Wednesday, June 25, 2014

37 weeks: full term baby girl


Is it just me, or when you look at this picture compared to just last week at 36 weeks - you think WOW - she's really pregnant?  Or did you just think that the whole time?  Ha!!  Well - I think that's a whole lotta belly and to me it looks like she dropped a bit.  Or maybe the angle?  My doctor and I talked about how with my second she might not drop until I go into labor, but then at my appointment this week she said she thinks she did.

And just for fun - check out my 37 week picture with Charlie. Oh my.  My face is SO much more swollen.  Even though I'm super uncomfortable at this point - I'm thrilled to not be as swollen as last time - or anywhere near close to it!!

How Far Along?  37 weeks (as of last Saturday)

Size of Baby: about the size of a small watermelon (6.5 lbs)

Gender: Little baby GIRL 

Weight Gain: 36ish lbs - this week has been weird because I feel like the scale goes up and down daily but hasn't made any big moves. 

Nursery: Nothing again on this front - after my test (FRIDAY!), I will get to work on the small stuff next week.

Movement: Yes yes yes - I love it.  And lots of hiccups.  I don't remember these with Charlie so I just love them. She's usually pretty reliable and has them around 9PM every night.

Symptoms: As I mentioned some last week - the swelling is starting to heat up a little.  But with only 2.5 weeks left - I'm fine with that.  My left ankle seems to be bigger than my right, but let's be real it's just so dang HOT in Kansas City!  Heartburn is still constant - I pretty much live on tums, but for the most part (besides the pressure that is happening as she is slowly making her way down there more), I'm feeling good for being so pregnant! 

Also - no progress this week on the being dilated front - she said I'm still a 1, but that she does think she's moved down - so that's good news!

Sleep:  Peeing about twice a night now, but I think that also has to do with me inhaling water at night.  So it's going ok

Cravings: I still LOVE watermelon, which is what I lived off of with Charlie, and I'm dying to get to Houlihan's happy hour again for date night with my hubby to eat some more of their stuff mushrooms.  OMG - so good.  Cannot stop thinking about them.

What I Miss: It would be nice to be able to bend down and stand up and not be in pain - but I'm not complaining.  I'm still feeling pretty good and just looking forward to holding her and eating some SUSHI!

Best Moment This Week: Have I mentioned I just love my doctor?  While it is a lot to go every week, her office is super close to my work and she's just such a breath of fresh air.  So calm and fun to chat with.  I love going there solo and getting an update on baby girl and hearing her heart beat and talking about our predictions for her arrival!

Panic Moment This Week: Ha - coming home from Hillsdale Lake on Saturday night.  I had a massive pregnancy hormone meltdown in the car.  Then Jimmy responded to the whole thing "well, I don't think we should have a third baby then...".  Yep,  WRONG thing to say for sure.  Cue additional massive meltdown and tears that were streaming.  Love all these hormones!  (and the freak out was just because we are having 2 kids and it's becoming much more real!)

Looking Forward To:  A family wedding this next weekend (and our last wedding before her arrival), getting my test at work done (come on FRIDAY) and getting ready for her arrival.  Hospital bag is packed and bottles are being sterilized.  I mentioned last week the car seat was installed and I prepaid our hospital bill and also ordered my free breast pump from my health insurance (um - btw, that's awesome!).  So checking things off the list is feeling GOOD!  Now the countdown is on!

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bedtime and routines

As I sit here typing this, I really should be going to be.  It's almost 10PM, it's been a busy and fun (and tiring) weekend and I'm studied OUT.  But baby girl is moving around inside me and my 37 weeks + 1 day mama brain and emotions are just unstoppable these days.  So here I go.  Being sappy and writing something on my blog that isn't a belly post, a monthly Charlie update or a random five on Friday post.  Gasp.

Here's the thing.  This whole 2 kid thing is starting to make me think about so many things.  I know the minute she gets here - my whole perspective will change - just like it did when Charlie arrived.  But sitting here in bed on a stormy night with a quiet house and an almost 2 year old sound asleep in his crib and a baby moving around in my stomach, it's just crazy to think that in 3 weeks or less how different my nights will be.  And I'm excited and terrified all at the same time.  I guess that is the joy of being a woman - we can and many times do, have such mixed emotions.

