Monday, October 3, 2011

TSwift - 2011 at Arrowhead!

So Taylor Swift decided she liked Kansas City so much that she came back in 2011- but this time it was to Arrowhead Stadium.  Pretty cool and it turned out on September 24, it was perfect weather - not too hot and not too cold (well in the beginning).  My sister bought me these tickets what seemed like forever ago as my birthday present - awesome present!!  We went out to dinner before and then were off to Arrowhead.  

Walking in was funny because the demographics are mainly girls that are with their mom's or teenagers.  A few 20-somethings, but not that many. However, I think if you know the words to every song on her albums - it should be normal that you are there, right?!?!?  Well, my sister and I do - so we were excited!!!

Check out Arrowhead when it was still light outside and people were still filing in.  Love T-Swift on the big screen!!

And my niece, Libbie, was there with my sister in law Shellie and another mom/daughter pair.  It was Libbie's first concert ever (how fun - don't you remember your first concert?!?!?), so she was really excited!  Even better, when I asked Shellie where their seats were, they were just 2 sections over from us, so before the concert, I went over to say HI to her!  They were SOOO excited!!!

After 2 opening bands (not the best....), it was TIME - for the SPEAK NOW tour!!!!!!!!

Oh boy - my sister and I were so so so so so excited!!!  We couldn't wait for it to start.  As a flashback - and a reminder that this was my fourth time seeing TSwift!!!  But do you remember that we went to the concert together last year??!!?  Well here is a picture flashback.

 How funny because we pretty much look exactly the same (same pose, both have different hair), but really not much has changed.  Except in the 2010 picture, I was a Bruns, in the 2011 picture, I was a Carter (hint: I got married a week after the 2010 picture).

But anyway, the concert was AMAZING.  I'm not even kidding.  What amazes me the most about Taylor's concerts are the fact that she is involved in all of it.  Like she wrote the song, plays the song, sings the song and also coordinates the entire concert.  The detail that she puts into each stage change with each song is just amazing.  No one goes to school to learn how to put on a concert - and she has quite the talent.  It's so fun to see what she will come up with for each song.  And also the way she interacts with the crowd.  It's pretty awesome.  She's awesome.  Haha - I really like her.

And on with the post so I don't sound creepy....

My favorite might be the bottom right picture above.  See the bride????  She staged a wedding to go along with the Speak Now song where the girl in the song stands up in a wedding and tells the groom to not marry the bride, but marry her.  She claims it was about a friend and not her, but who knows, right??!

And then the encore was Love Story - and she floated through the crowd - awesome.  I cannot imagine being in the front row and having her float over me!!!

And at the very end - lots and lots and lots of fireworks!  Something that cannot happen in the Sprint Center and only at an outdoor arena.  Pretty freaking cool!!

Overall it was a SWEET concert, but it was freezing cold.  I totally should have listened to my sister when she told me to dress warmer because the dress with a sweater didn't cut it!!! The traffic was horrible getting out of the parking lot, but still it was so fun hanging out with my sister and getting to talk and most importantly, see T-Swift!!!  Until next time....

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