Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday= 5 day weekend!

There was LOTS going on this past weekend.  I need to break it out by day!

Tuesday (kind of the weekend, right?):

  • Booked rehearsal dinner location (wahoo!!)
  • Went to Hallmark Happy Hour
  • Katie arrived in KC and came over- we all stayed up way past my bedtime catching up!  While we chatted I made some awesome sugar cookies that looked like turkeys!

  • Carter family Thanksgiving!  Very fun and delicious as always.  I also FINALLY got to see the infamous video of Jimmy singing at the mere age of 2 and a half in front of his whole family at Christmas time.  It was pretty amusing.  I plan to use that as the promo video to entice our wedding guests to participate in karaoke...
  • I spent 5 hours working on our wedding invitations....while Jimmy went out.  Rough life he has.  
  • Actual Thanksgiving day!  Had a bit of an incident before our departure to my parents house.  Willy & Toby got in a fight in the back yard.  Neither Jimmy nor I know who started it...and no one will fess up.  All we know is that Toby ended up biting Willy on the shoulder and making him bleed.  That meant that Toby spent the day in the kennel and Willy (along with Milly of course) got to go over to my parents for the day to enjoy Thanksgiving.  He did however have to wear a bandaid.  It was sad.  I was sad.

  • We went out as a family to the Velvet Dog.  Since my sister just turned 21- that was a reason to celebrate!  I however, was a horrible direction giver and it took my car like 35 minutes to drive there because we got stuck in the Plaza light traffic!  But the night turned out fun...I think my sister had a little too much fun.  And of course Susan did too :)  She is doing Thriller in one picture.  Of course, Brett made some friends as well.

  • Granite estimate for our kitchen
  • Off to Home Depot & Kohls for Black Friday shopping
  • Realize the bridesmaid dresses that I want are on sale!!  Get sizes from all my bridesmaids and place the order :)  Big check on my to-do list!
  • Get menu prices back from caterer and finalize that!
  • Go to Burlington coat factory a long way away to get a size 8 flower girl dress...and I picked up a coat for myself as well
  • Jimmy runs off to the casinos for the day- comes back with a big $625 win.  I'm happy :)
  • Off to Gordon Biersch to eat dinner before Wicked!  The group- minus my mom & aunt!

  • Go see Wicked.........absolutely amazing
  • Every five seconds check facebook to see if Hillary & Bobby are officially engaged yet!!!
  • And they are!!!!!  Wahoo :)  Such a wonderful couple!  I'm so excited we get to be "official" sister in laws soon!  YEAH for great family!!!!!!

  • Went to O'Dowds to help celebrate with them after Wicked- very sad we could make it to the official after party, but SO happy we got to hang out with them!  What a great proposal Bob :)  Congrats you two!! I cannot wait for the big day!
  • Jimmy off to the KU/MU game
  • Brittany off to New Moon- AMAZING
  • Brittany off to Kate Swain's bachelorette party...which was great!  So fun to see all those girls again and help Kate celebrate her final night of "singleness"!  We had a blast.  Once someone posts a picture on facebook, I'll get it on here (that's my secret.  I really don't have all these pictures)
  • Sleep!!!  What a long weekend...
  • Day 1 of the install a fireplace mantle project.  This is replacing the paint the wood paneling project.  Long story, but I'm happy with the mantle for now!
  • Then time for the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie: A Dog Named Christmas.  In true Hallmarker spirit, my friend Jennifer had a watch party and it was great.  We had to leave 1/2 way through the movie because Jimmy thinks he's getting sick.  The second 1/2 was the best part!  There was a wiener dog (looked just like Willy but was a girl) and she had wiener dog puppies!  I was in love! Willy & Milly were watching it with me and loved it too!  It was a great plot that became that what the little boy did in the movie (fostered a dog over the Christmas holiday to get them out of the full shelter)...which is now something that you can do too!!  Click HERE for more information on how to foster a dog this Christmas if you are interested :)

Christmas decorations: my favorite thing!

One of the many things that was accomplished this weekend...finished putting up the Christmas decorations around the house :)  We got a new big tree because my little baby condo tree wasn't going to cut it.  But luckily I way over bought on ornaments last year for my little baby tree because I had enough to go around for the big & little tree!!  Ta da!

