Monday, September 16, 2013

Mommy and Me: shirtless boys

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Guess what?  Even though Monday is pretty much over with, I'm still blogging.  2 hours left still means I can participate in the link up right?  Yes, I think so.

This picture.  Oh this picture.  This was taken at Bobby and Hillary's house when the Carter bunch was over there watching the chief's WIN!  This is Eli and Charlie.  How freaking cute are they?  Eli is one of Charlie's older cousins and it is just so sweet to see him interact with Charlie!  Eli is in first grade and just loving it.

So why do I have two cute shirtless boys on my lap??

Bobby and Hillary had the TV outside watching the game so all the kids were running around (by the way, they sure know how to host a party - Hillary had the cutest decor and food!!).  And believe it or not, by the time we got there after Charlie's afternoon, 3 cousins had to leave for a soccer game and 3 other cousins weren't there at all because of a soccer game.  Dang soccer games!  So then there were 3 and they had quite the afternoon.  When Charlie's shirt came off and revealed his Old Navy shorts and Eli realized he had matching shorts on....his shirt came off too.  Then they both jumped up on my lap and Jimmy snapped this shot. 

They are pretty cute.  I'm biased, but hopefully you agree!

As for this past weekend.  It was good.  So good.  

And if you didn't know it - I've declared that my weekends now start on Thursday.  Like I still have to go to work on Thursdays and Fridays, but since I don't have class, they just feel like extra special days.

Friday we went out to dinner with my family and Charlie melted down at the restaurant.  Welp - welcome to toddler-hood right. So we paid quick, headed back home and put the rascal to bed.  Then we worked out. Yes, that's right.  I told you I was doing Focus T25.  Jimmy is too.  He almost died on Friday night.  I laughed.  Don't get me wrong, it's really hard for me too - but he is hilarious.

Saturday was spent running errands; mom to Target and Buy Buy Baby to help a friend and AHHH - I got my first hair cut in like 8 months.  Even it was only 35 minutes, it was 35 minutes of head massages, girl talk and me time. 

In the mean time - Charlie and Jimmy went to get some new kicks for Charlie.  He started randomly screaming last week.  A lady at work told me her son did that and his shoes were too small.  So when he was screaming, I took his shoes off and he stopped.  Time for new shoes!!!  (PS it's times like these when I look forward to a child that talks...however, I know once that starts, well it doesn't stop)

Then we had some friends over for the first time to our new house.  And everyone was gone by 9:15.  So good to see everyone but it was crazy when I looked at the clock and realized how "early" it was.  Um...we are OLD.

Church and football on Sunday and there's the weekend folks.  So exciting.

We were back to the grind today - and I'm counting down the hours until Wednesday night at 7:15 when I'm home from class and my "weekend" starts.  

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  1. Ahh, I'm getting my haircut on Wednesday and cannot wait for the exact reasons you mentioned.

    Adorable picture.

    Love you!

  2. Such a cute picture--I love Charlie's expression!!! Good to know about the shoes…who would've guessed?!?

    Glad you guys had a great weekend!!!

  3. Love the pic! Y'all were obviously have so much fun! Love those smiles! Thanks for linking up, girl!

  4. Oh, look at your boys! They are adorable. What a great weekend.