Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What's up Wednesday? JULY!

July is almost over.  That means that both my kiddos are almost another year older.  Sheesh!  This summer sure went fast!!

I am joining this fun (and final) "What's up Wednesday" link up on the last Wednesday of the month with some of my FAVORITE bloggers.  Mix and Match FamilyPinterest Told Me To and the Larson Lingo.

What we are eating this week...

Monday - Out to Stroud's for my dad and Charlie's birthday dinner!
Tuesday - Grilled chicken and asparagus
Wednesday - Boys to Nordstrom cafe with Grana and the girls had snacks (our fav!)
Thursday - Chicken Thai noodles (from Hy-Vee freezer meal prep I did last week)
Friday - CHARLIE'S BIRTHDAY!  Pizza at the pool
Saturday - Out at Kenny Chesney concert
Sunday - Probably grill out after Charlie's birthday party!

What I'm reminiscing about...

My sweet boy turning THREE on Friday.

I just posted this tonight because he was just too cute to handle tonight.  I love this boy so - it's hard to imagine he was ever this little newborn baby!

What I'm loving...

Time at home with my family and a changing attitude.  

I'm prioritizing things that are important to me in an attempt to find slightly more balance...but needing to figure out how to get more hours in day.  I'm missing spending time with my old friends and catching up!  A few of my best friends are pregnant and I've been horrible at supporting them during this exciting time of their lives - so I'm turning over a new leaf and I'm excited about it.

Also loving?  That Toby is back HOME!!!  SO happy the backyard is almost DONE

What we've been up to....

What haven't we been up to??! SO MUCH!!!

In July we celebrated Maddie's birthday on July 4th.

Went to the lake with Jimmy's whole family for a week (full recap on that coming soon!)

Finally got the backyard done and the playset up!  So exciting!

What I'm dreading...

Hmmm...there is actually not much I am dreading right now.  Is that weird?

What I've been working on....

How about what "we" (in a loose way) have been working on?


Oh my goodness.

It's so so close to being done.  But here are a few pictures in the meantime.  Jimmy and my dad have worked their butts off finishing all the little details (and some big - like laying all the sod) that our contractors didn't get to because they apparently only like to work when it's 85 degrees outside.  Let me just say that Jimmy and my dad are the best and hardest workers that I know.

What I'm excited about...

Helping my sister with wedding planning!

She's already got the date, the venue, the church, a videographer and DJ!  Did I mention she plans events as her day job!?!?  I'm so excited for them I cannot stand it!!!

What I'm watching/reading...

Did you watch the Bachelorette finale?!

I missed out on the bachelorette party this week, but it was fun watching it with Jimmy (he's obsessed too).  I am very interested to see what happens with Kaitlyn and Shawn!
I'm very excited for Bachelor in Paradise as well!!!  And with fall come new fall TV - AH!


I just ordered this book from Amazon and cannot wait to start spending some quiet time with Him in the morning and work on being a better mother as well. 

What I'm listening to...

Country, country and more country.

Getting ready to go see Kenny Chesney and Jason Aldean this weekend, so I have had my pandora station at work alternating between Kenny Chesney station and Zac Brown Band.

Love Kenny and his KC shirt!!!!

What I'm wearing...

Is it fall yet?  It is just SO hot.  

Regular work clothes and then immediately into shirts and a tank top every night.  

I'm on the hunt for some new tennis shoes.  I kind of like these Nike shoes from Nordstrom.  Too bad they aren't in my size - but I need some new shoes and work out gear to help with my motivation!


What I'm doing this weekend...

This weekend is JAM packed and I cannot wait!

Friday night is Charlie's birthday and we are going to the neighborhood pool for some swimming and pizza with some family and a friend.  How fun is that?

Then Saturday we are off to the Kenny Chesney and Jason Aldean concert at Arrowhead stadium with two of Jimmy's brothers and their wives and some of our friends!  Plus, Charlie is going to see the Minions movie with my sister and her fiance...his first movie and he is going to LOVE it!

Finally, Sunday - is birthday party day for our third birthday!!!!  We are having some school friends and other friends over (and some family) and going to enjoy our FINISHED backyard.  It's supposed to be HOT so the kiddos are going to run around in some sprinklers and play some fun water games.  I can't wait!  And it's a Minion theme - so even better, right?  Luckily, Minions are all the rage right now - so Pinterest has been VERY helpful.


