Wednesday, June 28, 2017

10 months of Mikey Carter!

Oh Miguel.  10 months old.  

I'm incredibly behind on your monthly updates.  I have actually had SOME thought about your first birthday party - I promise.  Ok, kind of.  I'm going to order the invite this week.  I promise.  And you can ignore the fact that you turned 10 months old 17 days ago (ok 17 days ago when I WROTE this....but it's now over a month now since I hit publish.....).  EEEEKKK.  But what I can promise you sweet boy, while your monthly progress on the blog hasn't been kept up to date in quite as timely as a manner as your brother and sister might have been, you have been loved on just as much and I would argue EVEN more.  Why?  Because not only are me and your dad loving on you, but your siblings are OBSESSED with you.  Still.  Which is good news because you're turning into quite the little man and fight/play/steal/"talk" back to them and they still like you - so YEAH!


  • Two months of crawling has made you like a pro.  Ha.  You are EVERYWHERE.  
  • Pulling up on everything
  • Don't kill me ---but I *THINK* this is the month that you got your first teeth - been a long time coming for sure, but those two little guys on the bottom popped through!
  • You moved up to pretty much all 12 month clothes this month as we busted out the summer gear for warmer weather.  I love seeing you in Charlie's old onesies and clothes - makes me all nostalgic!
  • Size 4 diapers still but I think your dad changed to size 5 on subscribe and save
  • You still were taking 3, 8 ounce bottles at day care during the day + eating breakfast, lunch AND a snack there.  You are quite the little food lover!  I can barely keep my milk supply up!
  • Speaking of food - you will pretty much eat and try everything.  You have your favorites - love turkey, black beans, cheese and all breakfast food (eggs, waffles, pancakes, french toast).  You fit just right in our family because we are breakfast LOVERS.
  • You kicked off month number 10 with a bang - April 20 you FINALLY got tubes.  Oh man, it was a long time coming and you did great.  We spent the day at home together and after one day you were sleeping better and feeling great.  You did have one ear infection right after and at the two week follow up you had to get the gunk sucked out (HORRIBLE if you have ever had to do as a parent watching your kiddo!), but after that and the steroid drops, you have been golden.  AHHH!!!  Love tubes. 

Things you like:

  • Still love your milk - from the boob or bottle - you don't discriminate!
  • You love crawling around and finding random toys to play with - as long as they are not tiny legos (which we have a TON of those!), we're ok
  • You LOVE balls.  Soccer balls, baby balls
  • Bath time with your siblings.  You could sit in there forever splashing around.  You don't even seem to mind when Maddie pours tons of water on your head.
  • Love playing in the play kitchen and opening up/closing the fridge and oven doors
  • You love playing peek a boo too - the little giggle is just AHHH.  Melts my heart
  • You have found the beer fridge and you like it 

Things you don't like:

  • Getting set on the ground when you're in a bad mood - but sometimes mama needs two hands and you are HEAVY!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Still not a fan of screaming in our house....Maddie tends to do that a lot

Special memories:

  • Celebrated your cousin's, Jay, first birthday party!  It was an awesome fiesta - you boys + George (Jay's cousin) are all within a few months of each other and we decided we need to bring this picture out at your high school graduation!!!
  • Went up to Lawrence to hang out with your bud Calvin - you guys were a riot together and he had lots of cool toys! (insert pic from May 7)
  • Went to your second Royal's game - but this one was at the Hall of Fame suite with mom's work - that's the way to roll!
  • Celebrated our first Mother's Day together - I am so lucky to be your momma, sweet boy!  And your siblings - you guys are just the best.  

A note to our sweet boy:
TEN months doesn't seem like that's possible.  You are seriously the happiest little man and we love having you as a part of our family.  Your siblings love you SO much that they keep asking for another baby (HA) - probably because you're so great.  Even Ms Marie constantly reminds me of how awesome and sweet you are and she should know with all the kiddos she has taken care of.  Your skin is so soft and you smell so good - two things I wish I could bottle up and keep with me forever as a reminder of this short time in your life as a baby.  Your first year is coming to a close and you are doing more "big kid" things than I would like to admit.  I love it and hate it because I love seeing your personality emerge more and more and see you learn and have fun with your friends/siblings, but I'm already like WHERE DID MY BABY BOY GO?  And looking at your siblings and how they have grown so quickly, I know that feeling will continue.  Can't wait for the fun and excitement of seeing all your new skills and tricks to come in the next few months!

We love you!
Mom & Dad


Charlie | Maddie | Mikey 10 month comparison pic!

hahahah these kids!!

Other fun pictures from the month too!

Love me and my baby boy!

His brother LOVES him so much.

Grana and Pops with grandkid #11 and 12!

Oh MADDIE. She sure gives you a run for your money!

While he's been a good sleeper - he does have some early morning wake ups and he doesn't mind hanging with mom while she works out!

These three are always up to SOMETHING.

I have been traveling at least once a month for work and it kills me to be away from them.  While dad holds down the fort, coming home to these three is so sweet!

We did Noah's 5K - despite the cold and rain and we all survived!

He's like "mom, you're crazy!"

THESE TWO = TROUBLE.  I just love watching their relationship!


STANDING UP one day!!!!!!!!!!!

Flexing with his mama.

Ergo and loving that beer with his dad!

And...while he's mostly really happy....there are ALWAYS moments like these because of #teeth #tummyissues #younameit  But I still love him when he's angry!

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