Monday, March 23, 2015

Coffee shop and free play- yes please!!

Are you always looking for something to do with your kid (or kids) that involves them having a good time and you sitting down, relaxing and enjoying a cup of coffee?

Well, if you live in Kansas City, there is something that you need to know about.  It's so great - I'm almost hesitant to post about it because I want to keep it all to ourselves, just like it was this Saturday!  But I like to think that I'm kind of nice, so I'll share our Saturday with ya.

First off, it started out by me posting this adorable picture of my sweet babies early in the morning. That's Charlie reading "Go Dog Go" to Maddie.  Seconds after this...he whacked her in the head with the book.  Oops.  But I also wrote "no sick kids - yeah" or something like that.  Ha. Shame on me.  Maddie was super sick Saturday afternoon and turns out that the ear infection she got way back in January - still lingering.  I mean, poor girl has now had an ear infection for almost 1/3 of her life.  Sheesh!

Ok, after that.  Jimmy had to do some lawn work and the kiddos and I had plans to check out a coffee shop at a local church that apparently had a great place to play inside.  I found it on the instagram page of a great local resource, kctotspot!  It's called Parkside Coffee House and it's a coffee shop located inside of Cedar Ridge Christian Church right off of 87th and Lackman in Lenexa.  

And let me tell you what - it's amazing, friends.  It's open from 9-12 on Saturday mornings and after a busy morning of dropping off Toby for a haircut and grabbing some breakfast as a family, we were there by 9:30 to meet some of my Hallmark friends and their cute boys.  Before they got there, I made sure to grab some pictures of the space because there aren't really any great ones on the website that I could find.

It's a room that is enclosed...yes, children don't escape.

With room to RUN. And PLAY.  And RUN some more.

And even better?  Cute little tables for parents to place their warm, caffeinated beverages.  That they need so badly when their baby has an ear infection for 3 months and doesn't sleep.  (not that I have experience with that or anything....)

So you sit at the table and watch your kids RUN and PLAY and get all their energy out.  And drink your coffee (or in my case, tea).

It's clean for little ones that crawl all over and stand up on everything (like sweet Maddie).

And spacious enough for big kids to run and jump and climb (like Charlie).

And sometimes, they even play together (GASP).

We had a great time. Just minutes after this, our friends came and their two boys, Ben and Jack, had a blast playing with Charlie and Maddie.  Well, Maddie just crawled and taught them that they have to be careful going down the slide when a baby is at the bottom.  Oh and Maddie ate and slept.  But overall, she had a blast. 

But I'm serious - you must check this place out.  They are open Tuesdays - Sundays.  It's a great place to pop in for a beverage and some play time.  Or do what we did and meet some other moms there - in between making sure our kids didn't steal one another's snacks or fall off the play set...we actually did get to catch up and enjoy some caffiene.  And I will call that a win!  We were there until almost noon and only two other people popped in, but didn't stay long (maybe we were intimidating?).  But I also think that the kids can play in the gym too that is right by the coffee shop.

On this Saturday, it was perfect because the morning was still a little cooler, so we got some good play time inside before the afternoon outside.  There was even a little orchestra practice outside in the coffee shop that was fun to listen to.

Highly recommended for a free play date!

Thank you KC Totspot for the recommendation!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

A tour of ERs- this time in Wichita

We had a family road trip this past weekend to visit one of my best friends, Lauren, at her new house on Wichita.  It started out as any old weekend and we picked the kids up from school and headed south. The drive went great and Charlie told us when he had to potty and it was timed well for us to be able to stop!!  We got there and gave the kids a bath and put them to sleep and they surprisingly did ok- Maddie in the pack n play and Charlie got to sleep on the floor in his new sleeping bag Nana got him for Christmas (that he was SO excited about!).

We went to bed later and Maddie woke up, so I just pulled her in bed with us in an attempt to not let her cries wake Charlie up.   She was laying on my chest and at midnight she started moving around and then puked all over me.   And it smelled horrible.  Like nothing I've ever smelled in baby spit up.  Oh wait....that's because she got a bottle of someone else's formula on accident at daycare Friday afternoon.  She's never even had formula, but apparently sucked it down ok...but it didn't seem to settle well in her tummy. 

