Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The weekend and the Strikers debut!

This weekend Tim and Shellie (Jimmy's oldest brother and his wife) went out of town so we volunteered to help Jimmy's mom and dad throughout the weekend take care of their 3 kids: Libbie (6, almost 7, years old), Ben (4.5 years old) and Kenlie (just a little over 2 years old). And they are so freaking cute!! They are three of the seven (yes- 7!!) nieces and nephews I will be officially acquiring upon our marriage on April 10 :) And I couldn't be "adopting" a cuter bunch of kids!!!

Anyways, so our Friday night consisted of going to Splash Cove- which is a kids water park/swimming pool near the Carter's house off of Johnson Drive and Quivira. We have been there a couple times with them and it's always entertaining. This time, Libbie made sure to assign partners so no one got separated (I mean it's really not THAT big of a place, but I guess if you are a little kid it would seem like that- plus she's always the responsible older sister!). The pairs were as follows:

Libbie = Brittany

Ben = Jimmy

Kenlie = Mrs. Carter (aka Grana)

After a delicious dinner of chicken patties, french fries, and cottage cheese- Libbie always helps plan the menu when they stay with Grana and Pops- we were off.

The place is always packed and full of kids and their parents, but it's always hilarious. There is this one big bucket that fills up with about 40 gallons of water and then a bell rings and the bucket slowly turns over spilling all the water over the kids in that area. Needless to say it's always one of those things the kids are like "do we like this or not?". So they always do it and end up laughing even though they get water up their nose. So after about 15 times up and down the slides (the blue one is the most fun- and yes, Jimmy and I go with them and wait in line. We actually almost got in a fight with these rude kids because they kept cutting in line. Jimmy said something to them but the just laughed and cut again. Jerks), some time in the wave pool, showcasing what they learned in swimming lessons, and clapping as Uncle Jimmy comes out the bottom of the BIG slide and splashes in the water - you have to be over 4ft to go on this one, so it's a big deal- we were off to the concession stand for popsicles. After those got all over their swimsuits we took a few more dips, jumps in the pool, and turns down the slide and it was bed time. THANK GOD- because at that point I was exhausted and couldn't imagine why anyone would ever think it was a good idea to have kids! But then after we got home and laughed at how funny they were and what amazing kids they are with such hilarious personalities- I realized why people do- just not for a while!

Saturday was outdoor demolition- thanks to Mike, Jimmy, my dad, and Jay! I was the errand runner. Like I said, once I find my camera cord---there will be before and after pics---including one of the broken sledge hammer. Yes they worked THAT hard. Then we laid at Kanatzar's pool for a couple hours then back to our house because the Carter family (some of them) were coming over for hot dogs- per Libbie's menu pick.

Libbie, Ben, Kenlie, Mrs. & Mr. Carter, Pat, Trish, Eli, Katy, Bobby, and Hillary all came over to grill hot dogs, "play" and just hang out that night. Our house was a mess- but I got over that. Libbie had given me specific instructions to bring over Barbie's for her and Ben to play with. So we played with them for a while (I brought over a pregnant Barbie and then they hosted a baby shower for her and then something else happened- I think the whole new family went for a ride in the red convertible?), then ate, and played rock band. Which ended in Ben getting a little too excited on the drums and hitting Kenlie in the head with one of the sticks and everyone going home because Kenlie needed to go to bed. What a night :)

Sunday, I successfully put together a new dresser for our room- and I did a very good job if I must say so myself). Then we picked up Libbie and took her out to Lone Elm park for her 3:30 T-ball game. This was when we got to see the Strikers in action. Haha they were so cute!! They actually only had 3 players when the game started so they borrowed 3 from the other team. The whole concept is hilarious because they all stand on the in field and then it's kind of 1/2 coach pitch and 1/2 t-ball. They get 3 swings first and then if they miss those, they get to hit off the tee. Libbie was always ahead of the pitch....but she sure got some great hits off of the tee!!! I was a great aunt-to-be Libbie Carter cheering section!!! Here's a video that Jimmy got of one of her at-bats! The whole teams just bats all the way through the roster 3 times and then the game is done....so no outs, etc. It took me a while to catch onto the rules because I'm a little competitive and didn't understand, but they all had a good time. One of her teammates really liked playing in the dirt too :)

After the game, we went back to the Carters for a yummy Mexican dinner and Tim and Shellie got back from their trip (it was their 10 year anniversary!) and it was SO cute to see how excited the kids all were to see them. And then I went home and passed out of extreme exhaustion from hanging out with 3 kids all weekend long. End of story.

