Sunday, December 27, 2015

Family pictures - Fall 2015

This fall was crazy at our house (which, I'm guessing if I say it like 15,000 times you might get it, right?).  Believe it or not, we were able to squeeze in some quick family pictures in a nearby field area with my friend, Sarah!!   

It was fun to coordinate our outfits, but what wasn't fun?  Trying to get my kids to cooperate and SMILE!!  You would think they are just the most unhappy kids ever - haha.  But with some work, she did get some great ones - which I told her, all I need is one of our family and one great one of our each of our kids (so I can update their pictures in our house).

She more than delivered!!!!  I love the results and such great light.  It was quick and easy and, while Jimmy would kill me if I said "fun", I'm going to say it was GOOD!

These kiddos - just the best and their personalities crack me up.

Thanks again so much Sarah for some great shots to update pictures in our house and use for our Christmas card!!  It's amazing how much Maddie has changed from just this June when my good friend, Ali, took her one year pictures in Wichita!!

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  1. I was happy to take them! Thanks for letting me practice on you! :)