Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Oh my goodness - where the HECK did October go???  Pretty sure this might be the least amount of blog posts in a month since my wedding month in April of 2010.  Wow - talk about busy.  However, with Halloween being tonight and the Halloween cards out and doing some trick or treating with some of our nieces and nephews - I will tell you that in our house we are more than excited for November to arrive for hopefully less craziness!!!

Here are the pups costumes this year - went very low key - as you can tell from pretty much everything, this month is nuts!  Hope everyone had a great October and cheers to November!!!

Here is our Halloween card photo session - haha - it was IMPOSSIBLE to get a good picture of all of them together.  Obviously.

 Jimmy trying to put Toby's "costume" on which was a ghost and really just a white pillow case that I cut eyes and ears out of.  Toby was not so thrilled.

Haha - "Dad what did you do to me???"

And then the depression sets in as the little dogs wonder what he is supposed to be??

Ok here are the individual shots we ended up using for our Halloween card.  The really cute striped pumpkin - now skinny enough to wear the stripes!!

Our little witch.  But literally - she really is one.  Maybe with a b instead of a w, but we love her.

And Toby - the ghost - who is still invisible to the other pups.

And a cute one of Willy tipping his head!!

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