Friday, April 27, 2012

Nursery - a WIP

Do you know that acronym?  Ah, the good old days of accounting for business operations when we learned about work-in-process or WIP inventory.  But for the nursery's sake we'll say it's a true work in progress.

I think I mentioned this before, but on a random Tuesday night - I cleaned everything out of the room.  I wanted all the old stuff resembling the office/2nd guest room gone because I seriously threw up a little in my mouth whenever I had to open the door to the room.  Just looking at all the work to come, I was a little anxious.  But when it was cleared out, it looked like this and this made me feel a little bit better.  A clean slate.  Ready to start getting this room ready for our little boy.

The lone rocking chair.  This was Jimmy's grandparents chair that we have now.
The empty closet with bright blue shelves sans doors.  Just waiting for a makeover and his clothes to be hung!

And so it began.  I taped the bottom trim, around the windows and doors and in the closet.  Jimmy took care of taping the line.  I'm pretty sure he wasn't happy about it because it was hard - but I will tell you I think he did a great job!  Thanks babe!!  Then he got to work immediately on the gray.  Then my mom and I came back around with the navy after we finished taking the blue contact paper off the shelves and painted those a fresh coat of white paint.

Here was the first stripe in progress.

And the now all navy closet.  I am so excited to see what the newly painted shelves and one newly constructed shelf (that will live in the middle) look like when they "pop" white in there.

Then finally came the test of taking off the tape to see how the navy stripe turned out.  And good job Jimmy - it turned out fantastic!  Straight and everything.  He gets an award for that.  But then the second fun taping part came for the lime green stripes that will surround the navy stripe.  Again, he took care of that.  I was busy compiling bachelorette party invitations and wedding shower prep for the upcoming weekend - so I let him do his thing.

And came back to this just hours later.  He did say the lime green will need a few more coats.  But that's just the "kid color" pop I think this room needed.  I like it.  I can't wait to see it all done with the straight lines all the way around the room!!!  Yeah Jimmy!!  Great job babe!

As the lime green stripe keeps getting a few more coats to make sure the yellowish color underneath is covered up, this crib has been patiently waiting in our garage for over a week now.  And it's ready to get assembled.  AH!  So crazy.  But I'm excited to start putting it together with

This is what this baby will look like once it is put together.   So excited to see it up in the nursery as things slowly start to come together and my that overwhelming feeling of too much to do slowly slips away.  Trust me, there is still PLENTY to do - but it feels good to make it this far and at this point, we're taking each little victory we can get!!

I can't wait for these fabrics to be splattered all over this crib and the room.  My mom and aunt will do a fabulous job of sewing up some great things for this baby.  I did find the perfect fitted crib sheets at Pottery Barn Kids yesterday that I'm going to order - but they are on backorder until June and the other until July!!  Jeez!!  I keep thinking I'm doing this late, but am thankful we still have some buffer time for all these back orders and long order items!!!!!!  

Happy Friday and cannot wait for this to continue to come together!!  And the bathroom progress will continue this weekend as well as Bark for Life and then a fun shower for my bff Lauren to end a great weekend!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

26 weeks - where is the time going!?

Seriously, when did this happen?  I feel like yesterday we were heading to our first doctor's appointment where I made them tell me 14 times, yes you are pregnant.  And all of a sudden there are only 14 weeks left until this little boy makes his appearance.  We are signing up and starting childbirth classes next week.  I'm pretty much BFFs with our day care lady, as we talk frequently.  And that month timeframe between appointments?  Yep, that ended as of yesterday.  We are on the every 2 weeks now.  Which I knew was coming, but honestly thought was going to be forever away.  

Maybe I was in denial or something, like I didn't know what was going to happen at the end of all this. But guess what?!  We are moving right along.  Moving right along with only 2 weeks left in the second trimester before we go full speed ahead to the third trimester.  Holy moly.

This week I got a lot of "Whoa - you are looking much bigger" and now random strangers have absolutely NO doubt that there's a baby in there and it isn't just that I ate too much for lunch or dinner.  I have felt "huge" for a while (even though I know there is a long way to go, I'm glad this process is somewhat gradual because I'm not sure if I could handle going from normal weight to super pregnant), but now that other people are starting to comment on it...I start to question things.  Which is why I took like a page list of questions to my doctor just to get reassurance that I'm not too big already.  She is the nicest person ever and continually reassured me that I'm moving along just fine, gaining weight the right way and guess what the best news was?  She says there is one healthy little baby boy in there.  With a strong heartbeat who likes to move all over and really like it when I drink a glass of milk.  So guess what?  That's what I'm holding on to because really - that is the most important thing.  

Without further ado - the 26 week bump.  That is growing and growing and growing...

Seriously, check me out from the front.  I mean that is a baby folks.  Wowza.

