Monday, September 30, 2013

Mommy and me: copy cat

Another weekend has come and gone just like that.

This past one?  It was filled with family time, shopping, fishing and not-so-much sleeping.  Well that was due to the whole four molars, being totally off his schedule, having green snot come out of his eyes and sleeping in a pack n play.   But we all lived and guess what?  That's what being a parent is about right?  Learning and trying to enjoy the ride.

Well you know what we all did enjoy?  A stop at Lambert's cafe in Springfield, MO on our way down to Table Rock Lake this weekend.  We used to make the Lambert's stop a lot when we were kids and we would go down to my grandparent's cabin at Table Rock.  It was just how I remembered it.  Lots of food and lots of thrown rolls (seriously, they throw rolls!)!  So glad that Jimmy (and Charlie) finally got to experience it!!

While the adults were enjoying the fried okra (OMG so good) and chicken and dumplings (OMG also so good), Charlie really enjoyed the rolls.  

And we seemed to be copying one another's faces in these pictures.  Not sure who is imitating who, but I sure liked them and will happily have him copy me for at least a little while longer.  Thank you Jimmy for finally being like me in your photography skills and taking more than one picture!!

Linking up again with Leah and Emily for Mommy and Me

All I can say is that this boy is a HAM.  He seriously puts on a show for bystanders.  It's hilarious.  He sees people walking by and will throw his head back and smile at them.  Then they sit there and oodle over him and he just smiles and laughs and waves and says "bye bye" on command.  Hilarious and so cute.  Please stay this cute and little.  

Ok - maybe get a little bit bigger and wiser.  But seriously - this growing up thing FLIES by!

Happy Monday!
My Everyday Love

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Five on Friday

And it's FRIDAY!!!  Wahoo!  Guess what?  We are already off to a fun weekend that involves a lake, family and lots of fun.  Hoping that beautiful weather comes along with us too.

Plus- down to 10 weeks of grad school left!
Linking up with Darci for another 5 on Friday!


Well, Charlie's first molar finally broke through so I'm considering that a milestone for him and for me.  Lets just say we are both SO excited for more.

But seriously...what happened to my baby?!?


TV shows are starting.  Not that I have time to watch them or anything, but that when pushing my own bedtime comes into play right?  Watched Nashville this week and cannot wait for Homeland and Scandal!!  Wahoo!!


I cannot believe Halloween is almost a month away!!!  Been trying to figure out what our babes are going to dress up as.  Not sure how long this will last, but last year it was so fun to coordinate Charlie and our dog's costumes.  

Ideas for Halloween 2013:

1. Charlie Brown and friends (love this one)
2. Charlie dress up as a dog (already have  a costume for this)
3. Chiefs player...and fans (the dogs)

So we'll see what I decide!! Any thoughts or ideas?!


Fall.  I know everyone has been talking about fall's arrival for a while now, but with cool weather this week it finally started to feel like it.  With a busy next couple months ahead (did I mention I cannot wait for school to be over??), need to make a list of a few things we need to do this season.  Hopefully will be a little more fun now that Charlie is more interested in things.

1. Go to the pumpkin patch

2. Make some Smores!

3. Go on a hayride

4. Decorate/carve pumpkins

5. Make some homemade playdough and enjoy!

6. Go to a local fall festival

7. Go trick or treating!!!

8. Go to a football game and tailgate

9.  Start our Christmas shopping (early start)

10. Enjoy walks in the cool air

So who's in to enjoy some of those with us??


Need a yummy, easy and semi quick recipe for weeknight dinners??  We had some friends over last night and I made this crispy cheesy chicken and it was delicious.  Already had all the ingredients on hand (I ended up forgetting the sauce- duh!).  But usually the chicken I make come out dry and even without the sauce it was SO good.  Not sure if it was this recipe, my new oven or a combo.  Either way: DELICIOUS!

Check it out here!

So there you have it.  Looking forward to a long weekend at the lake to have some fun and relax.  Hope yours is full of fun and relaxation too!!!
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Monday, September 23, 2013

Beautiful weekend, embarrassing moments and another 10 year reunion...

We were on a walk last night and I asked Jimmy how sometimes the weekends go by SO fast but they seem like when you are living them, they are so long.  Weird how that happens, right?

The weather was just BEAUTIFUL in Kansas City this weekend and we soaked up as much as we could of it.  Went to a fun STA tailgate on Friday night where Charlie had lots and lots of fun with lots of other friends and kids.

I also had a "remember that one time?" moment.  Do you ever have those?

