Sunday, May 15, 2011

Have another beer in Mexico....the wedding version

As a warning - this post is long and has lots of pictures, but filled with lot of fun! 

Our trip to Mexico for the Seacat's wedding was nothing short of fabulous!  Wonderful (aka perfect) weather, great times with new friends and old and so much love surrounding such an amazing couple!  We are so blessed we were able to go celebrate with them and have so much FUN!

I feel like the best way for me to do this and capture all I want to by day top 5 list.  So without further ado...

Day 1: Up early, to the pool and the SWING bar

5. 6AM flight = way too early!  However, we did see lots of other wedding attendees on our flight down, which was great!!  We were SO lucky and got through customs very fast...and tried not to ditch Vanessa and Chris at the airport but with no phones...after 20 minutes, Jimmy got ancy to get to the resort!

4. Putting on a swimsuit, a pool that isn't freezing and volleyball on the beach with friends.  So fun - until Chris slammed a spike into my face.  Haha.  But our friend Rachel sure did have fun...and that's what matters, right? :)  I wonder how her volleyball skills are holding up!?

3. Seeing the bride and groom as we were being escorted to our hotel room!  What a nice surprise!!!   Then we got to greet lots of people in the lobby and FINALLY - eat some lunch!!  Speaking of food - we had some pretty delicious sushi on a rooftop with some good friends.  Talk about a fun meal and some fun girls that I haven't seen in awhile!!!

2.  The gorgeous resort, grounds and of course, the ocean :)

1. The fun times with friends began at the swing much fun and a great way to kick off a fun Mexican celebration

Day 2: Some spa fun, rehearsal dinner and discoteca!

5. Requesting my personal made bowl of chips and guacamole at breakfast...getting it...and eating the whole thing.  I was in heaven.   You make think it's gross, but I could eat chips and guac at every meal!

4. Getting a massage...felt so good!  Oh and I can't forget this - even though I didn't see it - during Jimmy's "pre-spa" session (which really meant sit in a sauna, move to the steam room, take a cold shower and get in a hot tub) there was a guy sitting next to him in the hot tub naked.  Jimmy said he was mortified and all I could do was laugh!  How awkward!

3. Finding some time with just the 2 of us to read, relax and lay out at the pool.   Plus, this view wasn't too bad...

...and then meeting up with friends at another pool!!! So fun!!

2. The discoteca at night.  So fun because we dominated and got up on the upper stage and danced all night long.  LeighAnne showed us some amazing dance moves :)  So fun to hang out with my college friends and Jimmy's high school friends all at one!!!

And I can't forget the fire show that Jimmy and Sarah really thought they were going to get to be in!  But luckily Sarah did get on stage!!

AND Sarah and Josh dancing to the requested Selena song from the singer in the lobby.  In Josh's words, "Sarah and I love this" (referring to Selena).  Haha I love them!!

1. Rehearsal dinner overlooking the ocean!  What a great spot and dinner that Brian's parents were so wonderful to host for all the guests that came in town.  We each went around and introduced ourselves, which was fun!  With Courtney and Brian's family, med school friends, high school friends and college friends --- it was quite a crowd!!

the bride and groom!!! 

Day 3: Wedding day!!

5. Getting up and working out aka feeling semi-productive.  But don't worry that only lasted about 30 min.  After that it was off to eat more food!!

4. Finding the amazing infinity pool and spending some time reading in the shade with Jimmy!  It turned out this was where Courtney and Brian's reception was too.  It was amazing and so quiet over there!!

The shade was necessary - obviously from the sweet sun burn Jimmy had :)  

3. So many pictures, SO much fun with all our friends.  We have an amazing group of girls - I just wish everyone could have come!!!  And the come back of 12 man....loved that game in Jimmy's first college apartment.  Oh the good old days!!

I cannot decide if the reception or wedding is first or second - so they are both's a tie!!

1. The wedding - it was a beautiful Catholic mass right in the middle of the resort overlooking the ocean.  It was so gorgeous!  While the priest seemed to stumble when attempting on the spot translation from Spanish to English...he had a great message about love and what marriage is.  Brian and Courtney just looked so happy and so in love!  And in the middle of the wedding - Brian's brother who had quite the time trying to get leave from the Marines and make it to the wedding arrived!!  It was like from a movie because we saw him running towards the chapel with tennis shoes on!  What a wonderful surprise and right in time to see the bride and groom say "I do" and promise forever to each other!!