One of my favorite times of the day is bed time (for Charlie...but me too I guess!).  We have just the most wonderful routine and while it's slightly adapted due to my growing stomach and inability to bend down and get back up in a manner that doesn't involve lots of groaning and moaning, it's just wonderful.  Since I know this is all going to change in a blink of an eye, I don't want to forget what it was like.  So here it is:

Jimmy takes Charlie upstairs and gives him a bath.  Sometimes Charlie cries out for me when they are walking upstairs, but Jimmy always tells him that I will be up there soon.  Jimmy plays some oldies music while Charlie is splashing around in the bath tub.  When it's time for bath to be over and Jimmy unplugs the drain - Charlie always pushes it back down to stop the water and gives Jimmy just the cutest smile that says "ha - I stopped it" and laughs.  They do that a few times until the water drains.  Then into his hooded towel he goes (which btw was an AMAZING baby shower present from my friend Lindsay at work that her mom made!  I've bought some stuff to make one for baby girl and another one for Charlie, so depending on how I do with them - I'm thinking this might be my new staple baby shower gift because I love that it's something that we are STILL using when he's almost 2 on a daily basis!).

Jimmy likes to get him ready for bed on the floor - I used to sit down next to them, but that doesn't really happen much anymore.  Now they put diaper cream and diaper on, lotion up and put PJs on on top of the changing table.  About this time I usually emerge in the room after I've been downstairs picking things up from the inevitable mess that Charlie has made.  It's funny because I actually treasure that time in a way - picking up the toys, cards, markers, etc. that are left behind.  Now don't get me wrong - some nights I'm secretly cursing Charlie under my breath for making it so our house is never clean.  But sometimes, when I'm walking around picking things up, I think about the time when there will be no more toys and my house will be spotless and my babies will be gone and it's then when I treasure those toys.  And I relish in the quiet.  I'm weird and just love a quiet house sometimes, so it's peaceful to me.  Ok back to bed time - when I get up there, I bring up a cup of milk and plop in the chair.  Sometimes, Charlie is crying (annoyed at the nightly process or just tired) and sometimes he's hysterically laughing at Jimmy.  Hit or miss you know with those toddlers.  

When his PJs are on, Jimmy hands him me while I'm sitting in the chair and I give him his milk and we pick out 3 books.  Sometimes I let him pick and sometimes I pick - yes I'm that mom, but come on, reading the same 3 books every night!  Ha!  It amazes me when we read the books now how he participates in the reading and can say many of the words.  We've come a long way from that newborn that we would read books to and I would wonder why (now I feel like this is why!!).  After the books, I tell him to take his last sip of milk and we go to brush his teeth.  He's gotten a little better at this and will show me his teeth and his tongue when I ask (sometimes), but hasn't quite got the spitting part down.  Someday, right?!

Then we sit back down in the chair and he snuggles next to me, I turn off the lamp and I tell him it's time to say our prayers.  He takes my hand and I pray a little prayer and we say Amen.  I am a random prayer, so I don't follow the SAME exact prayer every night.  I tend to be specific to what is going on in our lives (which is funny because it makes me wonder if that is how he will be too!?) but always say the same couple sentences at the end and then we say "Amen" together.  Then he snuggles up a little more and lets go of my hand and we sing "Jesus loves you".  Well, I really sing.  I'm not sure how I got started on this song.  I used to do a better variety, but lately I've been sticking to this one.  I'm a horrible singer, but he seems to enjoy it. Then my favorite part.  I'm done singing through it twice and he wants to readjust and put his head on my shoulder.  And his little bottom fits just right on top of my growing belly.  It's amazing how it does - I really didn't think it would, but it's my favorite way to hold him.  It makes me feel like a mom.  Yes, that's a weird statement, but the way he snuggles with me like that makes me feel like he knows I love him and will protect him against anything...then add to that the fact he's butt to butt with his sister (because - yeah! - she is head down!!), it's just the best.  Then he whispers "bed" and I stand (these days more like HEAVE) up and lay him in the crib.  I hand him his tag and put the light blanket on top of him.  I say "night, night", he says it back; I say "I love you", he mumbles his version of "I love you" and then I used to lean down and kiss him, but belly doesn't permit that, so I blow him a kiss and make a kiss sound...and he does it back.

