think we said to each other 14 times "Isn't it weird that this time next week we'll be at the rehearsal dinner for the wedding?". Yes, it's CRAZY!

Anyways, onto TAYLOR. She is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. No matter how many times I see her, I love her more every time. She's just so genuine and sweet and fun. We ended up having pretty good seats with a very clear view of the stage, but I was slightly disappointed that she didn't pop up singing Hey Stephen right next to us. We can only dream.

Overall, I think my sister enjoyed the concert a lot (besides me giving her creepy smile saying "this part is AWESOME" and staring at her to see her reaction) and it was her first time in the Sprint Center, so she loved it!! We also ate at MIXX before, which now has a location at P&L and not just on the plaza and it was fantastic, as usual!!

SO MUCH are some pics from the night!

Sisters :)

Very close to us!!! Abagail was there too!

Love story---I feel like she didn't have this cool of backgrounds the last 2 times I saw this concert!

Picture to Burn---awesome fire!!

TSwift---foreva. Haha :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Welp, CostCo says it's official

Last night we had to stop by CostCo to get some turf builder stuff because Jimmy is apparently starting the "lawn treatment" on Saturday. And we ordered some cakes for our wedding (don't judge- you get a delicious Sundae bar to go along with it) that Jimmy will be picking up on Friday. So I figured, why not just add him to my membership account so he has a CostCo card of his own and he can go there without me.

So we went to the membership desk after we paid (and of course had like 3 things in our cart that we didn't intend to buy, that's CostCo for you) to get him a card. I mentioned to the guy that we were getting married in a week and asked him what I would need to do to get my name changed on my card (more wedding word vomit)and he said he could just do it then. So he did. And this is what I walked out of the store with:

I have officially forfeited my maiden name in terms of my CostCo card. It was CRAZY. I keep looking at it like "WHOA that's going to be my name, seriously?". But like Jimmy's mom said...she has had her married last name longer than she had her maiden name, so once we are married for a while, I won't even know the difference. True.

One name change down, 17,000 more name changes to go....

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wedding word vomit now that we are in April--yes it's April, yes I agree this year has FLOWN by so far, yes that means spring is here, yes that means summer is close, and YES...that means it's only NINE days until we get married. Where in the world have the last 355 days gone? I feel like it was just yesterday that we were driving to the dog park in Lawrence- me clueless (kind of), Jimmy with a ring in his pocket. Now here we are. April 2010 is here. And in just NINE short days....Brittany Bruns will no longer exist. Brittany Carter will be my new identity. Fun, scary, exciting, sad, freaking awesome...all in one with that new name.

Anyways, that's not really the point of this post. That's really just random babbling thoughts that I think to myself I don't know, maybe like 12 times a day. Maybe 22 or 32 times. I think I might still be lying to you about how many times I think to myself "wow, I can't believe our wedding is almost here", but that's only because I haven't started a tally sheet. The point of this post is to let you know that I have wedding word vomit. Yes, it's true. I have NEVER been like this. Until now. Complete strangers, grocery store cashiers, Target employees, Micahel's employees, the tanning salon ladies....I mean seriously......ANYONE that I come into contact better watch out. Because in some way, shape, or form....I am going to bring up the fact that we are getting married very soon. It's crazy to me that I keep doing it because I'm SO acutely aware of it. I just can't stop. I want to tell everyone....everything....everywhere I go. They don't care, I mean maybe they do, but probably not. I'm not sure why I keep doing it, but I think it's because I'm just really excited, really pumped, really just "full of love" (haha) that I want to share it with everyone. Who knows....but I'm sure it's annoying to random strangers, but I really don't care. I can't help myself from shouting---"I'M GETTING MARRIED IN ALMOST A WEEK....MARRIED, YES, I KNOW CRAZY, YES I KNOW, SO EXCITING."

