Friday, October 31, 2014

A toy filled Halloween 2014

Oh Halloween.

Seriously - you snuck up on us.  This Royal's season + World Series these last few weeks have not made it easy to focus on anything else...including this fun holiday.

Luckily mama attempted to plan ahead a little bit.  Originally, I was going for Tarzan and a monkey because Charlie is obsessed with that movie.  But you try and find a skin/tan/nude colored tan sweat suit for a 2 year old.  I swear I thought that Hanes would just have them at WalMart, but no such luck.  After some searching and even stooping as low to buy girls tan the midst of a late night internet search I got an email from saying that their costumes were 40% off and just like that, we had a Woody and a Jessie costume being shipped to our house.


And then I raided my basement stash of dog costumes and just like that...we had this picture.

Hahaha.  At least we did get everyone somewhat looking.  Maddie is looking into space and Charlie is eating fruit snacks and you can get a glimpse of my mom's arm (on the left) and Jimmy's arm and leg (one the right).  

The last few years, we used to order and ship the cards for us - which was super efficient and since we both worked at Hallmark we got a great discount.  This year, we both have new jobs and I waited a little too late to go with my normal card order at due to a 5-7 business day turn around for their cards (I really REALLY like their cards and invites by the way), so I tried out the same store printing from  With an online 40% code, they were a very competitive price (a little more and less competitive without the code, but might make up for it with a fast turnaround).  I have to say that they were a little more thin then I would have liked and you could see the perforation on the sides so they literally just printed them and tore them off.  However...they were done in literally an hour for a good price.  And it was kind of nice to be able to write a little note on them to the small list of family and friends that we sent them to instead of just having them sent right from the production.  Just my opinion in case you are looking for some inexpensive but great (and fast) cards to send for any occasion.  Because let's be honest - everyone likes fun mail! 

Check out our Halloween cards here from:

Also - I'm linking up with some awesome girls at The Girl in Red Shoes and Schue Love for the Halloween costume party.  Check out their blogs - they are great and both have sons Charlie's age, so it's even more fun for me to read their blogs; Julie's cute son is Woody too!

And best of all - outtakes of the photo shoot!!!

Maddie is VERY focused on her pacifier!

And very horrified of what Nana is trying to do! (which is corral Willy!)

Charlie is really into his fruit snacks and my mom is trying REALLY hard to get the dogs to sit still.  Easier said than done... you can see above because Toby is off.

The only thing that brought a smile to his face was the fruit snack bribery

And we ALMOST got one out of Maddie...

But then she started to lose it...

And Charlie decided to offer up his Woody doll - which she wasn't quite sure what to think.

Then he shoved it in her face...and well, she was done.  #littlesisterproblems

But this kid was pretty happy playing with his Toy Story friends!!

And really - that smile on his face is all that matters!!!

I cannot wait for tomorrow to take him trick or treating!  It's so crazy how different it will be than last year.  Not only do we have another baby in tow and Charlie is 27 months old TODAY, but he actually kind of gets the concept of trick or treating, have been practicing saying it (including during our trip to my work party Thursday afternoon where we trick or treated around to everyone's desks and offices - very fun!) for candy of course and will tell everyone that he's Woody for Halloween and Maddie is Jessie.  Except on the rare occurrence he thinks he is still Tarzan.  Oops.

Hope you all have a safe and Happy Halloween!!!! And how the heck is it November tomorrow.

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Monday, October 27, 2014

A GREAT weekend

Most weekends are good weekends, but I tell you what- this weekend was a great weekend. And we really didn't even do much.  But I marched into work Monday morning and was just happy as a clam about our weekend happenings, so I must share.

First off- I got to hug my friend Vanessa and see her new baby boy, Nash, Friday over my lunch hour.  After a long day of labor for her on Thursday, I was giddy to get to the hospital to give her a big hug and see her sweet and healthy boy.  A great way to start off the weekend!!

We kicked off Friday night with our first Halloween party at the kid's school.  Maddie was sleeping when we got there, so I left her in the car seat and poor Jimmy had to lug it around!

But it was so fun to see all the kids dressed up and just melts my heart when one of Charlie's classmates (always a little girl) see him and goes..."hi Charlie" and gives him a hug. Nothing cuter.