I changed and thought it was just a one time thing.  Oh nope.  She did it again two times before it was an acceptable time to get up (aka 5:30am)...and after the third time...the sheets and pillow were soaked too (the first two times she somehow just puked on me...).  So we got everyone up - of course Charlie had ended up in our bed too!

She was acting just fine. Laughing and crawling around, etc.  I was worried because she had not had any wet diapers since a little wet one after she threw up at midnight.  I fed her around 9:00 and prayed that she would keep it down and have a wet diaper.  I was outside playing with Charlie while she was inside chilling with everyone else.  Around 10:00 she was good!! No fever, no vomit but still no wet diaper.  I picked her up and it was almost an instant vomit all over me again. I mean I was out of clothes to wear at this point!!!  Poor girl.

I decided to call our pediatrician's office and see what they thought. When I told her she had not had a wet diaper or bowel movement since around midnight- she kind of freaked out and said we should bring her in now.  Ok- but we are 2.5 hours away. She recommended an immediate care clinic in wichita for us to go to - but said she needs to be seen in case of dehydration.  So I'm torn because I feel like she's feeling just fine, but the urgency in the nurse's voice made me nervous. I called the urgent care to make sure they saw babies and they said yes, so off we went...just as Katie, Barry, James and baby William got there from Oklahoma.  Talk about bad timing.

Twenty minutes later, we are checked in and waiting.  She gets her weight taken, temp taken, etc.  we go back into the exam room and she instantly falls asleep.   The doctor walks in, I talk to her for 5 seconds, she slightly takes Maddie's pacifier out and says - "Yep, she's dehydrated and needs an IV.  We don't give those to kids under 5 here so you need to go to the ER."  And then literally walked out of the room.  No exam, nothing else. Weirdest thing ever.  I even stopped by the check in to make sure we didn't need anything else.  

The hospital ER was next door, but I was just so frustrated.  I felt like she wasn't even examined and the last thing I wanted was for her to go to the ER again (I mean she's already been twice!!).  Part of me just wanted to hang out and see if she threw up or finally would have a wet diaper, but then the other part of me was thinking how I would never ever forgive myself if she really was dehydrated and I just ignored the doctor and then God forbid something worse happened to Maddie.  Mommy gut told me to just suck it up and block out the practical side (telling me it's to much $$, time, etc) and just take her in just in case.

So in we went.  Maddie's third time to the emergency room in just 8.5 months.  For real, sister??! Let's hope that record doesn't continue!!!

We got a room and she was happy as a lark.  No temperature, perfect oxygen levels- just hanging out in the ER.

The nurse was super nice and almost immediately the PA working came in and was fabulous.   She took a look at her and said, nope...she's not dehydrated.  I about LOST it.  I mean seriously?! Not that I wanted her to be at all- but what the heck since the last doctor said she was and said to get her immediately to the ER.  So frustrating!!!  They were very nice though, as we were still concerned because she still had not had a wet diaper or bowel movement since midnight.  She suggested that I feed her and see what happens next.  

So I fed her.  She fell asleep.  And I sat there.  My phone was barely working and running out of battery quick.  I was starving, had to pee and thirsty.  But I wasn't about to leave my sweet babe.  So I sucked up any selfish emotions and just sat with her. Let her sleep on me while the crazy ER world hustled around outside our curtain.

After and hour and a half of just sitting there and relishing in our closeness, I tried to wake her up to see if I could get her to pee.  Girlfriend didn't want to wake up- maybe it's because she didn't sleep he night before with all her puking!!

Finally she got up and we played with my empty water bottle.  Blew bubbles and practiced saying "mama".

Then mid-playing. She passed out like this. Haha. Poor thing was beat!!

The ER doctor finally came in and it was the first time we got to talk to him. He looked at her, also confirmed she was not dehydrated.  We discussed if her throwing up could have been due to the fact she was accidentally given a bottle of someone else's formula at day care (unlike Charlie who we did have to supplement him early on, Maddie has never had anything but breast quite a shock to her tummy.).  He said not likely but unsure.  Probably just a quick stomach bug.  He gave us a prescription for zofran to help with her nausea and that was it. Pretty anti-climatic for the time we spent there (and one expensive nap miss Madeline!).  However, the two hours I spent sitting there holding my baby and listening to everything else going on and others getting bad news about their loved ones- I kind of felt like all this happened to remind me to be constantly thankful for the health of my loved ones and especially my kiddos.  So while we left with no real ailment defined- it was good for us both.

