Monday, September 9, 2013

Mommy and me: back to school (x2)

It's been awhile since my last Mommy and Me link up because the gals hosting it took the summer off, but I figured since I missed the last Five on Friday this last Friday, I'd link up to this again because I really do need to document pictures of me and my boy vs. the 100 pictures I take of just him that are mostly blurry!!  But Dear Owen and Everyday Love are back at it for the fall - so check them out!

My Everyday Love

So even though it doesn't FEEL like fall with these 100 degree temperatures in Kansas...we are almost there.  Football started this past weekend and my men was in heaven.  But with fall comes the start of school.  And guess what friends, this is my LAST semester of grad school.  I can hardly believe it.  Off to a decent start, but this is the first semester of the last 3 years of grad school that I have physically gone to class for the whole semester more than once a week.  And it's not just twice a week - it's THREE times a week.  Yep, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I'm in class.  Monday and Wednesday, I get home around 7:15 and then Tuesdays I don't get home until 10:15 or so.  Brutal with a capital B.  For many reasons.  Mainly because that just means even less time with Charlie and Jimmy.  While it's depressing, I'm trying to see the positive side of it.  Like how in 13 weeks it's all over with and I have my MBA.  Never again will I have to step foot in a classroom.  Um...yes please.  

While it's hard on me, I want to call out that my husband is the real he's taking on lots of extra work around the house and with Charlie.  They say marriage is a team and it definitely was a team decision to finish out this semester with these 2 classes instead of splitting it between fall and spring.  But all of us are feeling the sacrifices.  So very lucky to have Jimmy and his support with finishing school!  And I know Charlie will appreciate it someday, right?!

Now, I'm not the only one that went "back to school".  Charlie actually started at another new school.  We are crazy right.  You'd think we are since he's just 13 months and has been in 3 different day cares. Well, I promise we are not, and to say I was devastated to have to make this switch is an understatement.  We absolutely love the YMCA downtown.  Loved his teachers, loved the program, loved his classmates, etc.   What we didn't love after we moved houses?  That Charlie had to be in the car for over an hour a day in rush hour traffic.  Not only did we not think that was fair to him, but it also just made me nervous.  Jimmy and I are fine with being in the car a little longer, but the chance of getting in a wreck, etc. goes up more - which we weren't willing to take that risk with him in the car.  So we started looking at a few schools out by us and we found one that we LOVE just right by our house.  Also know a few people that take their kids there and they love it - which is always a good sign.  I thought we would have to wait longer, but as it turned out there were 3 spots open in the whole school (infant - pre K) and Charlie's room had one of the openings.  So last Tuesday was his first day.  We had a trial day there, which he did great at, and drop off the first day wasn't too bad.  It was the second, third and fourth day that were not-so-good.  Besides the fact that he is 13 months old and starting to experience lots of attachment to me (and Jimmy), throw on the fact we take him to a brand new school, new teachers, new friends, new environment and say - HAVE FUN.  Well, he didn't like that too much. Walking out of a classroom to your son screaming bloody murder is not fun and I wouldn't wish that upon my worst nightmare.  That is all you think about all day long.

But guess what?  Monday has arrived and it is a new week.  A new week that started out Sunday with Charlie making it through a whole church service in the nursery at our new church (wahoo!!) and then not crying at drop off (even bigger WAHOO!!!).  So we're taking that for the win folks.  It's going to be a great week!!

So now that I've filled you in on all our back to school shenanigans (hope your back to school experiences were good)...have to share a wonderful picture of me and my little man that Allison captured so beautifully on Wednesday morning.  This is just one of many great ones she got as part of his one year (aka 13 month) photo shoot that she was so sweet to fit us in at the last minute.  We were so so happy with the results and highly recommend her.  She made it easy and got some great pictures.  Easy with our wild man is saying something!!

Photo courtesy of Allison Corrin Photography
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  1. Ahh, that pic is too cute! Hope your drop offs keep getting easier and easier!! I'll be going back to work in less than two weeks, so definitely NOT looking forward to those first drop offs. Have a great week!

  2. Hang in there girl! You are a rockstar and you should be totally proud of yourself! If it were easy, everyone would do it:)