Pre-wedding pictures taken by old Jimmy.... Love the camera bag :)

Pi Phi girls!

Cute cute cute flower girls!

Gorgeous altar over looking the ocean

Bridesmaids and one groomsman (the other one showed up mid-wedding as a surprise!!)

Her brother Chris, walking the beautiful bride down the aisle!!

Saying their vows!

1. The reception -  I cannot believe the way it turned out!  Courtney was a very laid back bride and just said that she suggested the colors and kind of told them what she wanted - well, it was beautiful!  It was in the perfect location and very secluded - you forgot you were at a huge resort - and SO pretty!  All the simple decorations were just perfect and the party had no problem getting started with drinks flowing, amazing speeches that honored Courtney & Ashley's dad that was watching from heaven. and LOTs and LOTS of dancing!  Followed by more dancing at the discoteca...amazing day for an amazing couple!!

Couples at our table!!  (with a stupid one of Jimmy and I)

Bride and groom - they are married!!

These next pictures were us being sneaky....aka Vanessa and Emily wanted to get close to Connor to give him a kiss on the a picture was our ploy...

And then it happened.  Priceless!!

Day 4: Relaxing fun for all!

5. Having to go to bed semi-early for our early Sunday morning flight :(  What a bummer when there are so many fun people in one beautiful place!!

4. Fun at the pool - everyone headed to the pool together and it was so fun to relax and admire the beautiful scenery.  And then we all went to lunch and drank :)  Ah - the Mexcio lifestyle!

3. Fun on the beach!  We also took full advantage of the beach the last day.  I can still almost feel the sand between my toes!

Andrew was buried in the sand....

Cartwheels from the twin's niece!

Girls in the ocean...

Boy's baseball on the beach..

Even Alejandro made it on the beach...

2. Shots and sushi with friends.  This might be one of my favorite memories from the day!  Now I normally hate shots, but these were pretty watered down, so I could handle them.  To top it off, the bar we were at had sushi...yum!

1. Dinner with everyone!  It was so fun to go to dinner on the golf course with everyone on our last night!  We had some great stories the whole trip and I loved hearing from everyone!!!  And the last night was filled with lots of laughs as well.  No story was not told....we covered topics such as: pooping your pants, recording studio fun, "giz-rag" story...oh the list could go on and on.  So fun and I wish I could treasure those moments of laughs forever!!!

Jimmy and I before dinner - attempted self portrait!

Some of the girls at dinner - someone else has one of all of us!!

Golf cart shots on the ride back..

On Sunday, Day 5, it was up early (super early - 4AM airport shuttle) and back home to Kansas City.  It was mother's day and we were so tired so we didn't make it over to the Carter family mother's day we were bummed...but we went to bed at like 7:30 because it was back to work the next day.

Some other trip highlights include:

Chris and Jimmy's creative photography methods:

A few side angles and up side downs :)

I took this one!

And the Chris montage...all these pictures were on my camera taken by Jimmy!  I think they are in love :)

The iguanas:

Overall, it was such a fun trip!  I miss everyone already and going back to work was brutal after so much fun!!!  This picture that I found pretty much sums up our time there :)

Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Seacat and we are so happy and lucky we got to help you celebrate the beginning of your marriage!  Next up - big move to start your residencies!!!  Wishing you nothing but love and happiness!!!


  1. Love this Britt! I think it summed up the trip perfectly, but also made me very sad not to be there. Let's do it again next year!

  2. Hahaha, the Chris montage! I love the one with his sunglasses because you can see Jimmy in full on photog-mode in the reflection. haha. I have a ton of Jimmy pics on our camera too...maybe we should be worried?! :)

  3. Chris montage = awesome.

    Such a fun time on the trip! Casey and I really enjoyed all of the couples and all the craziness! So good to see you and hang out - this post is great!

  4. Lets go back! I tried to post today, but couldn't compare to this... so not sure if mine will make it on the ole blog :) I miss Mexico and our group!