Also, I got some garland with lights to put around the porch, which I really like!  And of course...Jimmy did a great job on the lights!!  I did do a post of him hanging the first side- the second side was too dangerous for me to attempt snapping pictures while holding this crazy ladder he was climbing up on.  Luckily, he's super brave and the house looks great!!

My favorite thing is that all the outside lights are set up on timers!  Not only is it super easy, but saves on electricity (because we turn them off around 10:30PM), and best of all I don't have to go and turn them on & off every day and night!  Yeah :)

Finally, here is a sweet rug that I picked up at Kohls for 55% off this weekend. What a steal!  We did have to wait in line for like an hour (yes it was Black Friday)...but when that $196 in savings rang up on the register, I was nothing but smiles!!  Hope you snagged some good deals too!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dress up your dogs

Now as I have been slowly getting out all my Christmas decorations to put up---I have inevitably found lots of silly things I bought for my dogs to wear during the wintertime.  Last night, I decided to dress them up.  These pictures are dedicated to Chris Dawson- your wife tells me you really like my dog posts---so here you go!!! :)  Look at how adorable (and so cooperative haha) they are!

Bundling up for a snowy day.  Now we just need to get them some little booties.  Willy hates when his feet get cold!!

And here they are as Santa and his reindeer.  They were a little annoyed at this point in the night if you cannot tell.  I just couldn't help it how cute they looked!!

Now as much as I love my dogs, I did realize when talking to Jimmy last night that people that probably don't know either me or him very well that got invited to our wedding and just got their save the date were probably like "Why do these people have pictures of their dogs on their save the dates?"  Well- because they are so freaking cute!!  Even Toby :)

Hope everyone is having a great short week!

Monday, November 23, 2009

SHE'S 21: Miss Lyndsay Bruns

This post is officially dedicated to my sister who turned 21 today!  Wahoo!!  We even went out to Brio for dinner tonight and she ordered her first official alcoholic drink- some fruity orange martini.  She made this funny face every time she took a sip because she said it was really strong and also tangy.  I should have taken a picture of us (dang it!) because she looked super cute and did her hair really fun tonight!  Maybe next time.  But for now, I'll just go with a letter/blog post to her on her big day!

Dearest sister:

On your 21st birthday, I want to remind you of what an amazing person you are.  Never forget that.  You have such a loving, fun personality and always stick to your guns---which is honestly something I have always been jealous of because I tend to be a push over at times.  You can always make me laugh.  You sometimes freak out about dumb things...but that runs in the family (just ask my dad & Jimmy) so we'll forgive you for that.  You are gorgeous and continue to get prettier with each year!!  You are always willing to give your time and treasures to others through various volunteer activities and while you probably have some idea of the impact you have on people--you will never truly know how much the time to dedicate to various activities (Big Brothers & Big Sisters, tutoring, etc) has impacted people's lives.  You are so smart and passionate about what you love.  You will succeed at anything you choose to do in life- I have no doubt about that.  I cannot wait to be there for you along the way either.  And now that I've been super mushy and sentimental.....let's bring out the pictures and good old times.  Monkey Claw...dun dun dun Parmita....Chicken Enchiladas...guac & maca...and the list of stupid inside jokes go on & on.  And I'm still not quite sure my actual wedding will ever compare to our enormous Barbie weddings we used to throw :)  But what I do know is that you will be there by my side, just like you were so long ago!!

Love you and HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY!!  You are such an adult now :)
Your big sister

And bring on the pictures.....

The infamous Monkey Claw.  Oh tubing :)

Look at how cute we are.  Opryland visit a LONG time ago.

Our cousins wedding.

