Monday, May 23, 2011

Implementation of the chore chart

Remember this post asking everyone about adult chore charts? Well, I just kind of sat on it for awhile fully thinking that since I made myself aware of the fact I need to stay on top of keeping the house clean....and thought that miraculously all the time in the world would be mine and I would just be dying to clean and keep it up.

EH - well that didn't happen. As you can tell from my lack of posting, life always seems to get in the way, right?

So here is it. Again, posted towards the world. I've tried to make it easy for myself to remember with the attempted use of acronyms (slightly modified due to scheduling purposes).

Sunday - Sweep and Vacuum (found the "S" correlation, plus I realized I love waking up to squeaky clean floors on Monday morning)

Monday - I have class this summer on Monday and Wednesday nights at 6 until 8:30, so nothing will be taking place these evenings....

Tuesday - Mop the floors (this was my Monday acronym...but had to modify days...)

Wednesday - Class = no chores!

Thursday - Windex aka clean the mirrors (Wednesday acronym, but let's just add 1 day for these)

Friday - Dust! Get rid off all that grossness from the week before and get ready for the weekend!!

Saturday - Bathrooms and kitchen. Hm, no clever acronym here. Usually I have the most time on Saturdays for this stuff, which is why I picked Saturday. Also, in case people happen to come over during the weekend - this is a necessary chore. Especially the toilets. Mainly because I am a girl and don't lift the seat when I pee and my husband does...and we seem to have a different interpretation of "clean" toilets. His being he cannot even see the yucky yellow stains around the rim from his pee...and when I lift it up to clean and see what other men have been seeing, I want to vomit. Hence, this will become a regular thing so some other male doesn't come over and have to use the restroom and I yell "WAIT - use the one upstairs" and then have to explain why.

There you have it. Will I stick to it? I can only hope. One thing I do know about myself is that I love lists and writing things down. That's how I remember stuff. That's why I have like 17 different I will print this off and hang up somewhere. Maybe in the bathroom. Because then it will remind me and hound me every time I skip out on doing one of them.

If only I had something to hound me about working out..........

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  1. I need to implement this and instead of cleaning all in one day, I need to spread it out. You have inspired me, I am going to get a chart together soon!!!