Long story short, it said "bring a snack to share" to this "tailgate" on Friday night that was from 4:45-7:00.  I was all stressed out because of course I had no time to make anything and had to be that person again that brings something store bought - I think I'm just going to have to get used to that.  In my mind, I was thinking tailgate in between that time meant that it would be like burgers, hot dogs, whatever.  So I just grabbed a tub of macaroni salad.  Not the most delicious or even something that Jimmy and I like, but I thought others would.  We get there and there are just like appetizers.  Um, how embarrassing.  (Especially since I didn't even have a spoon)  But Jimmy INSISTED that we put it out.  Pretty much so he could make fun of me.  Sweet, right?  Well it sat there awkwardly all night.  I kept staring at it so embarrassed and finally snuck it back into the bottom of the stroller.

Jimmy did a big "told you so" because he thought it was SO weird that I bought that.  Guess what?  It made sense at the time to me - but was pretty mortifying...and hilarious.

I'm pretty sure Jimmy will talk about that years from now - proving that he's right.

Anyways, Saturday we ran some errands in the morning and had a nice visit with my grandparents.  

Then Charlie's teachers from his old school came over to visit (so sweet) and we had a nice time hanging out with them.  Then it was off to the reunion.  We got one picture of the night.  

It was pretty fun - we both lost our voices.

Seems like my parents and sister had a good time hanging out with Charlie too!!

And then...Jimmy had a fun morning.  Haha.  As always.  He likes to have a little too much fun sometimes...and every once and a while I like to rub it in his face a bit.  We went to a delicious post-birthday brunch for me and my cousin, Brett, with my family at Nick and Jake's and stuffed ourselves silly. 

Went to a new park on Sunday afternoon with Charlie and played lots in the garage while I vacuumed our gross van - he didn't really take the gate thing seriously.  But he was sure cute.

Then got some time with my man watching the movie Hitch.  Which for some reason, we both like.  With NEVER happens.

I love these pictures of me and my little man + my tired husband, which I'm going to say count as Mommy and Me, right?

My Everyday Love

Happy Monday everyone!!!  Here's to another week!

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Friday, September 20, 2013

5 on Friday!

Another week in the books - and if you are counting, like I am - that means just ELEVEN more weeks until this girl graduates.  I didn't think I would be this anxious about it, but man oh man, I'm so ready to be done.  

And since it's Friday again (thank goodness), joining Darci and friends in their link up!


Molars, molars, molars - why won't you just pop through?  I can see you......

Poor Charlie babe.  He has not been too happy this last week and 2 little molars are to blame.

No fun for anyone!!!


I posted this picture on Instagram of my Sunday morning shenanigans before church of my breakfast burrito assembly line.  

I might be crazy, but seriously, these are so easy...and so awesome for breakfast on the go.  And on top of that, a whole lot cheaper and healthy than stopping through the drive through.

Here is a version of a recipe that I used.  But one thing that I did different that has been so nice is wrap the burritos in paper towels first and then in foil.  Then freeze in freezer bags.  When taking out in the morning, just take out of foil, pop in the microwave for 1 minute and 20 seconds.  It's amazing.


Guess what I did this week?  FINALLY hang up some pictures on the wall.  Just 3 of them.  And I still need to update the actual pictures (if you cannot tell, the pictures are going the wrong way), but it has been nice to have something hanging on the wall!!

I've been looking to pinterest for some inspiration - so we'll see what I come up with some of our newest family pictures from Allison Corrin Photography (just got the CD!)

10 year high school reunion - ROUND 2.

Yep, that's right, Jimmy's 10 year high school reunion is this weekend.  Looking forward to a good time with good friends.  Jimmy's best friends are still his friends from high school and I have become such good friends with them to.  Looking forward to hanging out with those friends and others!!

So Saint Thomas Aquinas class of 2003: watch out because Jimmy is pretty excited (so am I!).  I will finally get to sport my STA t-shirt at the football game!



Lately, I've needed to say this on repeat.  One of my best friends, Vanessa, actually gave me a great print with this bible verse in a frame for my birthday 2 years ago when we were both trying to get pregnant.  It still lives on my dresser so I try to remind myself of this everyday, but sometimes I need some extra encouragement.  I need to know that He has a plan and knows my story.  I just need to relax and enjoy the ride - which is always easier said than done!!!


With that - wishing everyone a GREAT weekend!!!

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Mommy and Me: shirtless boys

My Everyday Love

Guess what?  Even though Monday is pretty much over with, I'm still blogging.  2 hours left still means I can participate in the link up right?  Yes, I think so.

