Tuesday, April 30, 2013

37, 38, 39

This is round 2 of the weekly post catch up. I literally haven't had a spare second to post these, so sorry for the redundancy, but I want to get them up on here for my blog book.  And I want to be able to look back.

You know what's crazy?  As I finished typing week 39 it dawned on me.  Tomorrow you will start your 40th week of life.  That is exactly how long you were growing inside me.  And honestly, it is a little bittersweet.  Obviously I'm just so thrilled at what a sweet little boy you are becoming and I'm loving all these changes and stages - but at the same time - as your mom that carried you around in my belly for 40 weeks (39 weeks and 6 days to be exact), it's crazy to me that you will have been living in this world just as long as you were growing inside me.  My little man.  Growing up and changing way too fast.  Everyone told me time would fly, but boy it is.  I want it to slow down because you are just so fun and changing so fast.  I love seeing your personality shine through.  Man - I just love you so much. 

These last 39 weeks??  Well - I have to say they are well more than I ever bargained for when Jimmy and I first decided we wanted to have a baby.  I feel like I am a whole new person.  I love in such a different way.  My perspective will forever be changed.  You changed my heart and helped me to see this new kind of love that I never bargained for.  Thank you sweet Charlie.  Thank you so much.

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Mommy and me: the shoulder hug

I love every week that I use this post to look back on my pictures that I have captured in the last week to see which one I am going to use for "mommy and me".  I like that I get pictures of me and Charlie.  Because seriously, I have plenty of just him.  But it is nice to see us together in a picture.  Of course it makes me so happy.  I found a few gems this past week.  One was a rather normal pose before I headed off to class on Thursday night.....

And the second one?  Well - this one is my favorite.  I love when this kid snuggles his sweet little head in my shoulder.  I honestly believe my shoulder and chest were made for his head to rest on them.  And I also believe that his head fits there better than anywhere else.  I think every mom thinks that, right?

As your 9 month bday approaches, it's funny because "stranger danger" isn't really in full force, but when you see people for the first time or meet new people and I'm holding you, you smile at them and then bury your head in my shoulder.  Like you are pretending to be shy or something.  Because we all know you aren't.  But it's seriously the sweetest.  I love it so much and love when you hug me back.  Ah......such a sweet thing having a child is.

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weeks 34 - 36...I haven't stopped

So I haven't been slacking on these weekly "collage" things or the pictures.  I HAVE been slacking on getting them loaded to the blog.  So here is a catch up.  Three for now and then a few more later.  I take so many pictures of this kid still that it's hard to pick which one to put on these.

I always ask myself if I am actually going to look at these again?  Like will this be worth it to look back on later?  Every time I think about that and think about when he's like 15 years old and hating me - I know I will be thankful to have these to look back on and remember my sweet little boy during his first year.  Right??!

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mommy and me and the weekend events

Because I seriously don't have time to pee anymore (literally only went to the bathroom once at work today...ugh), I'm combining a few posts. I also realized I never even acknowledged it was my husbands birthday last Wednesday. Dang it. Trust me, I didn't forget it though- whew.

The mommy and me pic this week?? It was Sunday morning.  Mom had homework to finish and really didn't want to mess with Charlie's nap schedule - so we decided to not go to church and just watch it online from our couch.  Best decision ever.  This little man woke up from his morning nap right in time for church and was super snuggly with me while we listened to the sermon.  And it was a good one.  Everything we needed after a long week.  Moments like these I know are limited, but I can always hope my little man will find a soft spot to lay on my shoulder!!

So for the rest of the weekend?  Well - we installed a baby gate on Friday night.  After quite a tumble.  I am not quite ready to blog about it because it was pretty traumatic {for mom and dad, Charlie thought it was no big thang}.  But now we have a permanent fixture in our house that our mobile man is trying to figure out what to do with...

Saturday we had Ben's first communion.  Due to this kid's napping - we didn't go to church to see it at 10AM - and because he tends to scream/make noise lots now, but we did meet everyone at Tim and Shellie's house for lunch.  And Charlie just loved it.  Had the best time playing with all his cousins, seeing Grana, Pops and Gigi and crawling EVERYWHERE.  Pulling up on everything too.  Luckily, his cousin Libbie is so sweet and put a box together of "baby friendly" toys, that included a stethoscope.  Needless to say, maybe we can skip out on our 9 month well check up the first of May because cousin Kenlie said "his heart sounds good".  Thank God for these cousins!!