PS- I forgot to mention the fact that the other team was HARD CORE and when they were in the field, every time before the pitcher pitched the first basemen who was a cute little girl would yell "READY" and then the rest of the team would yell "SET". A little intimidating to the batter and a little extreme- they are 6 and 7!!! haha

Missing: Camera cord!!!

I have all these great pictures from the weekend (one includes Jimmy being super manly and swinging a sledge hammer) but I cannot seem to find my camera cord and I'm so mad!!! I will look more intently tonight- but it has to be somewhere.

I'm angry at myself because I so diligently cleaned out all the files in the file cabinent and reorganized them and then organized my desk---and then stood back happier than ever and feeling in control of life because of the re-org. However, now I'm mad because it's one of those "I'm pretty sure I left it here..." then I go check and it's not there. Then I have another place pop in my head and it's not there. Where the heck is it!? :) Hope you are not having one of those days!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

My 3 angels!

While I have been acting like a maniac this week and pretty much losing my mind for no apparent reason at all (well maybe there was a few- that will be a whole other post which includes an 8 ton dumpster sitting in our driveway), my dogs did make my Friday afternoon when they were SO good and all ate so peacefully.

Toby is LOVING the fenced yard. We had 2 sides of the yard with a 6 ft fence, but one with only a 4ft chain link. So my Dad has been diligently working over the past few weeks to get the posts up and then on Tuesday, he and Jimmy put up the first side of our new "shadow" fence....so that means Toby is free to run around. AKA he is having the time of his life. And I'm loving how happy he is AND how much energy he exerts running around it. (Except he cannot eat right next to Milly and Willy's bowls because he and Willy will get in a fight over the food)

I just LOVE them!!! :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wedding breakdown #1..of many to come I'm sure.

Ok so planning a wedding is hard. I say that because I am not the bride that has envisioned my wedding day from when I was a little girl. However, I am the bride that has been saving my money diligently for this day for a LONG time. (Example: I went to meet with my financial advisor one time and he asked me if I had a plan with what I was going to do with all this money I had been saving. I simply answered, that's for my wedding. He looked under the table and then shot me a confused look and asked: "Are you engaged?"; Me: "No"; Him: "Do you have a boyfriend?"; Me: "No"; Him---strange look continues and he suggests putting the money in an aggressive fund for now and then when the time comes around, we move to something more conservative). Anyways.....I get really excited and then I get really discouraged, then really excited, and then really sick to my stomach because I think of all the money it costs to host a wedding- especially one with all our family and friends (that guest list is a whole other story!!).
So today has been one of those days. Jimmy and I finally made a the first big vendor decision (or so I thought)...being the photographer we are going to use. Then I get an email with a photographer that a friend's friend is using for way cheaper with no day of time limit. So I freak out. I look at her website and think "wow this is such a good deal", then I think "but is there a reason that she's so cheap? maybe she's super young and not that experienced in taking pictures?" and then I think "no i am really set in our initial decision" but then i think "wow it would be so nice to decrease the dollars budgeted for photography on my budget spreadsheet and allocate those dollars elsewhere" (which has now become my latest new excel obsession)...so I immediately go to the wedding budget spreadsheet and adjust photography down and the reception allocation up. I'm instantly happy. But then, I start feeling regret thinking of how much I like the original company and I feel like they will do a quality job. So then I get on the Internet (this is just the start to disappointment)..I find this KC Brides posting about photographers for around $800 (what a steal!) and start clicking on links to like 5 photographers that all look awesome. The disappointment/remorse/regret/confusion continues.
The big question is....I just got the contract in the mail from the original photographer we chose and what do I do now?? Just wait and meet with a few more of the ones I found today---but that will take more time and effort (things that I seem to be lacking these days)....so do I just stick strong in my original decision and get over the fact that I might be paying a few hundred dollars extra, but that it will probably be more quality work?? AHH. As you can see....my mind is going in circles. I just text messaged Jimmy that I think we should elope.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's 100 degrees in KC...and the AC breaks! Seriously??

