Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New year at the gym

So I was heading to the gym last night to a 6:30 Zumba class that I attend on a semi-regular basis.  Now you have to "sign up" at the front desk so the class doesn't get too full.  Fabulous idea, right?  Yes, if it's not the second day in January and there are like a bizillion more people there then there were 2 weeks ago!!  AH!  I pulled up at 6:22...strolled in, checked in and said I wanted to put my name down.  I was 7-8 minutes early.  I mean I wasn't 5 minutes late people!!!  Nope it was full.  The lady told me that 40 people had already signed up.  And maybe next time I will remember to call an hour in advance - oh but they only put 10 people on that list.  Otherwise I just need to get there earlier.  So what?  Like arrive at 6 for a 6:30 class?  Come on - it's hard enough to get an hour out of the night to go to a class at the gym, let along just walk on the treadmill 30 minutes before so I can sign up.  Crazy people.  I tell you, crazy.

So I just left.  I'm horrible.  But in my defense, I did go home and get on the elliptical for 35 and watched Entertainment Tonight and the start of the Bachelor (which I swore I wouldn't watch....what is my problem!?!) (P.S. anyone watch it - what the heck, lesbians and a fight already!?!?).  So that was exercise, but just not as fun as zooming my hips around to Latin music would have been.  I guess there is always tomorrow or Wednesday or Thursday - just need to remember that January 2 is not a good day to show up 7 minutes before a class starts apparently!  But tell me....when does it go back to "normal"??  Because I'm ready for it now!  I'm ready to party again people!

P.S. not trying to say that working out is not a good new year's resolution - it is.  I just need to remember that is party of lots of other people's resolutions when making my schedule, right?

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