Friday, March 29, 2013

{Great} grandparents

We took another trip to visit my grandparents in Iowa.  Yes, we went to Iowa in December, but decided to make another trip up there to visit after a not-so-good diagnosis for my grandpa.  So this time, perspective was a little different.  Even though time estimates from doctor's are not always accurate, it gives you a different perspective when someone estimates just three months to live.  My grandpa has been sick for a long time.  The dreaded cancer.  He's beat it a few times and it keeps coming back.  But my grandpa is just such a fighter and has been fighting for a long time.  And he has lived so many wonderful years.  So we are going to spend as much time as we can with him and my grandma.  Soak in every minute.  Talk to each other and just be there.  

So we rented a minivan and made the 6 hour drive to Storm Lake, IA.  Left on a Friday afternoon, hoping that Charlie would go to sleep towards the end of the trip.  Kinda sorta, really not how we planned, but that is how having a sweet little 7.5 month old goes, right?  We rocked some Peter Pan on the iPad, which he enjoyed for like 2 minutes...but looked cute doing it.

We got to the hotel late at night and Charlie went right to sleep.  Then we were up early in the morning and shared breakfast with this little man.  His first time trying toast was successful.  He loves "real" people food.

Something fun we did do on a not-so-fun trip?  We had some fun by going to the hotel water park with Charlie.  He was wearing his trunks for the first time!!  How cute were they!?  He wasn't too keen on the water just because it was a little chilly, but he REALLY liked looking at all the fun activity and kids that were there!  It was crazy...spring break weekend!

After we dried off - we FINALLY were able to head over to my grandparent's new apartment.  As you would guess, Charlie was just the main event.  And he loved every minute of it.   Soaked up time with his great grandpa (and great aunts and uncles)...

and some time with his great grandma.  He is pretty strong though, so it was hard for them to hold him!

After we visited for awhile and we got some good hugs and kisses in, it was time for grandpa to take a nap and my aunts took my grandma shopping, so we headed back to the hotel.  Charlie fell asleep in the car on the way, so I decided to drop everyone off (we had to move rooms) and I drove the minivan around Storm Lake.

My grandpa really looked great.  He really did.  His decision to stop chemo was a good one because you can tell he just feels more like himself and a little better even with his cancer.  Chemo was just really hard on his body.  He is just such a great man and we have had so many wonderful memories with him.  When I was driving around with Charlie, I followed my driving instincts and ended up driving by their old house in the country.  The farmhouse that they sold a few years ago to move into an assisted living facility.  We had so many weekends in their many memories and holidays and playing with our cousins (they had the best fake food and we were really good at playing restaurant).  I know my grandpa was a hard-working farmer and sacrificed so much for his family.  And I know my grandma worked so hard to raise my dad and his two brothers and fill their house with love.  They raised their family together and then their sons started their own families.  My grandpa is really one of the most sensitive and loving men I know.  His emotions are so raw and he's not afraid to share them.  He always told us he loved us.  He always gave us lots of hugs and kisses.  And he still does.  I feel so lucky to have gotten to be a recipient of that love for all 27 years of my life.  I am thankful that I have ALL four of my grandparents still around and were a part of my life.  So we soaked up those moments with them.  And it was wonderful.  I love seeing them love on Charlie also.  It's the sweetest.

That night we hung out at the hotel and got pizza and watched KU and K-State play in the big 12 tournament game.  It was some good family time.

Sunday morning - it was St. Patrick's day - so this little Irish boy, celebrated the holiday to his best ability with a cute outfit and some more loving...

And then we headed back over for breakfast and some more family loving.  And of course, pictures.

I love this one...

All of us! 
My dad had to go back up to Iowa again this week because his uncle passed away (my grandpa's brother) this week.  In the time he's been up there spending time with family, my grandma has gotten worse and it is not good.  I just want to hug my dad.  He's hanging in there for everyone and is such a good son.  It's so hard to see him going through this because he truly embodies the emotions that my grandpa has.  My dad wears his heart on his sleeve and you can see how much he loves them and wants to take care of his parents.  I love that.  I love that he calls them every night just to talk and tell them that he loves them.  I dread the day when they are not there anymore because everyone needs their parents.  But that day will come, eventually, as it does for everyone.  And I know it will be hard for all of us, but especially for my dad.  And all we can do is be there for him and let him know that we love him.  But truly how lucky we are to have had them in this world for that long.  To see the impact that they have made and live a life that they love with people that they love.  That's just how life should be.  And I am so lucky to have them as grandparents.  And this little man is lucky to have them two of his five great-grandparents that he got to meet.  He's pretty lucky I tell ya.  He enjoyed all the loving that he got over the weekend and did this awhile for the trip back to Kansas City...