I grab the cup of milk and head out the door and close it ever so quietly.  And sometimes I rush off to do something in a hurry and sometimes I stand there for a moment and think about how no matter how frustrating things in the day were or how stressed I was, that I'm so lucky to have this little man.  And how I thought I knew all about love before him, but how much he has made my heart grow.

Then I look just to the left at the door to his sister's room.  Thinking about that in just a short amount of time, this nightly bedtime routine will become a little more hectic and things do with a newborn.  But yes, how blessed and lucky we are to be adding her to our nightly rituals.  It's terrifying and wonderful all at the same time.  Which pretty much describes my daily emotions these days (watch out Jimmy!).  But I guess that is what parenthood and growing as a family is all about, right?

I'm such a creature of habit and love a good routine, which is why I think I'm so scared of the chaos about to ensue.  However, I keep reminding myself of the feeling of holding your baby for the first time in your arms and how your heart instantly finds the perfect spot in it for all the love you need to give to them.  And there you have it, I'm crying.  So now I need to go to bed.  Tomorrow I'll think more about this and probably every day until she's here.  

Baby girl - we are ready and excited for you to join our nightly routines.  And before we know it, it will be baths together and divide and conquer and that routine I thought I knew will become a new routine.  
And I can't wait.

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Friday, June 20, 2014

It's Friday AGAIN!

Ok so apparently June just wants to fly by too before I can blog about anything else besides pregnancy updates and random five on Friday posts.  AH!  Where is the time going?


Join the link up too with DarciAprilNatasha and Christina.



Aka wanting every room in my house to be "ready" for a baby.  Ha.  Which is stupid and dumb because this baby doesn't need anything except me, her dad and her brother's love - but I'm going with the fact that she also likes new furniture, ok?

two of these beauties arrived at our doorstep from yesterday.  Jimmy put them together and walah!  Happy mama.  I'm still working on where exactly they will go, but I love them!


Remember the nesting theme?  Well that means to me having LOTS of food in the freezer to cook up after baby girl arrives (and leading up to it).

I found this AWESOME website that all the summertime crockpot meals look delicious and easy to prep AND she gives you a grocery list, which honestly usually takes me the most time when I'm freezer meal cooking.  Sold.  I will make sure to update later on what I thought of these meals after we devour them!

Check it out here:


New shoes.  This time, not a shopping spree for mom or baby girl.

But Jimmy and Charlie went on a father/son date on Wednesday night when I was out to dinner with my wonderful Pi Phi friends to get new shoes.  They are just the cutest those two.  Jimmy said he picked them out himself and Charlie had the choice between red and blue and went with blue.

Hmmm - red and blue are the only options?  Either wait, they are pretty stinking adorable!


This week, three of our six family members (including our three dogs) visited the doctor this morning.  Of course me and BGC are weekly OBGYN visitors, but Charlie made a trip as well on Thursday after the second call from day care at 4PM that week.  Tuesday, it was "Well, Charlie fell straight into the door and has a huge knot on his head" and Wednesday it was "Charlie has a weird circle wound on the top of this head that is oozing".  Oh joy.  Mom and Charlie went to go see Dr. Andrews on Thursday and it turned out to be impetigo - which likely started from a bug bite.  Shoot.  But at least we got cream, it's not contagious AND the doctor checked his head out as well!

The other doctor visitor?  Willy. Yep - poor guy was pooping blood on Thursday (TMI - but really, it's a dog...).  Jimmy took him on Thursday afternoon and luckily it's just a bacterial infection and anal gland problems but gross.  I think Jimmy is sick of picking up that nasty poop!!

So all in all - we are happy this week is past us!!!  And no more pediatrician or vet visits until after her arrival please!


NO PLANS this weekend!!!!!  OMG.  First weekend in a month.

That's all for number 5.  If you cannot tell, we are pretty excited!

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

36 weeks: feeling LARGE

Again - I actually had this picture taken and was planning on blogging from my phone while waiting at my doctor's appointment on Tuesday - but I have prioritized studying because I want to take this test next week and be DONE!!!  Will be back to blogging land soon.  Mainly because I have been going through a few of the posts that I wrote leading up to Charlie's arrival on all the emotions I was feeling and just want to make sure that is documented for baby girl as well.  It's so fun to go back and read them and think about the time BEFORE their arrival when they are already here.