I thought this was the cutest picture too.  This is Ben (in the middle) and his cousins Blake and Brady checking out his aqua frogs - so cool.  He couldn't decide what to name them!

Apparently aqua frogs are a great pet - easy to clean, don't die, etc.  Maybe someday?!

Saturday afternoon?  Well that was spent with some friends, some babies and some food.  We walked over to Sarah and Josh's house to hang out with these crazy kids and their husbands.  Needless to say - we will be doing this again.  It was nice to all be on the same page - start hanging out at 3:30, all headed home by 6:30 for bed time!!

{Lauren & Tommy - 3 mo} {LeighAnne & Bennett - 6 mo} (Brittany & Charlie - 9 mo} {Sarah & Bo - 6 mo}

Still trying to keep our head above water. Once upon a time I had enough time to do "everything" that included cooking, working out and blogging.  But with 2 jobs, 2 classes, a baby and a husband - some things are getting pushed to the side.  This blog for one and my workouts.  Come summer - it's game on!!

PS Where did spring go!?????!!!!!!

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Mommy and me: PLOP

After a weekend of getting lots of to-dos checked off the to-do list, Monday came at us like a ton of bricks.  Tax day, paired with a long day of meetings with too much to do and an over-tired baby that just cries until he passes out.  Whew.  Is it Friday yet?  Or really- this week we are looking forward to Wednesday...Jimmy/dad's birthday!  YEAH!  A mid-week party.

As for our picture this week?  It's from last Wednesday...our anniversary.  And yes, I'm wearing my wedding dress.  No - it's not zipped up.  HA - wouldn't that be a miracle?? But at least it got over my hips right?  My boobs - well - after putting that dress on I realized that stuff does REALLY change when you have a baby.  But guess what?  It wasn't sad to put on my dress - it was fun, like it is every year.  And Charlie liked playing with the big skirt.  He thought it was fun and we even got a video of it.  Those are memories folks.  Even in a dress that didn't zip up.

Even with a crazy baby that wakes up crying every three to four hours at night from sitting up and crawling all around his crib...we're still smiling at this house.  Counting our blessings.  Lucky to have each other.  Lucky to have our health. And lucky to have a baby that eventually stops crying and literally PLOPS down in his crib and goes back to sleep.  Jimmy and I stare at the monitor just waiting to see the **PLOP**.  It's pretty funny. 

P.S.  When did my child get so big ? He looks like a toddler in this picture.  AH!!!

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Weekend is here

Oh my goodness folks, Friday has finally arrived. What a week!!! I'm in the middle of transitioning jobs to a different department at work so I have literally been at my desk for like 2 hours this week and with meetings, training and pumping 3 times a day...I feel like I'm running around all day like a chicken with my head cut off. But in the end, thankful for a new job opportunity!!

Speaking of, my man got a promotion on Monday which we've also been celebrating this week. Promotion, anniversary, and his birthday all in 2 weeks- Jimmy has lots to be thankful for!!

And Charlie?? Well you saw the new moves in this last post. Moves that he likes to practice at 4am....every morning. We finally let him cry this morning and let him figure out how to go from sitting up to laying down and to sleep by himself. After a horrible hour of crying/whining, he was out until it was time to wake up. He just is so excited?!?

Lots to do this weekend. Here are some major to-dos:

1. Dye my hair. That means I have to find time to drive to the drug store, buy hair dye and the 30 minutes to apply it, let it sit and rinse. Easier said than done. However, my natural ombré is not cutting it.

2. Finish our taxes. Totally slacking on this one. We usually have these done well before April 15. Not this year. This is a have to do- its the law folks.

3. Garage sale!! That's right- the Carter's are having our first garage sale. We saw the sign that it's our neighborhood one Friday and Saturday, so we decided to just do Saturday. Our basement is filled to the brim with random stuff and it needs to go.

4. Go to church. We had been really good about going every weekend and somehow during Lent, we did a horrible job. There is an awesome new sermon series, so this is a priority!!