This picture.  Oh this picture.  This was taken at Bobby and Hillary's house when the Carter bunch was over there watching the chief's WIN!  This is Eli and Charlie.  How freaking cute are they?  Eli is one of Charlie's older cousins and it is just so sweet to see him interact with Charlie!  Eli is in first grade and just loving it.

So why do I have two cute shirtless boys on my lap??

Bobby and Hillary had the TV outside watching the game so all the kids were running around (by the way, they sure know how to host a party - Hillary had the cutest decor and food!!).  And believe it or not, by the time we got there after Charlie's afternoon, 3 cousins had to leave for a soccer game and 3 other cousins weren't there at all because of a soccer game.  Dang soccer games!  So then there were 3 and they had quite the afternoon.  When Charlie's shirt came off and revealed his Old Navy shorts and Eli realized he had matching shorts on....his shirt came off too.  Then they both jumped up on my lap and Jimmy snapped this shot. 

They are pretty cute.  I'm biased, but hopefully you agree!

As for this past weekend.  It was good.  So good.  

And if you didn't know it - I've declared that my weekends now start on Thursday.  Like I still have to go to work on Thursdays and Fridays, but since I don't have class, they just feel like extra special days.

Friday we went out to dinner with my family and Charlie melted down at the restaurant.  Welp - welcome to toddler-hood right. So we paid quick, headed back home and put the rascal to bed.  Then we worked out. Yes, that's right.  I told you I was doing Focus T25.  Jimmy is too.  He almost died on Friday night.  I laughed.  Don't get me wrong, it's really hard for me too - but he is hilarious.

Saturday was spent running errands; mom to Target and Buy Buy Baby to help a friend and AHHH - I got my first hair cut in like 8 months.  Even it was only 35 minutes, it was 35 minutes of head massages, girl talk and me time. 

In the mean time - Charlie and Jimmy went to get some new kicks for Charlie.  He started randomly screaming last week.  A lady at work told me her son did that and his shoes were too small.  So when he was screaming, I took his shoes off and he stopped.  Time for new shoes!!!  (PS it's times like these when I look forward to a child that talks...however, I know once that starts, well it doesn't stop)

Then we had some friends over for the first time to our new house.  And everyone was gone by 9:15.  So good to see everyone but it was crazy when I looked at the clock and realized how "early" it was.  Um...we are OLD.

Church and football on Sunday and there's the weekend folks.  So exciting.

We were back to the grind today - and I'm counting down the hours until Wednesday night at 7:15 when I'm home from class and my "weekend" starts.  

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Five on Friday: randoms

I skipped this link up last week and I cannot remember why.  The weeks are starting to BLUR together.  But I'm back again.  I have about 3 other "real" posts that I've started on things I've missed out on blogging about this summer...but these link ups do keep me accountable to posting something!! Linking up with Darci and friends again.


Let's start this one off with a BANG - or pain.  My birthday present to myself?  A new workout DVD.

Jimmy and I started doing the Focus T25 workout from Beachbody this week and WOW.  Wow to 2 things:
1) The first one was already intense and we couldn't breathe when we were done
2) We took our "before" pictures and it couldn't be more clear that we need this

Excited to keep up with it and do something good for ourselves and family.




We are all slowly starting to get in a better routine at our new house and with Charlie's new school.

I THRIVE off routine and I think Charlie does too - so this is good news for all.

 He is sleeping good and I'm starting to feel a little more at home in our new house.

{Still need to hang some of those family/personal pictures}



It was the annual Scholastic Book Fair at Charlie's school - well not really a "fair" perse but they sent home a flier and any books you ordered helped get the school more books.  

I just hung up Charlie's shelves in his room last weekend and put all his books up in his "reading nook" and was itching for some new additions.  He's really getting into books (his favorite is the Bearstein Bear's Old Hat, New Hat right now - even tried to take it in the bath with him) so I'm trying to keep him engaged.

So when I saw this book by The Pioneer Women, I couldn't resist!  His name and one of my favorite bloggers?  I cannot wait to get it!!


Have I mentioned how much Charlie likes to EAT?  Well - he does.  Not sure if we're going through a growth spurt or not, but lately I feel like I cannot get food in front of him fast enough.  And when I do, he literally picks it ALL up and shoves it in his mouth.  It's pretty amusing. 

This week?  Spaghetti was all over him and then in the morning he was literally SHOVING his hardboiled egg and yogurt bites in his mouth.  I guess eating fast is just something he's picked up on?  (I eat WAY too fast).

It is pretty cute when he gets stuff stuck on his face though... #messyeater


Ok - not sure how many of you still have a planner that you actually write things in still, but I have really tried to get in the habit of using my phone and online calendar for everything these days.  It's synced between Jimmy and I and work, etc., sends me reminders and all that cool stuff.  Love it, right?