Here are some examples of my most recent wedding word vomit:

HyVee Grocery store- 91st and Metcalf- check out lane 4:

I went to the store to pick up some necessities (fruit, milk, eggs, tortillas for my new wrap obsession) and then I remembered I had put on my wedding to-do list that day that I needed to get the white and milk chocolate chips for the sundae bar. So I mosey down the baking aisle to see that they are on sale :) Excellent....I throw 8 bags (4 white chocolate chips, 4 milk chocolate chips) in my cart and go to check out. As the girl is checking me out she goes: "Wow, that's a lot of chocolate". I immediately blurt out, "Oh yeah, it's for my wedding. We're having an ice cream sundae bar. I'm getting married in a week and a half." She just looks up at me and smiles. She obviously doesn't care. But she does mention as I'm rolling my cart away "congrats on your wedding!". That was nice, but I think she was thinking "TMI"

Celsius Tanning Salon- 89th and Metcalf- front desk:

I have been trying to get some color for the big day and on Tuesday went to ask the lady how many minutes I had left...hoping it would be just enough so that I wouldn't have any remaining after the wedding. She said "You have 18 minutes left after today". I said "Perfect, that will work out great. I'm getting married next Saturday so will come a few times before then and be done!" She smiles and says "congrats.....would you like to buy a session on our High Pressure bed for only $10? That will give you great color right before the big day" Hook, line and sinker. And now I'm $10 poorer.

Michael's Craft Store- 93rd and Metcalf- check out lane 1:

For my 39,495 trip to Michael's in the last week, I went to return some pearls I bought for my hair flower to get more "diamond" looking stones. I figured that will look much better in the flower because my jewelry is diamonds and I don't really have pearls anywhere. So I go get some and then go to the check out counter. The lady checking me out is always there!! She starts the return process and I tell her that I feel like she's here every time I'm here. And she says, "well that's great- we love frequent customers" I respond "Hopefully I won't be AS frequent after next weekend. I'm getting married so have been in here a lot for DIY projects, but I'm out of time now, so this is the last one!" She says, "congrats!! How exciting, you need to take it easy the next week or so and enjoy this time! So happy for you". I could tell that she really was happy for me :) But I don't think she needed to know I was getting married---however, my word vomit is uncontrollable.

Target- Johnson Drive and Metcalf- customer service desk:

I bought 2 swim suits last week (YEAH) for our honeymoon and I really wanted a different size top on one than I originally bought. I found one, but it turned out to be defective (missing strap and padding on one side, odd) so I had to take it back. I go up the counter and tell her I need to return it because of the missing items on it. She asks if I want to go get another top (a logical question as one would wonder why this wouldn't be an exchange). I tell her "No, I actually have a top I just wanted to see if I could find it in a different size, but it doesn't really matter". She says "Well, it might matter when you are wearing the swimsuit!". I say "I'm kind of running out of time, so I'll make the other size work! This is for my honeymoon next week!" She says, "Oh my gosh! When did you get married??!" I say "Not until next Saturday- I'm super excited!" Then she proceeds to ask me the following: 1) Where are you getting married? 2) Are you nervous/ready/anxious? 3) Where are you going on your honeymoon? 4) What are you colors? 5) What does your dress look like? Then as I finish the transaction she says, "Well have a wonderful wedding if I don't see you before then!!" Haha, nice lady!

Email to random administrative assistant declining a meeting the Thursday before the wedding:

My comments on the decline: "I won't be able to make it to the meeting because I'm taking a couple days of PTO that week. I'm getting married that Saturday, so I have lots to prepare for! Sorry I can't attend, but I will be at the next scheduled meeting"
Her comments back to me: "Oh how exciting!!!! Yes, you will defininetely need a few days off to take care of last minute details. My son got married a few months ago and I even took off the Thursday and Friday before to get ready. So excited for you and your new husband (remember, I've never met this lady) and have a blessed marriage"

Overall, I just wanted to publicly proclaim that I am spewing out wedding word vomit like it's my if you are around me, you better watch out :) However, it has been fun to see people's reactions of excitement for us. Haha. Ahhh....what life will be like when it goes back to "normal".

PS Apparently the only places I go in life are on Metcalf. Strange.