Sunday, December 13, 2015

Secret (really!!) Santa blogger book exchange

Hi December.  Wow.  Work has been crazy.  Kids have been sick.  Then mom gets sick.  And guess what? In the midst of trying to keep up with the crazy that December already is...poor blog gets no attention.  I hate it I really do- but unless you can find some extra time or energy my way...this will have to do.

When I saw that some wonderful folks were hosting their second annual secret Santa blogger book exchange- I jumped on to participate!  I had a lot of fun with the scarf exchange this fall and thought something that involved my kiddos would be even more fun!

Thanks to Liz, Courtney and Ashley  for hosting this fun exchange!!

We got a nice surprise of three fun gifts.  One for me, one for Charlie and one for Maddie!!!

I had the kids come upstairs from playing (yes that's a buzz light year costume...nope, not Halloween ;)) to open up their books!

Hard at work ripping open the books and practicing for Christmas Day!

Per usual. Checking out what each other got!!

I tried to get Charlie to hold them up- but you cannot really see them.  But he got the Little Blue Truck's Christmas which was a HUGE hit!!! We don't have any of those books and I think we will have to buy some.  He loves reading this book and especially the blinking lights of the Christmas tree on the last page!  And Maddie got a little mermaid book- which lo and behold, she got to read like once and it's found its way into big brothers nightly book rotation (as if he doesn't know the little mermaid story by heart!)

And for me?? Well I cannot wait to read this book!! I loved Gone Girl and heard great things about this!!  And for the sweet bookmark!

What even funnier is that my awesome partner kept anonymous the whole time!! For real! She wrote a sweet card but didn't reveal herself!  So then I started freaking out thinking "oh my gosh, I ruined the surprise for my partner too!".  So I quickly sent the Crystal from a direct message on Instagram telling her I'm sorry I ruined it- haha. I'm a mess!!  She responded and let me know that if i did it wrong then so did she!!  I emailed the coordinators and found out finally who our awesome books were from and it was Whitney from Work it mommy blog  Thank you for an awesome package of books!!! We have loved reading them this holiday season!! 

I'm a moron and misread the email from the hosts - ahh!  My package was NOT from Whitney, it was from Stephanie at Wife Mommy Me.  SOOOO sorry!  I tell you what, this has not been the month for me.  Thank you so much for our books Stephanie!!!

And thanks for the hosts- this was a fun little exchange that I enjoyed getting to meet new bloggers and send and receive some Christmas cheer!

Here's wishing to no sickness in our house the second half of December and more blogging!!!


  1. oh no sorry about the round of illness! I hope everybody feels better. December is the worst for being sick. So much fun to be had.
    Great books. We love Little blue truck and esp the Christmas one. All of them are great you should definitely check the others out. So cute in the Buzz outfit too haha very Christmas -y =)
    ps don't forget to add your post to the link up too!

  2. Okay so something got crossed because I'm your Secret Santa - Stephanie with Wife Mommy Me! HA! So I like keeping it secret until the post reveal. Sorry to cause confusion. Whitney got someone else and I'm you Book Santa :) I've loved following along with you on IG and on the blog and now that I'm no longer a secret, I'll be committing and liking more often.

    1. I'm so sorry! I'm such an idiot :) I got that correction email and just now changed - thank you so much for the books! We read them like every night and love them!!! Love your blog!!!

  3. 1) Awesome Buzz Lightyear costume - Charlie is the coolest! and 2) Maddie's little face could not be more precious. Love those cheeks! 3) Merry Christmas, Carters!