5. Celebrate friends. My good friend Carly is getting married in June and her wedding shower is this Sunday! So excited to see some friends and help her celebrate :-)

Sounds like a pretty good weekend to me!!! Hope you can enjoy yours too.

And I can't end this post without any pictures. Here are some pictures of Charlie from Thursday. His outfit kills me. Consignment mock turtle neck and overalls from baby Gap?? Pretty stinking cute even if he looks slightly like a train conductor. And that walker toy!? Don't even get me started. Growing up way too fast.

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Man on a mission

Charlie's new trick = crawling

Charlie's new goal in life every day = get to the dog bowls and knock them over

It's a fun little game we play!!!

Cannot believe he's crawling.  He's getting faster and faster everyday.  Lord help us all.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Three years already

Three years.  Jimmy and I were driving home on Sunday night talking about our wedding day.  How it really just seems like yesterday.  Oh man, it was such an amazing day.  All our family and friends and just so much love.  What's crazy is that I really do think we love each other so so so much more than we did on that day.  At that time, looking into his eyes and committing to him for the rest of my life, I really didn't think it was possible to be more in love or more smitten.  But it is.  It just keeps getting better.  Goes along quite well with the lyrics of our first dance song, Brad Paisley, Then.

{Jimmy, no one understands me better than you do.  No one can make me smile more than you can.  No one overlooks the crazy things I do better than you do.  A hug from you can make all the bad go away.  

You are such an amazing husband.  You are such an amazing father.  You are such an amazing friend and partner in life.  I am so lucky to have you.  We are lucky to have each other and our families.  I love our little family that we have made with our 3 dogs and our sweet little Charlie.  And I can't wait to make more beautiful babies with you too!!  Because I'm not going to lie, you helped me make one cute baby.  

Before I got married, I didn't know how people could be around another person all the time.  But guess what?  When I don't ride to work with you and get that extra time to talk to you...I miss you.  It's weird, right?  Because I see you all the time.  Like ALL the time. But I guess that just means I really love you.  Because I miss you even those short times that we are apart.

I am looking forward to many, many, many more years full of love, laughter, tears, fights, smiles, hugs, tantrums with you - and really anything else that might come our way.  You literally are my better half.  Cheers to 3 years of marriage!!!}

Wedding picture favorites.  4.10.10 was sure a great day!!

Honeymoon {take me back!!!}

{Mexico in May 2011 - Seacat's wedding!}
{Baby shower, summer 2012}
{First family picture, July 31, 2012}
{Charlie's baptism, November 17, 2012}

{ZBB concert date night, February 2013}
You can read about our First anniversary and second anniversary too.

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Monday, April 8, 2013

The weekend...simple and sweet

This weekend wasn't anything special- but it was just full of sweet little moments- good and bad.

Friday night we were all completely exhausted and went to bed early. We're crazy I tell you. But this lady needed some sleep bad. After a week that entailed getting a new job (which meant lots of new meetings on my calendar to add to my already busy job), an event for grad school, lots of homework and getting all our tax stuff ready...Friday at 8:30 never looked so good.

Saturday, Charlie started stirring around at 6, but I figured he was fine until 6:30 in his crib since that's his usual wake up time. I turned off the video monitor and at 6:30 went in his room. To my surprise- he was sitting straight up in his crib. That's a first. But in addition to that, he looked SO big. He went down for his morning nap and Jimmy and I feasted on the normal weekend morning breakfast deliciousness that Jimmy makes. We sat there and watched the video monitor as he started to wake up.    Not only did he sit up again from laying down but he started pulling up on his crib. 

When I walked in to get him- this is what I found.

Too big. Not ready for this at all.  Huge milestone too.  AH!

The weather was nice- a little windy- but we headed to the park down the street to meet our friends and neighbors, the VanZandts. It was so fun to have some friend time and Bo took advantage of the nice weather and took a nap!! Of course I didn't get a picture of anyone but me and my little man - but that's ok, I know they were there!

The rest of the weekend?  Well that was spent doing some homework and hanging out with this guy.  He likes his toy basket WAY better than any of the toys in it.  And he also really likes to pull up on things.  Even the toilet...watch out world.

