Saturday, April 29, 2017

Explosive breastmilk

HI HI HI.  While I still need to blog about Mikey's 8 month AND 9 month (seriously what happened to the last 2 months of my life....????), let's take a break and bring this blog back to what I used to blog about EIGHT years ago (wait - how the heck is that possible).  This was one of my first blog posts and I still laugh at it because it was one of the reason's I started my blog.

And now we can talk about the random story of my "explosive" breastmilk.

Since my company officially got acquired on March 1 of this year, I have been doing some traveling to Chicago about once a month.  While it's an easy and quick flight (which is great!), getting all my stuff packed up is not easy because I am still pumping.  So carrying my pump and all my breastmilk around is super fun.  Now I do have some *tips* that I've found on how to consolidate all of this stuff into just one bag and a carry on suitcase, this is not what I'm going to tell you about.  Nope - but would you like that?  Maybe I'll get around to that.

I'm hear to tell you about going through airport security with breastmilk.

To date in 2017, two of my three previous trips, I just went right through security with my breastmilk bags in my cooler bag with frozen ice packs.  They didn't even stop me.  So I was hopeful this last week that would be the case as well.  I knew I was pushing my luck and was bound to get stopped and have it tested, but no big deal right?  I've had that happened before.  

But this time, I got stopped, they took one bag out and said they needed to run the little paper thing over it to test it.  I told them, yep, go for it.  No big deal.  I'm standing there watching them run the test and stick the little strip thing into the machine.  Of course it would come up with nothing because #duh.

When I looked and it came up in BRIGHT RED "EXPLOSIVES" I about died.  Seriously.  The TSA agent that as a young guy turned to me and said, "Ma'am, the liquids you are trying to bring on the place tested positive for explosives.  So we are going to have to conduct further testing and we are going to have to do an invasive pat down of you". 

You guys.  The look on my face.  I wish I had it all recorded.

I looked back at him and said "You mean my breastmilk - that came from my boobs to feed my baby - that tested positive for explosives".  This was in attempt to not only purposefully make him uncomfortable but also just to relay to him my complete and utter annoyance because #seriously guy. 

He told me that yes, they are going to have to test all the bags. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

So I step to the next testing station and watch them open each bag and freaking put it in the machine.  Trying not to be annoying (or get arrested), I mention to him and his other male colleague to please please please close the bags firmly.  They just kept going until a lady TSA agent comes over and takes me over for my super fun pat down.  Now I wasn't sure what this entails but MAN.  I got some intense touching - let's just say I'm super glad that this doesn't have to happen every time.  Touching my boobs, my junk, in my collar and waist.  

Good news for you all to know - I passed and after 15 minutes of further investigation, it was determined that my breastmilk was actually NOT explosive.  #thankgoodness

And I'm also thankful that I got to the airport a little early this time!!!

So that's it - a somewhat pointless story, but one that in the ridiculousness that my life seems to be day to day lately, I felt like must be documented.  I am thankful for our TSA agents and the fact that they are doing these processes to ensure the safety of us all and that people don't in fact bring explosives on planes.  I do NOT want that.  But I can promise you that while breastmilk is a magical substance that is used to keep my babies alive (and I tend to have a lot of it.....), it is not explosive.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

SEVEN (a few weeks late!)

Better late than never, right?  Well, on February 19 - you officially were 7 months old and one more closer to being a YEAR!  AH.  This is SUCH a great age and you are so adorable and fun and I am just loving all the fun you bring to our family.  You're eating more food, smiling and laughing more and learning so many new "skills" - like sitting strong, playing with your toys so independently and planking in an attempt to crawl!  It was a fun month.

Length: ??
Weight: On 3/3 doctor's trip he was 19lbs and 1 oz!!!
Head: ??

  • We can say this is the month that you became a super strong sitter.  And it's the BEST stage (in my opinion!).
  • You aren't crawling, but Ms Marie says you are moving backwards.  I don't think we ever let you get that far because some kid is in your face - haha!
  • We made the transition out of the dock a tot!  Wahoo!!  You were just rolling around SO much, that I felt like it was developmentally getting in the way.  Surprisingly, the transition to sleeping and napping out of that wasn't too bad at all.  You are all over the place in the crib but are still a content sleeper!
  • Made another change in this past month - up to size 3 diapers and it's so much better! Not getting squeezed.
  • pretty much 9 month clothes for everything.  They are a little loose, but still, the 6 months clothes were tight.  9 month PJs are tight and we are moving onto 12 months.
  • Talking a LOT!  Well, baby talk.  It's like this past month you found your voice AND decided you needed to be heard in this crazy, loud family!
  • I can't believe I am saying this - but you are up to EIGHT ounce bottles at day care and take 3 a day.  I keep wanting/needed to drop to 2 pump times per day, but I'm barely keeping up with you, so I'm holding strong.
  • You love food and this month we introduced some mum mums because you were constantly reaching for things!!  You don't QUITE get them and most of the time you break them up, they end up on the floor or Toby finds them and snatches them up off your high chair tray!  But we are getting there.  Puffs will be soon!!
  • FIRST ear infection.  Oh man.  I surely thought since you hadn't been sick yet, we were avoiding this one all together.  Man I was wrong.  It was raging in both ears and you were still as happy as ever.  God love you.

