Friday, February 27, 2015

THANK GOODNESS it's Friday - five things

I really am in shock it's finally Friday.  

Because I thought that this week was crazy as of Tuesday...but I had no idea.  Another trip to the doctor's office....another kid with an ear infection (apparently the one she had just two weeks ago never fully healed, poor thing)...and more medicine.  And it was 12 degrees this morning.  EH.

Ready for spring?  Yes.  Me TOO.

So a simple list of five random things/thoughts from this week.


Not kidding - even when they are sick and we are having a rough week  - they are my favorites in the world.  Always making me smile and realizing how overwhelming and wonderful love can be!!!


Um - do you use EOS chap stick??  I do and I love it.  But literally last week I opened it up and noticed black stuff around the edges.  I thought it was weird/gross but didn't think much of it.

And then I saw THIS on Facebook.

OMG - I am going to puke.  Has this happened to anyone else?  I'm so disappointed because I *used to* love this chap stick.


Ok, I was googling a blog that I follow and love and like the second google listing was this website:

Have you ever in your life seen this?  I was literally in shock.  It's a website that has forums and threads about bloggers and people just talk about if they like them or hate them.


People are just awful!!  And seriously, who in the world has time to write all these comments AND all these people that they don't like's blogs.  I mean if you don't like what they have to say on their blog - just don't read it!!!!!!!!!!  (I would hope if you don't like my blog, you just don't read it...)


Since I was up with Maddie lots this week at night, I started pinning fun stuff for her birthday party.  Yes, I know, very premature since she will only be 8 months old this week - but I ran out of stuff to look at online and stay awake while nursing her.  So I decided to do something fun.

I am thinking of going with the "Our little firecracker" theme because her birthday is Fourth of July and I thought it would be a fun pre-actual holiday celebration during her birthday party (we will have her party likely the weekend before since most people travel that long weekend!!).  

I love it already.


And as her personality emerges - the theme fits her well because she is quite the little firecracker!!


Guess what I ordered this week??

21 day fix EXTREME.  Oh my.

After 2 rounds of the 21 day fix completed (the first I was SUPER strict, the second I was great about working out but a little more forgiving on my food) - I am a different person.  I'm not just saying that. I love working out and eating healthy now because I just feel so good when I do.  It's pretty crazy but like they say how it takes 21 days to make something a habit - they are right.

I'll be posting my before and after pictures next week and my final results.  Well - as long as I get the courage to do that - but really it's not about losing the baby weight or extra inches because the most important thing is just how strong and healthy I feel.  I have more energy to play with my babies, spend time with my husband and family and just enjoy life.  Worth it to me for sure.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Basketball weekend

So before we had kids, I would like to think we were just the greatest aunt and uncle duo.  We loved playing and spending time with all our amazing nieces and nephews...and tried to get to their games/activities as much as we could.  When we weren't busy.  Ha.  Well being the parent to two little kids now, our busy has a whole new definition and it makes it a lot harder with early bed times and nap schedules (let alone the fact that kids aren't really a fan of being dragged everywhere or constantly sitting through basketball games) to attend their activities.  We have been totally slacking the last two years and realized we have been missing out.  Missing the mark as our important role of family and aunt and uncle to our wonderful nieces and nephews.

So last weekend, we didn't have much scheduled- so we decided to compile the basketball schedules of five of our nieces and nephews and hit the ground running on the times that worked for us.  We ended up not being able to attend one game (Kenlie's) because it was during nap time- but she was Charlie's entertainment later at her brothers game.

So we started off Friday night heading to KCMO to watch Eli play at St. E's - it was so fun because it was the last set of games so they announced each kid's name and they ran to the center court before the game!!

Charlie got spoiled by uncle par off the bat by being introduced to the concession stand- lets just say he didn't have to actually "go potty" 14 times during the game...but he made sure to walk by the concession stand every time....

I love this picture of Eli after being announced!!

Eli DOMINATED.  Like I'm not kidding- he was an animal on the court and scored 16 points- I think his all time record!! He plays a mean man to man defense too- we were so proud and so was he!!

We tried to snap a shot at the end but apparently only he got the message to look at the camera!

Totally unrelated to basketball- but we got up and got going early on Saturday for Maren's game at 8am and look at what jimmy brought upstairs for me to eat after he went to the gym.  #yum #winninghusband #21dayfixapproved

Oh - and these two.  Yeah, they were excited to wake up if you can't tell!