Even though I did feel kind of stupid for taking her in.

And guess what? I had been checking and praying for a wet diaper the whole time we were sitting there and I checked one last time before we left and there it was!!!  Good timing Maddie!!

In the mean time, Charlie and James had a freaking blast playing on Lauren and David's amazing swing set!!  It turned out to be a gorgeous day too!!  When Maddie and I got back, we all headed to an amazing park just up be road from their house to play. Pretty much their future kids are set with all this fun around them!!!

After the park, James was about ready to meltdown since he didn't take a nap and Katie and Barry headed back to Oklahoma. I was pretty sad because I barely got to see them and didn't even hold baby William (because I was super worried about any germs that Maddie had spreading to him- at only 3 months old, that's a no no!).  So Katie- can we set up another get together please???

Lauren, Charlie and I went to the store while the boys entertained Maddie.  The Big 12 tournament games were on, but David was DVRIng them to watch after our kids were asleep in their amazing theater room!! We grilled and ate WAY TOO much food but it was so good.  

Luckily, Maddie didn't throw up anymore, but as we guessed, we were in for a long night.  So when she woke up at 5:30- we were ready to hit the road by 7:30. Mainly because we were like ruining their new house we felt like!!!  The drive back was easy and the kids did good- so that was so nice.

Highlights of the trip-
- of course getting to see Lauren and David and their new house! We miss them in KC but such an easy drive to visit!
- getting to see the Ruddick clan and meeting William in person- he's adorable!!!
- James and Charlie reuniting- they seriously love each other!
- Charlie being obsessed with Lauren and David's pantry and their step stil.  He pretty much owned David all weekend and demanded he lift him up so he could examine the food on the highest shelf.  Embarrassingly rude,  but hilarious
- of course...a third ER visit and puking baby was not a positive thing, but a highlight of the trip
- confirmation that a swing set is an amazing investment (getting one soon with our upcoming backyard redo!)
- getting zero sleep with all 4 of us in bed! Ha! I'm still catching up on sleep and I went to bed so early- these kids!!

Next visit I'm hoping for no sick kids, more beers on the amazing patio and more quality time with friends!!  Thanks for a great visit Hart's and hopefully you will have us back despite having to do like 4 loads of laundry!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St Patty's Day!!

Happy St Patrick's day to you and yours!!!

Thought I'd put my picture I shared on Instagram of my kiddos and I in our green (which only happens because I set a reminder in my phone to remember to dress them in green!).

Behind the scenes of this shot-

Maddie had banana stuck on the bottom of her pants from dropping it in her high chair that then smeared all over my jeans.

Charlie did NOT want to partake unless he got a carrot (that I was packing in my snack bag for work).

Hence why willy is standing on guard waiting for the carrot to drop.

I had cute jeans and tennis shoes for Charlie to wear so we would all match.  Nope- he insisted on wearing those pants and his crocs!! Not sure why. Crocs with socks might not be the best look unless you're 80!? (See below)

Don't you like the valentines heart garland still hanging on the fireplace too?!  Haha!!

No big plans to celebrate, besides wearing our green and cooking steaks and asparagus tonight!  Maybe having lucky charms for dessert!!  Hope you enjoy some green beer.

And I got this on my time hop from 2 years ago visiting my grandparents in Iowa.  It was Charlie's first trip there and one of our last seeing my grandpa.  What a joy it was to capture these times with all of us together!!

Wishing you lots of luck today!!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Five on Friday- all about them kids

This five on Friday is dedicated to my kids.  Because they are the best and this title pays homage to the fact that my 2.5 year old's favorite song (one of them) is All About that Bass....that and Sugar by Maroon 5.  


Maddie has been a busy girl at school lately and is doing all sorts of fun "big kid" things!!  Like going outside (wearing Charlie's old shoes- sorry girlfriend!), her first school lunch and lots of painting and fun crafts!!!

So fun to see these throughout the day!!  She's getting too big TOO fast.


Speaking of...we made a car seat switcheroo last weekend. Charlie got a new 3 in 1 seat and Maddie got Charlie's Britax convertible car seats.  It's still mixed emotions around here regarding this change.

