Friday, May 27, 2011

Hallway: a work in progress

Remember this post and project #2 listed on it?? The hallway that my dad and Jimmy built to connect our family room to the basement (hallway goes into the garage)...that is now slowly becoming a "mud room".  Well I never posted the progress...and it's coming along.  Hoping to get more on this done soon and finished up before June 25 when we are having Katie's bridal shower at my house!!

Here are some pictures of the new hallway/mud room that is fully functioning.  It hadn't been painted when I took these pictures...but that's done now, so pictures to come on that!!
Here is the view of the room from the family room.  The first door way was where the door to the garage was before - we just literally moved the door out about 7 ft.

Close up picture of the above, as you can see the hand rail on the stairs going into the basement now!

View from the garage into the family room.  There were lots of vents that needed to be covered up, which is why the ceiling is a bit shorter.  But the good news was my dad cut a hole in the vent, so now the mud room is heated/cooled. 

On the left is the view coming up the basement stairs!  So nice to not have to walk in the garage anymore and open 2 doors to get to the basement.  Trust me, the walls look better painted!

And on the right is a basement stairs view - the carpet is ruined from the dust from sanding, so we're replacing that carpet and then tiling the floor in the mud room!

Now what happened to the garage (here's the before)??  Well - good news because my car is a perfect fit even with the hallway taking up some more garage space.  That was a pretty important measurement because one of the key reasons we bought our house was the 2 car garage that is lacking other neighboring we didn't want that to go away!  Yeah for little cars.  We'll have to keep that in mind once my car eventually dies.

Here is view when you come into the garage.  We actually hired someone to come and mud the inside sheet rock, but Jimmy took a stab at the outer walls.  Hmm...we'll see :)  But if you notice, there is a little square in the sheet rock...well that is where they had to cut it out and get the wire out that was hit when they were screwing on the sheetrock.  Oops.  I thought my dad was going to lose it because he worked so hard to get all the electrical moved and set up to how he wanted it and then when that wire was hit with a messed everything up!  But of course - with his perserverance, he figured out what the problem was and got it fixed ASAP. 

So...what color am I painting the room? This will give you a hint.  And let me tell you - it's TOTALLY out of my comfort zone.  Like not just a little bit, but a lot.  The good news is, I have already painted it and I do like, it will just take a bit to get used to. 

Why a teal-y blue?  Well - I knew it was important to make sure the colors between the mud room and family room linked and "made sense" together so I was searching for colors and ideas on how to tie them together.  We have teal pillows on the beige couches there, so that will go well.  However, I was a little concerned about the bold red beam I painted and how I could find something to really link those 2 bold paint colors together.  Enter fabric.  Love it.  I went on a search for a fabric that I liked that incorporated those 2 colors and hopefully others and found it at JoAnns.  It's on sale this weekend and I have a coupon, so it shouldn't be too much. 

The plan?  Recover the beige cushion on the bench that is housed in the family room right now...and make some pillows.  That way the fabric will have a place in both the mud room and the family room so it will "make sense" to anyone to the common theme.  I'm also thinking of making a valance to hang in front of the red panel curtains.  I need to brush up on my sewing, so here's my chance :)

This is what the rugs look like in our family room, so hopefully this acts as the piece that ties it all together.  If I can find a runner like this, I think it will have the perfect home in the mud room :)

Finally - what happens to the space in the family room now where the bench and shelf is?  Hmm...I have some creative ideas up my sleeve - which include building some furniture.  Check this blog/website out for pretty much amazingness.  Here is what I'm going to build!!

Happy decorating :)  This is the fun part...

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  1. Look at all of these changes! Can't wait to see your sewing and building handywork. :)