Finally, vacation last summer in San Diego.  In which we fought the first half of the trip and then were fine and hung out the rest.  Yes, we're sisters....and yes, it might not be normal...but it's us :)

Can't wait to go to Wicked and out with you on Friday night!!!  Let the party begin!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


It's finally here!  In less than 3 hours (yes I'm off work today but up @ 7:30AM blogging- don't ask haha), the wedding events for the Gower/Calcara wedding commence.  I can't WAIT and am so excited that it's here!  Which I'm sure the bride is as well :)  

The organized bride sent out earlier this week the wedding timeline entitled "I Do To Dos" (so cute!!) with hour by hour of all the events that are taking place.  We have a bridesmaid brunch, trip to the nail salon (with lots of chatting as well), then the rehearsal when it will become oh so real to see her walking down that aisle!  Friday kicks off around 9AM, with the ceremony at 6:30PM with the reception at beautiful Mildale Farm following!!  So fun!

It's so exciting that it's finally here- it seemed like it would never really happen, I mean I knew it would but all the conversations about colors, timing, layout, planning that she has had---all done!  Now time to CELEBRATE.  And by 7PM tonight she will officially have forfeited her Gower namesake to become a Calcara and we all couldn't be more excited!!

BRIDE    +



See you there!!!!!  Congrats Vanessa- we love you!  (and you too Chris!)

Signed, Sealed, Set to Deliver

So as I quickly got over the label issue with our save the dates (see here if you have no idea what I'm talking about and are interested in knowing), I quickly jumped on wanting to get them out and put a HUGE check mark on that on the wedding to-do list.  With my first order of these almost a month ago, you can understand just wanting to be done!!

Last night, my mom, Jimmy and I completed the task.  All the labels were precisely applied, stamps stuck on and all that was left was to drop in the mailbox--which we did on our way back to my parents house!  Now my mom said "lets take a picture" as a joke.  However, I felt as it if was a momentous moment sending these out (as Jimmy said with a smile- there's no backing out now!!) and figured, why not?  We can make this a fun blog post.  So here you go.  Step by step---putting them in the mail box, set to go out as of 11:45AM this morning.  What a freaking sigh of relief.  Now ALL my attention can be focused on the wonderful events surrounding the wedding of my BFF this weekend.  And I got to address hers as "Chris and Vanessa Calcara" that's exciting!!

So without further ado....

This is me cracking up (with my mom cracking up behind the camera) because we realized how stupid Jimmy looks trying to get his arm out with the only 1/2 open window.  Sorry Jim!

And it's really happening....plopping them into the post office box.  Departure time: 11:45AM

So excited to be DONE with these!! Now onto the invitations.  If I would have realized that at the time of this picture....I probably would not be smiling as big :)

Thanks Mom for helping us put them together last night!!!

PS I look really tan in these pictures because I just got a spray tan last night for V's wedding.  Don't worry I'm usually a pastey white in the winter.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hanging Christmas lights in the rain....

So this is what we did last weekend.  I told Jimmy that I really wanted to put up Christmas lights on the outside of our house.  We argued at first: clear vs. colored.  I won with clear, but compromised with putting red and green lights on our porch.  Saturday passed because I was sick and we have TONS of wedding errands to run - and it was fun.  Doctors appointment, to the pharmacy, picked out tuxes, looked at wedding bands (Jimmy's favorite one was like $55.  He said spending a lot on his isn't should go to mine instead.  Ok sold.  Glad we are getting married!), went and looked at Aquinas set up for extravaganza (which was amazing.  that visit complete reaffirmed my excitement about having our reception there), then went back to our house.  He watched football downstairs.  I watched 2 hours of the sample wedding DVD that our videographer gave us to look at.  I laughed, I cried, I felt like I knew them when I was done.  Was it weird, I mean yes it was?  Was I super excited to go to Vanessa's wedding the following week (now only TWO days)....YES!

Anyway...since the lights didn't get hung on Saturday--Sunday was the day.  We went to church at 9 and Jimmy talked to his brother Mike there.  Mike had just finished hanging up Christmas lights at their house and he said it was fun.  Apparently all it takes to give Jimmy TONS of motivation is one of his brothers saying that it's "cool".  Sounds good to me.  Right after church, with Jimmy's new found excitement to hang Christmas lights (let me remind you- it's raining outside at this point!), we headed to Home Depot to make our purchase, based off of Mike's recommendation of course!

