Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Fall Blogger Scarf Exchange

My friend, Sarah, knows my love of scarves...so when Courtney, Elizabeth and Whitney announced they were hosting this fall scarf exchange, Sarah told me that she was joining in and so should I.  It didn't take me much convincing to sign up. How fun!!!

I was lucky enough to get paired with Jess from Secrets of SAHM to buy a scarf for me and then I got to buy a scarf for Sara from Running from the Law

After getting and email from Jess and an email back from Sara, it was time to go shopping (for Sara!) and anxiously await the scarf that Jess chose for me.

I was very excited checking the mail each day for the package from Jess to arrive and was like a kid squealing with excitement when I saw the package from her.  And even more excited when I had Charlie rip open the package for me.

An awesome scarf that is just perfect for fall!!

And guess what?  I only have had it for a little while and I already found two outfits to wear it with!

One to work on Thursday:

(Please excuse this awkward picture - I'm obviously NOT a fashion blogger)

And then to church on Sunday:

Yep!  I'm a fan!!

It was fun to do the exchange and get to "know" a few other mom bloggers.  Jess sent such a sweet note with her scarf and was so nervous that I wasn't going to like it!  Never fear - the colors are perfect and it was the perfect weight for a scarf to wear when it's not too cold, but not too hot!!!

I hope that Sara likes her scarf that I picked out for her - and am thankful for a new scarf AND two new blogs to follow!!!  I'm so excited to see what everyone else in the exchange picked out and sent too.  

And most importantly, Happy Fall, y'all :)


  1. I love yours!! So cute and yes, very fall-ish! You are so cute modeling it and I love it with both outfits! Such a fun exchange!

  2. Oh, I love the scarf you received! So very fall and it looks awesome with your coloring! And thank you SO much for my scarf! I absolutely LOVE it! It's so soft and warm and the color is perfect! Now if it would just get cold enough for me to wear it! It's bright, sunny and warm today! :) Thank you again!!

    1. So glad you liked it!!! But let's enjoy the warmer weather for a bit because I'm guessing you'll have like until April to wear it in the Missouri winter!!!! Ah!!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you!! I have to say I have officially decided I would make the worst fashion blogger :)

  4. The scarf you got is so cute!!! I love the scarf you sent Sara too. What a fun swap!

  5. So fun!! Thanks for the comment!!