I love not having to lug around that infant car seat (I mean for real- when your 8.5 month old is over 20 lbs and the dang thing is like 10...that's a full out work out- add chasing a 2.5 year old with that in tow!), but Maddie loves sleeping in the car with little cat naps.  Often times that's the only time she will nap on the weekends (blah!).  So it stinks because you cannot pick her up asleep - unless she is for real peaced out.  But last weekend I ended up driving around, getting sonic happy hour with the windows down while she napped and it wasn't too bad.  Charlie loves the cup holder on his for sure!!


Hot tub party anyone??  Well we finally let Charlie get in my parents hot tub the other night.  The verdict?? He loved "swimming" (aka sitting on my lap because the water was a bit warm) and didn't want to get out! 

I love this pic with my dad- so much fun!


Bath time has turned into a nightmare for Maddie.  Poor girl (and us). 

In her bath seat she was happy as a lark.  Please see these happy pics below:

Jimmy took her out of it last week now she HATES the bath. Like screams bloody murder and won't sit down and won't let you clean her. And girlfriend needs a bath- food all over her hair daily. What should we do??! Any tips on this? Anyone experience this sudden shift in behavior with their kids?? It's crazy to me!!


I take random pictures with my kids, of my kids, etc.  While sometimes having a phone and always being connected is a downfall- I love that I can capture these everyday moments we have. So much. 

Happy happy weekend friends!! We are taking a road trip to spend time with some of our best friends and I cannot wait to enjoy them and this weather and my family!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Full transparency: 10 things

As I've "lived" in this blog land for 7 years now (I'm not sure how that is even possible that I have found 7 years of things to blog about - however, things have changed a LOT since then) and transformed from an engaged girl focused on planning a wedding to now more blogging about my kids, the folks who's blogs I read have changed and varied as well.  But here is one thing I feel like I've always tried to be - fully transparent.  Because this blog is the journey of my life and I want to look back on the good times AND the bad to remember all the moments.

So here are 5 things currently that I feel like you need to know that you will NOT find in my house:

1. Clean Floors - Nope they are not clean.  At all.  I mean I walk around barefoot a lot and am grossed out at my own house (you know it's bad).  But honestly - how the heck are you supposed to keep floors clean with 3 dogs tracking in mud, foot prints, grass, dog hair, etc. and then 2 kids - one of them that thinks it is funny to spit the food you make him on the floor (I might just smack him) and the other kid that has learned the concept of object permanence and likes to watch as she drops things (food) from her high chair onto the floor.  Just so you know, shoes and socks are not a requirement in our house, merely a strong recommendation if you don't want to be totally grossed out.  I keep telling myself that SOMEDAY my floors will be spotless, but that means my house will be empty, right?

2. Organized kids rooms - Let's get real here.  We are at work/school until at least 4:30, most days we roll in around 5PM.  By the time dinner is cooked and then cleaned up and we get some playtime/errand/something's time for the mad dash called bed time.  Two kids to get bathed, one to pee and poop, another to nurse - sometimes toddler is hungry (hmmm - I wonder why, maybe he decided to not eat dinner!?!),  So you never ever know what you are going to find in their rooms.  Dirty diapers that have been sitting out for a few days (gross), books thrown all over, mix of dirty/clean clothes, random water bottles and even the occasional stale, half-eaten peanut butter sandwich.  Yes - that happened once - maybe twice.  At least our kid's rooms NEVER look like the pictures I post on the blog when they are first decorated - aka not lived in.

3. Put together and awesome home decor - For sure someone who is almost 30 that spent years decorating and DIY-ing her last home that has lived in their new home for almost 2 years now would have that long list of house projects complete and all the walls decorated and color schemes complete.  Ha - what a joke.  I seriously follow some Instagram accounts and just drool at their houses and how everything ties together and just long for that.  But other days, I'm happy with our crazy, messy house just the way it is.  Do I have a list?  YES - it's LONG. Do I have visions and ideas for each room?  ABSOLUTELY - that is long too.  But there is this little thing called time that is necessary to implement those plans, shop for those perfect pieces, build the furniture that I want to build.  And we have these little things called kids that are running around our house that pretty much take all of our time.  Like seriously - when do DIY bloggers find time to do this??  So lost on that one.  Especially the one with more kids and smaller kids than we have.  Oh - and then there is this little thing called money that is required to do all these wonderful plans.  Yeah - again we have these little things running around our house called kids that steal all of that too.  But I'm telling you, in like 5 years I might have that stencil that I bought on maternity leave with Maddie painted on the accent wall in the dining room.  But maybe not and I'd be ok with that too.