We get home- it's still raining.  I see a tree that I want that's 7 ft and pre-lit on super sale.  We go and get it at the hardware store.  Jimmy buys a staple gun and ladder while we were there.  Apparently we both forgot we didn't have a ladder.

We arrive back home again.  He puts on his "rain gear" and sets out to hang Christmas lights for the first time.  Since all we have is a 6 ft ladder- he conquered one side of the house.  It was dangerous, courageous, manly, and sexy.  Way to go Jim.  I was assembling the tree inside--but of course stepped outside to snap a few pictures and ensure that he didn't fall off the roof.

On his way.  Look at him hang those lights!

Still not sure how I feel about this roof adventure he insisted was SO necessary.  However, he lived through it and the lights look awesome!

Final strands...

Ta-da.  Side one complete!

Here was my Christmas tree mess inside.  It is now up with lights, but no ornaments yet.  We're waiting until after Thanksgiving to do that- I don't want my sister to get upset and think we "skipped" Thanksgiving.  She's sensitive about that because of her birthday...November 23.  Sometimes it falls on Thanksgiving day and she claims no one cares.  Lyndsay- I care.  I especially care this year because you are turning the big 2-1!  Wahoo.  Cannot wait!!

Milly & Willy helping out.  Actually being obnoxious and barking.  Toby is in the backyard probably digging in mud.

And there you have it.  Our exciting weekend : )  Actually it was great to take some time to relax, get a bunch of wedding to-dos checked off and spend some time together preparing for the holiday season :)

I can't WAIT for this weekend though------the Gower/Calcara wedding = will be amazing.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wedding breakdown the dates

Remember this post??  It was titled "Wedding Breakdown #1...of many to come I'm sure".  Well here is #2.  And again- I'm sure it won't end here :)

With less than 5 months remaining until the big day, on the very top of my list is getting the Save the Dates out because before I know it is going to be time to send invitations.  WELL- I have been diligently working on a little design of my own and got them printed by this website that's a steal when you're working with big #'s on the invite list.  The first batch was ordered on 10/31.  It came in the mail about 6 or 7 days later.  All 250 of them in a 3 lb box.  I opened them up found one tiny mistake (that I was assured only I would notice), loved them, went to Manhattan for Vanessa's bachelorette party.  I get home on Sunday night and I asked Lauren what she thought of them.  She says they look awesome, but is "accomdations" spelled right?  UM no.  No it's not.  Smart Brittany.  While you might think I would have freaked out, I was in a state of pure exhaustion from the weekend and new I would just reorder and no harm done just a few $$ down the drain right?

That Monday (11/9) my second order is submitted with a few $$ added for 2nd day air shipping in hopes getting them before the weekend.  Printed, shipped, tracking the UPS website diligently.  Yesterday they arrive (dry, thank goodness to a nice note Jim put on the porch).  I get home late from work because of an unheard of 5-6PM meeting, put on sweats, grab some dinner, my laptop, a pen, and plop down on the couch to start addressing them.  I start.  Then I stop.  The ink---it won't write on the postcards.  I try another pen, no luck.  I try a sharpie, no luck.  I could have SWORN that I clicked the box to indicate I wanted "no UV Coating" on the back of the postcard for this reason alone.  I check my order.  Nope, sure didn't.  However I have 250 other postcards that has incorrect spelling...but they have no UV coating on the back.

And then it happens.  The breakdown begins.  I start crying, slowly at first.  Then hard.  I call my mom- I'm sure she thinks I like got in a wreck or something by how hysterical I am (sorry mom), but by the time I blubber out what happened I think she gets it.  She tells me its ok.  I can order new ones.  I don't want to wait another week.  I want to be done.  She says try another ink.  I googled it- nothing writes and sticks on UV coated paper.  She says use labels.  I say I can't because it's not allowed.  I tell her I'm going to call Erica and see what she says.

I call Erica.  No answer.

I get on gchat- Jimmy is saying that labels are fine.  Sending me links to wedding boards that say it's not a big the dates are informal and fun...especially if it's not a super formal wedding or save the date.  Ok, yeah we have pictures of our it isn't formal.  Ok, ok, I get it.  I gchat with Emily.  She says it's fine.  They will look awesome.  It's a blessing in disguise because my hand won't hurt from writing them and it'll look awesome.  Ok- she's right. 

