Thursday, June 29, 2017

Thursday confessions...

Ok I finished Mikey's 10 month blog onto his 11 month (need to finish up) and then start on Maddie's THREE year old post (she turns three on Tuesday)!!  And then Mikey's ONE YEAR.  And then Charlie's FIVE YEAR. babies.

Anyways, I haven't blogged in FOREVER about random stuff and not sure when I will again because life is busy, but here we go.

Linking up with Sparkles & Lattes today.

  • Totally haven't had sugar for a week and was so good ---- treated myself (and the kids, really) tonight to shaved ice and it was SO good
  • Traveling to Chicago is BLAH.  Had to do it again this week for work and while the weather was nice, the flight is's still BLAH and I'd rather be at home with my peeps and going into our KC office.  Ok there, I said it.
  • We got a new cable provider and now we have all the premium channels - and while I rarely watch TV, I have started watching The Affair on Showtime on demand because I read an article about the show's writer as a working mom and "having it all" and she intrigued me and so then I decided to watch the show - it kind of reminds me of Big Little Lies so far --- not really, but kind of.  I want to know what happens but don't have time for these episodes every night!!!  But I do love that one of the doctor's from Chicago Med (ok, I do watch that show on DVR) is on there!
  • I took off last Friday to buy everything for my kiddo's birthday party's this next month - I did and bought a bunch of the random Party City stuff for favors (for big kids) and told myself I'm DONE.  That's it.  But you guys - I have issues and just can't.  Mainly because there were some REALLY easy DIY projects that I can do that my kids and their friends will love.  So yes, I'm taking all that favor stuff back to Party City and we are DIY-ing some light sabers with pool noodles AND DIY-ing princess wands.  Not sure when I will do that, but since I'm combining Charlie and Maddie's birthday parties...what the heck, right?  Jimmy is annoyed....but I can't help myself to a nice little DIY project
  • However....I will confess I am NOT going all out for Mikey's party (sorry bud!).  Just a nice little family BBQ for his first birthday celebration....that's allowed, right?
  • I go back and forth like every hour between the two mentalities "I'm SO tired, I should just chill out and stop doing everything" to "I LOVE MY JOB, I LOVE DOING BEACHBODY AND I LOVE MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS --- I WILL GIVE 150% TO ALL OF THEM" #crazylady #seriously #butstilltired #thatiswhatcoffeeisfor
  • My family (aka Jimmy and I) have an online shopping problem - even our neighbors said something to me last weekend about how we ALWAYS have boxes on our porch #oops
Ok - I think that's all for now.  What do you got for me today?  Something you need to get off your chest?  For some reason, that felt good to get off my chest (even though I'm guessing literally no one reads my blog anymore haha!!).  Happy Thursday!

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