Last night I got home from work and walked into what felt like a sauna...which supposedly was our house. Which it was hot when I walked in from the garage....the surge of heat didn't hit me smack in the face until I walked up the stairs. WOW!! My glasses fogged up (it was that freaking hot)! All the doors were closed to the bedrooms because my dad had been there working outside the house earlier, so I figured he just closed them so the dogs wouldn't potty anywhere they weren't supposed to and since they were closed there was no air circulation from the vents. So I opened up the guest room door (where the dog's kennel is) and realized that wasn't the case because it was smoking hot in that room too.

I ignored the issue for about 15 minutes or so, took the dogs out, fed them, changed clothes for bootcamp, and then realized that it wasn't just my mind playing tricks. When I went to check the thermostat and it said a big 8-5, yeah I couldn't ignore it anymore. Unfortunately for Jimmy, I had to go to workout and he was headed over to the house to meet Evan for some plumbing work. Now this became his issue- and he took care of it just wonderfully :)

The good news is that when we bought the house, the seller paid for one year of a home warranty as part of our contract....and this is just the situation when that comes in handy (thanks Brenda for making sure we wrote that into the contract)!!! So Jimmy got out the home warranty papers out of our newly organized file cabinet (thanks to yours truly) and set up an appointment for them to come out and look at it today (Tuesday). Let's just hope they say "Easy fix" and we're back in our house. Otherwise...David will have a new roommate for a while (Lauren) and Daisy will continue with her depression while Milly, Willy, and I shack it up at the Bruns household.

All I can say- is what the heck did people do in the "old days?". I couldn't handle staying in that HOT house for more than 25 minutes!!!!

The AC playing tricks on us...

Um...pretty much what I looked like last night (but in girl form)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Illustration of my feelings

I found this picture and I couldn't resist. This is EXACTLY how I feel today. However, I was a good employee and did not actually do this. However, that would be hilarious. However, let's count how many times I can write the word "however" in about 5 sentences. I'm losing my mind!!


So glad this week is finally coming to an end. What a week it has been!!!

I met with 3 photographers this week to talk about pricing, timing, and picture packages with them. All 3 were great, but I think we decided to go with the first one I met with, which is Cornerstone Photography (http://www.cornerstonephotography.com/). The owner of the KC office (Morgan) is good friends with Nick Bates, which is one of Jimmy's good family friends. She is not actually going to be able to shoot our wedding, but she was awesome to meet with and we went over 4 different photographers portfolios until I decided on 2 that I really liked and she agreed would mesh well together on our wedding day. I'm anxious to meet them as well, but their work looked so great! The thing I am most concerned about is just the timing of everything, since our ceremony is at 2 and the reception isn't until 5:30/6 and just making sure the photographers are there long enough to capture everything. I think I'm just overreacting. That seems to be happening a lot lately.

So now that that is over, we are hoping to meet with a few DJ we are looking at---both with karaoke options, of course!! One of the ones we are meeting with says on their website (Karaoke- not recommended for weddings)....so we'll see what he has to say we when we say--WE WANT IT!