Anyways- we braved some icy roads and made it a little late (let's be honest, if we are on time that is the anomaly these days...) to Maren's game.  She was amazing too- such a great dribbler and leader on the court. She is so smooth with the ball and much more in control than many of the other girls- very impressed!!!

I love how Charlie has already had enough of life- and how Maddie is grinning at Maren!  She was a rockstar!!

In between games, we played dress up at home while organizing the basement toys a bit.  Charlie is obsessed with Scooby Doo - so this was pretty exciting for him.

Then Charlie took his first instagram at Norah's game.  I seriously had no idea.  He was playing with my phone (in an attempt to keep him sitting down) and when I got my phone back I had a text message from my sister with a screen shot of my latest Instagram post.  Oh Charlie Carter.  Should I be impressed or not that he can post on insta??

Oh wait - Maddie was there too.  But she was much happier just sitting there watching.

Charlie was not a fan of these pictures - but Norah looked so adorable!!  She had too much fun during her game because the girl she was guarding was a girl that was in her class and they wanted nothing to do with the game.  I love girls in kindergarten.  And watching them play basketball - it's amazing and hilarious all at the same time!

In between Norah and Ben's game - we needed to eat.  All of us, including little miss.  So we decided to dine in somewhere - which if you have kids or have ever had little kids, you are well aware is a feat in itself. So we went to this old Pizza Hut by our house that we have never been too that is like a small town Pizza Hut with the dining room and salad bar.  And guess what?  There was NO one there.  SCORE.  So while Maddie slept, Charlie ran around the restaurant and read lots of books that they had and climbed in booths and it was marvelous.  Because that's right, no one eats in at a Pizza Hut anymore in Kansas City - except us.

Try it out friends with small kids!

When we headed to our final game of the night at a middle school by our house, I was worried the kids would crash.  But since there was more room to run around and more cousins to entertain Charlie and Maddie - all was good.  They had so much fun and so did we watching Ben. 

Have I mentioned that Charlie is obsessed with his older cousins??  Yep, he is.  Look at how sweet they are together!!  This melts my heart.

And the one picture that he finally posed for.  So cute!  Just missing Will and it would be a complete Carter boy cousin picture!!

Ben did awesome and it had been a while since we had watched him play - it's crazy the difference just a few years makes - from watching him in kindergarten versus fourth grade is a HUGE change.   And the cutest thing?  When we were all walking out, Ben and Charlie were holding hands.  Pretty sure I died of cuteness.

It was a crazy 24 hours driving all over and getting in and out of the car with all our STUFF and kids - but so worth it.  We were so proud to watch Eli, Maren, Norah and Ben play - and we are sad we missed Kenlie's game that was during nap - but at least we got to see her at Ben's game...and she seemed to have more fun not playing the game and just playing with her friends!

It made me realize how lucky we are that our families are both here.  It's just pretty great to have everyone so close and get to experience life with them.  And even more now that we have our own kids.  It makes me realize how lucky Charlie and Maddie are to grow up with BOTH sets of grandparents just a few minutes down the road and all of their aunts and uncles and wonderful cousins so close.

I so hope that their cousins will not only be their cousins but some of their best friends and of course, role models.  Because our nieces and nephews, they are pretty special and we are so lucky that we are able to live everyday life with them!!!!

The next day, my parents met us at our church and there was a phenomenal sermon on generations and the important role parents and grandparents play and that just made me even more grateful - especially when my parents took Charlie for a special day alone with him at their house where they played Barbies, pinball, made cupcakes, took a nap and had a grand old time.  So when they delivered him back to us that evening when we all met for dinner at my sister's house (again, just down the street) - I couldn't have felt more grateful.  I missed him so much during the day (yes, it's so crazy but true....) but it was so nice that he had such a fabulous day with them.

I think the lesson is learned - we need to do less "stuff" and make it a priority to go to our nieces and nephews games, be a continual part of their lives and remind them how much we love them...because yep, they are that important and I never want to forget that!

Oh and now Charlie won't stop playing if anything, Jimmy loves that.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

It's ONLY Tuesday?

I have said that about four times today.

This week.

Kids up every hour on Sunday night.

One sick.  One getting her second tooth so she spent half the night in our bed.  

But still looked adorable sleeping (see below).

Sick kid throws up all over me as I'm walking out the door on Monday morning.

Text our bosses.  Mom will be late (change Charlie's clothes, take Maddie to school) and dad will be working from home with sick kid.

Sick kid loved working from home with dad (see below).

Kids did much better the next night (after SUPER early bedtime).  But mom went to bed at 8PM (sick with cough that sick child gave her) and dad stayed up watching his team lose to mom's team (AH!)