We had to take a pit stop at Applebee's so we all had time to get out of the car and Charlie out of his car seat.  After some more crying, we were all thrilled to be home again.  And that night - all was back to "normal", meaning that Charlie took his toy basket and dumped it out...

In other news...take a look at this kid's front teeth.  As of today?  He has 2 more on each sides.  Wowza.  6 total.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A night away

Last night was the first night I spent away from my baby boy in almost a whole 8 months.  It was a work trip.  It was one night.  When I was told I would be going about a month ago, I told myself it was no big deal.  It was a good time.  It was just one night.

Then Monday came.  I panicked.  I couldn't do it.  Even worse, this is the one week that Jimmy has meetings at night that he had to go to, so my mom had to help us out, so I felt bad about that anyways. I looked up flights to see if I could just come back to KC super late Tuesday night, but then felt guilty because that one way ticket just a day in advance was as much as my whole trip.  So much to pack (not clothes, breast pump stuff...) and on Monday night I tried to make sure I remembered everything, while this little guy helped me out.  If only I could have taken him with me!!

This is him trying to throw my suitcase on the ground.  I hear ya kid.
Up bright and early on Tuesday, I headed off to Milwaukee to a pretty beautiful sunset and tried to keep my head up.  It was only one night.  We would all make it, but living through it didn't make it much easier.  Luckily I shot a few silly videos of us laughing the night before.  I probably watched it 4 times just on the plane there....

Got there, went to the hotel to pump, went to our meeting site, set up, ate, presented, at 2:30 I snuck into the office at the meeting place (after talking to the manager) and pumped my little heart out.  Same view, different city these days....

After our meeting, we headed downtown to get a drink.  I had been texting my mom and everything was going great.  She picked Charlie up just fine, got him in and out of the car seat and they were just hanging out getting ready to eat some food.  We decided it would be fun to facetime. So when we were walking to dinner in downtown Milwaukee, I called her.  We chatted and then she put the phone in front of him so we could see each other.  One look at me and he lost it.  Like his face immediately went into sad face and then next up, he started bawling.  Like uncontrollably.  I wanted to start crying.  My mom thought I was.  She had to put the phone down to pick him up while i kept trying to sweet talk him.  She finally got him calmed down and I blew him a kiss and wanted to go to the airport immediately.  I just kept thinking that if he knows who I am, he has to know that I'm not there, right?  And he thinks I've abandoned him!!??  AHH!  (Maybe this is all stemming from us adopting our wiener dogs that were abandoned by there family!?).

While my mom was busy in KC putting little man to bed, I was doing some fine dining with some co-workers and had a delicious dinner.  But when we got back to the hotel, I drowned my sorrows with the "treat sack" my boys left in the car for me with the sweet note that I found inside.  (Thanks Jimmy - you really know how to brighten my day - that literally was the best finding that note!!) So I pumped, ate gummy bears and tootsie rolls and studied for my test that I had to have done by Wednesday evening by 11:59 (GRRRR - grad school!!!).  I just sat there wondering what was going on at home!

The good news?  The morning came quick, my milk went JUST fine through security, and I was back in my office at Hallmark by 10AM.  Worked for a few hours and then had a doctor's appointment in the afternoon and then worked from home after.  It was so nice to have a few hours at home alone to get my stuff unpacked and clean up the house, work, and get some more studying in.

Then FINALLY!  I heard the garage door come up.  And I ran out to get this little guy out of his car seat and in my arms.  It was pretty much heaven.

I must be a much bigger girl than I thought I was.  When I was working I was fine, it was just the nighttime.  Not that I don't love a nice steak dinner with co-workers, it was just weird to think of what I would normally be doing at home at that exact time.  And I would smile to myself thinking about Charlie splashing in the bath water and then looking up to laugh after the water splashes him in the face with his tooth-filled grin.  Just love him so much.

