Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday: crazytown

Where has the month of November gone!?!?

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We attempted to decorate for Christmas last weekend with our new 10 foot tree.  Well, apparently the tree company that shipped it (bought through Home Depot) didn't get the memo that yes, a tree stand in fact is required to make your tree work.  Ha.  Jimmy almost started crying (he LOVES Christmas!) and has since been fighting with them to get it shipped to us ASAP.  Cross your fingers (for all our sanity) it will get here ASAP!

In the mean time, my parents are amazing and offered to pay for my sister and I's houses to get Christmas lights!!! AHH!  What a treat (and peace of mind that my husband will not be getting up on a huge ladder in attempt to decorate...) and look at how nice it looks!!


Went to a LulaRoe pop up party at Vanessa's house on Monday night and boy was that fun!!  Their clothes are awesome and so simple and SOFT!!  We had a great time trying on a bunch of different clothes and buying some.  I love the baseball tee that I bought and haven't broken down YET to buy the leggings, but I will soon.  My work friends liked my baseball shirt so much they want me to host a shopping night too- done!!!

Have you heard of LulaRoe?


Maddie cakes has been rocking some sweet drainage in her ear - poor thing.  Luckily for tubes when you have an ear infection you just use drops - except when you get picked up from school and have nasty blood coming out of your ear (GROSS!).  So off we went to a walk in clinic by our house that we have been meaning to try out (versus driving all the way across town to our doctor and during somewhat normal business hours - I mean REALLY, who's kids actually get sick during normal business hours/!?!).

The kiddos loved the waiting room (and the candy I was able to bribe them with that I found in my purse!)

Maddie does have an ear infection - but not a popped ear drum, and got some meds for her nasty cough. Here's hoping for a well family during Thanksgiving - mine and yours!


Crazytown is the title of this and that is what life feels like these days.

With thanksgiving less and a week a day and the need to get to Christmas shopping along with 14 other things that Jimmy and I are wanting to wrap up before year end (our will/estate plan, solid budget that we can both be ok with following, etc.) paired with some craziness at work - somedays it feels like we are just swimming.

However, the weekends seem to be a wonderful break from the crazy when we get some family time.  Love these two kiddos!!!



My friend, Sarah, was sweet enough to shoot some family pictures of us a while back.  I haven't been on the ball enough to actually ORDER our Christmas cards (yep, need to get on that!), but I love the pictures!  She has a talent for sure.  Even though my kids weren't all smiles - I love the images she got because it's more reflective of our "real"!  

Here's a sneak peek!

Happy Friday!!!


  1. Lularoe is the BEST!!! My best friend's sister in law sales it and I've done my fair share of support. I love the leggings and maxis but you have to try on one of the Erma tops!

  2. I almost didn't even recognize that photo and I was thinking "Ahhh what a cute picture!" You guys take THE best family photos--you are all very photogenic and I always love your outfit choices! And I love how we all blogged about the LuLaRoe clothing! After seeing how cute those leggings are on Vanessa, I think I may have to buy a pair!

  3. Cutie cute photo!! Can't wait to see your card!

  4. I love the family photo!!! I hope Maddie's ear is better. XOXO