I text Molly...etiquette queen in my book.  She says no one will notice.  It's fine.  Ok- I believe her.

Erica calls me back.  I say that I'm on my way to Office Depot to get clear labels and start my design.  She says that it will look awesome.  And no, it's not a big deal.  Erica works in PR...she knows these things.  I believe her.  I trust her.  They will look fine. (sorry Vanessa- I would have called you, but you're GETTING MARRIED ON FRIDAY! so I know you have plenty to worry about!)

I ask Lauren.  She says who cares?! Labels will be easier and guaranteed good "handwriting".  Yep.

I drive to Office Depot, now more calm.  Talking to my mom who continually reassures me it's ok.  I walk into the store.  There is no one around, some guy is cleaning the floors and as I mosey on over to the labels, the lights go off. it closed?  I track down the 1 of 2 workers there and ask him if they are closed.  Yep- 8 minutes ago at 8:08PM but if I know what I want I can get it fast!  I do.  I get the labels and head to the open register while a girl worker comes over to check me out.  Then I spill my guts when she says "did you find everything you need?".  She smiles and says she understands how weddings can be stressful- her sister got engaged 3 months ago and is starting all this.  Then she mentions that her sister kind of slowed down planning already because she just found out she's 4 months pregnant.

God sure works in mysterious ways.  I smiled and thanked her again for the 7th time for ringing me up after close.  But I was secretly thanking her for the story she just shared.  Yes, things could be worse.  I could me jobless with no $$ to pay for a wedding.  I could be really sick, my family could be sick.  I could be 4 months pregnant.  Instead, my save the dates have UV coating on the back of them that I cannot write on.

Yes, I drove home thanking my lucky stars that this was my biggest worry at that moment.  And you know what, the labels will look cool.  I will make it work.  There, inevitably, will be many more mishaps or things that don't go as planned during the next 4 and a half months.  This breakdown is just a prep course I think.  But I'll never forget the girl at Office Depot- who has no idea who's small talk story made me realize just how ridiculous I was being.  And I'm so thankful for my best friends and Jimmy and family because you know what...they are right.  No one will care I used labels.  No one will even notice.  And if they do....who cares!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Girl vs. Boy: GAME ON

It was an absolutely wonderful weekend (besides being sick, REALLY sick on Saturday morning) and I will post some pics of the weekend later...however, I have to comment on an event that took place last night.

Let me set the scene. 

9PM (aka bed time), sitting side by side in the bed.  Jimmy & I are both on our separate laptop computers.  I am working.  He is downloading something, I think.  Typical. 

I look over to see what he's doing because he's typing awfully fast and consistently.  Maybe a long email? 

Oh no, he's doing an online typing race.  Think 4th grade computer lab typing.  They give you a paragraph and you type it and they tell you your WPM.  Why is he doing this?  I have no idea.  But of course, I think it sounds fun.

I stop working and immediately get an account so I can play (probably that competitiveness in me??).  Then we race each other to see who can type faster for probably 30 minutes. 

Is this what it's like to be married? 

If you are interested, here is the website.

It sounds stupid, but it's addicting.  My top was 83 WPM.  And I kicked Jimmy's butt every time.  His excuse?  Apostrophe's aren't his thing. HA.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Being a girl/woman

Why is being a girl so expensive?  Seriously?  Sometimes I just don't think it's fair.  Here is my current list of pros and cons of being a girl.  Cons are first of course....because that's the way I roll.  I like to end on a positive note.

*This all stems from my quick stop at Walgreens tonight in which I spent $50---what $50 at Walgreens you ask?  Oh yes, on stuff that is required when you are a girl.  Very true.