How far along: 26 weeks
Size of Baby BOY Carter: 1.5-2.5 lbs and 14 inches 
Fruit/vegetable comparison: Size of a head of lettuce!
Total weight gain: 16lbs
Sleep:  Much better!
Movement: He's a crazy baby moving everywhere.  Especially when I drink milk or caffeine.
Unglamorous body changes: Just the "WHOA" statements.  But I guess I am happy because it's very obvious that I'm pregnant - finally!
Food cravings: I NEEDED a DQ cookie dough blizzard this week.  And I got it.
What I miss: I miss coffee this week!!!
Strange experiences: None this week 
Milestones: His eyes are forming and they are starting to open.  He is also taking breaths! 
Best moment this week: I always love doctor's appointments and was happy to have Jimmy there this time to hear his little heart beat again!  Also, a phone call that saved us LOTS of money. To get a spot in the day care center we liked, we were going to have to start paying in August (yep 3 months before we actually need it) because it was either August or March and since I'm going back to work in November - not really lots of choices.  Well - the owner called to tell me Tuesday that she had been working hard to move things around and has it worked out that we don't have to start paying until he actually starts attending.  Um hello - that's like a savings of 2.5 house payments.  Vacation anyone?  Haha, just kidding - but seriously, so happy about that and now I can be more excited about staying home with my little guy!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tile is up!!!

Wowza - I'm completely behind on updating the blog with the bathroom renovation status.  Let me tell you - my dad, Jimmy and Dave (yes, we recruited Dave again to tile!) have been working hard and long to transform the bathroom.  Last time I posted about the bathroom, it looked like this...

Well, then Jimmy worked hard (by himself) to put up the concrete backer board over Easter weekend.  He was pretty much rock star husband status at that point because I was so impressed at how hard he worked and got it all up by himself!  Way to go Jam!

Then he painted it with some water protectant/sealant so it would always stay super dry.  Let me say this.  Whoever buys this house down the road is very lucky because we don't cut corners on these DIY projects.  They will be very lucky!!!  I am not going to lie though, the pink kind of freaked me out for a little bit!!!  Also, if you notice my dad and Jimmy got the sheetrock up (the green kind because it's a bathroom) for the bathroom walls that will be painted.

Then Jimmy and Dave worked hard to get all the shower tile up, but I made them stop on Sunday night so we could go eat Thai food.  This mama has to eat.  But they made LOTS of progress the weekend following Easter and I could really see it coming together!!!

And my dad started working on mudding the sheetrock to get it all nice and looks like an actual wall.  Did you know that building walls are so much work?!?!   In our bathroom we hired a few guys to do this mudding work and pretty much we paid them $300 and they did a terrible job.  Like not sanded at all and every time I sit on the toilet in our master bathroom I stare at the walls and curse them under my breath.  So while this is a hard process, my dad decided to take it upon himself to be perfect.  He is a perfectionist....

Then Jimmy and Dave worked hard on his birthday (I know, I'm a slave driver) and the night following to finish up all the tile, including the floor.  And seriously, how good does it look and what a great job they did.  My dad came over later that week and was SUPER impressed with the lines all straight (especially the floor since the room isn't square).  I love it.  I always get super stressed and nervous when picking tile out because it looks good individually but then you always hope and pray that it looks good when it's all up in the space.  But I have to say, I love it.  A lot.  And the vanity that was delivered a few weeks ago (all 190 lbs of it) will look so awesome once we get it in there.

The walls are also ready to be primed and then painted.  Wahoo!  It's really starting to look like a bathroom.  I couldn't be more excited.  And the amazing thing is, we have been working on the nursery simultaneously, and it's actually all coming together!!

Couldn't be more thankful for my dad and Jimmy and friends willing to help, Evan and Dave!!  This complete bathroom renovation will come in at a LOT less than we expected and a LOT LOT LOT less that what I got a bid for a contractor to do the work.  While it takes time, to save that much money and get just exactly what I want - I can be patient.  Baby Carter is one lucky little guy to bathe in this new bathtub someday and brush his teeth in this new sink.  Now if I can just figure out a way to make sure he doesn't pee all over the walls......

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The future Mrs. Matlock folks

You are never going to believe when you see these pictures that this girl just had a baby 3 weeks ago, but yes sir she did.  Remember when we showered Baby Jackson with things?  Well this time it was Miss Emily's (and Jeff's) turn to get spoiled with fun things to celebrate their upcoming nuptials - in just 3 weeks!!  Cannot believe their wedding is almost here!!

The shower was hosted by her bridesmaids, 3 of her sisters, Vanessa and I....but also by Emily's amazing stepmom, Sharon.  Sharon is pretty much the rock star shower planner.  I need a Sharon in my life for all big events!!!!

Check out the set up - Sharon even made those super awesome tissue paper flowers.  Yep, she's a pinterest expert folks!!

