Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pictures of the dogs - 16 of them

Ok so, I'm going to show you some fun I have been having with my new camera - taking pictures of our babies aka our dogs.  They have ever so willingly been great models for me.  Here are some of my I continue to learn how to use this fancy camera!!

Willy - love this picture of him :)  So sophisticated!

This was around our anniversary because the cherry blossom tree had just lost all of it's petals.  Look at ALL of them.  Toby was checking out the backyard as the resident "protector".

And here is some pictures I took in the "sports" view and it went really fast catching Milly in action with the ball.  She looks so little in these!!

And if you have a dog and they like to roll in bird poop or other weird substances in the backyard for fun - you will appreciate these pictures.  One by one watching her roll around in something gross and smelly - but she was loving every minute of it.

Now it's time for the bedroom photo shoot.  These dogs love our bed.  They sleep in it every night with us.  We are trying to change that because they wake us up more than new borns do (at least once a night - sometimes twice and always up at 5AM...about 13 minutes before my alarm goes off every morning - so I'm always thrilled about that).  I tried to do it this week - put them in the kennel at night.  I just couldn't.  I will do it soon.  I will.

On a happier note, here they are loving the big bed.  With the guest room comforter because Willy decided to throw up on our nice one and it was at the dry cleaners :)  Even after all that passive aggressive complaining I just did - I still love them!

Milly and her dad.  Jimmy looks cute - I love a gray under shirt!




"Mom - leave us alone!  We are trying to take a nap!!"


And Toby - just chilling.


That's all.  Trust me, I have lots more :)  But was just admiring the pups pictures and wanted to share!

I'm on the count down to Mexico this week, so nothing can get me down.  With the beautiful weather in KC and a wonderful trip with friends on the horizon - I'm all smiles!! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter weekend fun

This last weekend was great.  Lots of fun and family time :)  Friday kicked off with my sister being in town, which means that we have to get all the dogs together.  Can you spot all 5 of the weiner dogs in this picture??!

Just a shot of Jimmy on my new camera that I liked.  Beer in hand of course.

Saturday - you can read about the fundraiser for the JRM foundation on my last blog post that was a success!!

Sunday kicked off bright and early with church at 7AM.  Whew - we were tired, but it was a wonderful service and it was fun to get the day kicked off right! We went to breakfast at Perkins after church, which I am still questioning why we did that because we ate TONS of food the rest of the day but oh well.  It is always fun to have breakfast out with the husband.  Then I headed home to get some cooking/assembling of food done for the meals we were attending during the day.  Check out my fruit salad :)  I made two of them for each meal and I'd say they were a success!! 

First we went over to my grandma's house at noon for an Easter lunch.  It was delicious, as usual with some fun Easter decor - check out this cake that my grandma made for her great-grandchildren...well and grandchildren too because I loved it!!  Love the coconut nests :)

My 2 cousins brought their kids over to hunt for eggs - how cute are they?!  Hannah and Tristan!

Hayden joined in the fun too and it was hilarious watching these three kids, all around the same age, hunt after eggs!  Loved it!

The "big" kids enjoyed watching as well.  Great to have my sister in town for at least the weekend!

After that lunch we were STUFFED and tired.  So we went to my parents house and I took a nap.  Ah, felt so good.  After that I was rejuvenated and off to Jimmy's parents house to hang out with all of these sweet kids :)  Can you spot Maren?!  And where does this picture take place...?

Oh, in the coat closet.  Haha.  They are always up to something.  At least they got over Jimmy's Easter present of silly putty really fast - that could have be a mess!!

Since the weather was getting colder as the day went on - we jumped right into the Easter egg hunt outside with all the Carter kids!  Look how determined Ben looks to get those eggs :) 

And off they went - running around my in-laws yard trying to find all the eggs with their name taped on the outside of them.  Yep, my wonderful mother in law takes the time to make sure that all of them get an equal amount of eggs by writing their names on tape.  She must have raised  5 boys :)

And then you have baby Will!  How adorable is he?  And how crazy is it that next year he'll be a walking baby trying to participate in the Easter egg hunt?!!! 

And this my friends - might be my favorite Easter picture.  SOOOO cute!!!  Love them!

Next it was time to head inside to eat the delicious meal that Sue prepared and everyone chipped in on.  Check out these wonderful and creative desserts that my sister in law made.  How freaking cute!

haha - Jimmy and Tim showed up wearing the same thing -- cowboy boots and all.  Not sure why they are not smiling?!

After a delicious meal - it was play time aka crazy time where there is lots of playing and screaming and running and overall FUN.  It's so fun to watch all the kids play together.  They are hilarious.

Aunt Hillary and Baby Will :)

Maren, Norah and Pops - this picture cracks me up!!

And then dessert time - I snapped a shot of all the kids at the table with me!  Norah is trying to figure out how to eat her bird's nest!

Sweet Kenlie :)

Haha - Ben!


Libbie - cannot believe she is going to be 9 in August!!


And then the fun began - Jimmy's goal was to teach all of the kids how to do the Dougie.  This was his attempt to teach Ben.  Norah was a great student too :)

Then it got to be later in the evening - and you could tell.  These pictures are HILARIOUS!  This is Maren and Ben beating up on Uncle Jimmy.  I love their attitudes and how mean they are to him as a joke - cracks me up!!

Overall - a great was had by all celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus!!!