For some reason, I saw my friend in class on Monday that had a planner still that she writes in and we started talking about it.  And I realized I miss having a physical planner/calendar that I write things in, write lists and best yet - can cross things off when I finish them.

{Anyone else think crossing things off your list is the best feeling in the world??  Just me?}

So I found a planner that follows the school year (starts in August) and I pulled the trigger.  Thanks to Amazon Prime it will be here on Saturday.  And it's weirding me out how excited I am to get it and transfer everything from our online calendar to it.  I mean I'm crazy right?  It's for sure more work to have both, but I just miss that I can open up something and see our whole month, etc.  Am I alone here??


Happy weekend everyone!  Looking forward to a fun weekend with family, friends and CHARLIE!!!

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Mommy and me: back to school (x2)

It's been awhile since my last Mommy and Me link up because the gals hosting it took the summer off, but I figured since I missed the last Five on Friday this last Friday, I'd link up to this again because I really do need to document pictures of me and my boy vs. the 100 pictures I take of just him that are mostly blurry!!  But Dear Owen and Everyday Love are back at it for the fall - so check them out!

My Everyday Love

So even though it doesn't FEEL like fall with these 100 degree temperatures in Kansas...we are almost there.  Football started this past weekend and my men was in heaven.  But with fall comes the start of school.  And guess what friends, this is my LAST semester of grad school.  I can hardly believe it.  Off to a decent start, but this is the first semester of the last 3 years of grad school that I have physically gone to class for the whole semester more than once a week.  And it's not just twice a week - it's THREE times a week.  Yep, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I'm in class.  Monday and Wednesday, I get home around 7:15 and then Tuesdays I don't get home until 10:15 or so.  Brutal with a capital B.  For many reasons.  Mainly because that just means even less time with Charlie and Jimmy.  While it's depressing, I'm trying to see the positive side of it.  Like how in 13 weeks it's all over with and I have my MBA.  Never again will I have to step foot in a classroom.  Um...yes please.  

While it's hard on me, I want to call out that my husband is the real he's taking on lots of extra work around the house and with Charlie.  They say marriage is a team and it definitely was a team decision to finish out this semester with these 2 classes instead of splitting it between fall and spring.  But all of us are feeling the sacrifices.  So very lucky to have Jimmy and his support with finishing school!  And I know Charlie will appreciate it someday, right?!

Now, I'm not the only one that went "back to school".  Charlie actually started at another new school.  We are crazy right.  You'd think we are since he's just 13 months and has been in 3 different day cares. Well, I promise we are not, and to say I was devastated to have to make this switch is an understatement.  We absolutely love the YMCA downtown.  Loved his teachers, loved the program, loved his classmates, etc.   What we didn't love after we moved houses?  That Charlie had to be in the car for over an hour a day in rush hour traffic.  Not only did we not think that was fair to him, but it also just made me nervous.  Jimmy and I are fine with being in the car a little longer, but the chance of getting in a wreck, etc. goes up more - which we weren't willing to take that risk with him in the car.  So we started looking at a few schools out by us and we found one that we LOVE just right by our house.  Also know a few people that take their kids there and they love it - which is always a good sign.  I thought we would have to wait longer, but as it turned out there were 3 spots open in the whole school (infant - pre K) and Charlie's room had one of the openings.  So last Tuesday was his first day.  We had a trial day there, which he did great at, and drop off the first day wasn't too bad.  It was the second, third and fourth day that were not-so-good.  Besides the fact that he is 13 months old and starting to experience lots of attachment to me (and Jimmy), throw on the fact we take him to a brand new school, new teachers, new friends, new environment and say - HAVE FUN.  Well, he didn't like that too much. Walking out of a classroom to your son screaming bloody murder is not fun and I wouldn't wish that upon my worst nightmare.  That is all you think about all day long.

But guess what?  Monday has arrived and it is a new week.  A new week that started out Sunday with Charlie making it through a whole church service in the nursery at our new church (wahoo!!) and then not crying at drop off (even bigger WAHOO!!!).  So we're taking that for the win folks.  It's going to be a great week!!

So now that I've filled you in on all our back to school shenanigans (hope your back to school experiences were good)...have to share a wonderful picture of me and my little man that Allison captured so beautifully on Wednesday morning.  This is just one of many great ones she got as part of his one year (aka 13 month) photo shoot that she was so sweet to fit us in at the last minute.  We were so so happy with the results and highly recommend her.  She made it easy and got some great pictures.  Easy with our wild man is saying something!!

Photo courtesy of Allison Corrin Photography
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