What I'm looking forward to next month....

Oh August.  I'm looking forward to lots of things!!  Since it kicks off Saturday, all the fun stuff this upcoming weekend and then lots of birthday celebrations, birthday parties, Jimmy starts football season (oh my!) and my 30th birthday.  

What else is new...

Just already busy looking at our fall calendar and thinking of all the people I want to have over to enjoy our new backyard (sorry - this project has gone on FAR too long and the anticipation is FAR to high!)

Bonus: What will you miss most about summer?

The pool.

(ha this is not our pool - but Charlie LOVES swimming!)

Except just like every year summer is crazy and I feel like we aren't at the pool nearly as much as we should be.  I'm going to try to force us to play catch up and get there several times next week during the weeknights and then on the weekends when we can.  It's such a great neighborhood pool that we need to use more because our kids (and we) love it!

Getting all sentimental

Three years ago I was SO pregnant.  I already knew I was going to be start the induction process within 48 hours and was so anxious (my post of that here).  My feet were ginormous.  I was so swollen.  It was SO hot in KC (kind of like this week!).  I was ready to have my baby boy.  But what I wasn't ready for was just how amazing he would be and how much he would change myself and my world.

And here I am.  Three years later.  With the most wonderful little boy.

Tonight during bed time, he was putting in the boyish charm for SURE.  It made me realize just how fast time flies.  How fast babies grow into kids.  Then kids into teens.  Then teens into adults.

Like how Charlie said tonight when we were laying in his bed,
"Mom, when I get older, I'm going to drink beer with dad." 
Along with a cheesy grin on his face.

Son, your dad cannot WAIT until that day.  But it won't be a for a few more years, bud.

In his attempt to delay bedtime tonight, here were some of my favorite conversations:

"Minions jump into candy and yell "ba-ba-ba, ba-na-nas""
Whining...."mooooommmm" "what?" "Uhhhh I just want you and dad to get married" (
"I am not a baby anymore.  I like being a big boy"...after listening to a quick version of the story of his birthday.
"mommy get under with me (pulls the covers over our heads)"  then he puts his little arm around me and whispers "mommy, I love you" (freaking melt my heart)
Listening to him read "oh the places you go" with his dad

And my all time favorite of the night?
As I told him I had to go and he needed to go to sleep, I started to get out of his bed and he grabbed my head and said - "mommy I love your hair".  Then he started patting my head and giggling "you're so cute".  Like this kid - I just wish I had a recorded video of our conversation and his sweet little laugh and babble.  I know I will miss this age SO much some day.  Even though the days are long sometimes and this kid can be a's worth every moment.  It's worth every sacrifice.  It's worth every long/tired night of comforting him when he's scared.

The moment I became a mom changed me for the better forever.

Cannot wait to celebrate this sweet boy and his three years in this world!

From a sweet baby boy to a CHEESE ball three year old.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Five on Friday!

Linking up with these ladies: DarciAprilNatasha and Christina.


Just a few things to share before I sign off on Friday and go to sleep!


This kid is almost 3!!! Not sure how that is possible but we are living through a stage of life that is so fun and so horrifying all together.  Only horrifying because all of a sudden he is super opinionated and throws mini fits for what seems like no good reason! 

But then getting to have conversations with him and laugh and play with him and see him learn and be imaginative.  I love watching the way his little mind works!


Speaking of our almost three year old.  Little man got THIS big bed in his room last week and is loving it!  I wanted a full so we could get in and snuggle if needed (needed by either of us).  But then my mom's coworker's tenant had an extra bed never used and bam.  It's a queen!! 

The more the merrier, right?!

He loves it so much.  And his lightning McQueen sheets that are a full size (oops).  Now onto making his room into a big boy room with a car theme!


I have been drinking way too much coffee lately.  Finally not pregnant and almost done nursing = body to myself = caffiene please!!

How stinkin cute is this instagram from homegoods I saw this week!! I want all of this!

To show you the other screen shot of social media I took this week- OMG this cake!!  I saw this and was like "this cannot be real!".  My dad's birthday is Monday and I sent this on my family group text saying that we should make him this for his bday! All his favorites- mashed potatoes, gravy and fried chicken!!!! 