With only 2 vendor searches on the way or completed, that leaves what seems like a bigillion more to figure out. I'll leave that for next week :)

Anyways, on top of all that this week- I did bridal bootcamp 2 times this week and am already noticing how much stronger I have gotten. I have done it a total of 3 times so far and the first time I did like 10 push ups and wanted to give up, but of course Jennifer was there pushing me along saying "don't quit!! don't you want your shoulders to look nice and toned when you are standing at the altAr?". My answer is "yes" so I kept trying but couldn't move my arms the next day. However, after about 50 total push ups this last Wednesday, my arms barely hurt!! (Note: all 50 push ups were spread out over an hour....if I could ever do 50 at one time I'd be amazed). So that's a GREAT sign. There have been a lot more people joining the group too, so that has been awesome to meet them and encourage them throughout the work out!!! Overall, I'm just loving it because it's great to have people there 1) telling you what to do and pushing you but 2) have others to encourage you and really be positive!! Check out their website---this is the first summer for this in KC and I HIGHLY recommend it!! http://www.kcbridalbootcamp.com/

Yesterday, my dad's side of the family came in town so after my meeting with the photographer I went to my parents house to eat dinner with all them, then they came over to our house and saw it!! Since I wouldn't have time to see them the rest of the weekend, they also made a trip down to Hallmark today to visit Crown Center, shop in the Double Discount Store, and see where I work!! It was a little tiring for them with all the walking, but I'm glad they made the trip down.

Tonight, we are off to the Royal's game....which should be a blast!!! Going with some Hallmark folks and Vanessa, Chris, Jimmy, and Emily....I'm really really excited about it and we're going to meet some new friends which is always a good time.

THEN- Erica gets in town from Dallas tonight so she and Liz will be the first shackers in our new guest room (oh yeah- I finished painting that last Sunday, we bought a bed and have a bed spread and everything now!! I'll post pics of that soon!). Then we are all headed off to Manhattan for Myers wedding festivities!!! Yeah for a fun filled Saturday!

Sunday....I'll be taking Erica back to the airport to head back to Dallas then celebrating father's day with my dad and then the Carter's later that night. Come Sunday night, I can tell you one thing I'm going to be dying for: SLEEP.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


What is that picture of you might be asking yourself?? Oh that's right. That is the 13 $50 gift cards from Home Depot that were delivered from UPS today to my front door!! How much is that??? A whopping $650!!!!!!!!! Now why would I be so excited about this and how did these come into my possession?? Ah...oddly enough I have Deloitte Consulting to thank for that!!

In my year as a consultant I racked up a ton of American Express points using the company credit card. When it came time for me to quit and obviously forfeit the corporate card (really sad I know), I opened up a personal Amex card and transferred the points to there because I didn't know what I was going to spend them on just yet. So I waited and waited....racked up just a few thousand more points on my own and then fast forward to Monday morning. I am walking into work after have a BRILLIANT idea on how to do a low cost renovation of the master bathroom thanks to a visit from Ms Jamie Miller and her insight!!! She suggested instead of ripping all the tile out since it's still in good condition, I should just try to rip off the pink tiles that act as a border around the tan tile and replace those. BAM! I go to Home Depot on Sunday and find the perfect match. 94 cent black tiles that are the same width so it's just a simple swap (well we'll see if I'm still using the adjective "simple" after the project is underway, but in my mind it's really easy). Of course the finance/budget person in me is thinking, with those 105 or so tiles to replace and getting a new vanity, that's still some cash I'll have to shell over (Oh yeah- I forgot to mention, that beautiful picture that I posted previously about how I'm going to renovate our master bath...I finally came to the harsh realization that the money from the IRS is going to go to those granite counter tops I'm dying for, the new garage door we just got yesterday, and the landscaping changes and additions in the front of the house...so I've been brainstorming Plan B).
Anyways--- Monday morning walking into work I thought to myself "Man I really wish I just had a lot of Home Depot gift cards that I got as gifts just sitting around". Then it hit me! I had SO many Amex points and you can redeem gift cards for them. I immediately get on the website and better yet they are ON SALE!!! 20% off...so instead of using 5000 points for $50 it's only 4000....I'm sold...so I spend 52000 points and 3 days later these arrive on my front door. You have no idea how excited I am because it's essentially a free bathroom thanks to Deloitte. I have to say, that year of my life I can now declare officially worth it!!!!

