Monday, August 24, 2015

Birthday week menu time!

Another week, and another Sunday to the store with Charlie after church and cutting up some fruits and veggies and prepping for the week.  Sorry if you get sick of these, but it's nice to have this as a weekly post for me!  I'm going to link up again with Colleen from Meet the Sullivan's

~ Monday ~

Mexican Monday!
Threw some spicy frozen chicken I had made a while back in the crock pot, Jimmy shredded it up and then I made some chicken quesadillas.  Pair them with plain green yogurt versus sour cream and you have yourself a healthy-ish dish!
Black beans (Maddie's FAVORITE!)

~ Tuesday ~

Mama's night out!!  Dinner with a girlfriend and a movie.

BWW - our favorite!!!


Tortellini with pasta sauce - quick and easy and YUMMY!  Maddie loves this stuff (wait, what doesn't she love to eat!?)


Actually heading to Hy-Vee Freezer night.  Need to figure out the logistics of this night, but will likely have sandwiches for my crew to eat.  


I turn 30!!!!!!!  So I'm not cooking.  Sorry family!


Pizza night?  I mean, it's birthday WEEK right, so that means I don't have to cook for at least 2 nights, right?!?!

I haven't been good about work out AT ALL.  So next week, maybe?  I am going to kick off a 21 day fix accountability group that pairs working out with doing a devotional and I'm pretty excited.  The devotional is called "The Husband Project".  


I've been thinking a lot about turning another year older on Friday and what I want to focus on this next year as I enter in a new decade.  Oh 30!  And focusing on myself to make sure I am the best mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend is something that I need to make a priority - so hopefully this combo will kick off my next year just right!!

Happy Bachelor in Paradise Monday!


  1. Hey happy birthday week! Have a fabulous time celebrating! Thanks for linking up!

  2. That book looks interesting! Happy almost thirty!! Also, loving your Mexican Monday :)