Moral of the story?  I went away.  I lived.  He lived.  Jimmy lived.  But don't expect me to do it again anytime soon unless I can be there right when he gets up.  I have to get my morning Charlie fill.  It is my favorite.
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Monday, March 25, 2013

Mommy and Me...#Easterfail

Again, I'm thankful for this weekly I'm sorry if its annoying, but it really does help to make sure I snap a pic of me and my little man each week. Even if its last minute like this one was. But I like this image because this is looking at the mirror right above Charlie's changing table in his room. I worked hard on painting this mirror white (was a bronze) and even more work went into getting it hung. The first time we tried to hang it, my dad and Jimmy were trying to pound it into the wall and it broke. Pregnant me was heart broken because I like the mirror and it went with the circle theme of his room. But I didn't want my dad to see how upset I was- but he knew. He went above and beyond to get the broken mirror and took it to a shop to get it fixed/repaired and made it easier to hang on the wall. It was pretty much the last thing that went up in his nursery, but it's one of my favorites.  Yep, my dad is the best and still knows how to make his baby girl happy!

 We look at it and smile and laugh almost every time I change his diaper. I can usually always get a few sweet smiles out of him, which is my favorite first thing in the morning.

Space man PJs and he loves my phone....

In other news, everyone in mommy blog land (and non-blog land, I just see it on everyone's blogs!) is preparing and sharing their Easter baskets and outfits. The truth??? I really thought Easter was last Sunday. Oops. So I had gone to target well in advance, picked up an Easter basket and some goodies for our little man (well kind of, more like a basket for him and candy for us....). And guess what? All that candy/sweets? Well it's already gone - oops. I did get him a cute tie and bow tie from the dollar section at Target. So what now?? Amazon Prime to the rescue!!! I have a few things that he I need like a place mat thing for when he goes out to eat and some snack containers...There you have it my friends, the truth of a working mom who is going out of town this week and just doesn't have time to shop....that is what it's for right??! 

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Week 33: back in action

It seems as if the craziness of being of working full time, being a mom, wife and grad school student might starting to feel a little more "normal" - if that is possible!

This week we also took another family road trip up to visit Great Grandma and Grandpa Bruns in Iowa.  Luckily, you are pretty decent baby in the car, Charlie.  We also had some biting incidents while nursing this week - even shed blood.  But I'm hoping that you are past that now?  Only time will tell.

And then of course at the end of this week - March Madness began and your dad is starting you early!

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Fun Story Friday: Photo Hunt (mom version)

In college, my friends and I played the "nudie" photo hunt like it was our job.  Literally.  We knew the bars that had it and we went there, parked ourselves in front of the screen and would try to beat the high score and we usually did.  We would assemble the perfect team of people (around 4) that would be able to catch all 5 differences in the pictures immediately.  While maybe inappropriate (and why when Jimmy and I try to find it at bars in KC - it's only at like 2), the "nudie" version of photo hunt seemed to be WAY easier than the normal photo hunt.  Weird, but man it was so fun to get the high score and then head to the next bar and repeat.  We were cool in college if you couldn't tell from this snippet.

This is not anything "nudie", as this is a somewhat appropriate and PG blog.  However, can you spot the main difference in the pictures below (sorry that I look creepy in them - didn't think I was going to post on my blog but just send to my mom and sister - but turned out it's too amusing not to share and just part of being a nursing mom I guess)...

 Just one difference really...
I'm guessing you spot it.  I have a tank top underneath my shirt in the one on the right and not on the left.  But really the one on the left, I have a tank top on, it was just pulled down. So you can literally see my bra (luckily it was nude colored!).

Oh mom friends - you will understand this all too well.  I went downstairs yesterday to the "mom's room" at work to pump at noon before a 12:30 meeting.  I was in a hurry, forgot to pull my tank top back up over my bra after I was done pumping.  I literally walked around like this and sat in a 2 hour meeting, talked to several people, etc. all with a pretty much see through shirt on.  Awkward?  Yes.  Did I care?  For like 5 seconds, and then realized I am lucky that in the last 5 months of pumping at work I've only done this 2 times (yes, I've done it before...but the over shirt was not while and pretty much see through...).  I am sure it could have been a lot worse, right?  I am also lucky because I had a cardigan over this shirt.  BLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#workingmom #breastfeedingproblems #OMG

Those are the hashtags that fit so nice.  Oh the things we do for our children.