Our backyard project that kicked off at the end of April that we paid someone an enormous amount of money to do that took FAR too long to complete (partly bc of all the rain and partly because of contractor issues) is almost done! Last Friday our playset was delivered and Jimmy and Casey spent all day Saturday putting it together and our kids just love it!!! Pea gravel got delivered this week and dumped under it.  Poor Jimmy has to spend tomorrow outside (it's SO hot) laying all the sod down too.  What a guy. And my dad? He's amazing and has been helping so much to make sure all the little things for it to be complete and amazing are done! He's the best!

Charlie loves it so much and his favorite part is the little house underneath! He makes it a store and "sells" you things!

Here's hoping for many wonderful years these two have together on this!

And really quick, in playset themed pictures- we attended the carnival at Charlie and Maddie's new day care they are starting in two weeks.  There was a bounce house, face painting, a mini pony, ok joes bbq, beer (Jimmy was so happy) and Ana and Elsa!! But guess what these kids like the best?!?  The playset.  Good news- all those other things won't be there when they start in 2 weeks but the playset will!!!

Happy Friday friends!  (Sorry if this formatting is weird- wrote this all on my phone ;) )

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My sister is engaged!!!!!!!

ANNNNNNDDDD - it's official!!

My little sister is ENGAGED.  I'm so so excited for her that Casey finally popped the question.

Quick story about them: they both went to K-State and majored in they had some classes together but didn't know each other that well.  Because my maiden name (her last name) and his last name are right next to each other alphabetically, they sat next to each other at college graduation.  And that was it.  They went off their separate ways.

Until November 2012.  It was the weekend that Charlie got baptized and my aunt was in they all went out to Waldo.  And there was Casey.  He came up and talked to her and the rest is history.  They started dating, bought a house together and are now GETTING MARRIED!!

So how did he propose?   I love it.  He's a tricky one.

This has been a long time coming my friends, so we have been waiting and trying to guess when he would do it.  After he had asked my parents for their permission and showed them the ring (so we knew he had was just time to guess when it would happen). 

Last Friday night - it happened!  They went down to the Plaza to grab dinner and see a movie.  They see a movie like every weekend.  Or maybe not every weekend, maybe every other - but for realz - like lots of movies.  So that wasn't out of the ordinary - but a nice dinner on the Plaza?  My mom and I had suspicions that Friday would be the night.  I was texting her during the night to see what was going on and how the movie was (it was LATE, at like 10:30).  She said she would tell me about it tomorrow.  Ha.

But really...while I was sleeping, THIS happened.

Yes sire, engaged in the middle of the movie Trainwreck.  Which is kind of funny.  Both the movie and that they got engaged while seeing that movie.  Apparently Casey left the theater during the movie to go get them some popcorn and was going to put the ring in the butter container (with no butter) and have her open it up and be so surprised.  Ha.  Well - guess what?  When you go to that late of a movie, apparently they stop selling popcorn.  Welp, poor Casey because that plan was ruined.  So he had to come up with some other way to engaged on the fly 

And oh boy he did.  Yes he did.

Next thing my sister knew, a cop found her in the back of the dark theater and asked her if she was there with Casey. She said yes and then the cop told her to get her stuff and she needed to come with him because there was something going on with Casey.  When she got out of the theater, she saw Casey yelling at a woman cop.  And the cop was yelling back at him.  She was floored because he is so calm and collected and this was so not like him.  The cop was holding handcuffs and telling Casey she was going to arrest him because he didn't have proof that he bought tickets to this movie and that's illegal to sneak into the movie theater.  So at this point, my sister was shaking and told them that she had a receipt on her phone, so she bent down to try to get her phone out of her purse...and then he got down on one knee and stopped her and told her it was ok and not real...and then said some sweet sweet things and asked her to marry him.  Pretty hilarious!  I guess my sister was so excited and was then like "So do I still need to show them the phone receipt?". Oh Lyndsay!!

But seriously - how in the world did he come up with that on the fly?!  That is sure a story that she will never ever forget.  Just love it - he always keep her on her toes and that's what I love about them together.  They are so cute and compliment each other so well.

Plus - my kids are obsessed with Casey.  And he's just as precise and anal about things and projects like my dad is - so of course he will fit in well!!!

So there you have it.  Next June is the wedding and so much to plan and be excited for!!

Beautiful roses and a BEAUTIFUL ring!!!!

Oh la la.  It's seriously so gorgeous.  I love the oval shape and the amazing halo!!!  So delicate and beautiful.