  • Period/Tampons-- yeah I know "WHOA" you are thinking.  But I mean, I started with the first real annoying one that comes to mind.  I won't go into details on the whole having a period every month (I'll spare everyone--including you Jim because I know how you feel about that topic).  BUT have you checked the price of tampons lately?  I mean  You have to make the decision...."do I buy tampons for the week or eat lunch?" because they are like $8/box or something crazy like that.  Take that time 12 months a year (you get $96.....following?) then multiplied by about 40 years (so yes, 96 * 40) and you get $3840 in your life you spend on that.  Ok so in a life time not that much, but I mean come on---you think it's annoying too.
  • Razors---I'm not a big fan of shaving my legs, etc but I do it regularly of course.  But holy cow---razors are EXPENSIVE.  I feel like I need to do a financial model with the cost of those things and the replacements and then throw in the time I spend shaving every day----add that all up and I'll see that investing in laser hair removal just might be worth it...
  • Hair---Every time I tell Jimmy I'm going to get my hair done, he's like "OH you're getting blond highlights??".  I respond, "No....I don't want them, plus they are too expensive".  He doesn't get HOW expensive.  He shaves his head.  When we first met I was 19 and still used Barb's money when I got my hair done, so highlights were an option.  Well, when I started paying for it.....welcome to Brittany....the permanent brunette :)  I'm so realistic it's sick.  How much do you pay to get your hair done??
  • Clothes/Shoes--- All you have to do on this one is go out one night and look around the room at every girl in the bar.  She didn't put on those designer jeans and new boots that she just HAD to have for the guys in the room.  Those my friend are so every other girl in the room can comment, be jealous and think she's super stylish.  So wait- I'm buying clothes and I get dressed up to impress other GIRLS?  Oh yes, it's oh so true.  Because guys don't notice that stuff at all.  Jimmy gets mad because I have so many boots.  They are all different colors- so why are there too many.  If I had 6 pairs of black boots that were all the same height, had the same toe shape, and heel....and the same textures then maybe I'd say it's ok that he's mad.  
  • Role of life organizer---while Jimmy is just the most amazing fiance ever (haha, I hope you're reading this), I have to say that I get rather frustrated because I think he tends to forget that WE are getting married.  Not just ME, as in I really don't want to go home every night after work and do wedding stuff for 5 hours or go shopping on my weekends to look for groomsman outfits...however, I do know that we are getting married in less than 5 months which means inevitably that there is a lot to do.  He's so good at doing what I set up/plan for us to do and going with me and having input---but it's another story when it's something that's completely up to him.  I haven't gotten really mean yet, but he saw a glimpse once and I think he got scared because he set something up that week :)  But it's not just a wedding's everything in your life.  Taking care of the house, doing laundry, taking care of the kids, cooking dinner, cleaning, etc.....and the list goes on and on.  While I do know that Jimmy is really my "partner" in all this and we will share these responsibilities, it is rather frustrating that this role is automatically passed onto the female.  Whatever, I'll live.  Only because of the pro.....
  • Being a woman-- The fact that you find someone that loves you for you and then you get to tell them what to do for the rest of your life.  How did we get so LUCKY? :)  Oh yeah, we are the woman.  Plain and simple....with oh so many hidden meanings and things I want to write here.  But I'm doing everything in my power to leave this SIMPLE.  

One more thing I love about being a woman is when people underestimate you because you are a woman---and then you prove them wrong.  In work, in life, in relationships, in love, in everything......

Ok, I'm glad I'm a girl.  Glad to get this out there on the table.  But it's still really expensive.  That's why I say a pray every night that I get cursed with the "Carter curse" and have all boys.

Props to your husband

That title was one of my favorite lines from the weekend (I couldn't pick just ONE favorite- there was the "harrow", "This is my life", "Hey Sav", and the list could go on....), but this one no one heard!!  So let me explain now, real fast :)  Erica and Heather made this book for Vanessa with tasks she had to complete on Saturday night.  These were of course hilarious, but they always involved a guy.  Any guy.  Any guy on the street.  So of course while we walked the streets of Aggieville and were in the bars, we asked every guy if he'd help her complete a task.  Some were like "WTF" and others (like the scared little boy we found with a condom in his wallet) were more than willing to participate!

Anyways.....we were walking out of Salty Rim and I stopped these 2 guys and asked them if they wanted to help my friend out on stuff she had to complete tonight.

Guys: "What is it, like her 21st birthday?"

