Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Living Room upgrade - halfway through

We were busy this weekend.  We are now officially down to the TWO week mark until we have our 20 week sonogram and find out if Baby Carter is a little girl or little boy.  And that also means when the nursery planning begins.  So in the mean time Jimmy and I have just been kicking our feet up on the couch enjoying the quiet weekends.  Haha...psych.  I mean really, do you know me at all people?  Of course I have come up with like 17 more things I want to do that have all stemmed from this nursery project that I have put myself, Jimmy and my dad to work on.  Here is the first one.  In the living room.

We haven't done much with this space really except furnish it, put a cable outlet in and paint the back of the built ins black versus the very sexy pink they were before (remember the old owner was a miniatures collector...).  This room was literally transported from my old condo.  Which I should put pictures of on the blog because really that is the only way I remember things these days is through this blog.  I digress.  Yes, the living room.  Since the room that the nursery will go in is now functioning as our office and second guest bedroom...we need somewhere to have a little desk and filing space.  So my mind went to work.  Where could that be?  And see that space in between the 2 built ins...yep, where the black TV stand (which is really a desk, it's tricky) is today? That my friends was my vision.  Change that into a desk area....BUT make it so it doesn't really look like a desk area because guess what, you are in the living room?  Complicated?  Always.  A good challenge full of lots of pinterest searching?  Oh yeah.

I had two bookshelves I already built the weekend before ready to go (measured just perfectly to butt up right against each of the current built ins) that needed to be painted.  A fresh coat of paint you say?  Why yes...but after taking a good hard look at the current built ins and the yellowy-whitish color they had become after so many years of neglect, I decided that they needed a good fresh coat of paint as well.  And I needed to organize my cabinets below that were crazy.

So while Jimmy primed the fresh wood bookshelves I built, I taped off the cabinets and on went a fresh coat of paint (mind you, this is all low VOC Behr paint...I promise I did ask my doctor if I could paint and she said yes, just don't inhale it.  Hmmm- I think I can handle those instructions.).  Then up went the TV (with my dad's help - trying to avoid that heavy lifting) - mounted on the wall at the perfect height.  And it swivels so we can see it from the kitchen.  Pretty fancy.  And ridiculous that we have 3 flat screen TVs that are all hanging on the walls - what has this world come to?!

Another view...

And then they worked their magic again, my little worker bees, and gave me just what I wanted which was hidden cords so it looks like the TV turns on from magic and not electricity. 

While they were doing that - I was painting in the garage (well ventilated space, doctor's orders) on a beautiful and sunny day in February.  Didn't even have a coat on.  Pretty awesome. 

There were new bookshelves and old bookshelves to paint.  And see those cabinets?  Yep, those are going in the downstairs family room for some new built ins (hmmm- I think I'm obsessed with built ins), since we hung the TV above the fireplace and don't need that TV stand either.  Sad.  But that one gallon of paint did a lot of good freshening up old things and making new things look fancy.

My hands and the paint, well that was another story.  And my hair.  And neck.  And arms.  I apparently am a sloppy painter!

Cabinets for the downstairs (got these wall cabinets 20% off at Home Depot a few weekends ago).  They are wall cabinets, so I'll build a frame on the bottom to elevate them off of the ground, but they were the perfect depth with the fireplace of 12 inches.  I have a feeling someday soon these might be filled with toys.  And I'm pretty excited about that.

New bookshelves, upside down.  Will be finished off with some nice trim!

And the freshly painted cabinet doors.

We are starting to put everything together now since the paint has had a few days to dry and it's looking good!!!  More photos soon.  The one thing left to build?  Something like this little beauty!  Going to put a bench/ottoman in between the bookshelves (have about 32 inches to work with) that houses all our important and frequently used files so they get from the mail box to the file faster that they do today.  Our island is begging for some clean space where the mail lives for days....

Ballard Designs

Monday, February 27, 2012

Friday Night out #1

Two Friday night's out in a row??  Wowza - this pregnant lady knows how to have a good time.  Haha, just kidding.  But Jimmy and I actually went out TWO Friday's in a row.  Which is impressive in general because I'm not really a big fan of going out on Friday nights because I'm super tired and also because we have tended to be super lame lately.

The first night out (Feb 17), we had made reservations at the Melting Pot on the Plaza to use the rest of a Plaza gift card we had and then also to celebrate a late Valentine's Day together!!  But we couldn't get reservations until 8:45 that night (talk about a late dinner for us), so we wanted to get some drinks before.  My sister and a few of her friends joined us at Tom Fooleries to have some fun!