4. Organized laundry room - Pinterest and those pictures of such organized and gorgeous laundry rooms.  WHERE IS YOUR LAUNDRY?  I pin and pin and pin ideas on how to make mine "pretty" and "organized" and "bright" in hopes that maybe it will make me happier due to all the time I spend in there.  But nope - our laundry room will never look like that.  We literally do 1-2 loads of laundry a NIGHT people.  I never thought it would be like this either.  Never.  We were "we do laundry on Sunday" only people before we got married.  Now with work out clothes, work clothes, kids school clothes, kids that have multiple blow outs a day on their school clothes, kids that have potty training accidents in their clothes, kids that pee in their shoes and on their socks and on their blankets and on and on and on. LAUNDRY NEVER STOPS PEOPLE.  So nope, I need to get over the fact I will never have an organized laundry room.  At least for another 20 years.

5. A tidy house - this applies to random pictures that people take and post.  Where is all their STUFF?  Like where do people put all the stuff they use on a daily basis?  Like a lunch bag?  I throw that on top of the fridge every day - I mean not tidy or fancy, but I find it super inefficient to put it away in the pantry every afternoon just to get it right back out again.  What about like papers you reference everyday - where do those go?  I'm just amazed at how tidy people's houses are and then I wonder where all their stuff is and where I can just throw all mine? haha for reals.

But here are 5 things you will ALWAYS find in our house:

1. Dinner on the table every night.  My mom did this, Jimmy's mom did this and we do this.  We cook something every night and all sit down to eat dinner.  And we will do this as long as we can and we love it.  While it's not always possible with meetings, etc. and won't be once sports, activities, meetings, etc. start when our kids are older - we will take advantage of this time.  Already, Charlie has proved to be quite the dinner entertainment doing his silly walk up and down the bench and Maddie dangling her yum yums for the dogs.

2. Double bath fun.  This won't last forever - but for now we all gather in the kid's bathroom and enjoy some splashing and music.  Most of the time it ends in someone crying/screaming/peeing on something...but at least we tried and our kids are clean, right?

3. Parents who struggle daily with patience but love our kids uncontrollably.  Enough said.

4. Laughter.  While there is some toddler drama and infant tears, we have our fair share of belly laughs that come along with playing together, wrestling, playing with swords and princesses, etc.  I hope that never ever stops and I don't think it will.

5.  A kiss and a hug.  Every night.  Each night, after baths and Charlie and Maddie are in their pjs, Charlie cannot wait to run into Maddie's room and jump up on her chair to give her a kiss and hug and then give one of each to me too.  It's literally my favorite time of night.  Maddie is usually nursing and the lights are off in her room and he walks in with Jimmy and goes "GOT TO BE QUIET" but pretty much yells is and defeats the purpose, but it's still cute.

So there you have it - 10 things I feel like you needed to know - or that I needed to document in my life at this point in time.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Maddie crawls and Charlie screams

Big moment in the Carter house over the weekend!!!  

Maddie is officially on the move and I finally got it on camera.  She is so proud of herself and is now into everything and off everywhere. It's pretty stinking cute (and terrifying) but fun to see her learn and develop her own little personality.

And then you have Charlie.  Who is two and a half and cannot handle life sometimes.

Or maybe he's just mad because he thought Maddie would never crawl?  Who knows!??

Friday, March 6, 2015

My $750 OOPS

This week was one for the record books. Actually the last two weeks- so I'm not that surprised at how Friday capped it all off.  I am but I shouldn't have been, if you get my drift.

Last week we made two trips to the doctor with both kiddos.  Happened to have our pediatrician see us both times (went to walk in hours after work so usually it's a random doctor).  Both had ear infections (yes Charlie did even with tubes!!!). So fun!

Poor Maddie's was not healed from the first round of medicine so she got augmenten - which has caused her to have massive blow outs daily.  Literally.  Usually once before school and twice at school- needless to say, mama's spent lots of time in the laundry room with spray and wash this week.

