Monday, August 17, 2015

meal plan + T-25 workout

All right - this week, I"m on top of meal planning.  After church yesterday, Charlie and I headed to our weekly trip (just us) to Aldi and got LOTS of fruits and veggies again.  I cut and cleaned them all and put them in tupperware, ready for the week.  It's so nice to have it accessible in the fridge, so I tend to pull that out for me and the kid's snacks.  Just for organization's sake, I'm going to link up again with Colleen from Meet the Sullivan's

~ Monday ~

Creamy Baked Chicken Taquitos (remaining 1/2 from Hy-Vee Freezer meals)
Brown Rice
Black beans (Maddie's FAVORITE!)

~ Tuesday ~

Honey Chiptole Chicken tenders (another Hy-Vee Freezer meal)
These are on the grill, and since our grill master doesn't have practice on Tuesday's - this is our grilling night lately!


Thai Chicken with Sesame noodles (yet another Hy-Vee Freezer meal)
I know, I know.  But I haven't used hardly any of them and there is already another one in a week - so I need to use them and eat these yummy meals.  This one sounds awesome.

The best part about it?  They give you the recipes too, so if you and your family love it - you can easily make it yourself.  none of them are too hard either. 


Stuff shells (getting a theme this week - use the freezer stash?)
I AM going to pick up some things from Hy-Vee's $3 online pick up ordering and get the big shells to make this.  


Wedding for a former co-worker for Jimmy and I and our kiddos are having a slumber party with Nana and Papa!!!


Playing this by ear - have a 3 year old birthday party on Saturday afternoon and possibly another bday party on Saturday night.  So we'll likely pick something up.

We are finally starting to get in a routine with Jimmy's weekly practices.  These past few weeks though, I feel like I have had things that were already scheduled (pre him coaching and knowing that schedule), so I've relied on my parents as baby sitters more than I'd like.  So I'm looking forward to a quiet week this week!

Lots going on at work, but I got back into working out and am loving my new workout videos.  I bought T-25 right after I had Maddie and when I started to do those is when my foot started hurting a lot - and then I ended up getting surgery.  After surgery, T-25 was too much for me because it is quite a bit of jumping,..but now after doing all the 21 day fix videos for 6 months, I'm good to go and really loving Shaun T and the videos!!!!  I hate that I didn't work out for a while so I feel like I'm starting back over - but it's all about mentality so you have to start somewhere!

Hope you had a great weekend!!  I'm trying to make each Monday a good one!

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  1. I always say I'm going to do what you did and cut / wash / store fruits and veggies in the fridge but then I get lazy. I bet it makes grabbing a healthy snack and throwing dinner together so much easier! I'm going to write this down so I will remember to do it this week! Thank you for linking up! I pinned your menu :)