However, Charlie was really into the dance party and watching a bigger kid dance. He's been asking to "dance party" all weekend- which I have been obliging to by playing shake it off by TSwift and dancing obnoxiously.  YOLO. 

Ok so first of the milestones of this milestone weekend?  I put Maddie in her crib at 8:00 and she not only slept until 6am (which isn't unusual if she's in her rock n play but never in the crib) in her crib the whole time! I couldn't believe it! Way to go Maddie!!

Saturday was low key and wonderful.  Jimmy went to work the ACT while we baked banana muffins and took some food to a friend that just had a baby.  After naps we just hung out until it was time for bed and then this mama snuck out for a moms night out with my bff Emily to see Gone Girl.  The movie was good, the snacks were good and the company was the best.  I need more nights with girls please! 

Sunday we went to church and then hurried home because we were having people over for the Chiefs game.  And this is when the milestone weekend continued!!

While we were watching the game, my MIL was on the floor hanging with Maddie on her tummy and just like that she went from stomach to back!! I about died!!! Can't believe it's time for this already.  *insert sobbing*. However I was quite proud of my baby girl because earlier that day I was commenting how she'll never roll over herself because Charlie will never give her the chance because he likes to "assist" her (aka he rolls her over!). Apparently she heard me and wanted to prove me wrong.

After the football game and before dinner and the royals game (yes our life tends to revolve around dad watching sports), we hit up our favorite park to enjoy the 85 degree weather. Say what?!? In October in Kansas? Yes. It was amazing!

Instead of wearing this lady in the Ergo...we decided to see how she would do in the stroller without the infant car seat.  And guess what? She rocked it and loved the new view!!!!!! I seriously wanted to cry she looked so big just watching her brother play and play and play!  Milestone #2 for Maddie in just ONE day and the third of the weekend.  She was on a roll.  Literally.

And really quick - how cute is this bow?!?  I made it Saturday in like 5 minutes.  Just a few stitches in my sewing machine on the elastic and then some fabric glue.  She loved it!  (more on that later)


Ok - so for the final milestone for the weekend.  Well, that was one for Charlie's baby book.  Sweet boy went potty in the POTTY!!!  Seriously.  We casually talk about it, he tries every time at school, but nothing.  I decided to buy him a book about it from Amazon and it arrived on Saturday, so we ready it a few times and apparently she just peed in it before his bath.  

When he came in with Jimmy to tell me about it, I was in the middle of feeding Maddie so I tried not to scream but hugged him and hugged him and told him how proud I was!!!  What a big boy!!

And that my friends is why is was a GREAT weekend.  Seriously - these are the moments that make me so happy to be a parent.  So proud and excited for these milestones and all these fun things that are part of my sweet kiddos growing up.  While I don't want them to grow up, fact is that they have to, so we might as well celebrate these things.  

Cheers to a great weekend leading into a great week!!!!!

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Getaway to the lake!

It's funny because when I mention to people that we were going to the lake this past weekend, most people look confused and say "you're going to the lake in October? Isn't the water a little cold".  I laugh because they obviously don't know my family- we don't go to the lake (or any beach even) to just go to the lake.  There is ALWAYS a shopping involved.  So regardless of the month or the weather, shopping is always an option. Oh and a chance to just get away from it all.  And that we did!

We have done this the last couple years with my side of the family.  It started in 2012 right after I had Charlie and my mom wanted to know what I wanted for my birthday. At that time I was a first time mom to a one month old and I told her all I wanted was just a weekend out of my house, but not to do anything crazy of course because Charlie was still so little and nursing quite often.  And from that, she got me the most wonderful birthday present.  My parents, sister and my little family went down to the Lake of the Ozarks and we've been doing it since!

This time?  We did a whole lot of nothing and just enjoyed our time all under the same roof.  which meant a lot of hanging in our underwear watching Woody and gang.

Hmmm..or maybe that was just Charlie??

His dad and his papa did some of this...

Papa even got in some snuggle time with Maddie! (usually Charlie hogs him!)

Now - I was doing the same thing, but luckily no one documented it.  Because I felt AWFUL.  Like 100 degree fever on the drive down and then like poop all Friday night and Saturday until about 2PM.  I had a crazy week at work and was overall up late and then up again early - so not sure if it was just exhaustion that caused it or I caught the 24 hour thing that Charlie had mid-week that Jimmy stayed home with him for.

