Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Marriage Woes

New month, right?  Yep.  Well I was hoping with a new month my attitude would do a 180 and I would be in a good mood.  I think Jimmy hoped for that too (ok, it's not THAT bad of an attitude, but could use some improvement).  I had everything going for me this morning on November 1....everything really included reserved parking for the month.  Yep, I was one of the lucky 15 in the mass customer division that got their name drawn - which means I get to park RIGHT underneath my desk all month.  So amazing.  Except when I got to work and tried to go in TWO of the gates and couldn't get in so I had to go right back to the old garage (which was SO last month).  I emailed the admin to ask her if she knew why - turns out that they never updated my parking device with my new last name.  You know that one that I got when I got married over a year and a half ago?  Yeah, that one.  Apparently it's now fixed - we'll see tomorrow morning.  My attitude is banking on it.

So that was marriage woe one of the day - that dang name change that still lingers over me.

Number two?  Haha.  Well the unlucky start to the morning unfortunately set the mood for my day - so by the time I got home and had a conversation with Jimmy about how we got completely overcharged for Toby's dog boarding this last weekend and what he was doing to get that fixed I was done for the day.  I was in one of THOSE moods and it couldn't be stopped.  I was grumpy.  I took Toby on a walk because the weather was nice.  Nope, that didn't help.  And when I got home from my walk and when the dinner that was on the menu and all the ingredients were readily available wasn't being cooked by my husband...eeek.  Watch out.  That was when I implemented the silent treatment.  Even the "what's wrong with you?" question - I didn't even give on that.  I simply answered with "nothing" and flashed that look silently saying "if you really think nothing is wrong with me and I'm telling you the truth - you are an idiot".  Pretty sure Jimmy caught onto that, but didn't want to know more.

So when I left to get my haircut around 7:45 - I went downstairs where Jimmy was watching TV (weird...Jimmy sitting downstairs watching TV, that never happens...).  Milly was sitting right next to him and I went down to give her a kiss and stated "I love the sh*t out of you Milly."  And then I walked off.  But don't worry, I got one final glare to Jimmy in before I left silently saying "I'm in such a bad mood I'm not even going to say bye to you"  Not sure if he caught onto that one or not, but I'm guessing he did.  The wife stare isn't rocket science.

Well when I get in my car and start driving what is the song that immediately pops on the radio??  Brad Paisley's song Then.  Which was the song that we danced to at our wedding.  Our first dance as a married couple.  Married.  Yep, remember that day that you spent way too much time and money planning but was undoubtedly one of the best days of your life.  Remember when you said your wedding vows to Jimmy and vowed to him that you would love him and stand by him through thick and thin, etc?  Yeah- you were just super mean to him.  So what do I do???  I get to a stoplight and send him this text:

Brittany: "Sorry I didn't give you a kiss.  I love the sh*t out of you too - not just Milly"

Jimmy: "Ha.  Thanks babe.  I love the sh*t out of you too"

End of story.  Fight somewhat resolved.  I was/am still in a bad mood - but guess what?  Tomorrow is a new day.   My parking pass will work.  I will smile more.  And I love my husband.  A lot.  Especially because we have our own way of loving each other - that I wouldn't trade for anything.

Does anyone else have a "wife stare" and is mean to your significant other for really no particular reason other than you maybe had a bad day (so not fair - but hey, they married us, right??)?  Anyone?  Bueller??


  1. OMG, totally had one of these days yesterday too. Maybe it was coming off a my Halloween candy high?

  2. Jimmy is a SAINT! When this happens at my house... we get into a huge fight and Adam makes me feel terrible...

  3. I'm sure you're not as bad as you think you are :)