Lyndsay, Sarah, John and SarahM.
And then that day I was telling my friend, Jen, from work that we were going to grab drinks and that she and her husband should join us - and guess what?  They did!!  Very fun!

Jimmy, Justin and Jen

And then they ordered a beer tower.  Really I think my sister and her friends just drank it, but still.  I haven't seen one of these in awhile!!

Then it was time for us to head to the Melting Pot.  Yum.  I really like the cheese and chocolate, but since we were there for dinner - we had some meat also.  Haha.  It is interesting going here pregnant because I asked a told of questions to the waiter about making sure my meat was all cooked, etc.  He made sure and told me that they wouldn't be in business if their food could make people sick, which was nice, but you can never be too safe I guess.

We got a Valentine's day special thing they had going on that had some delicious meats that included: shrimp, steak, lobster, pork and of course, chicken.  Looks gross uncooked in this picture, but it was really good.

And then the pictures started.  And Jimmy was being stupid.  Probably because he was so hungry.

He finally offered to take one of me.  How nice of him.

And guess what we got to get that was a HUGE treat?  Dessert of course?  Jimmy usually hates sweets, but since this one came with the meal, we had to pick and decided to go against the traditional chocolate and get Banana's Foster.  And wow.  That it was SOOO good.  I think it was white chocolate, bananas and some caramel and then cinnamon and sugar.  And for once in our lives, Jimmy ate most of it.

"Stay away from my sweets - yummy"
And of course we didn't actually take a normal picture of us because you know, who really does that?  Jeez!!  But overall it was a fun night out and getting home around 11:30...I was beat, full and ready for bed, so that's exactly what I did - went straight to sleep with my Snoogle.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

BARK for life - kick off event tomorrow!

Do you love dogs?  Like you think they are so cute and you run up to them and say "oh you're so cute little thing (in a baby voice)" and pet them.  Or every time you drive by one walking down the street you yell out, "hola doggy face!".  Oh wait - maybe that last one is just Jimmy and I.  We're weird like that.  But I know there are lots of people out there that love dogs.  So if you love dogs (or really, even if you don't LOVE them but you like them and think they are cute), keep reading.

Do you HATE cancer?  With all the different types of cancer out there today, from breast cancer to skin cancer to colon cancer to leukemia, I would guess that everyone knows someone personally that has had or currently has cancer.  Did you know that at of January 2007, it was estimated there were approximately 11.7 million Americans that with a history of cancer that were alive?  Each of those people's lives and the lives of those people that love and care for them were turned upside down at one point when they heard that diagnosis.  And while many go through treatments and successfully kick cancer's butt and go on to lead "normal" and happy lives, the reality is that in 2011 it was estimated that 571,950 Americans are expected to die from cancer, which is the second most common death in the United States (only second to heart disease).  In the US, cancer accounts for nearly 1 in 4 deaths. 

So if you didn't HATE cancer at the beginning of this post.  Reading those statistics I gave you above from the American Cancer Society's Cancer Facts and Figures from 2011, you should have every reason to hate it.  And every reason to want to get involved somehow and someway to raise money to help find a cure.  Say it loud and proud, "I HATE CANCER".


There are so many fabulous ways to get involved in the fight against this terrible disease in communities across the country. The American Cancer Society (ACS) is a fabulous organization that is working day in and day out to raise money to help fund research to help find a cure for all different types of cancer that affect so many people.  One of their big events that I'm guessing is in a local neighborhood of wherever you may be is a Relay for Life event.  These events take place at a local track and go overnight.  Members of team raise money leading up to the event and then take turns walking all night long to symbolize the fact that cancer never sleeps.  I participated in one when I was an intern at ConocoPhillips and it was a great experience being there.  My little sister is also a community manager at the Kansas City ACS location and helps the volunteers with the coordination of many of these events in Kansas City.  I really encourage you to check them out and get involved.

Ok - so now how do dogs tie into this?  Well, another event that ACS does that acts as another fundraiser for cancer research and a supplemental event to the Relay for Life is called Bark for Life . And that my friends, is how your love of dogs and hate for cancer can all come together on one morning.  Bark for Life is a noncompetitive walk event for dogs and their owners to raise funds and awareness for the American Cancer Society's fight against cancer and we are starting one in Kansas City (Overland Park to be exact!!)

