Monday, January 4, 2016

Our Pot Roast at 18 months old

So while I'm overseas working AND playing blog catch up with the fourth quarter of 2015....I am going to post one thing on time.

Our sweet Madeline 18 months old today.  A whole year and a half.  And I'm COMPLETELY unsure how in the heck that happened so fast.  I literally cannot believe that 2015 is over and we are into 2016 and all the fun that is has to bring. I'm in shock that Maddie will turn TWO in just a short six months.  They aren't lying when they say time goes fast with kids.

I will say - this girl is just the cutest thing we've ever laid eyes on.  She is very VERY different than her brother at this age.  Some good and some bad, of course.

Height: 33 inches - about 1/2 shorter than Charlie at 21 months
Weight: 26lbs 
Clothing Size: all 2T
Shoe Size: Size 8 (yes, you read that right....)
Number of Teeth: No molars - but I think you have everything else (got canines recently)

Stats are a big girl - and so sweet.  Hence the horrible nick name that you have been deemed somehow - pot roast.  I promise that will fade.  Your horrible dad says if we have another baby girl we'll nickname her pork chop.  Oh good Lord, your dad knows nothing about girls.

At your 15 month check up (18 month is next week when mama is back in town), the doctor warned me.  She told me you look like a 2 year old in size, but don't forget that she's only 15 months.  She mainly warned me because she said other people might see Maddie and wonder why you're not talking, etc. doing other 2 year old things...but obviously you're a ways away from being 2.  However, what's funny is Jimmy told me that he even has a hard time with it because you are so mobile, confident, independent and easily able to communicate with us (without full out talking yet), that it's hard for him to not get frustrated with you sometimes.  So it applies to us all!!

However, here's the thing that I just cannot get over with about you.  How freaking sweet you are.

Seriously.  Charlie was sweet but you take it up to a whole new level.

Like even in the mornings, if we have to wake you up, you are a little unhappy but then you snap out of it and while you're getting you're diaper changed, you make sure to look at us and say "hi...hi!".  And you'll do the "hi" thing just randomly.  We'll all be sitting around and it's like you just want to make sure that we know you're there so you'll waltz right up to us and grab our necks or shoulders or face and say "hi" and smile at us.  Then most times that will end with a hug.

You're obsessed with your big brother.  Which is great.  But also sometimes, annoys him a bit.  He loves playing with his cars.  So much.  And you love to be helpful.  So when his cars are laying on the ground (while he is playing with them) you sometimes will just go pick them up and hand them back to him.  Which you think is nice, but he gets annoyed with because he wants them where they were.  You don't quite understand that yet, but you'll get there.

Speaking of things you do understand.  You tell us right away when you're hungry and thirsty and you'll be the first one to point out if you need your diaper changed.  And best yet, if we are sitting at home in the family room, you will go over and grab a diaper, the box of wipes and bring them to us, plop down and walah.  Don't get me wrong, it's not that easy EVERY diaper change (but your dad and I wish it was!), but there are moments where I'm like - oh this girls gets it and I'm already strategizing for you to be potty trained by two (crossing my fingers....because guess what you do love the potty itself and demand to sit on it every night before your bath and one time actually peed in you're light years ahead of where Charlie was!).

Although sweet and understanding, girlfriend, you have an attitude and have for awhile.  Has to be a girl thing because I don't remember this with your brother.  Like hardly at all.  When you don't get something you want - it's all out tantrum mode.  Like throw yourself on the floor crying for awhile.  The good thing is about being child #2, tantrums phase us far less than they did with Charlie, so I would just pick you up and put you on the carpet and let you do your thing and then you'd finish and be ok.  So that attitude from us has somehow seemed to have you ease off a bit...less throwing yourself on the floor and more screaming and pulling now :)

You love to play, love to read books and sing.  You love jumping in the bounce house with Charlie and when he drives you around in your new car that you all got from Christmas.  You got lots of baby stuff for Christmas (like for your baby dolls) - which you haven't taken a liking to yet, but eventually right?  Might have to learn first that the baby doll crib is actually not for you and did in fact break when you tried to lay in it.

You LOVE Casey, aunt Lulu's fiance.  It's crazy love - you won't leave him alone.  And you love Papa.  You talk about him a lot and get very excited when you see him.  You love all your grandparents and now that you're a bit bigger, you're really starting to enjoy playing with your cousins.  Kenlie always wants you to play and at Christmas, even Will was brushing your hair in the "barbershop" they all had set up.

So there you go sweet Maddie C.  18 months of your life and I literally cannot imagine our lives without you and your adorable smile and voice every single day.  I love having a little girl and I love even more seeing the relationship between you and your dad strengthen (that's an important one) and you and brother (another important one).

I cannot wait to see how the next six months are and how much you will change and grow in just that short time.  Love you to the moon and back sweet girl!

Mom and Dad

Trying out pig tails!!!!

Messy face, pig tails and big bro


Loves eating and stealing food!

Yep - stealing Grana's centerpiece at Thanksgiving!

Cruising with bro

Looking so big at our first attempt at a pony

You want me to wear this dress???

Pretty much their life - constant wrestling!


  1. She is so cute. I love her big eyes and chubby checks. I also need to share that she is just 4 pounds lighter than my 3 year old. I wish he loved eating or even would gain weight. He can't. I have no clue where he gets that from because I have no problem doing so! ;)

    1. Ummmm - she's almost weights as much as her 3.5 year old brother - so it must just be a 3 year old thing :) Charlie is SOOOOO picky!!! And agree - I have no problem eating all the food!