Either way - I was VERY thankful for the extra hands around to help out with my sweet kids while I laid in bed.  I don't think I would have been feeling better if I had not have gotten some good sleep!!

Charlie enjoyed every second of the lake.  From bossing his Papa around and going inside and outside and upstairs and downstairs every five seconds changing his mind to stuffing Nana's delicious spaghetti sauce in his face and to stealing Papa's Andes mints...

what a hoot this kid is.

Saturday afternoon, my mom, sister and Casey headed out to go to the outlets while I was still snoozing and then my dad, Jimmy and I and the kids decided it was time to get out and we split up. Maddie and I picked her up some new clothes (OMG girl clothes, seriously.  Seriously) while Charlie, Papa and Jimmy went across the street to Miner Mike's.  I mean you would never have believed that he didn't want to get in the maze at first. 

By the time I showed up he didn't want to get out and was making his dad follow him all around.  Poor Jimmy's knees.  He's such a good sport!  I guess this is one of the reasons why you have kids when you're under 30?

After the was time for unlimited rides.  I happened to like watching them ride on this little indoor Ferris Wheel thing.  It was pretty cute.

But the best?  The bumper cars.  Jimmy had to ride with Charlie - but that proved to be a little difficult - so on top he went.  However, the fact that 3 other girls were in the bumper cars didn't help when they were "running into" people.
I was just dying laughing in the corner.  Seriously.

I love how low key the whole weekend was.  All the meals we just ate in the gorgeous condo which was cheaper but also just so great and not stressful at all for me with Charlie trying to run around.  

Of course, you have this guy who will do anything the kid asks - so that helps for entertainment too.

However, they are quite the cute duo!

Before we headed out Sunday morning, I wanted a family picture to document the trip.  Hahahaha.  Oh Charlie.  At least you can see Maddie had fun!  Love her sweet smile!

PS - just for a flashback, this was our family just TWO years ago in the same condo complex during our lake trip.  Crazy how FAST time has gone since thing and how things have changed!!!

These two love birds were pretty fun to hang out with too!!

And then we tried an iPhone timer pic.  #fail

But at least you can see the whole group....

The ride home?  Thank goodness it was only 3 hours and thank goodness I didn't have a 100 degree fever.  Did I mention my daughter is an angel and my son - be the judge.

I still am terrified for Maddie getting older because if she's this good, this girl will be sassy down the  road.  I'm sure of it!!

We got home on Sunday afternoon and these kids were a MESS!!  Everyone was so tired - so it was early bed time for Mr. Charlie while Maddie helped me fold laundry.  I mean, she's the cutest is she not????  Best laundry partner ever.

Thank you mom for another great trip!  Next time though - everyone can just come stay at our house!!!!

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Brother and sister

I think the thing that made me the most nervous when I found out we were having a baby girl (besides the impending drama a girl teenager will bring- I'm very aware of that since I was one!), was what exactly Charlie and his baby sister's relationship would look like.  As kids, as they grow up and even as adults.  

I have one sister and Jimmy has four brothers- so neither of us grew up with the opposite gender as a sibling, so you can kind of understand why.  Immediately I started to search and think about people I knew that had that growing up to get a glimpse into the future. 

My best friend Lauren has a brother just two years older that we all grew up with too.  They have such a wonderful relationship, especially now as adults, that it made me a little more excited and less nervous about adding a girl to our mix!! I looked to my nieces and nephews too, since they all have a mix of at least one boy in their family! And then a few other sorority sisters that have great brother/sister relationships that I have looked and thought a lot about.

In addition- one of my favorite shows, parenthood, showed me a fun tv spin on what it looks like to have a brother/sister growing up.

And now that Maddie's been in our family for almost 4 months (which seriously how is that possible!), I'm just loving seeing these two start to form their sibling bond.  I will always say that the best thing we can give to our kids is a sibling (or siblings if we are blessed with more kiddos), because I know my sister is one of my favorite people in my life and Jimmy thinks the same thing about his brothers.