How Far Along?  36 weeks 

Size of Baby: about the size of a coconut (just under 6lbs)

Gender: Little baby GIRL 

Weight Gain: 35 lbs 

Nursery: Ha - nope, nothing here.  But I'm not worried - I do need to get on packing that hospital bag JUST in case.  I had a moment the other day thinking if I did go into labor Jimmy would have NO clue what to pack me.

Movement: She's not kicking as hard, but still rolling and moving around. Did I mention that she hiccups every night around the same time.  9PM.  It's pretty sweet.  Sometimes it's when I'm going to bed, sometimes it's when I'm showering or sometimes I'm just sitting and I love feeling her.

Symptoms: Well, some swelling of the feet by the end of the day has begun.  However, last time I'm pretty sure my legs and whole face was swollen last time.  So I'll take it!  I'm just all together uncomfortable though with this big belly and literally struggle to bend down!

And I need to add "progress" updates since there is one! As of Wednesday, 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. So not much progress but at 36.5 weeks- ill take it as something and we're moving in the right direction!!

Sleep:  Not many complaints in this department actually!

Cravings: Summer time drinks!  not necessarily beer, but just something refreshing sitting on a patio that is not water, iced tea or diet coke.  

What I Miss: Not wanting to go to bed at 6PM.  Not having anything in my whole closet seem to fit right (even maternity clothes).  And finally, the energy to do ANYTHING.  I cannot even tell you how excited I am that we are having someone come clean our house on Monday.  Sheesh.  I literally am just grossed out and think about how I need to clean all the time, but I'm just too tired or swollen to do it by the end of the day.  So yeah for cleaning ladies!

Best Moment This Week: Had fun at another wedding and embraced the BUMP!  Baby girl was getting lots of love from friends and family.  Also celebrating Father's Day with my baby daddy.  He didn't quite have the excitement that I expected when he opened the surprise Zach Brown Band tickets Charlie and I got him - but I'll still take him!

Panic Moment This Week: Welp - I now have TWO car seats in the back of my MINIVAN.  Yep - we're old.

Looking Forward To:  Getting so excited to meet this little nugget!  I cannot wait for Charlie to meet her either and see how he loves and reacts to her.  Life is going to CHANGE for real pretty soon!

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Five on Friday!

All right - here's some random for you on FRIDAY.  Seriously, where are the weeks going - they are just FLYING by it seems like!  Before I know it - it will be time for sweet baby girl's arrival!


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S You know how pregnancy can cause insomnia?  Well - I would not call it full fledged insomnia by any means, but once I wake up at night - to either a child screaming "MOMMY" at the top of his lungs at midnight, or to another child in my belly that is making me have to pee - I cannot seem to go back to sleep.

So I sit and think and stir and contemplate things.

Like how bad I want to just get this test over.  And how bad I want Jimmy to build us a new kitchen table.

Farmhouse table please...

 And what the heck are we going to do with our backyard to make it more functional?

I'll take one of each please..... (source 1, source 2)

The list goes on.  And then I twist and turn and dream of double cheeseburgers.  For real.  I almost had Jimmy get me one at 10PM last night, but I (we) went to be starving instead.  Rough life.


Another thing that has been CONSTANTLY on my mind and keeping me up at night?  Charlie turning 2.  I mean yes, of course I constantly think about BGC and her arrival - how can I not?  She's a little pushy with her kicks and moving! But yes, 2 weeks after her planned arrival date is Charlie's birthday.  Oh my!

So what does that mean?  That means I will not be hosting a full fledged DIY party at my house.

Nope - last weekend I booked Little Monkey Bizness and we are having a small, low key get together, complete with bounce houses, slides and lots of space to play.  Doesn't sound much better than that, right?

I even got the artwork for his party today and ordered the invites!  Look at me go!

The theme?  Well, we are going with Monkey - mainly because he is a little monkey and that is where the party is. I'm excited and with some help of friends and family, we'll have a blast and he will love it!  I cannot wait!