The other part was show funny it was when we found out.  They came over that next morning so Casey could help Jimmy put together the play set and all seemed normal.  It was so funny but I mentioned to her, "man...I'm bummed because I really thought you were going to engaged last night".  She just kind of shrugged it off (which usually she would be like I KNOW!).  So I didn't think much of it - but then when my mom came over a little later.  Lyndsay brought Casey back into the house and said they had something to tell us and broke us the news!! AHH!!

We were so excited and then Face timed my dad (who was in Iowa with my grandma) and told him the good news.  We were so excited!!

Look at these cuties!!

And then guess what?  To round off the weekend - the girls made a trip to the bridal show in KC to get the planning started off right.  It was so so fun to go see all the gorgeous dresses, taste some food, meet some great people/vendors.  I cannot WAIT!!  She's an event planner/fundraiser by day, so she has the whole planning thing down -but I can't wait to help where I can.

CHEERS.  To the future Mr and Mrs Burden!  We are so excited for them - I'm so excited to finally get to call Casey my brother-in-law and refer to him as Uncle Casey.  

Love you two!!!  So excited for all the fun times to come!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Menu Planning Monday

So here we are towards the end of July and I'm finally feeling that hopefully life will go back to "normal" from the craziness that started May 17 when I headed off on my first trip.  Three countries and many states later...from vacation to work travel to "trips" (see last post - haha!), I'm ready to enjoy time at home and get back to working out every morning and getting back to the 21 day fix eating plan.  To faciliate that - I need to menu plan.  So when I saw Colleen from Meet the Sullivan's was going to host a menu planning link up, I thought I'd join in to hold myself accountable. Just what I need!

~ Monday ~

Rotisserie Chicken (CostCo) (1 red)
Brown rice (1 yellow)
Broccoli (1 green)

(PS Am I the weirdo or is Jimmy that I could eat that rotisserie chicken from CostCo everyday..??  Jimmy HATES it, but he played a good sport and ate it tonight)

~ Tuesday ~

SW Taco Salad 
- Lean ground beef, SW seasoning, black beans, corn on lettuce + avocado -
(1 red, 1 yellow (1/2 for beans & 1/2 for corn), 1 green, 1 blue)


Grilled Salmon (1 red)
Grilled Asparagus (1 green)
1/2 baked potato (1 yellow)


Chicken stir fry with brown rice 
(1 red, 1 green, 1 yellow)


Dinner at neighbors house!!  Excited to hang out with them and their 3 little kiddos!


Leftovers or grill something (we usually play the weekends by ear)

SO fun pictures, but I'm giving this a try this week to hold me accountable not only to cooking every night but also sticking to the meal plan.  Care to share what you are eating??!

PS I have SO much to blog about and am so so excited!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Trip vs. Vacation

We returned home from a week "vacation" at Table Rock Lake with Jimmy's whole family.  All 23 of us (and that is the immediate family!).  10 kids, 13 adults.  

Mayhem.  Fun.  Drinking.  Eating.  Swimming.  Sweating.  Laughing.  Talent-showing.  You name it.

So much more to share.  But in the meantime, I couldn't resist sharing this.  My SIL tagged Jimmy and I in this post she shared on Facebook of an article that talks about a trip vs. vacation as a parent.  As this was our first trip with two kids (we go with Jimmy's family every other year and the in between years we had kids...), it was for sure not a "vacation".  And this article seriously cracks me up.  Everything about it is so true and defines our "trip" to Branson this past week.

Vacation or Trip? A Helpful Guide for Parents

You know what else cracks me up? 

This video I took of our car ride home.  After 7 days and 6 nights away.  Sleeping in a room all together and in a condo with 19 other people (who believe it or not, actually like to sleep, unlike our children).  We were all beat and ready to get home.  Then Charlie got his fingers smashed in the big bathroom door at McDonald's where we stopped for him to poop on the way home.  And Maddie decided to her top one year old molars on the top (she got the bottom ones two weeks ago). 

So we were already having fun...

Then we were about 4 miles from home in the afternoon on Friday...and we hit standstill traffic.

Both kids screaming.  We are not moving.

But for some odd reason...I now find this video amazing that I decided to take.

Because let's be honest, what else would you do??

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Maddie at 12 months old!