And what else?!?!  Well - we figured out how to crawl.  Yes.  Not just an army crawl, but a "I'm on my hands and knees and will go anywhere I want to crawl".  As you can see, the dogs are not impressed.  What are the dogs impressed about (particularly Willy), the fact that Charlie enjoys throwing food on the ground.  Willy loves waffles.  And puffs.  And even green beans.

We went over to the Kanatazar's new house with Jimmy's friends on Saturday night and it was so fun.  Since we didn't get over there until 5:30, we decided to bring the pack n play and let Charlie go to sleep there.  Well, he was fine but when he woke up at 10:30, we just put him in the car and headed home.  UM - I'm not sure if we'll ever do that again, which is a little depressing for our social life.  He was a complete mess all night after that and wouldn't go to sleep.  He woke up a few times that night and we were all exhausted come Sunday morning.  But at least the company was good and their house was awesome!  Makes us want to be neighbors!

We met my parents, sister and cousin out for lunch on Sunday and then had to go to my parents to do our taxes.  Yes, we waited until the last minute.  Of course.  So while I sat in front of the computer plugging in numbers, Jimmy, my dad and cousin went and got some extra furniture from our house and my mom and Charlie?  They went on a walk.  In the stroller that my mom used to push my sister and I around in.  It was pretty entertaining - however, I was a little worried.  Nana made fun of me, but let's get real - the safety regulations in the 80s were a LOT different!!  They still looked cute though!  The best part?  I got to take a nap - or maybe 2 - it was heaven.

When we got back to our house late Sunday afternoon, I felt well rested and happy.  Just happy with my life.  Happy with our little family, my wonderful husband and my Charlie.  He's just growing up so fast and changing everyday.  Trying to soak in every moment of him.  It was just the type of weekend that I needed...simple day to day things that were just oh so sweet.

Hope you had a great weekend too!! 

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Mommy and me

This baby boy of ours sure did some things this weekend that makes his seems not so much like a baby boy anymore.  It makes me sad and happy at all once.  I have to say after an interesting weekend, I wasn't too sad to see Monday come.  Charlie has been a cranky pants for sure.  Hardly sleeping (literally felt like a newborn mom on Saturday night), not wanting to nap and being SUPER needy.  Like he wants us to hold him all the time.  Which is fine - except when you only have the weekend to get stuff that needs to get done, done.  So we balanced and made it work, while putting off a few things here and there to get some quality time with Charlie.  Fussy and all, yep, we love him.

We kicked off Monday with a picture of us headed to work/school.  Charlie was rocking his Royal's shirt in honor of opening day and guess what?  It worked - they won!!  He was happy - even though it doesn't look like it!

In other exciting news?  I enrolled in my LAST semester of grad school and could not be more excited.  Last summer, I had 5 classes left.  And I have powered through because I want to be done SO bad.  Taking 9 hours (3 classes) of grad school this semester, working full time and having a sweet little babe has not been easy and I know this fall won't either - since I will have to go to class 3 times a week then (BOO!!), but so worth it to power through and be done.  Jimmy has been such a great supporter through this.  I know I have to finish - I'm just so close, but still, another 16 weeks just sounds horrible. But he's making me follow through.  So cheers to almost being done.  Shoot - I won't know what to do with all my time after December.

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Month number 8

That is what an 8 month old looks like.  Well technically 8 months and 1 day - but this time I was pretty darn close on getting the pictures the day of...but your 8 month "birthday" fell on Easter, so it was a little hectic to say the least.  Every holiday is with a baby I feel like. 

You learned so many new "tricks" in the last month and eat so much "normal" food.  As in, we have to worry less and less when we got places about where we are going to nurse because your feedings are more spread out and you pretty much eat any "people" food we give you.  Yes, pretty much anything you can get in your mouth goes there.  This includes grilled cheese, french fries and lots of buns (we eat healthy when we eat out, can't you tell?  Ha!).  I feel like as every month passes, I say this was my favorite - but it really is.  You are becoming a little man and it's just so fun to be your mom.

Here's the list of what you are doing now...

