Monday, September 30, 2013

Mommy and me: copy cat

Another weekend has come and gone just like that.

This past one?  It was filled with family time, shopping, fishing and not-so-much sleeping.  Well that was due to the whole four molars, being totally off his schedule, having green snot come out of his eyes and sleeping in a pack n play.   But we all lived and guess what?  That's what being a parent is about right?  Learning and trying to enjoy the ride.

Well you know what we all did enjoy?  A stop at Lambert's cafe in Springfield, MO on our way down to Table Rock Lake this weekend.  We used to make the Lambert's stop a lot when we were kids and we would go down to my grandparent's cabin at Table Rock.  It was just how I remembered it.  Lots of food and lots of thrown rolls (seriously, they throw rolls!)!  So glad that Jimmy (and Charlie) finally got to experience it!!

While the adults were enjoying the fried okra (OMG so good) and chicken and dumplings (OMG also so good), Charlie really enjoyed the rolls.  

And we seemed to be copying one another's faces in these pictures.  Not sure who is imitating who, but I sure liked them and will happily have him copy me for at least a little while longer.  Thank you Jimmy for finally being like me in your photography skills and taking more than one picture!!

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All I can say is that this boy is a HAM.  He seriously puts on a show for bystanders.  It's hilarious.  He sees people walking by and will throw his head back and smile at them.  Then they sit there and oodle over him and he just smiles and laughs and waves and says "bye bye" on command.  Hilarious and so cute.  Please stay this cute and little.  

Ok - maybe get a little bit bigger and wiser.  But seriously - this growing up thing FLIES by!

Happy Monday!
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  1. Love it! So much love in those pics!!! We had a pretty sleepless weekend as well, but you are so right that's what parenthood is all about! Have a great week, girl!

  2. So this was a practice run for Florida. Learned that we will definitely operate on his schedule and/or rent two cars! HOpefully it will be nice and sunny and we can hang at the beach during nap time. And with 4 stories in the townhouse, he can have his own floor! This is what motherhood is all about.....adapting, communicating and operating on little to no sleep! Just wait until he turns 16! You will lock him in his room so you don't have to worry about him!