Any other breastfeeding mamas have embarrassing stories like that?  I KNOW YOU DO!  Please share.  Because everyone needs a good laugh on a Friday, right?

PS - I really want to play photo hunt.  Pi Phi friends, you in?

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring "cleaning"

So one of the things that Jimmy and I have been tossing around the last month is should we move or not.  There are just things about the layout of our house that we are not fans of now that Charlie is here...things that we never thought about 4 years ago when we bought our house.  We called our realtor, looked at open houses, made a list of the to-dos to get our house "sale-ready" and talked numbers.  Lots of energy and thought was put into it.  But in the end, we've decided to stay put at least for another year.  We have done SO much to our house (literally redone every room, remodeled the kitchen and both full baths, etc.) that we know it will be nice to have some time in it to just enjoy all the hard work we've put in to make it our home.  Plus - I need one more summer in the cute little town of Prairie Village.  The big trees that line the sidewalks and the city pool just down the street - let alone the parks a block from our house and of course...our neighbors (my sister and our friends).  So that's it - we're staying - decision was made and all are happy.  The best choice for us right now.

With that said - now I'm getting a little inkling to do some fun decorating projects.  Nothing crazy or expensive, but just make it a little more fun and functional to live in for the next year or so while Charlie grows and starts getting to be on the move. 

Here are my spring/summer projects that I want to do! 

1. Transform the basement/man cave into a little more functional room.  Particularly, carve off a corner or side of the room for a legit home office.  I tried to make something of the sorts in our family room and it's fine for filing papers, etc.  However, with grad school in full force and after this semester just TWO classes left (which I'll be taking both in the fall - gross), I really am in need of a space to sit down at do studying/homework and not have distractions (these include my child, 3 dogs and the TV).  I'm loving this desk design and the corkboard on the walls.  Good colors too!


 2. A little color makeover of our downstairs family room.  We just got a new sectional down there that we custom ordered for the size and it's perfect.  However, I'm not loving the red beam any more.  The walls would still stay the beige neutral, but I would like to make it a little more subdued with the curtains and the beam and then get some cute and cheap pillows for pops of color and fun wall accessories.  I like these curtains a lot. 

oatmeal, gray + cream
 I really like these pillows and the ottomans - good fabric!

traditional family room by Jill Litner Kaplan Interiors
3. This might be the MOST important one that I want to change.  Our laundry "room" or lack thereof a room.  Our laundry is in the basement in the unfinished part.  Which is fine.  We live in an old house and I'm just happy it's not in the garage and that we refinished part of our garage to make the basement entrance all inside.  But if you are a parent - you have an idea of how much laundry is done in a week.  I didn't think it was possible for this small child to go through so many clothes, PJs, burp cloths, sheets, etc.  But he does.  That means Jimmy and I are constantly changing and folding laundry.  I would just really like a little happier space where I spend so much time (is that too much to ask???).  I'm thinking of hanging some "curtains" on the walls so I don't have to look at the concrete and then getting some folding stations or something like that.   I LOVE this look below.  I feel like it wouldn't be too hard or expensive either.

Basement Laundry Makeover  Dreamy laundry room with sensational tips!:)

 4. I need to do something with flowers outside.  I'm horrible at planting and keeping anything alive (just ask Jimmy).  But I want to plant some and maybe even do a garden this spring/summer to get some fresh veggies too.  Just a few pots or something like this will do (Lord knows I need to start SMALL on this one...)

One-pot garden. I think I finally found a solution to two problems: 1) Easy gardening for a gal with fibromyalgia and 2) A raised bed I could make pretty much by myself! Good thing I live in Texas where I still grow something this year.

Anyone else have any big plans?  I have NO idea when I will even have time to get all these things done or plan them out...but who knows, during the summer I'm not taking any classes, so I'm thinking maybe then?? 

