Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wow - it's already almost the middle to May and I still have yet to blog one time!!!!!  I cannot remember the last time I didn't post for that long.  However, I'm catching up friends.  And I am hoping that everything will get more back in order as this week progresses.  What have I been doing??

Well---- May 2 I had a final in the evening for my grad school class.  I'm in the process of wrapping up everything Pi Phi and passing it on to the new Regional Finance/Housing Specialist AND, oh yeah, on May 4....Jimmy and I left for Mexico and got back on May 8 from a wonderful wedding and great time with friends!!

We were here...

Watching these 2 love birds get married :)

With that said, I took these pictures from their older sister's facebook album, as I still have yet to load all the pictures I took (a lot) from 2 different cameras :)  So more to come on the fabulous trip...but for now, I'm trying to catch up on work, sleep, life, etc!

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and Mother's Day!

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