Friday, November 13, 2015

Five on Friday: Random Ramblings


Surprise!  I'm not at work today - volunteering for Habitat for Humanity with some co-workers - so kicking the weekend off right!!

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Project progress

I'll start here, as my last Five on Friday featured the below picture:

And now?  The furniture is all painted and sealed and now I just need to find some hardware.  Which is easier said than done because of the "not so normal" width of the larger pulls - but we will find something.  So for now, we just open it without pulls and it's all good.

Did you notice what else is new?  PAINT!!  Thanks to Vanessa's recommendation, we bit the bullet and got the same navy she used in Nash's room and painted Charlie's.  It took taking our kids to my parents after church on Sunday and leaving them there until dinner to get it done (FINALLY).  But Charlie loves it!  Now I just need to get up all the decor I got months and months ago.  He's so excited!

A quick before:


Speaking of - can we talk about how much you can get done on a day that your kiddos are somewhere else?  HA!

I told you that we were lucky enough to take our kids over to my parents right after church last Sunday for some grandparent fun while we worked our butts off at home.  They got some entertainment and we couldn't believe how much we got done!

1. Finished taping and painting Charlie's room
2. Organized his clothes and took out his old dresser (took it apart)
3. Moved all his new (painted) furniture in and got the clothes in it
4. While we let the paint dry (literally), I made 6 freezer meals with stuff that I already had
5. Jimmy mowed the lawn

And then we went to my parents to eat soup...and then passed out from all that work.

But felt VERY accomplished!

And we even snuck in a date on a Tuesday this week!  Sushi and a free Old Dominion concert - yes please!  Besides the smokers that literally smoked a whole pack of cigarettes standing in front of us it was a great night!


This deserves a post of it's own...but last week was a whirlwind because we joined 800,000 other people on Tuesday to go to the Royals World Series celebration.

It was crazy.  We were crazy.  The whole thing was crazy.

But these pictures say it all (more on the rest later!!)


So literally RIGHT after the parade we were driving home (with the rest of KC)...and Maddie threw up in her car seat.

Then even better.....Charlie threw up all over me when I was carrying him upstairs to take his {late} nap.  It was both kids went into the bathtub.  Then Charlie had a 102 fever and got sent home from school on Wednesday morning (yep, wasn't just a one off throw up like his sister)...and poor guy wouldn't kick the fever until SATURDAY morning. Seriously!

My dad was nice enough to let Charlie come over and hang out and my dad took good care of him on Wednesday afternoon, then hung out with dad on Thursday and after a trip to the doctor with me on Friday morning and confirmation of a negative strep test and positive flu test (UGH!) we went back to let Papa take care of him.  Seroiusly, this picture (and this little man sick) was the saddest thing.  He's still not back to sleepign at all - but at least he's back to his normal self.


And finally - speaking of normal three year old selves.


Does anyone else feel like this???

Seriously #three is wearing us OUT.  Hardcore.

We are going to do some Christmas decorating this weekend and cannot wait (got a HUGE new tree!).  Even though we are hosting Thanksgiving, it will put everyone in the Christmas spirit (right?)!

Oh and PS - Thanksgiving was 2 weeks from YESTERDAY!  HOLY COW!


  1. Love the navy!! I'm contemplating painting our front door that color. What was yours called?

    And poor Maddie and definitely poor Charlie!! My kids were so sick like that a few weeks ago and it was the worst!

    Ha ha that meme is hilarious!! Ella is the queen of tantrums and it can be soooo draining. Just know you're not alone! :)

    Have a great weekend, Mama!

    1. Thank you lady!!! It's Benjamin Moore - Hale Navy. Vanessa did it in Nash's nursery and I loved it so much - it turned out great!!

      Seriously sick kids = the worst ever. A close second behind that is toddlers with attitudes :)

      Hope you had a great weekend!!!