One of the fun many pieces that I got to coordinate from this cute Etsy shop (Storybook Lane Crafts)!


Speaking of birthdays....this little lady has a birthday this weekend!  Now next year is the BIG one - so this year it's a little more low key with just a family pizza night.  But next year - watch out!!  This mama will NOT be pregnant and ready to throw a party for her mama!

Nana and Charlie when he was younger - time flies!


Weddings are the name of the game and what we have been doing the last 2 weekends.  And what we will be doing this weekend (along with 2 bridal showers and a bachelorette party that I am missing out on).

I'm not going to lie, weddings every weekend is exhausting, but add the summer heat to that and the fact that I'm about ready to POP with this's a little more exhausting.

And by the way, did you know that it's not socially acceptable to wear yoga pants to a wedding?  Ha!  I wish!

No - we have enjoyed celebrating with our friends on their special days the past 2 weekends and can't wait to again this weekend!  And then just 3 weddings left in June - ha!  Don't worry, we'll only be attending one of the three because they are all on the same day/night - but sheesh!!

Two weekends ago at Kyle and Nicole's wedding

At Katie and Max's wedding last week with former Hallmark co-workers!


By the way, to end the randomness...when did my child turn 5?  Or I guess look like he turned 5?

He is growing up WAY.TOO.FAST.

The days and weeks fly by with work/school/eat/sleep and we try to cram fun stuff in between.  Next thing I know, we are having another baby and he is transforming into a big boy that talks and runs and plays and has a VERY big opinion.  He's also hilarious and a very funny dancer.

But seriously, growing up TOO FAST.  Slow down time.  I can imagine it only accelerates with two kids!

My sweet BIG boy munching on a muffin and showing his school spirit during their Alex's Lemonade fundraiser

Who's ready for the pool!!??

Happy weekending to you all!  You know what we'll be up to this weekend!  And next weekend is FAMILY weekend - so already looking forward to that!

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35 weeks has come and gone

So yes, I'm really 36 weeks tomorrow -but leading up to week 35 was a doozy!  Shoot - my man was gone, so this hugely pregnant mama was flying solo and I seriously gained SO much more respect for single moms.

What else did I gain?  Some weight, of course, but also a sense of perspective about all the stuff my husband really DOES do to help around the house.  You know, like clean stuff when I tell him too, do the dishes and tell me even though today might have been rough, there will be tomorrow.  Yes, we both missed him and glad that he's back and all is great in the world!

How Far Along?  35 weeks 

Size of Baby: about the size of a honeydew (the website says she's almost 5.5 lbs - holy cow!)

Gender: Little baby GIRL 

Weight Gain: 34 lbs 

Nursery: Sorry folks, no updates here!  I need to finish up a few DIY projects and make sure her diaper supplies and clothes are in the right place, but not stressing out as there will be plenty of time for little DIY stuff on my three month maternity leave with her!

Movement: Whoa baby watch out - she's a wild one!!!  However, I just love feeling her.

Symptoms: Yeah - the swelling is not horrible - yet.  I'm still waiting, but am so thankful it has somewhat subsided for now!  I am not sure if it's just me or the cooler weather but I'm loving it.  That heartburn though? Brutal!!!

Sleep:  Well - this particular week leading up to 35 weeks - Jimmy was out of town 2 nights (and 3 bedtimes).  Let's just say the first night - Charlie decided he wanted to wake up EVERY two hours and literally scream "MOMMY" at the top of his sweet little lungs until I hauled my pregnant butt out of bed and into his room.  All I had to say was "Charlie, go back to sleep" and he'd plop right back down and go back to sleep.  Then wake back up again like clockwork.  What a weirdo!  However, the night that Jimmy got home, I had worn him out so much from all the fun we had that week that he didn't make a peep.  Of course that is how it works!

Cravings: Just loving frozen drinks so much - Sonic happy hour is my jam.  However, it's during the work day (boo..) but we have gotten it at work a few times in the last month.  So that's awesome!  Keep me hydrated!

What I Miss: Energy.  Normal sleep.  Sushi.  Lunch meat.  Oodles of caffeine.