Things you like:
  • Milk, milk and more milk.  Give you breastmilk from the boob, bottle, mixed in with food and you are happy.
  • Bouncing in the bouncer and the johnny jumper.  I'm going to be sad when you're not interested in these things because they seem to keep you so entertained!
  • Still love being tickled and your belly laugh can always brighten my day!
  • For the most part, you like being close, but you're fine if we sit you down and give you some toys to play with - but you make sure we pay attention to you!  You're not one to be forgotten!
  • Snuggling with me when I put you to bed.
Things you don't like:
  • Screaming and loud noises!!!  You freak out!! 
  • And if you aren't getting attention!!

Special memories:
  • Your first trip to Wichita to visit the Hart family - we have had lots of these trips and your big brother and sister LOVE them and spending time with Landon there - and you did too!  You did decide not to sleep, but we forgave you!
  • Your first Valentine's Day and exposure to our family's ridiculous tradition of taking Valentine's Day pictures.  Ha.
  • Had some fun on a solo date night with mom and dad, while your siblings were at Nana and Papa's.  Always love that one on one time. 
  • Lots of workouts with mom (per usual - you're a good workout partner!)
  • Feel asleep on a beautiful February day stroller ride 
  • BALL pit!!  This was at the church nursery and our friend, Kristi, snapped it and send it to me - so happy!
  • First time in the swing outside on our swing set - yes!!

A note to our sweet boy:

Can't believe another month has come and gone.  I was telling my sister (aunt Lulu) the other night how the months seemed to drag by with Charlie because it was all so overwhelming and no sleep.  But with you my little man, they are FLYING by.  It's hard to believe in just a short 7 months you've gone from this little newborn to this hilarious little guy that is starting to plank, interact with us so much more.  You have quite teh personality and are quickly finding your place with your siblings.  From the early morning wake ups they are DYING to make in your room (with my permission!) and the look on your face and theirs when you come into the room.  You just light up our lives so much.  We are so thankful for you and your health and all the fun you have brought to this world!

Your mom (and dad)


Just for fun - here is Charlie and Maddie's seven month side by side picture.

Some fun from the last month:

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mikey's 6 month doughnut shop pictures

Family pictures.  Hate scheduling and getting ready for them.  The outfit coordination.  Location.  And just the drama of a family of five wrapped in can be so stressful.  

While this particular photo shoot was originally scheduled to be on MLK day at our house in KC, due to some weather issues of Ali getting to KC, we had to reschedule.  Since she's based out of Wichita, we decided to make it a fun trip down there to stay with my BFF, Lauren, and her family and then meet Ali that Sunday morning for doughnuts and to snap some pictures.  The only way this trip could have been more fun is if we would've gotten some play time with Ali and her crew - because every time we get's so much fun and we are always wishing we lived next door to each other.  

We met at the Donut Whole in Wichita on Sunday morning at 8:45 and just like she always does, she captured our family just perfectly.  It's not all sunshine and roses with our family.  EVER.  I feel like that's the one thing that can often be a misconception due to social media.  I try to be transparent as possible and while these pictures aren't perfect and everyone isn't looking or smiling (and she didn't send me any of Maddie's epic fit!!!)...I love the realness of these.  This first picture makes me tear up.  It's real life.  Our real life.  Sippy cups.  Coffee.  Doughnuts and just so much love for these three people.  Love and desire to want to be the best parents for them and teach them to love one another but have fun at the same time.

So thank you, Ali.  I love that we highlighted Mikey, but also the wonderful dynamic that only 6 months into his life he has brought to our family.  While everyone focused on the chaos a third kid would bring, these pictures demonstrate so well the LOVE that he brought to our family.  Our love for him and the sibling bond that keeps growing stronger between these three.

Enjoy!  (there are a lot - but it's my blog, so I choose to post them all! haha!)

Love this brotherly love.  So much.

He's crazy.  I love it.

Such a big boy!!!

The only one where everyone is looking :)  And that's just fine with me.  I like those laughs so much better!

My girl.  She'll move mountains.

When did he get SO big?

Loving his dad.  TWINS. 

I'm so thankful God gave this man a daughter.

Ali took us outside and captured these and they are MY FAVORITE.

Again - thank you SO much, Ali!  I love getting to spend time with you and see your work in capturing our growing family.