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

4moms obsession

Just so you know, this is not something that anyone is paying me to do or say.  I just want to share with mom's out there a recommendation for a few AMAZING products.  

When you are a mom-to-be and go into a big box baby store to register is can be QUITE overwhelming to say the least.  I remember trying to prepare and get advice/lists from my friends that were already moms on what they really needed.  I scoured the internet for registry recommendation posts and bought the baby 411 book (which I would highly recommend as well - honestly that explained half of the products to me that I didn't know what we were used for).  One of the must-have items of course is a swing.  I had heard opinions from people on what to buy and what not to buy, but when my friend Vanessa posted about an awesome craigslist find swing she got for her baby-to-be way back when we were both pregnant, I figured we would go see just how awesome she said it was.  And that is when we were introduced to 4moms

I read all about this "spaceship type" swing called the mamaroo and so Jimmy and I decided to put it on our registry.  We were lucky enough to have some great friends at work that pooled some money together and bought it for us, as the price tag was a little steep.  But it was super cool looking at it sat in the nursery waiting for Charlie's arrival.

It turned out that Charlie loved it so much.  They made this swing to really mimic YOUR movements, as it slowly rocks your baby.  I know I have heard some babies that really don't like it and like the vibrating aspect that lots of other swings or bouncers have, but we stuck with just this one so Charlie never knew the difference.  It was great as a little baby when he was sleeping and we still even use it now every once and a while when he's restless and needs a little soothing but is a little too heavy for me to rock for 30 minutes.  Plus it's SUPER soft (we got the plush one), easy to adjust the incline and we've used it with our iPod a few times for some soothing music. 

Overall - so happy with this purchase and there are days when I seriously am so thankful for this because it does calm him down.

So onto the real product that I want to rave about.  This is a newer 4moms item and came out in October of 2012.  At that point, we had a 3 month old already and had our Graco Pack n Play that we had registered for and my mom was so sweet to buy us.  Charlie slept in that Pack n Play with the bassinet feature for the first month or so of his life (alternating with the Fisher Price rock n' play sleeper) and then we had the daunting task of figuring out how to fold it back up and get all the pack n play parts into the bag.  Literally - I feel like we are decently smart human beings, but assembling and un-assembling that pack n play was NOT easy at all.  When we were set to go on a trip to Omaha late October, we were dreading dragging it all with us and setting it up and taking it back down.  Dreading it.

That's when we saw that 4moms was coming out with a new playyard.  With a higher price tag ($300), I immediately wrote it off.  Just another way too expensive baby product that I refused to get sucked into buying.  Especially because we had a perfectly fine pack n play.  Jimmy however, watched all the videos and features on the Breeze playyard and was dead set that we NEEDED this thing.  I watched the videos, etc. and still told him I thought it was an absurd amount of money that we were forking over for an item we already had, but I let him pre-order it and he was so excited.  It didn't end up coming in time for our trip to Omaha, which was a bummer, but he was pretty excited when it finally came.

We have used it a few times when we have spent the night at my parents house (Christmas Eve and then when our power was out) and I knew it was easy, but I wasn't the one that was assembling it and un-assembling it.  This past weekend though?  We made another trip up to Iowa and took the trusty Breeze for Charlie to sleep in and holy moly - I fell in love and felt so good about this $300 purchase about 5 months after we made it.  Mainly because I was the one assembling and un-assembling this time.  We didn't get to Iowa until 11:30PM, so of course Charlie was a little restless after some decent car sleeping and all I wanted to do was get him to bed for real.  So simple.  Literally just take everything out of the bag, push the middle down, snap on the bassinet netting, stick in the hard bottom (after putting on the sheet) and that's it.  Ready for him to sleep.  He was fast asleep literally 10 minutes after we got into our room.  THEN - we had to move rooms between Friday and Saturday night because the hotel screwed up.  Taking it down, packing it up and moving rooms to set it back up again.  No problem at all.  I kept thinking to myself how annoyed I would have been if we had our old pack n play (and don't worry - it's still being used, my mom has it set up in her room at her house for when Charlie's over there and needs a nap).  It literally would have taken SO long to take it down and then put it all back up again.  I was so happy with the Breeze.  Time and convenience are everything when you are traveling and trying to keep a 7.5 month old occupied - and the Breeze delivered all of that to us.  Plus it was so easy to get into the bag and carry to the car.  I cannot say more wonderful things about this thing.