Best Moment This Week: As I mentioned, Jimmy was gone for the majority of the week, so it was mom and Charlie time.  While I was somewhat terrified to be doing single mom at 35 weeks pregnant, I will say I rocked it pretty well.  I enjoyed spending solo time with Charlie and loved our nights together.  We did lots of fun stuff and were both tired.  We talked a lot about being a big brother and read the big brother book lots and lots of time.  So I loved soaking in time with him alone, while feeling her move around.

Panic Moment This Week: What's going to happen when one of us have to travel for work with TWO kids?!?!!??  Oh my lord.  And guess what?  It will happen - he will travel and so will I.  His will be more often and shorter trips and mine will be likely quarterly, but longer trips.  Time to buck up!

Looking Forward To:  Starting to see the doctor weekly and get updated on any "progress" as we get ready for her arrival! Oh - I also need to pack my hospital bag and install the car seat bases!  And I need some coming home outfit ideas!!!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My fav mom posts this week

Hi!  Remember me?  Oh yeah, I spend my evenings after my child is in bed studying for the Series 7 exam.  

I thought I got away from tests when I finished grad school, but everyone is required to take this test at the job I started in January, so here we go!  I'm a little over half way through studying and am excited to be done soon.  When it comes time to take the test, I will be that much closer to having a BABY.

But in the mean time, I leave you with these few Internet gems that pretty much sum up my life right now.

I'm guessing you have seen them on facebook - but they are amazing.

First, this little video parody "I'm so pregnant".  Every line in this video describes me right now "In my last month", "no we don't know her name", "I cannot see my toes", "out of TUMS".  Oh my.  These ladies hit it right on the money.

Second - have you seen the article "5 minutes in a Mom's head?".  I'm sure MANY mom's can relate but WOW.  This is so funny and so true.  I just wish they had a version to parallel what goes through a man's mind in the morning.  Because I'm pretty sure it consists of "Ugh, I don't want to get up.  Five more minutes" and then they fall back asleep.  Or is that just my husband? ;)

So there you have it.  Two of my favorite Internet "sensations" right now.

I seriously cannot get enough of that music video.

In the mean time - here I go back to studying!!!  Happy hump day!
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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Charlie: 22 months - almost 2!

So I have officially been saying "almost 2" when people ask how old you are for a while now - because it's just weird to say "22 months".  Weird, but scary because the reality is you ARE almost 2.  I am not quite sure when that happened because these last 2 years have just flown by my sweet boy!  Before we know it your little sister will be here, then your birthday will be here and we will be a family of 4 with an infant and 2 year old.  So fun and so awesome.

Height: I'm going to go with 34 inches
Weight: 28.5lbs
Clothing Size: 24 month and 2T
Shoe Size: Size 7
Number of Teeth: I think we are getting 2 year molars.  So fun!

Oh Charlie man.  This past month has been SO fun.  You are learning so much every day.  Repeating everything and learning things so fast.  I just love love love watching you learn and soak everything in.  You are a little sponge my friend.

Believe it or not, you are getting more independent in every way.  From pulling up your own pants, taking off your shirt and playing by yourself - you are becoming quite the big boy and it amazes me and your dad everyday. 

Some of your favorite things this month are pointing to the airplanes in the sky (you can hear them from anywhere - it's crazy - then point to the sky and scream) and you have become a fan of swimming.  Well I say a fan - but it's not your favorite thing, but not your least favorite thing. You will get lots of swimming in this summer - so I'm excited to see you learn that.  What else do you love??  Bounce houses!!!!  We have been going to lots of different activities (PV art fair, Old Shawnee Days, KC zoo, Aquinas picnic, etc.) that have bounce houses for kids and after seeing your reaction to them over and over again - I'm confident I know why they are there.  You seriously just jump and jump and jump some more.  I love it!

You have lots of new sayings and words.  You love saying "Mama home" if I'm gone and come back.  It's so sweet!  You are still obsessed (or weirded out) about dog poop and won't let it go when you find it in the yard until we pick it up.  But now you are also obsessed with poop in the real bathroom. You think every time your dad and I are in the bathroom that we are pooping and you make sure everyone knows it. Fine at home, a little embarrassing in public restrooms.  Ha!