And check out this food spread.  Oh my goodness!!!  It included mini waffles with syrup cups, sopapilla cheesecake, mini fruit pizzas, chocolate covered strawberries, donut hole trees, cinnamon rolls on a stick, sausage and cheese crescent squares, mini quiches, veggie pizza AND a delicious cake.

On top of that, Sharon had some bloody mary's, OJ and mimosas - oh my goodness.  YUMMY!

And in came the bride herself.  I'm not going to lie, when she walked in the door looking all sexy in that dress, her aviator sunglasses on and her sweet little baby in hand - she looked like a natural and super stylish mom.  I loved it!!!  And guess what?  This was her first alcoholic drink in ten months!  I caught it on camera people.  

Me and the bride to be!!  (PS - please tell me I will look as skinny as she does 21 days post baby!!).  Hot  mama - love the dress!!

And don't worry Vanessa, everyone throughly enjoyed the game props!!!  Haha, so fun!!

Emily and 3 of her 4 sisters!!  Can't wait for the wedding day to celebrate with them as wel!

Emily and Jeff got lots of awesome stuff - but I have to say it was mainly for Jeff, right, Em?  Haha!  He is a pro in the kitchen and will be super pumped for the bowls, plates, platters, kitchen toys (salad spinner) AND the dutch oven that I got them.  Love it!

While Emily was the star of the party...her sweet little son might have stole the show from her.  I don't think she minded though.  We just all kind of passed him around in awe of how handsome and sweet he is!!!  Look at how happy all these girls look!  What a sweet little baby boy!

But we also had lots of fun with him too - including the props thanks to Vanessa!  Emily and Jeff - this is what your son will look like with facial hair someday.  Actually, it might be more like what he would look like if he was born a really long time ago in the saloon days.  How cute is this picture!?!?!?

And how adorable is this candid shot of Molly and Jackson.  She was in awe of this little boy.  He is so sweet!!!

So we ended the shower with goodbyes, but Sharon had much more planned for the afternoon and evening.  We had originally planned to do Emily's bachelorette party that evening, but then they found out that Jimmy Buffett was in town at the Sprint Center.  And this family is CRAZY about Jimmy Buffett.  So she decided to cancel the bachelorette party and go in style with her family downtown to a concert she always wanted to see.

I have to say, it looked like they all had SO much fun from all the facebook pictures, videos and posts.  Check out her bachelorette style from a picture I stole from facebook.

So cheers to Emily and Jeff!!  What a wonderful shower and hope you had so much fun at the concert that night!  Cannot WAIT until May 12 for you big day and celebrate with you both and your families! You guys are an amazing couple and already amazing parents, so I know you have such a fabulous married life ahead of you!!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

First baby "toy"

This past Friday night, my parents treated us to dinner for Jimmy's birthday.  It was his pick as to where we were going to go eat.  He chose to try out Swaggers at their new location in Martin City, MO.  My uncle just got a job there and it opened just a week earlier.  It was featured on Diner's, Drive ins and Dives and had some pretty interesting dishes.  One was called the "Dead Texan" which Jimmy dared to try.  It was two grilled cheese sandwiches that served as the "bun" of the burger, with a 1/3 lb burger, cheese, jalapenos, an egg and mayo.  All I think of when I hear that is heartburn - which I already had plenty of going on after the onion ring appetizers.  Jimmy was in love with the Dead Texan though!!

Afterwords, because my sister wouldn't let my mom bring the present they bought from Jimmy into the we were going back out to our cars, Lyndsay spotted a tropical sno place just across the street.  It was JUST like Tad's in Manhattan and so good.  So we decided to go and let Jimmy open up his present there.  Yummmmm......

And then it was the time for the big reveal.  The present that I knew Jimmy had been waiting for LONG before we ever knew this baby boy was on his way.  He loved using it with our nieces and nephews.  And finally - he was going to have one of his own.

And after he opened it up...well, he was pretty excited he tried it on right then and there.  Well, after he struggled a bit to figure out how it actually worked.

And ended up with it a little too high - but don't worry, he was all smiles.  He said now he was ready for our son to come because he just thought it was the coolest thing ever.  Guess what?  I'm pretty excited to see our little boy in it too hanging out with his dad.

But don't you worry - the fun didn't stop there.  Remember that we have two little dogs at home right? Both under the 25lb Baby Bjorn weight limit.  So of COURSE when we got home, what do you think Jimmy did??

Milly loved it!
Willy did too

But the fun didn't stop on Friday night - it continued into the Saturday night fun and Milly was getting the hang of it a lot better.  She even put her paw through the baby arm hole.

So needless to say - it was a fun weekend at the Carter house, if you cannot tell.  Haha.  (PS sorry for the bad picture quality.  Still trying to figure out how to get those great iPhone pictures from my phone to still look good when transferring to my blog!).  I will say - great present mom!  Jimmy loved it and I know it will go to good use