Phi Slamma Jamma rules

Lauren and David- a great team :) Lauren has a mean serve
The "coach" himself in an awesome tank

Last night was our first sand volleyball game- and boy was it fun!! More fun than I ever imagined. Of course since Jimmy signed us up for the league, our name is Phi Slamma Jamma. Which is ok, but it's just so typical.
Team Roster includes the following:
Jimmy Carter
David Hart
Dave Rickard
John Turek
Mike Owens (new addition!)
Lauren Young
Miranda Myer
Emily McClelland
Brittany Bruns
and Jen Gray (new addition and SO excited to have her!!)
We won all 3 games last night against a team that has been playing together since 1988. Actually I made that up, but I heard one of them say something about 1988 when I was standing by the net, so I thought I'd throw that in there. So far we are 1-0!!! Hopefully we can keep it up!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Some exciting things were happening at Hallmark Cards today in the Retail finance department! Since about January, Jackie and I have been working in a little section all alone with about 8-9 other cubes. We are next to a main aisle so when people realize that is where I sit and they walk by it every day their reaction is always "Man- I always wondered who sits there---how lonely". Well, it's actually not that bad with Jackie is there because we have plenty to talk about and some of our conversations, I'm sure others do not want to hear....but it was nice to have company when I first started.

Since about February, the rumors have been flying about what group was going to move into our area and when. That whole month went by and no activity.....and the rumor mill flew through a few different groups, when they finally landed on CSG (Corporate Store Group- which is what I work in) HR department. It made since because their boss has an office over by us. After that was determined then the timing rumors began. A couple weeks ago, they did host a birthday celebration over where they are eventually going to sit- which is GREAT because the more parties/celebrations/gatherings the better. Those are my favorite at work!!

Anyways, I'm obviously making a really quick/short store incredibly long and drawn out, but I mean if you know me then you are probably used to it. The best news of this story is that the move started today. These two facilities guys came over and spent 1/2 the day tearing down the cubes right against ours since all of HRs file cabinets will go there and then I guess by tomorrow they'll have their cubes ready. (who knew that could take so long).

Here are the pictures to prove it! (PS I had to wait until Jackie went to the bathroom and I quickly shot some pics. Otherwise explaining why I was taking pictures of empty cubicles would've been pretty interesting I'm sure!)

The empty area, where they'll be moving in!

The construction site.

Yeah for new friends @ work!!

Happy birthday to Barb :)

Last Sunday, 6/14 it was my mom's birthday...so I figure what better way to pay tribute to her than make her the *STAR* of my blog post. (Please tell me that someone reading just thought of the queen of ***BeStIeS*** herself). Anyways....her birthday did not kick off so well- however if Jimmy really would have called her at midnight when we were out at Kennedy's like he pretended he was doing, that might have been amusing because a) Jimmy was drunk from tailgating all day starting @ 2PM and then going to the Royal's game and b) my mom was on pain pills from hurting her back in the midst of the hot tub move that Saturday morning. So you can just imagine with those 2 combinations...it probably would have been quite the conversation!

We were planning on going to church on Sunday morning also, but I got a text as I was getting ready that said "I'm in bed- cannot move, will not make it to church". So I had to guess she wasn't too happy. In the mean time, I met my dad at church and then he went to a meeting about his upcoming Africa mission trip all day, I went to Home Depot and thought of some great design ideas and bought some paint (pictures on the results of that trip and a blog post to come), and I'm pretty sure my mom slept and tried to recover all day. POOR BARB. What a miserable way to spend the day of your birthday!!

But then we all met at Stroud's for a birthday dinner celebration and she was feeling better, so that's great. Nothing like fried chicken and delicious cinamonn rolls to celebrate a great year! Then I made my parents come back to our house and see all the work on the guest room I had done all weekend---and they complimented it, so that was great!!