Length:  31.5 in (greater than 98%) aka tall
Weight:  24lbs and 10oz (97%)
Head: 18.5 in (94%)
  • Can I count it as a milestone as the first month since January that you haven't had an ear infection.  Seriously, as freaking hard as it is to see you go through surgery - it is SO worth it.
  • Yep - one year molars.  Starting to pop through.  Needless to say, none of us are fans.  You poor girl.  Your doctor could see them today and said they should be popping through soon!!! 
  • As you are transitioning to one nap a day (really dictated by you, but we are going along with it at school in particular because you're moving on up to the toddler room soon where they get one nap!), you are tired at night.  Like fussy by 6:30.  Teeth + one nap = asleep by 7PM.  I'm not complaining since you tend to sleep most of the night...but I miss time with you!!
  • You moved up to size 5 diapers.  Oh goodness girlfriend.
  • Ok so you still try anything that we offer you, but I feel like lately you are starting to adapt toddler eating habits.  NO!  STOP!  Eat everything vs. being a picky eater like your brother.  Maybe it's just a stage??!
  • So you're off your bottle.  School was working on it and all of a sudden you're done.  I'm still nursing you in the morning and at night (no pumping anymore - hallelujah!), but other than that we are mixing my frozen breastmilk with 2% milk for now.  We talked to your doctor today to make sure that was OK, because I know you should have whole milk, but luckily she said we could stick with the mixing, as you're getting nutrients you need from the frozen breastmilk.
  • So we made it - 12 months of nursing.  And I'd do it all again in a heartbeat girlfriend.
  • You talk and say "mama" and "dada" upon request.  And you're a SCREAMER!  Charlie was always so quiet, so you are very different from him in that sense and it's funny. You two feed off each other with the screaming though.  And so it begins!
Things you like (honestly, these didn't change much this month):
  • Walking!!!
  • Climbing up all stairs
  • Stealing toys from Charlie
  • Eating.  All the time.
  • Water and milk
  • Laughing at Chaz
  • Wrestling with your dad – so funny, you literally go over and immediately pounce on him whenever he is on the ground.  He loves it!!
  • DOGS - you are so happy that Toby is back home and literally chase him around.
Things you don't like:
  • Still do not like getting your diaper changed
  • You are not a fan of being "ignored" aka put down when I'm trying to make dinner or do something.  I promise I'm not neglecting you!!!
Special memories this month!!
  • The first two weeks of June, you got to come out to visit me at several corporate challenge events that I participated in at night during the week.  You all came out to the SM North track and then the next week you came out to watch me play soccer!
  • We got your adorable pictures back to celebrate you turning one from Ali
  • You and dad spent your first solo week together (with Charlie of course) when I went to London for work and had a blast!  He said you were so so good...and I believe it!
  • We celebrated Father's Day and you made him some pretty cute gifts!  He's the best dad I swear
  • Then the last week in June, we got to spend a few days together while dad went on a work trip - and we had a blast hanging out just the three of us!!
  • We celebrated your birthday with a party the week before Fourth of July and had so so much fun!!!
  • And finally - we celebrated on your actual birthday with some fun events around town and of course, fireworks!!!!!!!
A note to our girl:

Your parents

So I searched and searched for Charlie's official 12 month photo - but I guess I didn't do a post or a 12 month picture.  #momfail

But don't worry - he got in Maddie's 12 month photos.

If you cannot tell - you have quite the toddler attitude these days.  Case in point - you flat out refused to participate in these pictures.  I could have waited to do it when you were in a better mood, but I just went with it because the thought of getting you all dressed in this again...I kind of wanted to throw a fit like you did.  Ha.

Some pictures from this last month:

My sweet baby before getting tubes.  Into EVERYTHING!

You LOVE swimming and splash days at school, sweet girl!

Walking and YOGA!

Sweet sweet girl.


Oh my goodness.  She is so so ornery.

Loving those funnel cakes (and her freaking pacifier....if you cannot tell from the pictures...)

Holden and Maddie just watching their big brothers play t-ball on Saturday mornings.

Getting her coloring skills on at school

Bed time selfie with mom.  That pacifier!!!!! 

Maddie and her emotions!

And not the best picture to end on - but this girl fell HARD.  She was trying to kick a ball, missed it and landed right on the corner of our banister.  It seriously grew instantly.  This was all while dad was out of town.  Felt so so bad for her!!!