Me busting out in laughter at this.  "No- we're old, it's her bachelorette party"

Guys: "Oh." A small pause while his creepo friend points at my engagement ring and goes "That sucks. You know that your married.  But props to your husband, that's a sweet ring" **Thanks Jim, I think so too :)  You did well (but what guy says that?)***

Really?  Really?  REALLY?  (FYI- I just watched TSwift do SNL on DVR and there was this skit with Amy Pohler on it where they said that a lot.  It was hilarious.  As was the entire SNL, because of TSwift--DUH)

But overall, I laughed really hard at that comment.  And at the comment in Kite's to the slightly overweight sweaty man that bought our entire table shots ($55) unaware that about 50% of us don't take shots.  And then yelled "Yes I just bought slutty college whores shots!"  Emily Griffin yells back-- "We're not in college, we're all like married."  He yells back "Well I'm a doctor"  Courtney (a real doctor) gets involved "What kind of doctor are you?"  Sweaty guy screams back "A chiropractor".  Courtney (again a real doctor) yells back "Oh...well that's not a REAL doctor."  He left us alone after that.  THANKS COURT.  It always helps to have really smart and successful friends!!

OK now that I have told like 4 stories that are completely not focused on the bachelorette herself.....onto some of my favorite pictures of the weekend.

Exhibit A:
Our tailgate.  We didn't wake up early enough to get into the "cool" lot.  I was really upset about this.  But the guest of honor didn't seem to mind- so we made do.  I promise next time I'll bring a table :)  That seems to always work a little better.  But what a BEAUTIFUL day for a tailgate.  We even got Heather to wear purple....she was sporting a little Jayhawk- but we'll forgive her.  Just because they lost and we kind of feel bad.  Only kind of.  But thanks for everyone that came by and hung out!!!  It was so fun!

Exhibit B:
Taken with Vanessa's camera by me (of course).  I love tricking people like that with the zoom.  However, V's face is awesome in this.  At Porters on the patio, drinking beer, enjoying a big Wildcat win, eating delicious wings & tacos.  We were supposed to be napping at this time- yeah we didn't want to leave!!!

Exhibit C:
I'm guessing this might be to "Pi Phi" control.  Maybe, maybe?  Yes this was Ale House and just a small preview to the most ridiculous, fun, exhausting, hilarious dancing you have ever see.  Thank goodness V is buying all her bridesmaids flip flops to wear at the reception---because I'm planning on busting out some of these moves---and you better be too.

Exhibit C:
More dancing, more fun, pure bliss.  I'm pretty sure her bachelorette party will be unforgetable!  I cannot wait for the big day - holy crap only 9 days!!!  And then I can call her "Vanessa Calcara" in the weird/annoying voice FOREVER....hahahahaha (evil laugh).  No really, I am obviously excited for her and Chris for WAY more important reasons than that, but you know, whatev.

All right kiddos, well that tops off a freaking amazing weekend.  I was however going to collapse on Sunday night when I finally got home after waking up after two crazy nights (with NO sleep)...but it was worth it.  Send V off in style and her bridesmaids live by the style "go big or go home" (DUH) so of course it was amazing.  We love you Vanessa- and if you don't let Chris pick the clothespins out of the hat.....I'm going to be REALLY mad!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Quotes that made me laugh this week

Lauren Miller, Hallmark colleague aka lingere lunch shopping partner

Note: Would rather contract H1N1 from that faker in the elevator than hop on to a packed elevator of 15 "adult" colleagues when I'm carrying gargantuan Victoria's Secret bags.

This was in her email right after we did some lunch shopping over at Crown Center.  Love her.

Jimmy Carter, you know him

Good.  Toby still has fleas.  Milly got a shot of cortizone to help her stop itching and 2 meds to take.  Toby got his vaccine and we transferred him to your account with Milly & Willy.  $130 later and we have a healthy family :)

His response to my text..."how was the vet?"

Me to my colleague Jackie - am I allowed to quote myself?  Well it made me laugh.

Do you think CVS sells underwear?  Oh no, I just checked online- only Depends.  Do you think Vanessa would like those? :)

Letting her in on my bachelorette party weekend prep.

