Monday, January 2, 2017

Keep Christmas going - DIY Stove Top Potpourri

Happy day 2 of 2017!!  I have such a simple and awesome DIY gift for you.  And bonus is - you'll want to make a few for yourself as well!

I always like to do something small for friends and neighbors close by.  Nothing crazy or expensive each year.  But usually, that defaults to some sort of food/sweet.  Well, being that everyone is usually inundated around the holidays with sweets in general - I decided to think outside the box and try to find something on Pinterest that was simple, easy, useful and NOT food.

Here it is folks!!  DIY Stove top potpourri!  Not kidding - this was a HUGE hit.  I did get the stuff and try it out myself to make sure it did in fact smell good before assembling and handing out to neighbors and friends.  We used it at Mikey's baptism party and it smelled delicious.

So Charlie and I went to work the week before Christmas and made some packages and then the three of us delivered to our neighbors!

I ended up ordering the cloves and cinnamon sticks on amazon in bulk because we were making 10 and it was WAY cheaper than buying at the store (holy cow, like 5 cinnamon sticks at the store is seriously like $7!).  I found buying in bulk helped cut down the price and I have leftovers to use too - which I love!

Charlie helped me assemble all the bags and measure everything out.  It was a great 4.5 year old activity and we had a good time (with minimal spillage!)

I just stuck all the ingredients in a plastic bag, hole punched the printable and used twine to tie off!  It was a cute little package and everyone loved it!

We went off to deliver them to our neighbors - and totally broke the law by letting them sit in the front with me - however, you should know we only went about 1 block from our house - so I promise I wasn't being negligent!  They had so much fun taking them to everyone's houses and bringing a little Christmas cheer!  And bonus was, all my neighbors used it almost immediately and raved about how awesome it was!!

So save this idea for next holiday season OR continue Christmas a little bit longer (it's a "winter" smell too) and whip it up for this new year's holiday!

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  1. What a great gift idea!!! Keeping this in mind for next year! And we totally let our kids sit in the front seat (or "drive" or sit in the back not buckled in) when we drive around our neighborhood, too! I'm just waiting for the day we meet a police car...