Sick kid wakes up saying his tummy feels better but now his ear still hurts.  GREAT!  Mom checks ears and tubes are doing their job...ear drainage is EVERYWHERE (make note to call doc today).

Teething kid slept better - but she was not having a good hair day (see below).

Nurse says to bring him in if his ear hurts.  Thank goodness for walk in hours after work.

Hurt ear kid swooped up from school.  Double ear infection confirmed and oral antibiotics prescribed (in addition to the drops we already had).

Still have to go to CostCo - so we have an impromptu dinner date of hot dogs and ice cream.

And it was FABULOUS.

Avoid the highway home because our way to the doctor there was a car on fire going westbound - so pretty much take the longest way home ever.  

Halfway into drive, sick kid proclaims he has to pee.  Great.

Make stop at Starbucks (closest thing) and run in and run out.  Yep, he peed.

Back in car for another 30 minutes until we finally get to drive through line at CVS.  At least he enjoyed and didn't spill his ice cream on the way home!

Home just in time to kiss sweet teething girl, nurse her and put her to bed.

Sick kid only wants mom, so mom reads him story and puts him to bed.

Then mom goes back to get his prescription.

FINALLY home and get to sit down for 10 minutes to type this before I pass out - three and a half hours after I left work what seems like a lifetime ago.

And then I sit down and think for 5 minutes about this week - and how it's only Tuesday...

...then I think about the person who's car was on fire (literally a HUGE fire on the highway - the whole car) that was still stopping traffic two and a half hours after we passed it on the way to the doctor and I remind myself - nope, this week has not been THAT bad.  I could have kids with terminal diseases versus minor colds/ear infections.  I could not have the means to provide food to my kids or a house.  And the list goes on and on.

Or I could have been that person who's car caught on fire in the middle of the highway.

So yeah - it's only Tuesday - but tomorrow is Wednesday and that's half way through the week - so I'll go ahead and take the glass half full approach and say it's all good.

What is your perspective these days?  
Hoping you can see the good in everyday too - even the really hard ones.


Friday, February 20, 2015

Valentine's weekend fun

Guess what?  I'm doing a recap of what we did last weekend on the NEXT weekend.  yes, I'm feeling accomplished friends!!

We kicked off last Friday morning (Friday the 13th) with our annual Valentine's Day party picture in the kitchen while I'm holding Charlie...and now Maddie.

However - Charlie was NOT having it at all.  As you can tell from the picture below.  However, my sweet little girl?  She and I were all smiles! 


Here is a shot of our pictures from 2013 and 2014 - TIME FLIES.

Valentine's Day treats for school?  Ha ha.  Well, let's just say Maddie is already feeling the second child thing because there was NO way I was even going to think about making Valentine's Day cards/presents, etc. for her infant classmates.  What's funny is, when Charlie was this same age two years ago we had just started at the YMCA downtown and I had a class list of everyone's names and I went all out to make each kid a personalized treat. WHY.  Because I was seriously so excited to have my first kid's Valentine's Day and I'm pretty sure that no other parent did that and all the other parents probably secretly cursed me - as that annoying mom.  

So this year - I decided to let Charlie pick the treat.  And since Maddie had an ear infection and had to go to the doctor the night that we were planning on going to pick out his treats together - it was a dad/son trip instead.  And Scooby Doo fruit snacks is what his pick was.  And he couldn't stop talking about them for 3 days.  Oh Charlie Carter.

I searched Pinterest for an idea or a rhyme for Scooby Doo and there was nothing.  So I did this to package them up ---

and then they ate/decorated cookies at their party and danced and laughed and ate some more... is good as a 2.5 year old...

That night?  Jimmy went off to church and I hung out with my two Friday night dates.

So we took way too many funny selfies.

And mom cracked open a beer.  Because yes, it was one of those weeks.

Oh no you didn't.... 

And then Charlie began his new obsession - trying on my shoes.  This kid.  Yep, never in pants I swear.

The next morning I made my best attempt at being festive. So I made pancakes and made them pink.

They were not perfect, but guess what?  These two loved them.  

Even Maddie in Christmas PJs.  We are so cool.

Then after a bid for our backyard (umm...yeah that hit hard), my parents came over to watch the kids and off Jimmy and I went for our day date of shopping and basketball.

Our first stop was IKEA and I had a blast - but after we got about half way through...Jimmy started acting like Charlie and it became a lot less fun.  Oh men.  But we didn't leave empty handed that's for sure.  We did make it to Kohl's to get some new clothes for our kids that don't seem to stop growing and we scored some ridiculous sales.  So awesome!