Here are some pictures of it from their website:
This is with the bassinet feature that we are still using with Charlie

Literally - this is ALL you do.

So I don't know if anyone cares, but I just had to post this because I couldn't be more satisfied with this thing.  The company is pretty cool and still small and began based off of a mom's focus group.  It's very obvious that mom's come up with these awesome products that they make because they are mom-friendly (if that is an adjective).  While the products are expensive, depending on what you are looking for, I really think it's worth the investment.  I have heard great things about their stroller (the Origami) - it even charges your cell phone (yes please), but with a super hefty price tag of $849, that one wasn't in the cards for us and our City Mini by Baby Jogger does the job just fine.  However, if you have extra cash to burn - it sounds great!!

They also came out with a bath collection which is pretty neat too that you can check out on their website - their tub is supposed to allow clean water to flow in and dirty water out (which if you have a kid that pees in the tub like mine does, that might be really helpful) and the water spout might be something I would invest in as well.

So there you have it.  My rave review on the Breeze play yard and really on 4moms in general.  If you are a mom-to-be looking for a play yard registry recommendation, I would highly recommend it.  Even though it doesn't have the newborn napper or changing area like some of the other ones do, I really think long-term, this one is perfect (I mean, I change my kid's diaper on the floor and I live).  It's such a "breeze" (pun intended) to assemble and un-assemble, I really think we will get way more use out of it by taking it wherever we need versus our other one.

Anyone else have the Breeze, Mamaroo or any of the other 4moms products and have a good (or bad) experience?  I would love to hear, as this is just my personal opinion!

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Mommy and me: number 5

What a weekend! After our trip to Iowa, I think everyone is tired and excited to get back on our normal schedule this week. However, these teeth keep popping up everywhere. At first 2 on top, then one on bottom and now the second bottom one was making its way through last night. Evidence?! A sweet baby literally screaming his brains out last night a couple times. While we are trying to be good at not going in and picking him up when he cries at night...I cannot handle the incessant cries in pain. That's where Tylenol and my boobs are the perfect medicine. Since he doesn't take a pacifier like a normal child, literally the only way to get him to stop screaming is let him nurse...even if I pumped everything out right before bed. You would think I'd mind (especially after a few biting incidents last week), but as fast as this kid is growing up I know these nights are numbered and I'll happily function with no sleep to make him feel a little better. I tend to be the more sympathetic one of the parents when it comes to pieces of hard enamel popping through his guns. Sounds pretty painful.

But here we are back to the weekly grind!! We matched this morning, so I had to get a picture!  This is evidence that this kid no longer stays still.  He wants to be all over the place and wants to be into everything now.  But excited for this week to explore some more table food with Charlie and for some fun this weekend celebrating a good friend and watching some basketball games!!

Happy Monday!!!

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Weeks 30, 31, 32 (catch up)

Week 30: the first snow storm!

Week 31: Snow storm #2...quite the week and baby's sick!

Week 32: Mom's sick and Charlie's first injury!!!

Ok - and I'm kind of caught up.  Just had done such a good job with my weekly updates I was going to be really sad that one month got me down.....

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Charlie: 7 months old!

All of a sudden - we had a 7 month old.  It came and went just like that.  And it was weird because in February there is no 31st day, so it was confusing to me when he was "really" 7 months old.  So because of that, this has taken another 2 weeks to post.  Haha.  Really, that's not the excuse, but we have just been living life that it took me a few days to take the pictures and then a few days to write this post.  But worth the wait.

From 6 to 7 months old, I feel like you've become such a "big kid".  From the things you are doing to just the way you look.  Your personality is coming through and it's just so fun to see.  You are still pretty happy for the most part and continually do things that crack me and your dad up. It's making me happy and sad all at the same time.

Here's the list of what you are doing now...