Anyways, here is a picture tribute to Barb Bruns, the best mom ever! (I really wanted to post some old pictures of her from college, because her hair was so long and she is hot...but I do not have a scanner. I need one)

Our wonderful family. We need Jimmy, Milly, Willy, and Toby for the next family shot because they are "official" almost! (well M&W already are)

Ah Mom's weekend. This is when Barb gets crazy! Haha

And her facebook profile pic, which I think is cut out from the first picture because I see my hair. Add her as a friend :)
Love you mom!!!

New Homeowner Disaster #2: Averted

Although this incident took place over a week ago, I still truly believe that it needs to make the blog because it was hilarious- after the fact of course. And don't worry Lauren is well aware that this was making the blog. She said she's embarrassed, but I mean it's just too funny not to share.

A typical Sunday night at the house. Jimmy had Kanatzar and Jay over to watch the NBA finals game....I was working on my attempt #1 to ask my bridesmaids in a creative way (note: I ended up using nothing from my first idea. Ha), and the four of us were down in the family room/man cave. We had both been to a wedding the night before and Lauren came home from hanging out with David all day with some leftover pizza. I am pretty sure this is how it went:

- Lauren opens up the pizza box and takes out a slice
- She puts it on a napkin and into the microwave
* Here is where the events are unknown by all parties present
- She pushes buttons on the microwave to turn it on and heat up her pizza
- She walks downstairs and talks to the four of us....we recap the weddings a little bit, start talking about this and that, I act weird when she asks me what I'm doing (obviously she can't know because she was getting one, even though that idea didn't work out), and next thing we all know about 5-10 minutes have passed
- Lauren walks up the stairs and proclaims "Is something on fire?"
- I run upstairs and there is smoke EVERYWHERE (like I'm not kidding- I thought the house was truly on fire), you can hardly breathe
- Lauren opens the microwave and her small piece of pizza is torched
- Jimmy runs upstairs and opens all the windows (everyone is coughing)
- Jay and Danny go outside and I scream to get the dogs out!!! (God forbid anything would happen to their lungs)
- We bring down fans and then all go outside saying "How in the world did that happen? How do you even set a microwave with no time limit? Do you think you set it for 10:00 instead of 1:00?"
- Then I realize that the smoke alarms never went off- and the fact that there was smoke all in the kitchen and entry hall and made it's way into the living room and up the stairs- yeah I think that means they are defective. I guess better to learn that now then when there was an actual fire...but still WTF
- We are all standing outside laughing- because although 5 minutes earlier it was a complete disaster it really wasn't that big of a deal (thank god the pizza didn't start flaming), except the fact that the kitchen smelled like fire/burnt stuff for like 5 days....
- But I still think it's funny

Lesson learned: Ensure that Lauren knows how to use all appliances :) Haha- just kidding! But just another disaster averted to mark in the books that we successfully survived!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bargain Shopping

So with a new house, comes new expenses...and of course that means DECORATING!! Which is my favorite thing (if only the funds were unlimited). We already had furniture for most of the rooms in the house and bought an awesome counter-height table and 8 chairs off of Craigslist..which has become my new obsession as well- the picture of it below and also you get a sneak peak of the dining room color for those of you that haven't been able to come over yet!

Anyways, the biggest purchase that has been made thus far was by Jimmy. It is the wonderful furniture that is now in the man cave. Jimmy's requirements: comfortable with recliners. What we ended up with...a big comfy couch that has 2 recliners split right down the middle and a chaise lounge/oversized chair that also reclines! I love them and they are VERY comfy, but my only hesitation was that they are beige which is a little dangerous with 3 dogs. When the sales person told us that there is a 5 year fabric protection plan available....we were sold.