And then we headed to Barley's to watch the KU game.  After months of eating super healthy, let's just say we went all out and my stomach was KILLING later in the night.  

Then we got home and of course played with/put together our new goodies!!!  So fun!  Charlie loves the craft cart and the new shelving unit for the playroom is amazing!

While not the most exciting weekend (Sunday followed up with church, grocery store, a MUCH needed pedicure and girl time with 2 of my best friends, taking dinner to a friend's house to meet a new baby and dinner at my parents), I had a great time with the people I really love and that's all that matters and it was a perfect Valentine's day weekend! 

Hope you and your Valentine(s) had a great weekend too!

Five on Friday- life lately

My poor neglected blog.  Where does all my time go???  I have so much i want to blog about but not enough time!! Such is life and having two little people around to take care of!!  But I'll get back on it!

Join the link up too with DarciAprilNatasha and Christina

At least it's Friday, right?  YES!


Presidents' Day this Monday meant the markets were closed, so I was off work and my kids school was closed.  And we had a great day- besides the bitter bitter cold and snow!!  It started out with a fire and then playing together by themselves. Omg- what I have been waiting for since I found out I was pregnant!! Sibling fun!

We went to a play date with friends that go to their school that live nearby and had fun!!  Then dad came home early and mom/Charlie ran some errands!  It's nice to have some quiet days at home with my babes- I need to remember that when I sometimes plan our days down to the hour.


So we also got some bad news this week after my dad was so nice and took Willy (our middle dog who is 13) to the vet on Monday.  He has diabetes.  

We noticed he all of a sudden got SO thirsty- like drinking the whole bowl of water and couldn't control his bladder- poor guy (and our poor house!).  So after some tests, those were the results.

So what does that mean?  Well we would have to give him insulin shots twice a day and test his blood sugar, just like s human.  Here's the sticky part for us- first of all, it's a challenge when we have to remember to give our CHILDREN medicine when they are sick twice a day- let alone a dog.  Second, insulin shots and tests = $$$.  Third, Willy is 13 years old.  He's not a puppy.  So we've been investigating options for our sweet boy all week and trying to be realistic with our lives as well as the quality of his too with this disease.  As of today, Jimmy worked some miracle and got him into a local study at an animal hospital in which they fund the medicine - so he will start the treatment on Wednesday and spend the day at the hospital...but in the meantime we are having some tough conversations.  The poor poor guy has lost SO much weight already and just seems miserable.

And while I often mention how three dogs and two kids is just too much and I cannot wait until our dog's times come- when the reality sinks in that it might be that time for one- it's so so sad.  So sad and so hard.  So hoping for some good news on the study front and we will see where we go from there (it's a 6 month study).  He also has a UTI - so another $50 for the medicine.  Poor guy!


This might be my favorite new weekend lunch.  Oh my goodness so good.  Just some spinach, 1/4 avocado, red peppers, one boiled egg, turkey, little bit of goat cheese, some cherry tomatoes all topped off with a squeeze of lemon.  Ok did I get you with the lemon part? Jimmy thinks it's so weird but I honestly love it (I love lemon) and will all the other textures/favors in the salad it gives it just enough liquid and tang.  My friend, Lauren, who also did the 21 day fix, sent me over the link to the power salad at panera that fit in the 21 day fix eating plan and that's where I got the idea.

I love it- so easy, quick, healthy and delicious which is everything I need for a lunch at home on the weekends!!!


Proof right here that:

a) kids rooms (of mine at least) never stay as organized and clean as they should in your mind

B) Maddie is seriously the sweetest baby girl ever.  Not kidding.  I cannot get enough of this kid- she's been sleeping through the night this week (finally) and I literally miss her in the morning.  Might also have something to do with the fact that her brother has been up like a bajillion times at night this week...speaking of

C) Charlie really doesn't ever wear pants. Potty training is going splendid (surprisingly) so a post on that next week- I promise!


Please tell me Jimmy and I aren't the only ones that spent 5 hours of our life last week watching the bachelor?!?  What the heck ABC?!? But seriously cannot get enough of these girls ridiculousness.

Check out Sheaffer's blog here for awesome bachelor updates......

And speaking of tv.  Do you watch How to Get Away with Murder?! Omg I always dvr and watch on Friday nights (watching the one from last night RIGHT NOW!) but wow that show is so good and totally threw me for a loop last week! I love it!

Happy happy Friday friends!!  Stay warms and safe this weekend - supposed to be so cold and snowy/icy in KC!!!