Here are a few cute things about their relationship already:

Charlie is already super protective of her. When I take her in his classroom to pick him up at the end of the day she's in her car seat and his friends are super excited to see a baby.  When they get near he shouts "my baby Addie" immediately and if someone is trying to touch her he shoos them away. (We are still working on adding the "M" to her name)

When she cries even a little, he will proclaim that "Baby Addie is crying" and then tells me that "Baby Addie is hungry".  When she's just chilling, he says "Baby Addie happy!".  

We usually do bath time separate for now (I give her a bath in our bathroom and Charlie is in his with dad), but he always come after baby to give mommy and baby Addie a kiss.  He insists, even if she's eating. Pretty sweet.

Because she's not old enough to steal/take his toys yet, he's actually quite generous with them and will bring her lots of his toys and set them by her nap nanny or where she is laying on the ground.  It's quite sweet.  He even offers up his tag AND his blanket (which are quite sacred) to her daily!

He even tries to share snacks with her- however, we have made it pretty clear that since she has no teeth, she cannot partake in his snacks.  This was all after he stuck a cashew in her mouth.  At least we know she doesn't have a tree nut allergy, right?

She loves to just stare at him.  He's quite the character and I'd love to get an inside view into her little mind as to what she's processing when he see him dancing around and screaming or laughing.  It's pretty cute and I'm excited for her to get a little bigger and start interacting more!

**he insists on giving her goodnight kisses every night..and yes, we are using snowman PJs already**

It's crazy that I was even nervous for a second about having a girl.  Crazy I tell you.  Because she's prefect.  And she's the most wonderful addition to our little family and we couldn't be more thankful for her.  And I pray everyday that she and her brother will have a great relationship- because siblings truly are the best!!

And because the world series starts TOMORROW....and Jimmy and I are going to game 2...I have to say this: GO ROYAL'S!!!!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

It feels like fall around here

We are starting our second year since we moved to western Olathe and our second year since we started attending Church of the Resurrection West, since we had previously attended COR at Leawood campus.  

And we love it!! What else do we love?! The fall festival that they host for the church and community every year!!  We attended last year as a family of 3 and it was even more fun this year as a family of 4!!  

See what I mean?!? This sweet girl was happy to be at the fall fest!

Of course, the festival was right during the Royal's ALCS game versus the Oriele's (you've heard that the Royal's are kicking butt- right??).  So once I pulled Jimmy away for the 5 minute drive to church after the fifth inning, he and Maddie hung out in the sanctuary watching the game while Charlie and I ventured outside for all the games.

Of course he went straight for the bounce house.  I thought we were going to get out of it because they all deflated right when we got down there- blew a fuse- but no worries. They were running again soon and we got on line.  First was the obstacle course one.  Luckily, a friend's dad went in with his son and Charlie to help him over the wall he couldn't climb.  But then when Charlie got to the end and figured out it was the end- he turned right around and said "bye bye" to me. Little punk.  And then we got in the big bouncer and he wouldn't come out. 

So essentially this was how we both felt. 

Yes- this is him throwing a fit.  I secretly was mad but laughing all at once.  

Dad made it all better with Cheetos of course.

The best part?!  Besides the animals and hay ride with Papa and Aunt Lulu...

....was the sky.  Oh my! I love living out west because of these every day!

Did I mention there was candy?! Oh yeah there was. Charlie wouldn't put it down...even for a picture with his mom!!

Then the sun set, the Royal's WON and it was time for fireworks!!!  We were so excited because Charlie has never seen them before because his little sister made her appearance this July 4th!

The verdict?  He liked them!  The booms were a little loud but when we went to church the next day, he couldn't stop talking about the hot fireworks!! So I think they were a hit!

Even Maddie loved them.  Here are some pictures that I took from our church's Facebook page because let's be honest- my attempt to photograph them are NOTHING like this!! 


Finally- can we talk about Maddie?! I mean we hit the baby jackpot. Seriously.  She was perfect and just sat in her car seat the whole time, awake, just staring at all the people walking around and the fireworks.  Not even a hint of being sad and lots of smiles.  

I'm not going to lie when I say because of her behavior as a baby so far- I'm quite terrified of what her toddler or teenage years will look like.

But overall it was another awesome event that we all enjoyed and helped us get in the fall spirit!!!

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