So with the brown wood paneling and the beige furniture....the room was really lacking color! Last Thursday, I aimlessly walked into Kohls because they had some pillows on sale in their ad that morning. Little did I know, I walked into a jackpot! I had been thinking of doing orange and red (surprise surprise) as the accent colors in the room...and I stumbled upon a runner that was red, orange, beige, and brown squares with black outline. I mean I couldn't have designed it better. When I looked at the price tag, I about lost it. Originally priced at $189.99, and on clearance for $37.99- I knew I could make it work somewhere. So I laid it on the floor and began throwing in pillows that matched to look at the colors. Then I went back to the rug clearance shelf and dug around and little and pulled out a 5x8 rug that was $199.99 and it was on clearance for $38.99. Are you kidding me? It was almost as if someone was just shoving these rugs in front of me saying "buy me, buy me! you are crazy if you don't".

I did contemplate buying both. I mean these are "needs" so I called Barb for advice. After much deliberation- she convinced me that I would be crazy to not by both because I'd regret it later. And boy was she right. They look AWESOME! The runner I put right as you walk in the family room from the garage and then the other one underneath the coffee table. And what the heck- I found some candles that were $12.99 on sale for $2.59 so I mean why not? Just add to the total saved, right?!

Here is a picture of the couch, a little of the rug, and the new pillows.

Oh and of course---the receipt from Kohls to prove it!! When I finished checking out and the cashier was like "WHOA- how is that possible? You spent half that!" My response was simply a smile and this thought in my head as I was walking out: Barb Bruns raised me well---always be on the look out for a deal and never pass up a deal that good :)

What a wonderful wedding!

This weekend, the majority of my pledge class traveled the short distance from KC to Excelsior Springs, MO for the Otto/Griffin wedding. And what a weekend it was!!!

Vanessa, Chris, Jimmy, and I piled into Jimmy's SUV to make the trek up there---about 15 minutes into our drive while we are passing through downtown...Chris asks Vanessa if she remembered to get the present out of her car with all the other stuff. She freaks out and says she didn't---so they had to show up present-less unless we turned around. About one milli second later, I realize that I left the beautifully wrapped present that Jimmy and I (well me really- everyone knows how that goes) got them on the fireplace!!!!! DANG IT. So that means we were both about to show up presentless. How embarrassing, but instead of turning around and risking being late to the wedding, we kept going realizing that we will see them after their honeymoon and can just exhange presents then. **I even told Adam this at the reception and at first he told me to GET OUT, but then was obviously kidding and said that we are fine. I mean it was an honest mistake :)

When we arrived, we were amazed!! The Elms was beautiful and so historic! What a great place to spend your wedding weekend.

After getting ready and Jimmy admiring Chris' nice new black shoes purchased at Nordstrom earlier in the day, we headed outside. And talk about PERFECT weather. There was not a cloud in the sky, there was the perfect breeze, and the shaded gazebo was just wonderful. Emily looked gorgeous and Adam was smiling ear to ear. They are just so cute. And they freaking crack me up...I love this picture that I stole from Kelly Griffin's facebook album. You can see how fabulous Emily looks and you have to laugh at Adam's facial expression!

My favorite comment of the night had to be from the bride herself. She came up to Larry Duncan and I when we were catching up and Larry looked at her and said "Mrs. Griffin". She just stood there for a second in silence looking at him. Then he finally breaks the silence and says "Well, how does it feel to be Mrs. Griffin?!" Emily's response: "Oh, I thought you were going to tell me a story about Adam's mom". HAHAHA. That comment is right up there with the "human sweater" line and the "I thought Pi Phi was just a nationally pretty sorority" comment from Emily Otto...now Griffin to clarify...herself!

Overall it was a great time and I am currently oozing jealousy that they are in Mexico and I am in Kansas City in the middle of a monsoon.... Can't wait for June 20...the Stratham's tie the knot!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Homeowner disaster #1: Averted

As as I thought the whole process of deciding to buy a house, looking, deciding, the whole "make an offer" then "counter" then "counter again" thing....THEN getting a mortgage and loan blah blah stuff wasn't enough, actually owning a home can prove to be quite a task in itself. Especially when you buy one that is 50 years old!