Evan Harding, plumber extraordinaire, via text

LOSER!! Bring Jim's credit card and we'll run up quite a bill in Manhattan this weekend.

The "loser" was referring to Jimmy for not having the guts to go to Manhattan in the chance KU loses.  The latter part indicates that Evan does not know me very well.  I would never do that.  It makes me physically ill thinking about that.

Heather Lichtenauer, funniest person I know

Craiglist list post ( she sent via email: S*x in the bathroom at American Airline Center- w4m- 20 (Dallas)

Her response when Rachel asked, "what does w4m mean?"

I believe it was a guy that sent it.  It said "w4m" which I believe means "white foot male"

Emily McClelland sends the email back: "I thought it meant woman for man"

Heather: That would make a LOT more sense

Love it :)


...I spent $100 at Victoria's Secret over my lunch break (haha not all for me!)
...I ate 17 pieces of candy at work (didn't count at home)
...I attempted to carve my own rubber stamp design (FAIL)
...I then discovered Etsy where I can pay people to do it for me (SCORE!)
...I broke my record of eating a Quik Trip hot dog for dinner every night this week
...I asked Jimmy to do my laundry for the first time (and not the last)
...I used I-chat for the first time on our new computer with Kanatzar (it was funny)
...I told Jimmy we should just elope (wedding's are too much work)
...Milly destroyed a toy that was titled "undestroyable"
...a Pi Phi angel went to heaven
...I realized how thankful I am for the people that are in my life that love me and I love them back

I'm glad it's not yesterday anymore.  Come on weekend---can't wait for Vanessa's bachelorette party festivities, KU/K-State game, the beautiful weather, and great times with great friends!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Hallo-weenie

I will admit, it's a cheesy title but oh so fitting for this post.  As there are few words that can describe how freaking cute/adorable Willy looks in his hot dog costume.  No matter how miserable he was so cute!!  He's such a cute little "hot dog" and topped with his mom's favorite toppings!

Milly was not happy.  We attempted to put on her princess dress with the hat and all.  However, these costumes were purchased last year and apparently someone has put on a little weight.  I'm not sure if she was embarrased because it wouldn't fit around her or just jealous of Willy's costume, but she did not choose to partake in the Halloween festivities and watched from the couch.

Toby did not get a costume- as he was outside all evening reaking havoc with the other neighborhood dogs while they howled to "scare" all the neighborhood kids while they were trick-or-treating.  I think it worked because we probably only had 5 kids total come to our house.  Which is why I forced Lauren to take candy to work today and I took a big bag as well.  Candy sitting at our house = Brittany finds a way to rationalize why peanut M&Ms and 100 grand bars are better for dinner than chicken and veggies. 

Now on to our costumes!  Our first idea was to be each other (i.e. Brittany is Jimmy for the night, wears his clothes, talks like him in his stupid Covino and Rich slang and Jimmy is Brittany---his definition of this is just find a way to be angry all night and yell at the fake "Jimmy".  Sweet life.).  Then we decided that was stupid.  Jimmy then came up with the idea to be A.C. Slater and I be Jessie Spano.  The motivation behind this decision was due to the fact that Jimmy likes to call me "mama" for some odd reason.  I mean I guess it's ok for one night if he never does it again.  So he picked up a sweet bedazzled jean jacket for me at a thrift/vintage store and some way too tight pants for him.  With my mom's swimsuit and a Phi Slamma Jamma shirt- also with a sick curly black wig....there you have our costumes.

Here are the M&Ms (Emily McClelland and Jeff Matlock) that joined us for the pre-party!! Such cute outfits :)

Then as we walked into the party at Mallorie and Jeremy's to our surprise- they were dressed up as our "costume" best friends- Zach Morris and Kelly Capowski!!  What a nice surprise :)  Of course we had to get a group shot.  If only it was the Max entrance in the background.  Their party was great and it was good to see all the creative costumes my friends came up with!  Party in the USA, Hippies, Bumble bees, the Recession, and the list goes on.  The most fun was getting to meet the cutest little pumpkin of the night Miss Kinlie Krumholtz!!! She's a doll!!  Here's to many more fun Hallo-weenies!!