Monday, September 28, 2015

Skinny Mom Resident Mom!

Guess what?  I am part of a cool program through the website  I'm was thrilled to be chosen to write for them a few articles here and there - so I will keep you up to date on that.

In the mean time, you have heard me rave a bit about how effective my at home work outs have been  since January - and here are some of the reasons why I choose to workout at home.


Monday, September 21, 2015

WEEKENDS + in between

What the heck happened to September?  Seriously.  I cannot believe my last post was on 9/11.  That was 10 days ago, yet it feels like it was 2 days ago.  TIME YOU CAN FREAKING SLOW DOWN.

Ok - but for real.  We have been up to lots and lots.  Lots of fun, lots of laughing, lots of dancing.

So here is all we have been up to from two Friday's ago in pictures (and a few words):

Saturday, 9/12, BUSY day.

Sibling LOVING.  How stinking cute are these two?

Then we headed to Old Settler's Day parade to see Libbie perform for the first time in the CT drill team!!!  We got front row seats and our kids loved it! 

Kenlie loves Maddie and vice versa.

All I have to say about Libbie performing and wearing a drill team outfit??  OMG - when does time stop?!?!  I met this girl when she was THREE and all of a sudden she is THIRTEEN and in drill team.  And looks so beautiful!  She did so great - so proud of her!

Of course we got funnel cakes.  YUM.

And rode some rides!

And passed out....

While dad headed to his FIRST football game and the kids took a long nap, Charlie and I headed to Charlie's BFF's birthday party at Pinacle Gymnastics.  It was so fun!  Loved seeing these kiddos together! was time for Jimmy's cousin's wedding.  We missed the ceremony because of Jimmy's football game + middle of nap time, which is a bummer because I love wedding ceremony's so much.  But we made the reception at Lake Quivira - and had fun eating, coloring, chatting and dancing!!

Did I mention my kids like cake?

Sunday?  We headed to Target for a family trip in attempt to find Chiefs game attire for the kiddos.  No luck on the attire, but Charlie and Maddie can apparently shop themselves.

Sunday afternoon, Jimmy watched the Chiefs game while kids napped and then we had some new neighbors over to watch the Broncos game (they moved from Denver).  They have a little boy that is just a week older than Maddie.  She wasn't shy.  Sat on his lap the minute he got there and started rubbing his head.

Oh Maddie.

Pajama selfies of course! 

Tuesday night - my sister and Casey babysat our kiddos while Jimmy coached his second game and I went to the first BBM group at church.  I got this text message while I was there.  Oh these kids have them wrapped around their little finger.  

We celebrated on hump day with a picture.  I love them.

Thursday night - the kiddos and I headed to Old Navy to get Maddie some pants (this girl is growing like a WEED) and went to Chik fil A for dinner - and it was Kid's night!  They had the Olathe PD there and we had some fun.

Except when I threw them in the back of the cop car. 

Friday?  Another fun afternoon.  My company called a "family fire drill" and we all went home to spend time with our families.  I ran some solo errands during nap time, then went and swooped up the kiddos and we headed to Deanna Rose.  Charlie had been talking about riding Annie the horse all week - but the weather didn't cooperate (it was raining/sprinkling/thundering/lightning).

But even though all the fun attractions were closed (yes, even riding Annie the horse), we made the best of our afternoon!

then we went on a walk and bike ride and threw rocks.

Friday night I went to LLS Light the Night walk to honor my best friend, Emily's step mom, Sharon who recently got diagnosed with Leukemia.  Unfortunately there was a freaking monsoon and the actual walk was canceled (as we all got poured on and ran to our cars!!), but Sharon and Jeff had a party instead and we walked around their neighborhood.  It was a great night!

Cutest little walker!

Sharon and her family!

Besties :)

Saturday?  Off to Home Depot first (and looking dapper in our warm clothes). 

Then to Old Shawnee Days for the craft fair. 

And of course...funnel cakes!!! 

FINALLY - another GORGEOUS wedding!!  This time, just Jimmy and I went and my friend Jessica married the love of her life, Mike.  Such a fabulous wedding for a fabulous couple!!  And we had WAY too much fun and stayed out far to late.  Best nights!


Seriously this table - perfection!!!

THEN - we went to the Sean Biggs memorial walk at the KU Edwards Campus.  

And Maddie is officially FAMOUS because Gary Lezack tweeted a pic of her loving on his pup!

Speaking of cousin Craig got one of my other cousin Tina's wiener dog puppies.  OMG to die for.  We met her on Sunday.  Love love love this pup! 

Oh and we made Charlie a behavior chart - just like his one at school.  we will see how this goes!

Ok to today - we went to the dentist for the first time.

He was SO brave doing X-rays and then yeah, after this moment, he lost it.  We facetimed Jimmy and he was great, but seriously this kid did not like it.  What's not to like???  He got ice cream, 2 toys and a balloon.  Seriously!!???

And after Papa and Nana stopped by (Papa has been in Iowa for a week and a half), we took a bath and headed to bed.

And then I did like 40 load of laundry.


Hope you have had a great couple of weekends + life in between as well!