Friday, September 30, 2011

FSF: Kids say the darndest things

This post is dedicated to Vanessa and Chris.  As this mainly involves them and something funny our niece Maren said regarding them - but they haven't heard yet.  Just a back story if you are confused - Vanessa's sister is married to one of Jimmy's older brothers and they have 3 beautiful children.  Which just so happens to make Vanessa, my best friend, and I aunts to the same kids.  Fun, huh?  We think so!  And Vanessa and Chris also live in Houston, Texas.  Maren loves them a lot and always misses them (and Hazel!).  But she hasn't been to Texas to visit them yet - but from the sounds of this story, she is ready to go!!! So here we go.

Last Sunday we went over my brother-in-law and sister-in-law's house to watch the Chief's game.  Since we were the first ones to arrive, Maren and Norah quickly escorted me into the play room to begin play time.  As we were sitting there ordering some food from waitress Maren (plastic salami sandwich for me, one taco and some broccli for Norah), Maren started talking about Texas.  As when I'm with them, we often talk about Aunt Vanessa and Uncle Chris - because she and I both feel the same way and really wish they lived in Kansas City and we got to see them more.  She started telling me about dinosaurs.  Our conversation went like this:

Maren (M): "Aunt Brittany, you know there are dinosaurs in Texas?"

Brittany (B): "I didn't know that- I thought all dinosaurs were extinct"

M: "Nope, they are there.  They are the dads to horses in Texas.  But they are ONLY in Texas"

B: "Interesting....where did you learn that?"

M: "The other day.  The dinosaurs are big and scary.  I need to call Vanessa and tell her to keep an eye on Hazel - just in case she gets out.  Dinosaurs are ONLY in Texas"

B: "That's a great plan!!"

M: "But Uncle Chris, he is REALLY afraid of the dinosaurs.  He runs away from them, so he needs to be careful.  Especially since he likes horses"

Then Maren proceeds to call Aunt Vanessa on a play phone to tell her to keep an eye  on Hazel.  Norah picks up another play phone and calls to talk to Uncle Chris.

Hahaha.  Lessons learned on this FSF:

- Kids are so funny because my mother in law said that Maren probably heard something about dinosaurs at school (as a science teacher she said that apparently dinosaurs might have evolved to horses??) and she then took that and interpreted them to exist today - but only in Texas.  Because she loves her aunt and uncle there !!

- Chris is terrified of dinosaurs

- It's a good thing that Vanessa found Hazel, her sweet little bull dog, by some construction workers when she got ou the other day and she wasn't eaten by a Texas dinosaur....(she has a facebook post about how she got out the other day!!)

- I need to hang out with kids more; they make life a lot more interesting and pretty much hilarious....

To end this post, here are some funny pictures of Maren, Norah and Jimmy when we baby sat them a while ago that I had on my computer.  It's crazy because this was pre-Will and it's amazing how much both of them have grown up in under a year!  And how funny it is that they like to mess with Uncle Jimmy!

P.S.  Vanessa and Chris - come back to KC soon!  We continue to miss you!

Happy Friday!!!

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