Jimmy and I and a wonderful committee are gearing up to make this a wonderful event on the morning of April 28.  What a great reason and event to bring your dog and walk to fight against cancer with other dog lovers in the area!??!   This event will take place at a great local pet resort located at 103rd and Roe (right off of I-435) called Kennel Creek.

And guess what???

Tomorrow - February 22 at 6:30PM - you should come out to Kennel Creek Pet Resort for the Kansas Bark for Life kick off event!!!  Take a tour of the pet resort (it's amazing!!), pick up some free Mr. Goodcents for dinner and learn more about this event and how you can get involved!!! Start a team or walk with just you and your dog - either way, you will want to come out and learn more!  It will be lots of fun!

Check out the following link to find out more information about the event and sign up!!

Again -

IF YOU LOVE DOGS AND HATE CANCER - make sure you are a part of this event!!

Hope to see you there!  And if you have any questions - let me know!

Friday, February 17, 2012

FSF: Boiling eggs

Bringing back a Fun Story Friday for this Friday....last Sunday night we were having cobb salad for dinner and using some leftover fried chicken strips I had made the night before for dinner.  On my way to the grocery store at around 4:30, Jimmy and I had the following conversation via text message:

Brittany: "Hey I have 2 questions for you.  What kind of dressing would you like and can you boil 5 eggs?"

Jimmy: "Sure.  FF Ranch."

Jimmy: "How do I do that."

Brittany: "Seriously??"

Jimmy: "Yes."

Brittany: "Just boil water.  And put 5 eggs in and leave it to cook.  It will be done when I get home"

Jimmy: "Thanks."

Ok - he was serious.  I couldn't believe it.  This is like when Emily asked how to make pasta in college...haha.  Anyone remember that - isn't that what she asked???  Oh Jimmy, what in the world would you do without me??

I find it hilarious and sad all at the same.  Love that kid.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sweet 16

As of Wednesday (yesterday), I was 16 weeks along.  Crazy right?  I know - because that's 4 weeks away from halfway through this pregnancy - which pretty much blows my mind.  And 4 weeks away from when we find out if this baby Carter is a Mr or a Miss - pretty excited about that, mainly because it means we can start talking nursery decor, clothes, colors, etc.  Oh the fun!  But that means I have 4 weeks to get all this other stuff done on my to-do list.  Such is life.

I wanted to take these pictures to show you my bump, but also the last day with my hair looking like this.  Sick of it and got it cut later that night.  Wait until you get to the bottom of the post for that fun.

So here is the bump.  To me it looks big, but the good thing is that if I am not wearing a tight shirt, you really cannot tell.  So if I want to flaunt it, I do it.  If I want to avoid people awkwardly staring at my stomach wondering if I'm pregnant or just fat, I hide it away.  This lady I work with is so funny and is always like "flaunt what you got baby" - love her.

I had to get one with Willy because he was looking on the early morning photo shoot and just looked so cute.  He's also went to the vet that afternoon because he had a suspicious lump on his chin/neck.  Scary stuff.  He had to have some liquid removed from the thing and it's off to the lab to get tested.  Praying its not bad news or cancer!!!  This poor dog cannot catch a break....

So there you have it.  16 weeks in and baby Carter is baking away.  I'm thinking it's just going to get bigger from here....but I'm ok with that if it means a healthy sweet little baby for us!  Especially because I still fit in my pants....with the belly band, of course (cannot button them otherwise I feel like I will die).  I'm going to start keeping track of some baby details (that I stole from Krista) mainly so I can keep track for myself.  So read if you want to, skip if you don't!

How far along: 16 weeks
Size of Baby Carter: 2-3.5 oz and 4-6 inches (s/he was only 1 inch when we had the 10 week sonogram!)
Fruit/vegetable comparison: Size of an avocado - YUM my favorite!
Total weight gain: According to my scale, 5 lbs.
Sleep: Ok - as long as I have my big pillow, I'm ok.  Except I pee several times during the night.
Movement: None yet, I'm excited because my doctor said it could start this week...but I have no idea what to be looking/feeling for!
Unglamorous body changes: Bigger belly!
Food cravings: I wanted something greasy for lunch Tuesday.  Bad idea after.
What I miss: Sushi dates at Sakura with Jimmy!!!!!!  Used to be a regular thing for us!
Strange experiences: Now that people at work know, people stare...it's awkward for everyone.
Milestones: S/he is getting some ears and can start to pick up voices - crazy!!!!  That means they can start listening to music (one thing that I think Jimmy will insist upon!).  And apparently their boy or girl parts of developed at this point.
Best moment this week: Giving Jimmy his Valentine's Day present, which was some KU baby attire - fellow K-State people, please don't kill me....I did tell him there were only specific times when the baby can wear them, but it put a huge smile on his face, which was the goal!