The driver seat of a car is where you want to be.  Nana and Papa are to thank for that.  You love to sit in their SUVs and honk the horn ("beep beep") and turn on the radio, the windshield wipers, the turn signals - everything.  Mom and dad are not so keen on that, but let the grandparents spoil you, I guess!! 

You have become much more vocal about what you want to eat and what you don't want to eat.  Your favorites this month are eating eggs for breakfast, muffins and you LOVE bananas.  Luckily Costco bundles of them are pretty cheap because you eat at least one, sometimes two, a day.  We also ran out of the applesauce packets, which apparently was the worst thing ever because you freaked out for 2 days about it until we went and bought them.  Didn't even make it to the check out before you had to have one.  Silly kid!

My favorite thing this month?  You FINALLY pucker up and kiss me every once and a while when I ask for a kiss.  It's seriously the sweetest thing EVER.  I just love that you want to kiss me too!!!

You do have quite the personality and let us know when you are not happy.  Aka you start crying/screaming/kicking.  Luckily it doesn't happen TOO often, but still, your dad and I just tend to ignore you and you seem to get over it.  I don't think this will be going away anytime soon however, so we'll need to figure out ways to help you better deal with it when you are so angry.

We also have been preparing you as best we can for your new role of big brother that will be upon you very quickly.  You are a sweetheart to mom's belly and Stella came over the other weekend and you were very nice to her - I was actually VERY surprised and it made me so happy!  You love reading your big brother book so much too.  So we are excited for these last few months with you as an only child and helping you transition into your new role.

We love you more than you will ever know my sweet boy!!!!  It's been such a wonderful 22 months with you in our lives.  Your laugh and dancing and snuggles and hugs just make us smile.

Love you, mom and dad
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34 weeks: it's JUNE

Another week pregnant and another week behind on this post because technically today I'm 35 weeks - AHHH.  But I meant to post this earlier this week.  However, Jimmy Jam was out of town for work and that made for one tired "single" mama each night.  So I went straight to bed (well really studied first, then bed) every night.  Better late than never! 
How Far Along?  34 weeks 

Size of Baby: about the size of a pineapple (4lbs)

Gender: Little baby GIRL 

Weight Gain: 32 lbs 

Maternity Clothes: yes ma'am.  I'm starting to get sick of them too.

Nursery: I finished the garland for over her bed!!  It was super easy and I just used all the extra fabric I had and added in some sparkly silver ribbon!!


I'm waiting for a coupon at Target to buy a couple more things to finish it up - but it's done enough, right?  Have all the essentials and just need a few small wall pieces to finish it up.  It's funny with the second how I don't feel like it needs to be "all done" because really - she won't be in there the first few weeks!

Movement: Oh baby.  She is moving and shaking and kicking and moving.  I'm not sure if it's the caffeine I have had (limiting myself to one pop a day most days...but somedays I struggle!).  But she sure is making it known that she's in there!!  As much as it does hurt sometimes, feeling her is something I will miss when I'm not pregnant. It's just the neatest feeling.
Symptoms: Swelling is creeping up but I don't think it's as bad as it was last time.  Not sure if that's because I'm trying to avoid salty food or just because I don't have to walk as much and as far at work (from my car, to meetings) this time. 
Sleep:  Not too bad.  I don't think I'll ever give up my pregnancy pillow though.  Sorry Jimmy!

Cravings: I feel like I have none - but I need to start making stuff up and take advantage of this.  I did eat some premade cookie dough that we bought from Charlie's school fundraiser that tastes oh so good. 

What I Miss: I could have drank a few beers at the PV art fair on Sunday.  #summertimerpregnantproblems


Best Moment This Week: Charlie has been loving on his sister (aka my stomach) a lot.  It's so cute when he points to the baby.  However, now he has started pointing to my boobs and saying "baby" as well.  I couldn't decide if I needed to correct him or not - so I told him they were "boobies" and not "baby" so now he yells "BABY" and also "BOOBIES".  Oh sheesh.  Sarah - I might as well get used to that, right?  Sounds like Brantley does that too!!!

Panic Moment This Week: I surprisingly haven't had a "PANIC" moment this week.  Very excited for this little girls arrival - the countdown is on!! 

Looking Forward To:  Her arrival!  It's crazy that it's just a month and a half away.  Where did the time go?
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