Monday, January 30, 2012

New Hobbies...

So while we are making a list of things we want to have done in our house in 2012, somehow Jimmy and I have found a few other new activities to entertain ourselves.  They actually make me laugh.

First is playing this game on our Wii with the old school controller:

The funny part about it is that I play and Jimmy watches.  Now, as much as I complain to him about when he plays NCAA football and that war game on PS3 it might seem hypocritical to say that it's ok to play this.  However, apparently he thinks it is super fun to watch me play.  Because I have this weird memory where I can remember weird things from when I played like 15 years ago (like "oh yeah, here is a secret passage...").  We have now made it to Bowser's castle and he really wants to watch me beat it.

Next up is this game:

We used to play this all the time at my friend Lauren's house when we were growing up.  I loved it, but wasn't so good since I didn't have my own to practice with. At some point along the way, I bought it for myself.  And now we have it downloaded on the Wii to play.  So fun....but I get really stressed out when I play this one.  I scream and Jimmy gets stressed out.  I couldn't beat this barrel level and literally played it like 14 times and I thought Jimmy was going to lose it.

So that's what we do for fun.  We're super cool, right?

Now for the TV obsession.  We got Showtime for free somehow, which means we have the capability to watch the show Homeland on Showtime onDemand.  We are like 4 episodes in and I literally want to watch it 24/7 it is so good.  I got so mad at Claire Danes last night and then I had dreams about war.  Creepy.  But it's such a good show - I highly recommend it.

Pretty much this post is to let you know that our productivity in January of 2012 is not very high.  However, we are having fun.  

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