Charlie had a decent week (thank goodness!) but I have been rocking a "cold" for the past twoish weeks and starting about Wednesday it got bad.  Like it killed when I coughed, coughing up really gross mucusy stuff and I started to just feel horrible.  Thursday afternoon at work I was dragging and called a nurse- she said to come in, so my appointment was 8am Friday.  

After a horrible night on Thursday I could barely get out of bed and was still unsure if I was going to go into work after my appointment.  It took every ounce of my energy to shower and get myself ready, let alone Maddie too.  I was dropping the kids off because Jimmy was taking Willy into the vet all day...but couldn't drop him off until 9.  

So let me preface this even more- I was mad and miserable and just feeling so horrible.  Everyone and everything was loaded up into my van.  I hit the garage door opener to open the door.  I yelled out at jimmy "I REALLY HOPE I HAVE PNEMONIA AND GET ADMITTED TO THE HOSPITAL SO I CAN ESCAPE THIS LIFE FOR A BIT".  Dramatic? Yes.  But I felt that horrible the thought of taking care of these kids that called me mom made me want to cry!!

And then I started backing out of the garage and BOOM.

Charlie goes "oh mommy I don't know what that noise is". And I said "sh*t (I don't think he heard me...thank goodness- but sorry to my niece who is probably reading this!!).

So apparently the garage door was not fully up and I ran into it. Karma at it's best I guess after that snotty comment I made.  Jimmy came out- did not look very happy and told me to go on and he would take care of it.  So I dropped the kiddos off at school, went to the doctor, have a horrible sinus infection that is turning into bronchitis (yeah!).  After my appointment and the pharmacy- who I feel like now knows our family all too well- I got to come home to an overhead garage door man telling me that he fixed the door for now but at minimum we are going to have to get a new lower panel for $580.  Or you know, we could just get a brand new door for $1690 or two new door for $2200. Yeah.  That is not something we were planning on at all- especially because we are going to re do our backyard.  Sweet life.

So after talking to Jimmy we are just going to go with the new panel and he will have to paint it- but that was one expensive mistake.

Needless to say- I'm really to feel better and for spring to be here with less sickness and more fun.  But on a brighter note, it was a gorgeous Saturday in Kansas City and while Maddie and I were walking around the neighborhood while Charlie napped, I think we might paint our garage doors the same dark color as our shutters versus the same color as our house...I saw lots of houses like that and I really liked it!!!  Since we have to buy paint anyways....

And a good reminder that karma is always around, right?? Often times not that instant.....but I am very glad I didn't have pneumonia or get admitted to the hospital.  Because after $100 worth of medicine (inhaler refills are apparently $50??!), sleeping ALL day Friday, a phone call to my mom to pick up my kids from school and gang with them until Jimmy got home later than normal due to the vets pick up time for Willy- I'm feeling MUCH better and am glad I got to spend the day with my people.

Even if I cringed every time the garage door went up/down.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Eight months of Maddie!!

Length:  Long lady!!!
Weight:  21 lbs per our scale
Head: ???

EIGHT months old.
It doesn't seem real that it was that long ago when you made your grand appearance into this world and we met you for the first time.  But yet at the same time - it feels like we have known you forever.  How is it that in just a short 4 months it will be your birthday.  No - this age is just so fun, I love it and you so much that it makes me sad and happy all at the same time that you are growing up and changing so fast.  What a fun month we have had my sweet little girl!!!

PS I could NOT get you to smile in this picture!!  But you still look cute to me!