And finally - my haircut.  Now, it's not a "mom" haircut, I promise.  I just am sick and tired of blow drying it everyday with so much hair AND when I wear it curly it's just so heavy and weighed down it looks terrible too.  It was time for a change.

But you can see my little bump!

Not a mom cut - I promise.  But a "Brittany wants to not take as long to do her hair" cut.  So there you have it.  Lots of things changing!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Squishy between my toes

Ahhhh - NEW CARPET.  Even though it is only in one room - wowza, I just want to walk around barefoot on it all day.  I cannot believe what a HUGE difference it makes and how comfy it is to walk on and how much I love it on my barefoot feet.  Weird, but true.  Last week, I showed you it all ripped up with no more furniture, and now it is all installed with the furniture back in place.  Love it.  Ready for a peek??

Here is some pictures I snapped during the installation on Friday morning.  I worked from home that morning - the original plan was to do that all day, until my computer broke and wouldn't turn on half way through the day...awesome.  But what is awesome is the 1/2 inch thick carpet pad.  The stuff that was under the old carpet was like 1/4 inch or less and so old and not comfy or padded at all.

And here is the carpet completed!  I love how it's a little darker carpet the walls (as this room used to have dark wood walls and white carpet) and hopefully won't show stains as much as the old stuff did!

Here is the room on Sunday night when Jimmy is watching the grammy's.  It's quite a mess, as I still need to get some of the boxes of decorative stuff unpacked again.  And work on those built ins - but don't worry, I spent a few hours at my favorite store this weekend (home depot) checking out some options, prices, etc.  So hopefully we will have some storage cabinets and shelves soon!!

I can't wait until the summer when I don't have to wear my slippers and can actually walk around barefoot and feel the soft carpet between my toes!  Wahoo!  Now every single room (8) in our entire house has new floors.  Wow.  Pretty sweet thought!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Will you be our Valentine??

As in Carter tradition on the "smaller" holidays (2011's picture)...the dogs got to pose for another photo shoot to commemorate Valentine's Day.  This year, I went with an idea that reflects my absolutely LOVE of the candy message hearts that come out each year at this time. I know, some people (many) claim that they taste like chalk, but guess what - I really like them.  So I made my own (using the old school folded sheet method) hearts and then strung them around each of the dogs necks.  I threw a black sheet over the couch downstairs and made Jimmy do his job of wrangling the dogs.  Easier said than done in our house - but always a good time.  Haha.

I didn't make too many cards this year (but had to do some, we work at the biggest greeting card company in the world), but our family members have this picture coming to a mailbox near them.  But for everyone else, here is our family Valentine:

Oh how well behaved all those little doggie angels look.  Little do you know or can tell (hopefully) we weren't so lucky to get a good shot of all 3 of them - I had to crop little Milly out of another shot and put her in this one.  I had to make sure she had her best side showing, right?  That's what mom's do.

Hope everyone has a GREAT Valentine's Day!!  We don't have any crazy exciting plans - Jimmy has actually suggested that we start an annual Valentine's Day tradition of making breakfast for dinner.  So we will be whipping up some pancakes, strawberries, bacon, hashbrowns and eggs....sounds like a lot of food, but I'm thinking that Jimmy can probably eat it all.  Unless he pulls a birdfeeder, but I'm hoping that he will eat it all just because he loves me.  Haha.  We are doing a fun dinner at the Melting Pot on Friday night, so have lots to look forward to!  Very excited to have a week full of "love" with Jimmy.  SO cheesy, but true.

And this post wouldn't be complete without the ridiculous outtakes from what it took to get these hooligans to take a picture with a big paper heart strung to their necks.  Oh my, what in the world does our poor child have in store for them??

Milly - Hola chica
And Mr. Toby.  Behaving himself once we dragged him inside...
At the very beginning.  Not a good start.
And Willy makes his lunge for mom with the camera 
Attempt with a flash - eh. 
The last picture.  They are done.  
I'm guessing it's not easier when you throw another one in the mix?  Until next  year - wishing you lots of love and happiness with family and friends!!