Our first big incident happened on Sunday night. The washer and dryer are in the sub basement (so not finished and off the garage) and we got a free washer and then bought an old dyer on Craigslist for $75. After finally getting a plumber to come over and install new cold/hot things (the cold hose was sodder onto the old ones and we couldn't get it off), we were SO excited to finally be able to wash our clothes. If you know Lauren, you probably can guess she was more excited than me because I secretly thinks she loves doing laundry because she loves cleanliness---and that's a wonderful trait to have :) But anyways, I walked downstairs to put my newly purchased dryer sheets on the table next to the washer and saw water covering 1/2 of the basement. Actually- that was me exaggerating...it was probably only 1/4...but really who cares? There was water pumping out on the floor!! Lauren's blankets were still in the machine so we just let the cycle finish up but then we were presented with figuring out why the heck water was pumping out and not in to the washer.

So Jimmy was there (luckily) and we turned over the washer to peek inside. Well...since the poor old thing had been sitting in Carly's garage for a while, it was pretty dirty with some bugs and spider webs making their home in there. We searched around and found a black pipe just hanging down. BINGO. So we now identified the problem, but how do we fix it? Yeah- 45 minutes later we were still asking that same question. Pretty much, Jimmy had to stick his long arm up the height of the washer and force the pipe back to where it belonged but he couldn't figure out how to get the clamp to stay because we couldn't get the side panel off of the washer to view it easily (that was a fun pre-marital experience trying to rip open the side of a washer). Then Jimmy sucks up all the water with my parents wet/dry vac that they left in our garage....except we find out the next day that he was using the "dry" function so the filter was ruined. We are so smart.

End of story: we go to bed and I am angry because I really wanted/needed to wash clothes.

New day-----Roger the "I fix it all and can solve anything" savior comes over right after I get off work on MOnday. He assesses the situation...heads to Home Depot and after some yelling and rejoicing, the washer is fixed with a tight clamp on the top of the pipe that decided to dangle only a day previously. Of course, as we were looking at it initiially, another pipe broke that sends the water through the plumbing- but my dad got stuff and fixed that as well. I am now going to be his PR person and help him jump start his "handy man" career. I am convinced he is a miracle worker. Reserve him early and often- only $50/hr (I get $15 of it obviously as I am getting him the business).

Ok- I was kidding, but owning a house is just SO fun at times and other times makes me want to scream. We did just sign a request for a city permit to put up a 6 ft fence, and when my dad came over to my house this morning bright and early at 7:30---Brinks was coming over to install our security system and I had to be there to sign paperwork, but he wanted to be there to make sure he installed it "correctly"---he had even more ideas about how to build a shadow box fence, fixing up our front porch, and putting in a patio on the east part of the backyard. Does he ever sleep? My mom is having him put in new hardwood floors in their master bedroom at my parents house- so now we have to split his time between my projects and hers. I guess she does deserve to get him the majority of the time....I mean he is her husband and all :)

PS And our new furniture was just delivered from NFM for the "man cave". So exciting!!

Could have been Jimmy and I taking the washer BACK up the stairs. Wait- I am too weak to lift stuff like that, so probably Jimmy and my dad.

Roger the handy fix-it man to the RESCUE!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wow, what a night: Future Mrs. Strathman...PG13

Saturday, 5/30 marked a few things for the Pi Phi Pledge Class of '03. One being Lauren Myer's wedding shower and bachelorette party to the Royals game, and another being the night that many of us (if not all attending) experienced an in home male stripper for the first time. I really don't know if anything I write down can justify this experience. The bride-to-be found it pretty hysterical as well as the rest of the attendees. But I'm pretty sure in saying the others to be wed will not be hiring him for their bachelorette parties....that one time experience will probably remain just that: one time. Great job bridesmaids for organizing the late night "pizza"!!! This was a night we will never forget :) Only 3 weeks until the big day too!!
Our faces are a preview to the next picture---thanks Rachel (I stole off your FB album!)

No words. Hahahahahaha. Hopefully Vanessa talks to him @ the gym!

The most awkward part of the night was that he ended up staying around and chatting for like 30 mintues after his "show". Jessica had many questions...including "do you have a boyfriend?". Enough said.