  • 6 teeth.  Count them - SIX!  4 on top and 2 on bottom.  They came all of a sudden a few days into being 8 months old. It was pretty miserable as you woke up screaming in pain at night.  I felt so bad for you, so I got up and you nursed.  It made you feel better and made me feel better too.  But you now take your puffs and graham crackers and CHEW them with your front teeth.  It's amazing.
  • In addition to "da-da" and "ba-ba", you've started rocking "ma-ma".  Again, not directed necessary at anyone, but it sis a pretty sweet sound to this mama's ears.  
  • In addition to being a master roller over, you can now interchange your moves to rolling over and sitting up.  Just like that you are rolling and then you are sitting up.  Even in your crib.  Which freaked me out.
  • You started to army crawl and scoot yourself all over.  I'm convinced this started under the influence of your older friends in your class at school.  They seem to get everywhere they want and you were likely sick of being stationary - so baby, you learned to move around the best way you could.  Now you are all over.  You particularly scoot towards the dog bowls.  Water or food - you don't discriminate.  We'll have to move those soon.
  • In addition to nogin being interested in any of the "normal" kid toys, you are still fascinated with the kitchen spoon AND now tupperware has been added to the list.  You like putting your toys in and out of the tupperware and then picking it up and putting it over your head.  You also love our cell phones and the iPad.  Expensive taste!!
  • School is still going so good.  Everyone always seems to ask me about that and how we are liking it.  The answer is?  I love it, your dad loves it and you love it.  We really like your teachers and they LOVE you.  ALways snuggling with you when we pick you up and telling us funny stuff you were doing all day.  Since the weather is a little nicer, you get to go outside and play versus just to the gym and apparently that is your favorite.  You had SO much fun one day when the weather was nice and you played so hard you passed out face down on the playmat.  Silly boy.
  • You moved up in the bottle world and somehow can fit 4, 6 ounce bottles of breastmilk in your little tummy at school IN ADDITION to breakfast, lunch and a snack.  But you are still not chubby, so you are either really long or have a great metabolism.
  • Speaking of though, we did have a bit of constipation issues this month.  Which was NO fun for anyone involved.  You poor thing.  Literally pooping out rocks of poop and would scream out in pain.  You were refusing bottles/nursing and it was freaking us out.  We tried some syrup in your bottles (per your doc's suggestion) and then went to Miralax.  Finally - a few blow outs and you were back to normal.  I had no idea how much I could obsess over another persons poop.
  • I already mentioned your love for food - 3 meals a day, plus a snack of "people" food.  Good job!  I love a good eater. 
  • This month I was scared that you were done nursing towards the end. You refused me every time and when you did, it was only for 3 or 4 minutes.  I started to get really emotional about thinking it might be the end.  But luckily it was just constipation issues that made your tummy hurt.  We are somewhat back to normal - but my supply has not taken the notch down that you have because of your solid food intake.  Meaning, my boobs are full more often than not on the weekends.  Guess that's a fact of life?!
  • Trips to the doctor?  We didn't make one until the day after you turned 8 months old.  So I guess we'll count that for next month?  I called the doctor lots about pooping, but when we finally went in - nothing was wrong. 
  • I have talked about poop a lot.
  • Sleep!?  I feel like we might have regressed in this one.  You now have gone back to needing to be rocked before a nap and sleep.  As much as I love this, you are HUGE son!  So rocking you is a lot different because you weigh so much.  we need to get better at just laying you down and letting you fall asleep on your own.  I'm hoping for better sleep habits this month.  PLEASE!!
  • Still wearing 9 month onesies but can wear 12 month too and 9-12 month pants.  PJs?  We're done with the footie ones because you are LONG.  Got your first pair of non-footie ones and they are 18 months.  Sick.  Please stop growing!  (ok, not really, but you know what I mean)
  • You were still moving all over your crib and outside of the crib practicing on pulling yourself up.  During this month you hadn't quite mastered it...
  • Naps are a little better - mom and dad are trying to keep up with the day care schedule.  Up at 6:30/7, nurse and then breakfast at like 8:15, then nap around 9 or 9:30.  Then another one around 12 or 1.  Doing good with that.
  • Still rocking those size 3 diapers.  Looking good little man.

His faces crack me up.  Look at the bottom right one - his lips!!!

New find? Your tongue!!!  Haha - you figured it out one day and now stick it out everywhere!!

One of my favorites...love this expression.

I'm in shock that the next time I write one of this you will be 9 months old.  That's our next well check up too!  AHHH!!! When did this happen.  I love watching you grow but at the same time miss my baby that is a not-so-baby any longer!!

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