  • You started getting teeth.  Since I'm late writing this, you have teeth now...but as of 7 months you still didn't have actual teeth.  But teething was in FULL force.
  • Your talking has transformed into lots of "da-da" and "ba-ba".  Yep, you are saying da-da, not necessarily directed at your dad...but he still loves it so much.
  • You roll all over.  Front, back, side to side.  I feel like we put you down on your back in one spot and I turn around and you are across the room.
  • You love your toys still a lot, but also seem to love everything that is NOT a toy.  Your favorite thing this month that has made its way into your toy box?   A kitchen spoon.  You bang it, you eat it and throw it around.  Easily entertained.
  • Well, we made the move to a new school.  It was MUCH harder than I ever thought it would be. Literaly the first 2 days when we picked you up I sat in the back seat and cried my eyes out because I thought we made a bad choice moving you.  Little did I know, someone else has a plan for us and it was absolutely the best thing for all of us.  Miss Shirley and Miss Tamala are your favorite teachers and they seriously love you so much.  Your friends are great and we love it too. Best decision ever at such a good time because your eating has skyrocketed...
  • Speaking of eating...when you started at your new school you started taking 4, 5 ounce bottles.  You used to take just 3, 4.5 ounce bottles.  That's crazy.
  • On top of your bottles of breast milk at school, you started eating lots and lots of solids this month.  Your teachers have been great at guiding and reading you on this.  You now eat 3 meals a day of solids.  Breakfast is usually oatmeal or rice cereal and a fruit.  Then for lunch a veggie and fruit and then something of those sorts for dinner when we get home.  You also eat a snack at school.  That's usually puffs or yogurt melts.  There is a funny story about you stealing puffs.  I need to write that on here.  It makes me laugh.  
  • Nursing is still my favorite.  Except you are still a little distracted still but we are working through it.  But the morning feeding and right before's just you and me time and I love it.  I take in your smell and your soft skin and just think about how much I love you.  Such a lucky mom.  On the weekends, we usually go every three hours or so but it's still on demand every once and a while.  As much of a schedule person as I am...I like that we eat whenever.
  • We made 2 trips to the doctor during this month.  One for your 6 month check up and then once right after the huge snow storm.  You were literally throwing up all day long and I figured you had a stomach bug.  But then I started freaking out that you might get dehydrated because you were throwing everything up, so we took you in.  A really nice male pediatrician (that we might change you to) confirmed it was a bug and said breast milk was the best medicine.  Done and done.  
  • This month your poops totally transformed.  You are now a solid pooper and it blew us away.  With the texture and the new smells.  No going back from here...
  • You are a good sleeper.  You will go like a week sleeping 11 hours a night without waking up and then BOOM - you get sick or you get a tooth or your stomach hurts and then you wake up once a night.  But I'll take it.  We're still working on your wake up time.  Lately you have been waking up early and I'm not a fan because I like to be ready before you get up.
  • You are a pro at sitting up and because of that the world has changed for us.  Going out to eat is a whole new experience because you sit in a high chair now.  And you have started maneuvering from sitting up to an all fours position.  Crazy.
  • 9 month stuff mostly on your clothes (you can still squeeze into a few 6 month ones).  But towards the end of the month, we had to change all your PJs to 12 months (WHAT!?!?) because you are too long for the 9 month ones.  
  • You are still moving all over the crib at night.  You like sleeping on your side a lot and when we lay you in your crib that's immediately how you position yourself.  During naps at school you are usually flipped on your tummy.
  • For your naps during the weekend at home, you take 2 somedays and then 3 others.  I feel like I would be more upset that you weren't more consistent with these, but since our weekend schedules are sometimes not as consistent, it's nice that you kind of roll with us.
  • Still rocking those size 3 diapers.  Looking good little man.
  • Your new favorite toys are Scout and the Scout lap top.  And what you really love?  You like it when all your toys are in the toy basket.  Then you sit there and take all of them out one at a time.  Then you flip the basket over.  Mom puts the toys back in and then repeat.  It's pretty fun and makes you seem so independent because you are quite content doing it over and over again.

Here are some of the fun bear pictures for 7 months.  Yes Aunt Lyndsay, it was a great purchase!!

The top one on the left cracks me up.  He looks so angry.  And then of course he started moving along. And check out the picture I snapped at the end.  He was on the move to get Milly.  On all fours...oh jeez.  Who knows what this next months will bring...

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