  • Still a pretty happy girl.  You like to laugh and eat and sit up and pull up on things and laugh at your brother and pull his hair.  
  • You prefer to stand up and hold on to things constantly.  Which is good - but scary because sometimes I forget you are only 8 months old and you do need me to hold you up somewhat.  Which might explain a few bumps on your sweet head - so sorry girlfriend!
  • You had your first ear infection this month. And guess what?  That pesky thing did not want to go away.  Your poor left ear.  You blew through amoxicillian and then had to upgrade 3 weeks later to augmenten.  Which gave you an upset tummy and lots of yucky poops - but hopefully fought off your ear infection that wouldn't go away.  Needless to say - you were NOT a happy camper with your poor ear - and I felt horrible!!
  • TEETH!!! You got your first tooth and now you have 2 that have popped through.  I think that one more might be ready to pop in on the top too.  (Your brother had 6 at 8 months old- just like he says..."holy moly cow"
  • Sleep, sleep, sleep.  You are doing ok - these silly teeth and ear infections this month threw us for a loop and meant that sleep was less consistent, but that's ok because that is life, right?  But for the most part, you are on a decent schedule and when we let you cry after a few wake ups, you do go back to sleep.  But my oh my I don't like to listen to you cry!!
  • Still in size 4 diapers this month but oh my goodness girlfriend - you are constantly blowing out of them - at least one outfit change a day at school - sometimes two
  • So you're crawling.  Not fast or not far - but you get on all fours and slowly move one step at a time to get to where you want to be/what you want to pick up.  You kind of skipped the army crawling that your brother mastered first - but I kind of like that because then I'm not stressing out at how incredibly dirty our floors are!!!  It's crazy to see you moving, but it's so fun too when you go after things and especially when you come to get me (I love you!!!)
  • 12 month clothes it is!  We finally went out on Valentine's Day and bought you lots of new clothes that actually fit - thank goodness!!
  • You are not a real fan of baby food/eating from a spoon anymore.  You did it and all of a sudden were like "eh, I'm over it".  So now you like puffs (that your brother steals aka thanks you for "sharing" with him), the little sticks that are puffs, banana pancakes, bread, sometimes bananas, etc.  I love that you love food and I really hope that you keep that up girlfriend as you get older
  • We are still going strong with our nursing relationship and I still love it and so do you.  I'm still pumping twice a day at work and you get three, 6-7 ounce bottles at school per day.  Pumping still is not so fun, but it is kind of a nice break in the day and I would do anything for you sweet girl!!!
  • You still love to talk - you blow bubbles, kisses and laugh.  It's adorable!

Things you like (pretty much same as last month):

  • Breastmilk - from the direct source or bottle.
  • FOOD - anything and everything
  • You love snuggling so much and it is just so wonderful.  So wonderful.
  • Moving ALL around - including crawling!!
  • You still freak out when I leave the room or if I'm not in the room and then I walk in and you see me - mama's girl!!!!!
  • Your big bro and you are starting to develop such a sweet relationship
  • Bath time is still something you love and it's fun that you and Charlie share that time together too!

Things you don't like:
  • Diaper rash
  • Taking medicine
  • Charlie stealing your puffs
  • Mom stealing your pacifier and then taking a picture (OMG - this picture!!!)

Special memories this month!!
  • We survived a few days of just the three of us while your dad went out of town for work. I got sick from an infection in my right boob (silly nursing!) and some antibiotics were no good to me - so needless to say, you slept right next to me in my bed a lot that week!!
  • You went to Monkey Bizness again with your friend Hudson this time and loved it.
  • Celebrated your first Valentine's Day and were the star of our Valentine's Day card.
  • Went to your first baby shower - so fun and everyone loved you!  You and I are going to another one this weekend and I cannot wait because I love these girl dates with you.
  • I mentioned above, but you had your first ear infection AND got your first two teeth - oh my!

A note to our girl:

Time is a funny thing sweet girl.  You are growing up in the blink of an eye and changing daily.  But my favorite part is seeing your sweet personality emerge.  There are some days that I wish I didn't require any sleep and could just stay up all night with you in my arms sleeping and I could stare at you.  It's crazy, but I love you THAT much.  I really do.  I think back to life without you in our family and it's just not complete.  I love seeing you and Charlie develop this unbreakable bond.  He is already protecting you and got very angry when someone hit you this month - like so angry.  It was not fun to see you sad, but Charlie knew that was no ok to hit his "baby Addie".  I have a feeling you might have a hard time finding a date in about 15 years with Charlie and your dad around.

Essentially, you are just the most lovable, squeezable little lady and I keep reminding myself to literally soak every moment in because it really does go by in a blink of an eye.

Your parents


Charlie and Maddie both at 8 months old!

Maddie is very interested in the bubbles!!!

And she's off folks!!!!!!!!!

But the face came back when we todl her she had to sit on Charlie's lap!!!

This might be the best outtake ever.  Pretty much my kids are hating me right now for these pictures.

Cutest sleeper ever! I love snuggling with you in my bed when you wake up early!

My sweet girl- I could hold you forever.

Playing with play dough at school!

Charlie loves taking you for rides!!!